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against the World 

Id against Hitler 


Hitler against the world — the title of this pamphlet — is not 
a mere phrase, as the reader will find from the evidence presented 
in the following pages. 

It is not only that the internal policies of the Hitler regime, the 
suppression of all labor organizations, the murderous terror against 
the revolutionary and progressive workers, the persecution of Jews, 
Catholics and Protestants, outrage the sense of fairness and justice 
of all victims of exploitation, of all liberty-loving people. 

The^ latest Nazi atrocity, as this pamphlet goes to press, is the 
beheading of Rudolph Claus for the "crime" of acting as treasurer 
of an organization which attempted to provide some measure of 
defense to anti-fascists facing trial, and financial assistance to im- 
prisoned victims of fascism and their families. 

The indignation of the American masses against the Nazi terror 
found expression in such manifestations as the Labor Chest of the 
American Federation of Labor for the victims of fascism, the 
Bremen demonstration in the New York harbor, the tremendous 
movement against American participation in the Olympic games 
in Berlin, the campaign for the release of the outstanding anti- 
fascist labor leader, Ernst Thaelmann, and the scores of thousands 
of anti-fascists incarcerated in the Nazi prisons and concentration 

But the internal terrorism of the Nazi totalitarian state — for 
the sake of a program of "heroic poverty" for the masses and 
increased profits for the Thyssens and Krupps, the industrial and 
financial^ kings of Germany — is but an essential counterpart of 
the Nazi foreign policies, the policies of conquest, policies of war. 
That this threat of war, which will inevitably become a world 
war, involving also this country is real, is attested to by the feverish 
armaments program of Nazi Germany, by the utterances of the 
Nazi leaders. This pamphlet is chiefly devoted to the question 
of this war threat, and how to meet it. 

The answer to the war program of the fascist incendiaries lies 
in the united action of the toiling masses, of all peace-loving people 
in this country as throughout the world. The answer to "Hitler 
against the world" must be "the world against Hitler". This is 
the only way to prevent a new world war. 





Hitler Against the World 
The World Against Hitler 


The Breath of War 

WAR! Again that word dominates world affairs, 
leaving none unaffected, and menacing the lives 
of millions. War or peace? — that question is upper- 
most in the minds of people all over the world. The 
wounds inflicted by the last World War are scarcely 
healed, yet once again toiling humanity is threatened by 
a bloody catastrophe. 

"We are for peace", say the workers of New York, 
London, Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Rome. "We are 
for peace", say office workers, engineers, scientists. "We 
are peace", says the mother anxious for her child. The 
most cultured and progressive minds of our age are pro- 
testing against the menace of war. Yet the war machine 
is once more threatening to overwhelm the forces of 
peace. Look at Ethiopia, Rome and Tokyo — look at 
Nuremberg. The most reactionary forces of the world 
have foregathered. Barbarity is their program, enslave- 
ment of the peoples and war their high aims. Hitler 
fascism, in alliance with Mussolini and the warmongers 
of the world, has become a menace to world peace. What 
took place in Nuremberg in September, 1935, should be 
a danger signal to the whole world, and mobilize the 
workers' organizations of all countries, all adherents of 

peace, progress and freedom, in a powerful, militant 
front for the maintenance of peace. 

Nuremberg, where Duerer and Hans Sachs once 
wrought their masterpieces, now strikes a different chord. 
In September, 1935, the conference of the National-So- 
cialist Party, which now governs Germany, took place 
in that city. For eight days a gang of warmongers, 
kidnappers, pogromists and mercenaries gave their com- 
mands to an army of 800,000, 

They indulged in riotous celebrations while the people 
were silenced by the axe and the whip. 

They claimed to speak "on behalf of the German 
people", whose happiness and culture they are trampling 

They proclaimed "the unity of the nation ' and at the 
same time passed special laws against Communists, So- 
cialists, Catholics and Jews. 

They appealed to the fascist scum in all countries to 
do likewise and drown in blood the united proletarian 
front and the people's front against war and fascism. 

They summoned the imperialist wolves of all countries 
to a war against the land of peace, the Soviet Union. 

They made Nuremberg a soundboard for their open 
war threats against Lithuania and the small nationalities. 
They threatened to occupy Memel by force. They have 
been waiting like adventurers for the outbreak of the 
predatory Italian war against Ethiopia so as to set East- 
ern Europe aflame. They want to overrun weak Lithua- 
nia in order to bring their armed forces nearer to the 
Soviet frontiers. They hope to clear the way for an 
attack on the small nationalities and the neighboring 
peoples in Southeast Europe. Nuremberg was a trial 
mobilization for war. 

Workers, artisans, tradesmen, peasants, scientists of 
all countries, all who stand for freedom, peace and prog- 
ress, you must unanimously support the workers and 
peasants of Germany now that you see Hitler fascism 
about to ruin a nation of sixty millions and drive it into 
war. You must not stand aloof from the great militant 
alliance of the international working class that is being 
formed, now that you see the Brown incendiaries who 
set the Reichstag on Are about to violate the peace of 
the nations. Let us realize before it is too late that the 
work of destruction premeditated by the German fascists 
and their accomplices in Rome, Warsaw and Tokyo con- 
cerns every one of us. It is an attack on every man and 
every nation that loves freedom and progress. It is an 
attack as much on the Soviet Union as on the small na- 
tionalities and all peaceable nations. It affects Commu- 
nists, Social-Democrats and trade unionists no less than 
it does liberals, pacifists. Catholics, Jews and Prot- 
estants. Party allegiances and differences of outlook must 
no longer be barriers to joint action. 

Hitler is threatening the peace of the world. The 
whole of the toiling world must oppose Hitler. The 
Nuremberg fascist party conference must be unmasked. 

A Trial Mobilization 

"There can be only one guide for 
our conduct: our great and invin- 
cible love of peace/' {Hitler, Nu- 

WHEN politicians like the Hitlerite fascists, who 
came to power amid the blaze of the Reichstag 
they themselves set fire to, speak of peace there is war 
in the air. While crouching like panthers to pounce on 
their neighbors they accuse others of preparing for war, 
and profess their "invincible love for peace". At the same 
time that Hitler was talking of peace at Nuremberg, he 
was openly threatening war: 

"... in this case [i*e., of Lithuania] one cannot rely only 
on notes, representations, demarches and other implements 
of diplomacy; one must have the courage to use force/' 

In commenting on this Nuremberg war threat, the 
Berlin Angrif said: 

"At Nuremberg, the determination of the nation burst 
all the dams of long-exercised restraint when the Leader 
spoke of the Memel question and uttered his last warn- 
ing to Lithuania and the world/' 

In January, 1935, a few days after the Saar plebiscite, 
the Nazi governor of East Prussia delivered a speech in 
which he foreshadowed Hitler's war campaign against 
Lithuania: "After the plebiscite in the Saar, it is now 
the turn of Memel I" The East Prussian broadcasting 
station began a venomous campaign against Lithuania 


similar to the one conducted in 1934 by the Munich 
station just before the Nazi putsch in Austria. In the 
East Prussian Storm Troop detachment, men hailing 
from Memel have for some time past undergone drill 
in throwing bombs and blowing up bridges. At present 
about 100,000 troops of the auxiliary units are concen- 
trated on the East Prussian frontier. They are waiting 
for the "spontaneous uprising of the people" in Memel. 
The fascists are past masters in staging things of this 
kind. Having given the order for the murder of Dollfuss 
in Austria, they broadcast the news of "the uprising of 
the Austrian people". This affair was within an ace of 
beginning a second Sarajevo. Now Hitler hopes to 
achieve in Memel what he failed to achieve on the 

At Nuremberg there was a threat of war in what the 
chiefs omitted to say. Italian fascism has started war in 
Ethiopia, The workers of the world are tense. The 
Soviet Union, the workers' organizations, and the forces 
that stand for peace all over the world, are bending every 
effort to defend peace against Mussolini, the instigator 
of war. Hitler delivered a dozen speeches at Nurem- 
berg. But he was silent on Ethiopia, His very silence 
was the voice of war. He hopes that while the other 
powers get more deeply involved in the war in East 
Africa, he can use the opportunity to pounce on weak 
Lithuania. In the Ethiopian war he espies a new world 

The nature of the Nuremberg fascist conference was 
reflected in the diplomatic representatives who were pres- 
ent and those who were absent. Representatives of only 
three great powers attended the conference: Japanese 
imperialism, whose generals are eating into the vitals of 


China; fascist Poland, Hitler's ally in the "drive to- 
wards the East"; fascist Italy, whose dictator has set 
the African continent ablaze. These three confederates 
were worthy of their host, and their host was worthy of 
them. The subject of their conversation was war. 

