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Home Building Organization 

in the World 


Everyone knows that Sears, 

Roebuck and Co. is in fact, as well as in name the 
World's Largest Store. Financiers, business and mer- 
cantile leaders can tell you that about one per cent of 
the nation's business — -or about three hundred and fifty 
million dollars a year — is done by this one concern. 
No wonder! More than twelve million families are 
proud to tell you "We buy at Sears." 

United States Government! No building undertaking 
too large — none too small. 



TOO. The Home Construction Division of Sears, Roe- 
buck and Co. is the biggest home building organization 
on earth. It is a separate and distinct unit of the com- 
pany, owning its own factories, employing upwards of 
2., 500 in its own organization, and with a trained per- 
sonnel experienced, over 2.5 years, in every phase of 
fine home building. What other organization in the 
world can say the same? 

Nearly sixty thousand homes already constructed 
— from foundation to roof — equivalent to the number 
of homes in a city of two or three hundred thousand 
people. In scores of cities there are complete construc- 
tion offices devoted exclusively to selling these fine 
homes— modest cottages of four rooms — mansions of 
forty and more. Even exposition buildings for the 

teen million feet — about 70 times as much as the average 
yard is the storage capacity of his lumber plants. He 
operates ten great factories for building needs only. At 
one of them the huge ocean freighters come right up 
to his own docks to unload raw materials and supplies 
for this single forty-acre plant. That saves many dol- 
lars on transportation. 

The enormous dirigible "Los Angeles" could con- 
veniently find mooring space in one of the buildings at 
this Port Newark, New Jersey, plant if other equipment 
were removed. Nearly one hundred feet high, five 
hundred feet long, and one hundred sixty feet wide, 
this single building is a giant hive of industry itself. 
But there are others. 

In Norwood, Ohio, the World's Biggest Home 
Builder operates a seventeen acre sash and door factory 
able to produce three and a half million dollars worth 
of millwork a year — doors, windows, everything that 
helps make four walls a home. And the eyes of the 
giant watch quality at every step. The best materials, 
skillful workmanship and low cost are his exacting 
demands of man and machine. 



A birdseye view of our huge lumber 
and millwerk p/a/it at Newark, N. J. 

Y E 

PLANT. To serve the great Midwest and South a com- 
bined lumber and millwork plant of forty acres is kept 
humming at Cairo, Illinois. Batteries of singing saws 
and crooning planers, creeping caterpillar tractors, 
and husky cranes are kept busy preparing material 
that will save the building workman's time and your 
money. If a special machine is needed to handle a job 
more efficiently, more economically, that machine is 
bought, invented, if necessary. 


BUT THINK. Like mighty mechanical ants, and as 
busy, are the peculiar trucks that haul tons of building 
supplies underneath their stilt-wheeled bodies; fast mov- 
ing electrically driven, they pick up their own piles 
and drop them down without a slip just as real ants 
carry crumbs. 

One remarkable rafter 
machine does three 
things at once, beveling 
both ends and cutting 
the notch for the top 
plate with lightning 
speed, and absolute accu- 
racy. Human hands can- 
not compete with such 
machines. Fewer minds 
are needed to guide them. But so great is the number of 
machines that hundreds of skilled mechanics are needed 
to operate those in our lumber and millwork factories 


SCRAPERS. Just as the big girders for the framework 
of skyscrapers are fabricated at the mills, so are the 
joists, sills, studs, plates, and rafters for your home 
measured, cut and marked at the factory. Carpenters 
like to have materials arrive this way, just as cooks 

like to have "butter the size of an egg } a cup and a 
half of sugar," etc., on hand when baking. Neither 
too much nor too little, but the right amount, of the 
right quality, ready to use. Furnishing the framing 
parts this way eliminates tiresome back breaking toil 
and enables carpenters to concentrate on construction, 
to work faster, do more and earn more. 

