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George C. d/ebster 


" 'Ich habe kein territorial verlangan in %ropa z : u machen," 
shouted Vdolf Hitler at the ton of his rasping voice on May 
21, 1935: thus, after subduing and enslaving the Vermin oeoole, 
der !?uhrer shouts, that the world may hear, "I have no territor- 
ial demands to make in Europe." i w-r weary, luxury mad world 
listened, and believed; a world that had never heard of "Mein 
Kampf"; a world that sought neace by being unprepared for war. 
3ut in the mind of the funny little man with the black mustache, 
dreams of world conquest were ever dominant: no sacrifice too 

great, no hardship unbearable for the future rulers of the 


and so in a few short years, Hitler has become master of 
the continent; like a black plague he has swept thru ^rone 
changing intelligent, peace loving peoples into starving 
slaves. It is said that he is a supernatural being who has 
but to w ive a ^and to have what he wishes, or he is a 
suoer-intellect who can conceive of olans beyond other men's 
minds, but in reality he is but a cheap politician having at 

his disnosal the greatest industrial machine in the world for 

j ■ 3 

producing war. 

1 Hitler's .Reichstag stteech--llay 21, 1935 

2 Hitler, -Idolf , Uein Kampf 

2 Valtin, Jan, Out of the u ight 


Ivery politician and would-be con^uerer has a crisis, 
a time at which he must "roll his dice" with fat«, md become 
great, or sink into oblivion. Der Fuhrer's crlaia occured 
on iia r oh 10, 1936 along the Hhine River, where he had massed 
200,000 men in d reparation for occupation of the demilitarized 
zone. The French knew of his plan and had a more formidible 
force opposing; the French were waiting, not acting. High 
German irmy Officers diaaporoved of Hitler's nlan, but be- 
lieving it would fail and thus rid their country of a tyrant, 
they agreed to march, L\ dawn on that fatal morning, Nazi 

hordes moved in, with these ironic marching orciers, "Do not 

fire your guna ; if fired uoon, retreat." The poor sleeping 

Frenchman, had he but nioped this conquerer in the bua, 

liberte, enualite, fraternite would still reign in ^rope 

today. The acquiescence of the French at this early data, 

when they could have beaten Germany, forcast their ultimate 

defeat; it naa Hitler's test, and he passed one hundred 

nercent . 

• ith Hitter' a promises of neace ever ringing in the ears 
of the worl-J, matria and Czechoslovakia were snuffed out 
of existence by a group of cowardly fools, afraid to face the 
facts. -,'hen came Poland, whose invasion provoked the 
4 3hirer, ,-illiam L. , Berlin i?iary , New York Alfred x. Knopf, 1941 


declaration of war on rermany by France and Britain, The 
chain of events that followed the actual beginning of 
hostilities is both terrifying and enlightening; it 
shows that although Hitler got his nower by mere bluff, 
he intended to keep it by the tremendous force of the German 
irmy and, more important, the industrial machine behind it. 
Though given numerous breathing spell8> the world failed to 
nrepare, living in a fool's paradise, a world of washing 
machines, refrigerators, and high-powered automobiles; 
ormosing a Germany of ma chine guns, dive-bombers, and tanks. 

Touay, we in America are increasingly aware of the dangers 
that encircle our country; we know that the time for talk 
is over; we cannot o noose the Nazi forces with our anti- 
quated defense system and our antiquated methods of war 
nro duct ion. The time has come when we must release our- 
selves from the chains of selfishness and false security; 
we are POTENTIAXLT the most nowerful nation in the world; 
our President has given the watchword, "FUIL SP33D AiTUD." 



HITL'lil, .xDOLF, lie in Kampf , Dien York, Keynal and Hitchcock, 1939. 

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oration, 1940. 

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The topic of the thesis is to be some non- technical 
sub loot choson toy tho pledge and at his choice. The prime 
object of your thesis is to present original facts concerning 
your topic. The thesis will bo preservod with othoro written 
in years passed. 

Your thosls must be at least 500 words in length and be 
written In a clear and concise manner. The truth and proof 
of every statement you make should bo carefully ascertained. 
Legends and myths may bo Included, but must be designated as 
such. A short summary of your thesis should follow the title 
sheet. A bibliography, stating where you obtained the facts, 
is necessary to completo the files, and is, thcroforo, required, 

Text matter shall be illustrated as much as possible by 
photographs, maps, diagrams, and sketchos, those to bo proper- 
ly mounted on the page whon necessary. Diagrams must be drawn 
noatly in India -ink. 

Tho thesis must bo typed double space, using standard 
themo paper (unruled heavy grade). A margin of 1-1/4 inches 
must be allowed on the left edge, and one of 3/4 inch on the 
right. The paper must be headed 1 Inch from the top and .the 
t^ped matter started 3/4 Inch below the heading, Indenta- 
tions are to be 1 inch from tho left margin. Each sheet must 
be numbered at tho top and in the con tor, thus -3-, Headings 
must be mado in capitals and all main' paragraphs sub-headed 
in capitals. 

Finally, your paper should be fas toned In the laboratory 
folders used by tho differont departments of this Unlvorsity, 
using the brass spreading tacks as a bindor. The subject of 
the thesis, your name and the date mu3t appear on tho cover, 
in typed capitals. 

Whon you prosent your thesis to the fraternity you will 
not be required to read It, but you should be prepared to 
give an oral presentation of it in a limited time: to do 
this effectively you should have before you a topical outline 
of its most important phases to which you may refer. 

If in doubt regarding any natter connected with the prep- 
aration of your thesis, see the person who presented you with 

these instructions. 

Cc/f*/^ Clv^^'^