Hitler at Nuremberg once more attacked the principle 
of collective security. This principle, championed by the 
Soviet Union, imposes upon the powers the duty of taking 
joint action against an aggressor. This principle also 
formed the basis of the Eastern Pact which the Soviet 
Union proposed to Germany. This pact was to guaran- 
tee the present frontier lines in the East; the signatory 
powers were jointly to undertake to guarantee these fron- 
tiers. This principle hinders the aggressor in his war 
plans; whoever rejects this principle wants war. Hitler 
once more rejected it at Nuremberg, Hitler wants war I 

Nuremberg was one long hymn of hate against the 
Soviet Union and its peace policy. Goebbels made ven- 
omous attacks on the mutual aid pact concluded by the 
Soviet Union and France, and Czechoslovakia. 

Nobody who has the cause of peace at heart will be 
deluded into the belief that the threats Hitler uttered 
against Lithuania in Nuremberg are merely of local im- 
portance and affect only the Province of Memel. The 
"local conflict" between Austria and Serbia in 19 14 un- 
chained the World War. Memel would only serve as 
a prelude to another great slaughter. The French work- 
ers should not forget that in his book Mein Kampf (My 
Struggle) Hitler speaks of their country as the "mortal 
enemy". The peoples and small nationalities bordering 
on Hitler Germany should bear in mind the program of 
the National-Socialist Party proclaimed by Hitler to be 
"immutable for all time". In that program the prelim- 

inary frontiers of the fascist "Greater Germany" were 
outlined as follows: 

"All who are of German blood, whether now under 
Danish, Polish, Czechoslovakian, Italian or French rule, 
shall be united in one German empire. . . . We shall 
not give up a single German in Sudetic Germany,* in 
Alsace-Lorraine, in Poland, in Austria, that colony of the 
League of Nations, and in the successor states of old 
Austria. . . . Frontiers are made by men and altered by 
man. 7 ' (From the Program of the National-Socialist 

The war threats uttered against Lithuania at Nurem- 
berg signified German fascism's claim to a redivision of 
Europe. At a time when bombs are bursting in East 
Africa and Japanese generals are on the march, Hitler 
may well consider that his hour too has struck unless the 
world stops him. 

Nuremberg was a trial mobilization for war. Within 
a day or two, hundreds of trains, tens of thousands of 
automobiles and motorcycles arrived at Nuremberg. In 
the same way Hitler will tomorrow suddenly fling whole 
army corps at the frontiers and attempt to overrun Lithu- 
ania, Austria or Czechoslovakia. Nuremberg was a trial 
mobilization of the transport system of Hitler Germany. 

Mussolini has placed a million soldiers under arms for 
his predatory war against Ethiopia. In Nuremberg 
800,000 men paraded in military formation, commanded 
by generals. Nuremberg was the trial mobilization of 
the military reserves of Hitler Germany. 

One hundred and twenty thousand Storm Troops and 
Special Defense men paraded at Nuremberg, Hitler's 

* In Czechoslovakia — Ed. 

declaration that the Storm Troops, * 'combed out and 
cleansed" after the bloody day of June 30, 1934, will 
form a reserve for replacing those who have served their 
time with the new army, indicates that it has been trans- 
formed into a reserve of the Reichswehr, 

Fifty-four thousand young men of the Labor Service 
paraded as a "disciplined force". They carried their 
spades as "weapons of peace", tomorrow to be replaced 
by weapons of war. 

The Hitler Youth, one hundred thousand officials of 
the fascist party, and the women's organizations took 
part in the parade at Nuremberg. Every word addressed 
to them was a grim command blindly to obey the author- 
ity of the generals. 

Sixteen thousand Reichswehr soldiers armed with the 
most modern war machines paraded at Nuremberg. The 
Nazi press, intoxicated with the spirit of destruction, 
reported as follows on their military display: 

"Within a few minutes a dummy of Franken's huge 
power plant was built by the pioneers. Soon the first 
airplanes appeared on the horizon. Squadron after 
squadron roared past overhead, first light reconnoitering 
craft, then heavy bombers. The results of the first bomb 
attacks on the dummy plant became visible — with ter- 
rific noise one of the buildings collapsed in fire and 
smoke. Some of the other buildings were in flames. 
The march past was a great success. Again and again 
the spectators burst into applause.*' 

The bombs of Nuremberg are the gas and incendiary 
bombs of tomorrow. Their target will not be "dum- 
mies" but big cities like Moscow, Prague, Paris and, if 
necessary, London. The "spectators" will be involun- 

tary ones, men and women, old people and children. In 
the eyes of the fascist incendiaries international agree- 
ments are made to be broken. Hitler showed this at 
Nuremberg. His new anti-Jewish laws laugh at the In- 
ternational Hague Convention. If tomorrow Hitler 
fascism plunges the world into war, his generals will act 
not in accordance with international treaties but in accord- 
ance with the cry: "Gas bombs for open cities. Take 
no prisoners I" 

In Nuremberg they were still dummies; and Hitler 
tried to fool the world with his "invincible love of peace". 

Nuremberg demonstrated how any day all sections of 
the people may be placed under military command. It 
will be the people and not the cannon-kings or the war 
profiteers and speculators who will have to sit in the 
trenches. Instead of fighting the capitalists, the people 
will have to fight for the capitalists. That is why Hitler 
at Nuremberg declared: "Technical equipment alone 
never decides. What decides is the will to fight of the 
individual!' It was to develop this "will to fight" that 
the music played at Nuremberg. The Nuremberg con- 
ference was proclaimed a "Conference of Freedom". 
Nationalism, chauvinism, anti-Bolshevism and savage 
race hatred were the dominant chords at this "Conference 
of Freedom". They were in part medieval melodies, 
but those who sang them command modern tank squad- 

Freedom, for what purpose? The whole of Germany 
today is a barracks. According to Ley, the leader of the 
Labor Front, the workers should be "political soldiers" 
and the factories the drill grounds. In numerous Ger- 
man armament enterprises, the fascists in factory regula- 
tions threaten the workers with the death penalty for 



divulging the nature of the industry to relatives or friends. 
With the introduction of the "work book" the freedom of 
movement won by the workers in the course of decades 
of struggle was abolished. The munition worker is tied 
to his factory. If he leaves it he will be flogged by the 
secret police and will get no more work anywhere. Work- 
ers over thirty-five years of age are compelled to attend 
courses of the sports section, "Strength through Joy", 
in order to develop the "soldier's spirit" in them. Re- 
cently a news item was published in the official organ of 
the Labor Front {Arbeitertum, May 14, 1935) uncon- 
sciously exposing the fact that unemployed are forcibly 
sent to work on building automobile roads, fortifications, 
etc, under pain of losing their unemployed allowances: 

"Oyer two hundred seamen in receipt of the dole had 
their insurance cards taken away. They were ordered 
to report for work on the ship Baden (to remove rust). 
And what long faces they pulled. ..." 

The German press has just published the orders for 
conscripts to present themselves in connection with com- 
pulsory labor service, which extends to all young German 
subjects as from October 1. Compulsory labor service 
precedes compulsory military training of young men and 
women. The press is filled with official notices such as 
the following, which was issued by the chief of the Essen 
police : 

"Those liable to service must before reporting take a 
bath and put on clean underclothing. Since it was found 
at previous examinations that the ears of some of those 
reporting were stopped with ear-wax, those reporting 
should as far as possible have their ears syringed before- 
hand by a doctor." 


What, therefore, is the "freedom" proclaimed at 
Nuremberg, if not the freedom once more obtained by 
the generals to impose upon the toiling people, even be- 
fore war has broken out, a new and more perfect edition 
of the Hohenzollern policy of seeing the war through? 

Freedom, for zvhat purpose? In their time the Hohen- 
zollerns with their war loans deprived millions of the 
toiling people of their last savings. The inflation of 1923 
turned the people with small savings into paupers. Hitler 
has gone so far as to impose upon the people even before 
the outbreak of war his first war loan of one billion 
marks, to which the savings banks have been forced to 
subscribe five hundred million marks. Hitler has com- 
pelled the Social Insurance Fund to loan the state 
seven hundred and fifty million marks, and this at 
a time when the Employees' Insurance Fund was 
obliged to declare that they had no funds left for 
house development. What then is the freedom pro- 
claimed at Nuremberg if not the freedom of the National- 
Socialist state to plunder small savings and insurance 
funds for the benefit of the armaments manufacturers? 

Freedom, for what purpose? The last war was a great 
holiday for the Krupps and the Thyssens. But even be- 
fore the outbreak of war Hitler is making them war 
profiteers and multi-millionaires. In 1932-33 Krupp, the 
cannon king, sustained a loss of three million marks. 
But in the first year after Hitler came to power he made 
a net profit of 6,650,000 marks. Between June 1 and 
July i, 1935, according to official stock exchange quota- 
tions, the shares of the steel syndicate, the Vereinigte 
Stalwerke, rose from 49 to 89, and those of the poison- 
gas trust IG-Farben from 135 to 153. The annual re- 
port and balance-sheet of the Westphalisch-Anhalt Ex- 



plosive works in Reinsdorf showed the following results : 
107 killed, for the workers; an increase of gross profits 
from 10,000,000 marks to 20,000,000 marks, for the 
share-holders. Even the Reichswehf generals are afraid 
that the news of this shameless pre-war profiteering may 
become known to the soldiers and workers and cause 
psychological damage, (See Kriegsgewinn und Wirt- 
schaft {War Profit and Economy] by Captain Heinz 

What then is the freedom proclaimed at Nuremberg 
if not the freedom of the cannon manufacturers once 
more to earn billions of marks on army contracts? But 
the fascists at Nuremberg tried to fool the masses that 
the freedom of a thin layer of war profiteers and mil- 
lionaires is their own freedom. The fascists played on 
the German people's profound love of their country to 
mobilize the nation around the Germany of the parasites 
and profiteers, for whose predatory attacks on foreign 
nations, it was declared, it was worth living and dying. 
The course taken at Nuremberg is leading the nation to 
the catastrophe of war, At Nuremberg the fascists tried 
to dupe the masses of the people into believing that mili- 
tarization and armaments lead to a better life. By 
means of parades, chauvinism and race hatred, the fasc- 
ists at Nuremberg attempted to divert the longing of an 
enslaved people for freedom and a happier life into the 
channels of an imperialist war of conquest. And the 
supreme warmonger at Nuremberg, Hitler, assured the 
people and the world of his "invincible love of peace". 

When Goering at Leipzig accused the great revolu- 
tionary Dimitroff and the German Communists of hav- 
ing burnt the Reichstag, the whole world cried out: 
"Goering, it is you who are the incendiary!" 

After the Nuremberg conference the world cannot but 
say: "Hitler, it is you who are the chief warmonger in 
Europe I" 

Hitler is a menace to the peace of the world! The 
whole world must come out against Hitler 1 



The People Must Foot the Bill 

"What the German people has for 
centuries been longing for in vain 
it has now achieved. It is the only 
people of brothers." {Hitler in his 
Nuremberg Reichstag speech.) 

FOR more than ten years the German people groaned 
under the double yoke of the Versailles Treaty and 
the exploitation of the German capitalists. The burden 
of the Indemnity payments has been removed. Since 1932 
industrial output has risen by nearly fifty per cent How- 
ever, the burden on the toilers is now greater than ever, 
and the billions of profits flow into the bottomless pockets 
of the "racially pure" German financial magnates, the 
trust owners, and the agrarians. Aviation craft and 
tanks for the wealthy men's war means margarine instead 
of butter for the workers, taxes and mortgages for the 

The floating debt of the German P^mpire has risen in 
the course of the two and half years since Hitler came 
to power by eighteen billion marks. The total indebt- 
edness incurred by the Weimar Republic in the course of 
the fourteen years of its existence did not exceed ten 
billion marks. At Nuremberg Reinhardt, Hitler's expert 
in the matter of pumping out money and credit, made the 
statement that "the finances of the Empire are in order". 

But it is an open secret that the finances of fascist 
Germany are not in order. Schacht's agents are knock- 
ing at the doors of the great banks abroad in a vain effort 
to obtain credits. Intensified plundering of the people is 
for Hitler the only way to obtain the means necessary to 


cover the most urgent short-term obligations, to pay arm- 
ament kings for further billion trade contracts and to 
obtain raw materials from abroad for war purposes. 
That is why the chief note at Nuremberg was a command 
to the people to make greater sacrifices, to pay the war 
bill of the worst enemies of the people — the trusts, the 
banks, and the landlords. 

"Under no circumstances" , Hitler declared at Nurem- 
berg, "can we permit a rise in wages or salaries". Hitler 
explained the reason for this in his own way. He did 
not say: "Make sacrifices for the capitalists," What he 
said was: "Make sacrifices for the only people of 
brothers", "for eternal Germany", and the like. 

Such is life in the Third Empire, 

But did not fascism promise the German people every- 
thing? Did it not promise to socialize the banks, the 
monopolies, the warehouses? Did it not promise to tax 
away unearned income, dividends and stock exchange 
profits? Did it not promise to raise wages and give the 
workers a share in profits, to emancipate the peasants 
and the toiling middle classes from the burden of taxes 
and to save the German workers and peasants within 
four years? 

The Nuremberg conference took place in the third 
year of Hitler's "four-year plan". What does the sal- 
vation of the workers and peasants by the fascist 

But let them speak for them- 
of the Labor Front, said in 

"saviors" look like now? 
selves. Ley, the leader 

"In my introduction I have already stated that while 
the real income of the toilers has not risen, it has on the 
whole been maintained." 


Not even Ley can assert that after almost three years 
of fascist "salvation" real wages have risen. More- 
over, from his statement it is clear that in the case of 
certain sections income has sunk to the lowest level known 
in the post-war period. While nominal wages remain 
the same, or have even sunk, prices have been mounting. 
Even Ley admitted in Nuremberg that the cost of living 
had risen 13 per cent. But the Brown price statistics 
lie. The price of potatoes aldne, in spite of "reductions", 
is 30 or 40 per cent higher than it was before Hitler 
came to power. 

Three million, three hundred thousand workers, or a 
quarter of the total number of employed persons (accord- 
ing to the official data of invalid insurance) live on 
average weekly earnings of 8.41 marks. 

Half a million workers earn an average of 12.18 marks 

week. Roughly a third of all office employees earn on 
the average less than 100 marks a month. Fully 
8,000,000 employed and unemployed workers and office 
employees today draw an income which is not above the 
unemployment benefit of the Weimar Republic. Such 
is the life of the worker in the Third Empire ! And 
Hitler says: "A rise in wages is absolutely out of the 

At Nuremberg Hitler proclaimed a dozen times that 
"four and a half million unemployed countrymen have 
been given work and bread". No. 3 of the official Quar- 
terly Bulletin of Statistics of the German Reich blurted 
out what Hitler's "provision of work" has really given 
to these unemployed "countrymen" : 

"The re-engaged workers are mostly placed in com- 
paratively low wage categories, . . . The decrease in un- 


employment . 

. is not compensated by any increase in 

In the Third Empire one of the means of "abolishing 
unemployment" is compulsorily to place hundreds of 
thousands of young men and women on forced labor 
on the big estates of the Junkers, where girls are very 
often abused and young men flogged. In the regular 
column of press notes on the "victorious progress of the 
battle on the Labor Front" in the Frankfurter Zeiiung, 
one may read items like the following: 

"Four men in the Montabaur district had to be taken 
into custody because, having unfortunately succumbed to 
uncontrollable influences, they concealed their children, 
preventing them from performing their duty of one year's 
labor service on the land." 

The fascists promised to save the peasants. Darre, 
the head of the Reich's Food Supply, at Nuremberg 
glorified the fascist "market economy" and called it 
"socialism". Every day the press cites cases which show 
what the peasant thinks of this "socialism". "The 
peasant is again sabotaging", writes the JVestdeuische 
Landeszeitung of September 8, The Brown press daily 
reports cases of so-called smuggling, of shortage of food- 
stuffs on the city markets, of police measures against 
peasant "profiteers". The "market regulations", which 
prohibit the small producers selling their produce pri- 
vately, deprive the small consumers in the towns of 
bread, and do not allow the toiling peasant any additional 
return for his goods. The peasant used to receive 1 1 
pfennigs for an egg, while today he gets only 5 or 8 
pfennigs. The big middleman's profits are pocketed by 
the rich profiteers. In this way the Brown profiteers and 


commissars find the means to pay their inflated personnel. 
The tax screw squeezes the village. Regional and muni- 
cipal assessments have been increased to nearly 600 per 
cent of the national taxes. There is, moreover, a poll 
tax and taxes on slaughtering, fats, salt, wine, beer and 
tobacco. Deliveries to the Reich's Food Supply are 
obligatory. Leasehold prices have risen under Hitler by 
40 per cent, In 1934, the Distraint Protection Act was 
abolished. The number of distraints rose by 300 per 
cent. No. 4 of the Quarterly Report of the Statistical 
Department of the Reich for 1934 admits that an in- 
creasing "compulsory sales by auction was mostly in the 
case of very small, small and middle peasant farms, while 
in the case of the big farms and the huge estates the 
number of sales remained unchanged". Owing to the 
abolition of wages agreements and freedom of move- 
ment, 3,000,000 agricultural laborers have been placed 
at the mercy of the Junkers. Like the serf of the Middle 
Ages, the agricultural laborer of today cannot change his 
place of employment without the permission of his "lord 
and master 1 '. Unemployment insurance for agricultural 
and forest laborers has been abolished. 

Such is life under the swastika, such is the plight of 
the workers, peasants, and the toiling people generally. 
Hitler's war preparations cost money, and it is the people 
who must foot the bill. 

But not the entire "companionship of people" lives 
in this way. The "thin upper layer of parasites" (as 
Goebbels, now Reich minister, once called the millionaire 
idlers at a mass meeting in Berlin before the fascists 
came to power) have a glorious time. Since 1932, in- 
dustrial output has risen by nearly 50 per cent, but the 
only gainers from this fascist "stimulated increase of 


production" are those whose connections with industry 
are confined to drawing dividends. According to official 
stock exchange data, the net profits of 12 per cent of the 
German joint stock companies alone amount to 420,000,- 
000 marks. The balance-sheets of some joint stock com- 
panies taken at random from the German stock exchange 
press show the following picture: 

Profits - 1933 Profits - 1934 
Marks Marks 

Rhine- Westphali an Linieworks . . . . 45,000 907,053 

Neustadt Brewery 236,764 267,161 

Lowenbrau Brewery 188,637 261,790 

Bremen Jute Spinning & Weaving Mills 96,370 256,833 

Mitteld Steel Works 326,135 1,852,754 

Kraus Foundries 20,511 685,855 

Vorwichler Portland Cement Co. . . . 41,759 82,868 

Brunsviga Engineering Works ...» 72,780 91,674 

Stadtbach Cotton Spinning Mills . . . 42,084 221,017 

Augsburg Worsted Mills 507,418 554,008 

Leipzig Spinning Mills 49,999 182,625 

German Telephone and Cable Co. . . 88,707 456,340 

Totai 1,716,164 6,019,977 

Thus, within one year after Hitler came to power, 
profits rose by 350 per cent and last year they rose still 

According to Goe ring's paper, the Essen National- 
xeiiung, of September 7, 1935, the salaries of two mem- 
bers of the Board of the Wanderer- Werke have been 
increased from 166,000 marks to 183,500 marks, the 
salaries of the directors of the Bielefelder weaving mills 
have been increased from 48,780 to 72,180 marks, the 
salaries of the directors of the Ravensburg Spinning Mills 
have been increased from 49,800 to 89,500 marks. 


However, Hitler at Nuremberg told the workers that 
; 'a rise in wages is absolutely out of the question". 

He himself, who formerly owned nothing, is now a 
multi-millionaire; he is the owner of the Eher Publish- 
ing House, where his works, which are compulsorily dis- 
tributed in millions of copies, are published, not to men- 
tion the income he derives from his numerous ministerial 
posts, or the palaces, automobiles, airplanes, etc., stolen 
from the state. This is the Brown "companionship of 
the people", the "only people of brothers", in real life, 
and not as described in the lies told at Nuremberg. This 
is the "National-Socialism" which Hitler, Blomberg and 
Krupp want to foist on other nations by wars of conquest. 

Beggary for the toilers, for the followers ! The fat 
of the land, the fruits of labor, for the "elect chosen by 
fate and racial selection", the magnates of finance and 
their Brown camp-followers ! That is what Hitler meant 
when he said at Nuremberg: 

"We must train all our people so that whenever some- 
body is appointed to command the others should recog- 
nize that their mission is to obey." 

For close on three years fascism has been wielding the 
grim scourge of terror, Fascism destroyed the legal 
labor organizations, abolished workers' representation in 
the factories, broke up the trade unions, dissolved the 
parties, suppressed freedom of speech, brought the axe 
into Germany and turned the country into a concentra- 
tion camp. Thousands of professional murderers and 
torturers have been trained for their filthy job. Scientific 
work on behalf of social progress has been banned from 
Germany, but the "science" of torture has found in fasc- 
ism its greatest adept. Even while Hitler, Goering and 


Schacht at Nuremberg prated about a "united people of 
brothers" and reviewed showy fascist parades, defense- 
less prisoners. throughout Germany were breathing their 
last under the blows of the torturers. Prisoners are 
beaten in the presence of their wives. They are stripped 
naked, strung up, and beaten to a bloody pulp. Mothers 
and children are held as hostages. The torturers hang 
prisoners "for fun"; the swastika is cut into their agon- 
ized bodies. The fascist murderers take delight in 
"trying out" the prisoners to see who will scream the 
loudest; they try to force revolutionaries to spit on busts 
of Lenin and Stalin; they force priests by torture to 
renounce their religions ; they make the sufferings of aged 
scientists and thinkers a spectacle for the enjoyment of 
the brutalized guards of the fascist leaders. When the 
deeds of these murderers become public or cause an out- 
cry abroad, one may read in the Nazi press that some 
prisoner was "shot while attempting to escape", or else 
"hanged himself". According to White terror statistics 
published by the German Red Aid for the first half of 
193^, the number of people murdered without trial 
totalled 4,655, and the number sentenced to death 98, 
while the sentences of imprisonment and hard labor to- 
talled 36,247 years. 

Hitler has placed the people outside the law for the 
sake of predatory war and the benefit of the capitalist 
magnates. For the sake of war, the people have been 
fettered by a war-time economy in time of peace. For the 
sake of war, all who want peace, whether Communists, 
Social-Democrats or Christians, are treated in accordance 
with martial law. The war for the oppression of other 
peoples forces Hitler to oppress his own people. 


Opposition Is Growing Throughout 
the Country 

NUREMBERG did not speak for the German 
people. The people want peace, Hitler wants 
war. The people want to live a better life, Hitler seeks 
to impose new sacrifices upon them. The people want 
democratic liberties, Hitler wants them to obey in silence. 
Germany today is split into classes more than ever be- 
fore. Hitler at Nuremberg threatened even a section of 
the bourgeoisie with the pistol. 

Nuremberg was not the German people. The opposi- 
tion to Hitler is gaining in strength. It is growing all 
over the country and among all the sections of the people. 
Only a few days before the Nuremberg conference the 
Nazi chief of the Hamburg district ordered the workers' 
organizations in the factories to be closed, because in 
the sporting clubs and in the musical circles "alien 
elements" were making themselves at home {Frankfurter 
Zeitung, September 3, 1935). The overwhelming mass 
of the German proletariat is against fascism and feels a 
deep hatred for the executioners of the workers and the 
organizers of war. The united front movement is gain- 
ing in strength among the working class. Communists, 
Social-Democrats and trade unionists are uniting for a 
common struggle. Catholic workers, peasants and priests 
fight bravely in the defense of religious liberty and free- 
dom of conscience. 

The organizations of the former Center, the groups 
of the former People's Conservatives, German National- 
ists, and Steel Helmets, who refused to be co-ordinated, 
are in opposition. Hitler fears the day when all the 


forces of the opposition, which today are still divided, 
will unite on a common basis of struggle, on the basis 
of a struggle to be waged against the one enemy, the 
dictatorship of Hitler. Such unity would be the heaviest 
blow that could be struck against the fascist war ad- 

The Communists, too, know of this most vulnerable 
spot of the Hitler system. Axe and torture cannot hinder 
their fight. Armed with the great political guiding prin- 
ciples df the Seventh World Congress of the Communist 
International, they are setting to work in a new manner. 
They are making the fascist mass organizations their 
main field of operations. In spite of the repeated refusals 
on the part of the Social-Democratic Executive having 
its seat in Prague to form a united front, they are re- 
doubling their efforts to conclude a united front agree- 
ment on a national scale with the Social-Democratic Party 
of Germany, They are the keenest champions of demo- 
cratic rights for the people and will fight for every inch 
of ground in this connection. They appeal to all opposi- 
tion forces inside and outside the country, no matter 
what stand they take up; they will not leave a stone un- 
turned in order to unite the whole opposition on a com- 
mon platform and initiate the great anti-fascist people's 
front against Hitler. They propose to them and to their 
organizations to conclude a pact for the defense of peace, 
for a fight for daily bread and democratic rights for the 
people. Such a force uniting the entire opposition would 
be the beginning of a serious threat to the Brown regime 
and would finally strike it in its foundations. It would 
be the hinterland's declaration of war on war. 

2 5 

On the Eve of a New Outbreak of 
Terror Against the People 

AT Nuremberg fascism gave its answer to the de- 
velopments threatening it. The Nuremberg confer- 
ence threatened to resort to new ruthless terrorism against 
all those who will no longer tolerate the disgrace of 
fascism and against those who tomorrow will join the 
gathering forces of the oppositions. In his Nuremberg 
manifesto Hitler singled out three enemies against whom 
he directed particularly dire threats : 

"Jewish Marxism and parliamentary democracy." By 
this Hilter meant the Communist and Social-Democratic 
workers and their organizations, which in the last elec- 
tions before Hitler came to power received from thirteen 
to fourteen million votes. 

"The politically and morally disreputable Center." By 
this Hitler meant above all the masses of Catholic work- 
ers, peasants and lower clergy, who before the Hitler 
regime cast four million votes for the Center. 

"Certain elements of the reactionary burghers who will 
not learn." By this are meant the masses of the duped 
middle class, the discontented among the civil servants, 
the bourgeois opposition -elements in economic life, in the 
administrative, army and navy apparatus. 

Two years ago Hitler threatened the Marxists only. 
Today he is already compelled to oppose the majority 
of the people. The "united people", a phrase greatly in 
vogue at Nuremberg, stands condemned as a lie by the 
new law on citizenship which was announced by the 
fascists at Nuremberg, too. Even the bourgeois press 
of the Germans outside Germany was disconcerted by it. 


In connection with this low the Neue Xuericher Zeitung 

"It abolishes equality before the law and creates in- 
stead two classes of nationals: on the one hand, priv- 
ileged citizens of the Reich who may hold public office 
in the Reich, the countries composing it and the various 
municipalities, and who enjoy political rights as far as 
these still exist; and, on the other hand, nationals who 
sink to the status of mere objects of administration. Not 
only Jews belong to this latter category. Everybody who 
previously had the right to elect or be elected is being 
probed, that is to say, forty million men and women. 
Those who do not meet with approval are excluded from 
political life, but must nevertheless, pay taxes, bear the 
burden of military service themselves or send their sons 
to the army. This division of the people into two cate- 
gories marks a stage so extreme as even to surpass the 
absolute monarchy of the eighteenth century." 

This law, however, is but the formal side of the com- 
ing intensified political banditry, which will be directed 
against the opposition, and in the main against the mili- 
tant proletariat. In Hitler's Nuremberg manifesto the 
Marxists are addressed in the following terms : 

"We have offered you the opportunity of discreetly 
holding yourselves in the background, so that in course 
of time we may forget about you. We have the feeling 
that you have failed to appreciate this leniency. The 
consequences must follow inevitably. The National- 
Socialist state will now proceed further to overcome this 
danger. I wish to state here that the fight against the 
internal enemy of the nation will never fail on account 
of a formal bureaucracy or its inefficiency. For wherever 


the forces of formal bureaucracy prove inadequate, the 
German nation will set its other organizations to work 
to help achieve its most vital needs. Where this problem 
can be solved by the state, it will be solved by the state. 
But where the state is unable to solve it, it will be solved 
by the movement," 

This threat has but one possible meaning. Fascism 
cannot solve any of the problems of the people. The 
people begin to turn against fascism. The answer of 
fascism is an appeal to the foul dregs of society, to the 
brutes in the Storm Troops, to the professional murderers 
and hirelings of the rulers of Germany. It gives them 
the command: "Beat the Marxists I Beat the opposi- 
tion! Beat them all, knife them, defame them, murder 
them! When you have done your menial work, Hitler 
will declare, just as he did after the murders of June 
30, 1934, that it was done 'by authority of the state'." 

Isn't it clear that the life of tens of thousands of pri- 
soners, who are in the hands of the human brutes in the 
various bands which maintain i{ order >} in the country , is 
in danger unless the world calls a halt? 

Isn't the life of Thaelmann, a name revered in all coun- 
tries of the world, threatened by the murderous dagger of 
some hireling } unless a thundering cry resounds through- 
out the world: Release Thaelmann! Release the im- 
prisoned Communists, Social-Democrats, Catholics and 
Jews from the dungeons of the Brown regime of terror! 

Nuremberg proclaimed a quickening of the pace in the 
drive for war against foreign countries and intensified 
terror against the people at home. The whole world 
must come to the support of the German people! 


Fascist Broadside Against 
Cultural Progress 

"Man stands above alL JJ (Hitler •, 

UNDER compulsion, the number of copies of Hitler's 
book, My Struggle, distributed in Germany has 
reached a record figure. It is offered for reading in 
offices, reading rooms, barracks and schools. In this 
book Hitler writes : 

"... as a result of shrewd and persistent propaganda 
a people may be brought to think heaven hell, and a life 
of misery a paradise" 

If Nuremberg was a war cry and a threat of terror 
against the people, it necessarily betokened an outrage 
against the great cultural heritage of the German people 
and a declaration of war on culture and progress. A 
regime of violence which is preparing for most reac- 
tionary war and wants to hold the masses in a state of 
slavery in the "empire of the millenium" must ban reason 
and intellect from the land. That is why Hitler fascism 
from the very outset carried on a devastating fight against 
free thought, against progressive creative art, and 
branded culture as "unmanly" and "effeminate'*. In the 
native land of Goethe, Schiller, Lessing and Hegel, Buch- 
ner and Heine, the works of all freedom-loving minds 
are burnt in the public squares. Five hundred professors 
of world renown were driven out of the German univer- 
sities. The organ of the National-Socialist Teachers' 
Union (No, 2, 1935) recently wrote: "Cleverness is the 


cause of treachery, intellect is the cause of degeneration, 
brains are the cause of decreasing population [ !]". And 
therefore the "theoretical" organ of the present teachers 
of the German youth issued the order: "All mental bal- 
last must be thrown out of the schools and the univer- 

This year's competitive examinations, undertaken for 
the purpose of testing the vocational proficiency of the 
German youth, gave the following results: altogether 
1,291,000 young people were examined. Of these, 52.2 
per cent received "deficient" in German, 52.3 per cent 
"deficient" in arithmetic and 55.9 per cent ''deficient' 1 in 
vocational work. Only 3.7 per cent received "satisfac- 
tory" or better in all subjects* 

Nazi "scientists" are writing volumes to prove that 
precisely Goethe, cosmopolitan that he was, were he alive 
today would be a robust Storm Troop man. Schiller, 
whose works are a denunciation of tyranny, is introduced 
to the school children as the "first National-Socialist". 
Hitler in his speech at the Nuremberg Culture Confer- 
ence gave in outline the place held by art in the Reich of 
the Goerings and Strekhers : "Nor do we want to be 
pestered with the argument that it is the duty of art to 
serve reality." 

To those of the scientists and artists who should dare 
to serve reality, he held out the prospect of confinement 
in prison or lunatic asylum: 

'We are not going to engage in endless debates with 
people who, to judge by their performance, are either 
fools or impostors. Any personal discussion with them 
must result in their commitment to a prison or lunatic 


Scientists and artists today still recall with shame the 
times when their predecessors had to beg the mistresses 
of princes to procure them "favor in high quarters". But 
in Germany today scientists and artists must protest their 
Aryan origin and kowtow to the adjutants of the district 
chief if they do not wish to be dispatched to the concen- 
tration camps. 

At the German Culture Session of the Nuremberg 
Fascist Party Conference, Herr Johst, that National- 
Socialist poetaster, received the • first prize for his 
Schlageter, a play in which he makes his hero speak as 
follows : 

"If you think a thought out to the end, 
The result is sharp-shooting ; 
When I hear the word culture, 
I cock my gun." 

Scores of German writers, proletarian and bourgeois t 
who are devoted to the cause of the people, have been 
driven out of the country. The poet Muhsam and the 
scientist Lessing have been murdered by Hitler's execu- 
tioners. Ossietsky and Ludwig Renn are rotting in pri- 
son, while blood-thirsty human beasts are given prizes 
"as heroes of the spirit". Horst Wessel, the kept man, 
who lost his life in a fight over a prostitute before Hitler 
came to power, has been made "a hero of the German 
people" by the fascist leaders. The man who cocks his 
gun at' the word "culture" was awarded first prize for 
"creative work" at Nuremberg. 


Back to the Middle Ages 

IMAGINE two people in love. In the course of years of 
common work they have learnt to know each other and 
want to join in union for life. Whereupon the government 
of the country steps in and issues a law prohibiting these 
two people under penalty of imprisonment from getting 
married, simply because one of them is of Jewish parent- 
age or comes from parents of u non-kindred blood". You 
would certainly say that such a government and its mem- 
bers are no better than wild beasts, that they ought to be 
placed behind lock and key and not set loose among 
human beings. However, in this year 1935, such a 
government does exist, and not in Ethiopia, not in the 
Gran Chaco, nor among the Congo Negroes, but in 
Germany, once the most progressive country of Europe 1 
It is such a government that set the fashion at Nurem- 
berg* We refer to the government of Hitler. Hitler, 
accompanied by Stretcher, a writer expert in pornography 
and a few dozen other depraved individuals, proclaimed 
the following medieval law establishing the ghetto as 
the "secular law of the German people" : 

"1. Marriage contracts between Jews and citizens of 
German or kindred blood shall be prohibited. Marriage 
contracts entered into contrary to this law are invalid 
even if entered into abroad to evade the provisions of 
this law. 

u 2. Illicit intercourse between Jews and citizens of 
German or kindred blood is prohibited. 

a 3- Jews may not employ in their household women 
who are citizens of German or kindred blood and are 
under 45 years of age. 

Jews are prohibited from hoisting the Reich or 

3 2 

national flag or displaying the emblems and colors of the 

"5. Violation of these laws is punishable by simple 
imprisonment or imprisonment at hard labor" 

This is the "lex Hitler" of Nuremberg, During the 
World War, 12,000 Jewish soldiers permitted themselves 
to be slaughtered for the benefit of Krupp and Thyssen, 
Hitler extends to their kinsmen the thanks of the father- 
land, granting them the pillory, the jail, the penitentiary, 
and pogroms. The anti-Jewish laws made at Nuremberg 
bear the imprint of a reversion to savagery, but they are 
of immediate political significance. 

"Anti-Semitism", says Stalin, "serves the exploiters 
as a lightning conductor by means of which they want 
to avert the blow the working class is aiming at them." 

In Rome the emperors used to throw the Christians 
to the howling mob. The henchmen of the tsar, the 
nobility and the capitalists of old Russia, organized Jewish 
pogroms to divert the minds of the people. The Neros 
and Romanovs of the Third Empire can give the people 
neither bread nor freedom. Hence their Jew-baiting. 
Who is to blame for the economic crisis and the miser- 
able wages? The Jews! Who is the cause of the ruin 
of the peasants and the middle classes? The Jews! 
Why are contradictions growing in the fascist camp and 
why this general discontent? It is the doing of the Jews 
and the Marxists ! 

Here is a bit of the new German culture, taken from 

"German woman of sterling womanhood and unim- 
peachable descent, racially pure and sexually willing, is 



looking for a male companion with whom to work for 
the German future," (Advertisement in Am Heiligen 

And another item: 

" , . . the term racial defilement implies not only sexual 
intercourse of an Aryan woman with a non-Aryan man, 
or vice versa, but every form of friendly intercourse." 
(From the National-Socialist Party Correspondence, 
quoted in the Frankfurter Zeitung, September 6, 1935) 

Hitler at Nuremberg lied when he said "man stands 
above all". The racial laws made at Nuremberg breathe 
cultural barbarity and civil war against the people; nor 
are they lacking in the spirit of war against foreign 
peoples. Hitler's calumniation at Nuremberg of the 
Soviet Union as the menace of "the Jewish underworld 
against the Aryan upper stratum" is nothing but a call to 
arms issued by the fascist gangsters and destroyers of 
civilization against the land of developing socialist cul- 

The German-speaking toilers and the Germans out- 
side Germany, in the Sudetic district and beyond the seas, 
in Austria and in Memel, in Switzerland and in Transyl- 
vania, whom Hitler at Nuremberg enjoined to follow 
"the principles of the Third Reich", must say with the 
Communists : 

"Just because we love our native land and our toiling 
people it pains us especially to see that a horde of greedy 
capitalists and Brown dictators have imposed their reign 
of terror upon the German toiling people. We act for 
and with the German people when we make an alliance 
with the workers and toilers of the whole world to free 
our native land from the Brown forces of occupation 
and avert the horror of war by the overthrow of Hitler." 


The Sentinel of Peace is Their Enemy! 

"Now that the Bolshevik Jewry 
of Moscow directs its unmistak- 
able threat against us, the German 
answer is: This year Germany has 
arrived at a turn in its history. 
Storm Troops and Special Defense 
Men, in a few months you will 
feel this very clearly." (Hitler at 
Nuremberg. ) 

"When we speak of new lands in 
Europe today,, we can only think 
in the first instance of Russia and 
her border states.-" (Hitler, My 
Struggle s p, 297.) 

GERMAN fascism is organizing war. It regards as 
its greatest enemy the power which is vitally in- 
terested in the maintenance of peace. This power is the 
Soviet Union. It has no need of war to alter the face of 
the world. 

"If the world bourgeoisie left our country in peace for 
a decade", said D. Z. Manuilsky at the Seventh World 
Congress of the Communist International, "it would be 
able by its socialist achievements to convince the vast 
masses of humanity all over the world of the superiority 
of its system and would transform even the most 'peace- 
ful' people who now serve as the bulwark of capitalism 
into revolutionaries opposed to capitalism." 

Every step the Soviet government has taken has been 
devoted to the maintenance of peace. It concluded non- 

aggression pacts with its neighboring states. It proposed 
to Germany and Poland that they sign the Eastern Pact 
for the mutual safeguarding of frontiers, Germany and 
Poland rejected the offer. It proceeded to conclude a 
treaty of mutual assistance with France and Czecho- 
slovakia. Any power, including Germany, may become a 
signatory to this treaty. Maxim Litvinov at Geneva 
coined the most pregnant phrase "peace is indivisible", 
which implies that every attempt to kindle the flames of 
war in any part of the world must be prevented by the 
efforts of all the powers, since it will inevitably lead to a 
war of all against all. 

Today, not only millions of workers in all countries, 
but also nations, peoples, and states, whose independence 
is menaced by war, are rallying around the U.S.S.R. 
Whoever has peace at heart realizes that Europe would 
already have fallen into the chaos of murder, and the 
small nationalities would already have been partitioned, 
were it not for the Red Army, the power of peace, 
which holds in check the instigators of war. It is precisely 
because of this that the Hitler fascists see in the Soviet 
Union the force which hampers them most in their en- 
deavor to execute their war plans. Needless to say, 
Hitler at Nuremberg could not expound his war alms to 
the workers of Germany and to the peoples of Europe, 
saying openly: "The Soviet Union must be destroyed 
because it serves the purposes of maintaining peace." 
Such an utterance would have been applauded by his gen- 
erals, by fascist Poland, Italy, Japan, and the anti-Bol- 
shevik creatures in all countries, but it would have been 
hooted down by the peoples everywhere. This is why 
Hitler said something different, or rather got his lying 
minister Goebbels to speak in the following vein: 


"Bolshevism carries terror and destruction into the 
world. Bolshevism means a war on culture on the part 
of the international underworld led by Jews. Those who 
conclude pacts with Bolshevism will be destroyed by it. 
Not only future generations, but also our generation 
should realize this historical mission [the overthrow of 
the Soviet Union and Bolshevism — Ed] and make 
up its mind to act in accordance with the doctrine it 

This tune sung by Goebbels at Nuremberg is neither 
newnor original. But the dance it is playing to may cost 
millions of human lives. Does not Nuremberg once more 
prove that the cause of peace and the defense of the 
Soviet Union are identical, and that whoever stands for 
peace must take an active part in the world front of the 
fighters for peace against German fascism and for the 
peace policy of the Soviets? 

There were other reasons why the watchdogs of the 
decaying, tottering world of capitalism howled so fiercely 
at the land of socialism. The picture drawn at Nurem- 
berg of this land of socialism as a country of starvation 
and infanticide subjected to the dictatorship of a few 
scoundrels who seek only to enrich themselves was in- 
tended to cover up the fact that nothing was being said 
about conditions in Germany. 

The final and historic victory of socialism on one-sixth 
of the globe Is stirring millions of people into movement, 
convincing them that the path indicated by the Commun- 
ist International is the right one. This victory inspires 
the German working class, despite torture and death, to 
muster its forces in order to overthrow the enemy. But 
all the Brown lies and the censorship guarding the fron- 
tiers of Germany cannot prevent news of the success of 


socialist construction in the U.S.S.R. finding its way in. 
The U.S.S.R., which in 1928 occupied fourth place in 
Europe for industrial output, has now moved up to first 
place. Socialist industry in 1935 produced six times as 
much as the industry of Russia in 19 13. Where a few 
years ago the peasant plodded behind his wooden plow, 
300,000 tractors, 50,000 threshers, 35,000 trucks are 
cultivating the land of the collective farmers. The in- 
crease in production in Germany is intensifying the misery 
of the masses. The increase in production in the U.S.S.R., 
proceeding at a rate which no capitalist country in the 
world could ever dream of, is accompanied by a swift im- 
provement in the welfare of the masses and a rise in their 
cultural level. 

Happiness and prosperity are coming into the villages. 
At the present moment the land is being handed over by 
the state to the collective farms to be held in perpetuity 
as their inalienable property. In the fourth quarter of 
1935, the food industry will increase its output by 78 per 
cent as compared with the previous quarter. Goebbels at 
Nuremberg described existing German conditions, but 
substituted "Soviet Union" for "Germany", and told his 
audience that "in the U.S.S.R. prices are continually ris- 
ing and wages have been reduced 30 per cent", whereas 
in reality the Soviet Union has made a further 30 per 
cent reduction in the prices of foodstuffs as from October 
1, 1935. The number of people who have graduated 
from higher educational establishments during the Second 
Five-Year Plan period totals five million. The Soviet 
Union is a land of happy children and joyous young men 
and women. In the U.S.S.R* man, for the first time in the 
history of mankind, has ceased to be the object of ex- 


ploitation and has become free to mould his own country 
and to open up its riches. 

"Our strength and our achievements", said D, Z. Man- 
ullsky at the Seventh Congress of the Communist Inter- 
national, "belong not only to the peoples of the U.S.S.R., 
not only to the Communist vanguard, but to the working 
classes of all countries — to the workers affiliated to the 
Amsterdam Federation of Trade Unions, to the workers 
who follow the lead of the parties affiliated to the Second 
International, to the unorganized workers and to the 
workers compelled to belong to the fascist organizations. 
Our socialist achievements . . . belong to the toilers of the 
whole world irrespective of nation and race, language 
and color, to all those who are righting exploitation and 

No wonder that in Nuremberg the fascists, with their 
mangy "National-Socialism" that brings the people 
slavery, misery and the menace of war, raised an outcry 
against the land of socialism and poured calumny upon it. 

It is plain enough that Hitler is hankering after the 
land of the socialist state, and dreams day and night of 
turning the rich Soviet Ukraine into a province of the 
Third Empire. 


Moscow— Nuremberg 

''The Leader has ascertained that 
the Co?nmunist International is 
not only a political power, but, 
above all, an organization of the 
underworld supported by the crim- 
inal elements of all countries for 
the destruction of culture," (V6lk- 
ischer Beobachter, September 19, 
1935. "Reflections on Nurem' 
berg. ) 

AFTER his seizure of power in 1933 Hitler declared 
that in fifty years the world would not know what 
Marxism and Communism had been. After two and a 
half years of bloody persecution of the Communists, the 
Brown persecutors feel so victorious that their whole 
party conference was nothing but an anti-Bolshevik meet- 
ing from beginning to end. Every speech and every ut- 
terance was directed against the World Congress of the 
Communist International held a few weeks before in 
Moscow. The Nuremberg gang exerted all their efforts 
to prove to the German people and to the workers of the 
world that Nuremberg was "a historic beacon light blaz- 
ing against the impudent fellows in the Communist Inter- 
national". Rosenberg, Hitler's intellectual pillar, in his 
attempts at "re-educating" the German people said: 
"Moscow — Nuremberg, two congresses — two worlds!" 
Indeed, two worlds, two congresses, separated by an 
abyss. There, among the principal leaders at Nuremberg 
— Goering, who at the Leipzig trial could find no answer 
to his accuser but the threat of murder: "Wait till you 
get outside the court!" In Moscow, at the helm of the 


Communist International — Dimltrofl, who roused the 
world of the workers; who from a defenseless prisoner 
turned into the most mighty accuser of fascism and who 
at Leipzig cried to the incendiary Goering: "You are 
afraid of my questions, Herr Minister 1" 

In Nuremberg — a gang of capitalist servitors. 

In Moscow, at the Congress of the Comintern — Ernst 
Thaelmann, a workingman, the best son of the German 
nation, imprisoned in Germany, was elected honorary 
chairman of the Congress. 

In Nuremberg, a parade of the instigators of war, the 
oppressors of the people, the destroyers of culture. 

In Moscow, a congress the whole work of which cen- 
tered around the question of maintaining peace, over- 
throwing fascism and winning socialism. 

The Seventh Congress of the Comintern was a con- 
gress for the preservation of peace. It discussed whether 
the workers and toilers can prevent war or whether war 
is absolutely inevitable. And the Congress gave the 
answer: the toiling masses can prevent a war by a mili- 
tant struggle and can hinder the work of the peace-break- 
ers. Now, unlike 19 14, the toiling masses in their fight 
can rely on the powerful Land of the Soviets and its 
mighty Red Army. Today we have a world Communist 
Party, the inexorable enemy of imperialist war. Hund- 
reds of thousands of Social-Democratic workers and 
trade unionists have drawn the lessons from the policy 
of "class truce" pursued by the Social-Democrats in 19 14. 
And it Is not the workers and toilers alone that are rising 
in defense of the cause of peace ; small nationalities and 
some of the big capitalist countries also at present are 
interested in avoiding war. The Seventh Congress of the 
Communist International appealed to the Socialist com- 


rades, to the trade unionists, to all peace-loving elements: 

"Let us fight jointly for peace! Let us organize a 
united front against the warmongers ! Let us direct 
our united attack against the chief instigators of war in 
Europe, Hitler fascism, Italian fascism, the myrmidons 
of war in Warsaw and Tokyo! Let us remember how 
once before the action of the proletariat, the action of 
the British workers in 1920, frustrated the war planned 
by the imperialists against the U.S.S.R., and how the 
German railwaymen destroyed train loads of munitions 
intended for the White interventionist armies!' 7 

No wonder that the warmongers of Nuremberg foam- 
ed with rage against the Communists, the most ardent 
fighters for peace, and the Congress of the Communist 
International, and called them "an International directed 
by the international underworld". (Goebbels at Nurem- 

The Seventh Congress of the Communist International 
was a congress striving for a united front of the prole- 
tariat. "How can we prevent fascism from coming to 
power and how is fascism to be overthrown after it has 
come to power?" The answer to this question, which is 
occupying the minds of millions of toilers, lies as in- 
dictated by Georgi Dimitroff In the creation of a prole- 
tarian united front in every workshop, in every country, 
in every district and throughout the world; in the united 
action of the proletariat, above all the fighting unity of 
Communists and Socialists, and their organizations, and 
the establishment of trade union unity on the' basis of the 
class struggle; in rallying the tollers of town and country 
around the working class in a broad anti-fascist people's 
front. By creating a fighting alliance between Commu- 


nists and Socialists, and by setting up the anti-fascist 
people's front, the French proletariat has set an example 
for the entire world not only in successfully resisting 
fascism but also in assuming the counter-offensive. The 
split in the ranks of the proletariat in Germany enabled 
fascism to gain its victory. The healing of the split will 
lead to its overthrow. Is It not clear why the Nuremberg 
fascists abused the Congress of the Communist Inter- 
national calling it "a crime under a political mask . , . . 
It is not a matter for the judgment of world history, it is 
a matter for the public prosecutors of all countries. It 
must be handled mercilessly and brutally." (Goebbels at 
Nuremberg.) What is this Nuremberg appeal to the 
public prosecutors of all countries but Hitler's cry to 
fascist reaction all over the world to apply the Brown 
method of terror? It is the cry to the Croix de Feu in 
France and the Mosley fascists in England, to the Irish 
Blue Shirts and the Swiss Franchists, to the gangs of 
Starhernberg in Austria and the Furugards in Sweden, to 
the whole blood-thirsty gang of terrorists. Hitler fascism 
has become the vanguard of international counter-revolu- 
tion. But does not this show to every worker, to every 
toiler, to every Social-Democrat, that the Nuremberg 
hymn of hate against the Communist International is an 
attack on the united front and the united people's front 
movement in every country, and that the cause of the 
Communists is the cause of all who desire to defend 
peace and freedom? 

The Seventh Congress of the Communist International 
was a congress of the triumph of socialism on one-sixth 
of the globe. Under the leadership of Stalin, Commu- 
nism has proved that it alone can bring happiness to man- 
kind. Communism has filled the world of labor with a 


new confidence in victory and has strengthened its will 
to power. 

"To us, the workers, and not to the social parasites, 
belongs the world — a world built by the hands of the 
workers. The present rulers of the capitalist world are 
but temporary rulers. The proletariat is the real master, 
tomorrow's master of the world. (Georgi Dimitroff 
at the Seventh Congress of the Communist International, 

But can the German fascists, who force the workers to 
follow the parasites and idlers, agree with such a view? 
No wonder, therefore, that the mouthpiece of the trust 
magnates and banks at Nuremberg started a campaign of 
slander and absurdities against the doctrines of Com- 
munism : 

"This doctrine of freeing the proletariat from the yoke 
of capitalism represents the worst and most brutal capital- 
ism imaginable, invented, led and guided by the incarna- 
tion of mammon and materialism, international Jewry 
in all countries." (Goebbcls at Nuremberg.) 

The working classes would never pay the slightest at- 
tention to such piffle if the fools that utter it were not 
armed with the executioner's axe and the brand of war. 
That is why their existence and their overthrow has be- 
come the concern of the international working class and 
of all men and women who love freedom. It is a matter 
which brooks no delay, if a tortured and bleeding world 
is not to cry: "Too late!" 


The World Against Hitler 

Disaster is looming. Mussolini's troops are march- 
ing. Berlin, Rome, Warsaw and Tokyo are breathing 
war. A handful of plunderers are out for a redivision 
of the world. Peace-loving humanity is to be sacrificed 
to their work of destruction. Can the world prevent this 

It can! The working world is strong enough to do 
so* The workers stand out at the benches in the munition 
factories ; they run the trains and man the ships carrying 
the war supplies; they extract the copper, ore, coal and 
oil, without which no Hitler or Mussolini can last out a 
war. Only one thing is needed — action! United action, 
before it is too late! 

International united action of the working class will 
stir up millions of people against the criminal enemies of 
peace. Peasants and soldiers, engineers and technicians, 
the working youth and the women will firmly grasp the 
banner of peace. All those who feel weak in their isola- 
tion will become courageous fighters when united in in- 
ternational action. Actuated by a passionate desire to 
do everything to bring about the international co-opera- 
tion of the working class in order to stop Italian fascism 
from throttling the Ethiopian people, and to prevent the 
catastrophe of a world war, the Communist International, 
through its General Secretary, Georgi Dimitroff , at the 
end of September addressed a letter to the Second Inter- 
national, which read: 

"The war in Ethiopia may break out at any moment. 
The German fascists are only waiting for this moment 


to fling themselves upon weak Lithuania and occupy 
Memel. The consequences of military action by the 
Italian and German fascists would be incalculable* It 
may lead to world war. . . . Joint action by both Inter- 
nationals would rouse the working class and the latter 
would also carry along with it the supporters of peace 
among the other classes of the population." 

In spite of the fact that war has already broken out 
in Africa it is not too late. But there is no time to be 
lost. The situation demands immediate action in every 
workshop, in every town, in every country, and interna- 
tionally. United action means that Communists, Social- 
ists, trade unionists, and their organizations, and all non- 
fascist organizations in the political, social and cultural 
fields, must get together everywhere and agree on joint 
measures. Each of us must do all he can to establish 
powerful international united action. 

Let us call joint meetings and demonstrations in fac- 
tories and towns. Let us send delegations to the govern- 
ment and to the League of Nations and demand the 
stringent application of all measures against the aggres- 
sor. Let us do everything possible to cut off all supplies 
of war material to the fascist aggressors and to give every 
help and support to the attacked country. Hitler and 
Mussolini must be made to feel what it means to chal- 
lenge the workers of the world. 

The German people want peace. Tens of thousands 
of its best sons are behind iron bars because they fought 
Hitler. Their lives are menaced. The life of Thaelmann, 
the leader of the revolutionary proletariat of Germany, 
is in danger. The fascists are framing a trial against 
him. Kayser, the trade union leader, Claus and others 
have been sentenced to death. The lives of the Socialist 

4 6 

Mierendorff, the pacifist Ossietsky, the Catholic Luebke, 
the former trade union leaders Maddalena, Stamm and 
Brande are also in danger. We who are fighting for 
peace must not forget those who in the fight for our 
cause have become the victims of fascism. The working 
class must rise in its solidarity and from the throats of 
its millions hurl the call at the deathhouse of Hitler 
Germany: "Release Thaelmann! Free the victims of fas- 
cism in all fascist countries ! J> 

The bloody swastika flag, which at Nuremberg was 
declared to be the national flag of Germany, and is now 
to be seen on all German ships and on all Hitler's agen- 
cies and embassies abroad, is a challenge to the world. 
Under the sign of the swastika people are being tortured 
and war plans hatched. Contempt and hatred for this 
symbol of slavery! Contempt and hatred wherever this 
flag is unfurled ! 

Nuremberg was a declaration of war on the peace of 
the nations. Forward, against Hitler, Mussolini and their 

All who stand for freedom and peace, all the nations 
and sections of the people who value human life and 
human dignity, must rally around the banner of peace. 
Hands off Lithuania! Hands off Ethiopia I All out for 
the peace policy of the Soviet Union! All out for the 
overthrow of the warmongers ! All out for the cause of 
freedom and peace! 




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