METHOD. Contractors recognize these advantages. 
One contractor who has built more than one hundred 
residences this way said recently, "Since there is no 
hand sawing to be done, and no waste of lumber, I do 
not have to charge for these. I pass these savings 
along to the home owner in the form of a lower con- 
struction price. This method is better for me too, be- 
cause I can get the work done sooner and can send my 
men on to other jobs, handling more business in less 

YOUR BUILDING DOLLARS. Our many lumber, 
millwork, paint and roofing factories, wall paper mills, 
and other related plants, reduce your building costs 
still further. When we build your home, we know 
what are the best materials and equipment to use, and 
the lowest price at which these can be obtained. Our 
tremendous buying power and our complete manufac- 
turing facilities make it possible to obtain or produce 
these products for you at that low price. Only by 
buying direct from the World's Largest Home Building 
Organization can you make these big savings. Only 
from a general merchandise institution, such as Sears, 
Roebuck and Co. can you get an iron-clad guarantee 
of complete satisfaction. We are in the home building 
business to make life-long friends and to create steady 
customers for "The World's Largest Store." Nowhere 
else can you get such big values for your home building 

What This Means to You! 

First of all, doing things on a big scale implies tre- 
mendous buying power. Mass production plus this 
greater buying power means extra economies, preven- 
tion of waste, not skimping of materials. This in turn 
brings top quality at low prices. 

But low prices aren't enough. The valuable ex- 
perience gained by the Largest Home Building Or- 

ganization in the World, twenty-five years of it, is 
worth much more to you. This twenty-five years 
experience saves you disappointment as well as money. 
It has shown the way, not only to lower home building 
cost, but to better homes, better construction, and 
happier home ownership. 


Page 3 

very tiling— 

We Need to Build 
^—including Money 

i LANS. Here at your disposal to 
pore over and to study is the world's biggest library 
of fine home designs and suggestions. Your ideas and 
suggestions— what you want— are welcomed and made 
practical at a price you can easily afford. 

Artists picture many fine homes for your study 
exactly as we have built them for others. Experienced 
home counselors confer with you so that you consider 
every comfort and convenience that will make your 
home most livable and attractive. Nothing is for- 
gotten. Then the value of the completely built house 
is guaranteed as the final price to you'. No needed 
"extras" later to "boost the bill." 

Sears two hundred million dollar guarantee of satis- 
faction begins here. 


MENT. Only top quality materials and equipment 
with the best performance records, tested over a twenty- 
five year period in nearly sixty thousand homes. Only 
designs, patterns and colors most in demand by dis- 
criminating home seekers. No products less worthy- 
less desirable, deserve the backing of Sears unqualified 
guarantee. No unnecessary tax for heavily advertised 

brand names. Sears-Roebuck fine homes, finely built, 
are their own publicity— in every community. And 
these complete materials, equipment, and appoint- 
ments of your selection must give you just as much— in 
many cases more— satisfaction and service as you could 
rightfully expect from any similar products offered by 
any other concern in the world. 

This is but one more way you are protected by Sears 
two hundred million dollar guarantee of satisfaction. 

Complete construction. 

Sears-Roebuck employs the best building tradesmen 
in your community. Every construction detail from 
the breaking of ground to the final flick of the last 
paint brush is carefully checked by Sears engineers at 
each step of the way. This insures all workmanship 
meeting not only your local building code, and the 
requirements of the U. S. Bureau of Standards, but the 
higher, more advanced standards of Sears-Roebuck 

Again greater values are yours— guaranteed by the 
entire resources of this two hundred million dollar 


*"&*> SEARS, ROEBUCK and CO. 

Little or no cash needed. . low payments - monthly like rent; 

No. 1 

15- Ve«r 


If you own a well-located lot, for each 
dollar you invest Sears will lend you up 
to three dollars to build the house. You 
furnish one-fourth of the cost of your 
house and lot — Sears furnish as much as three- 
fourths. As the following examples show, little or no 
cash is needed to build this way and monthly pay- 
ments are lower than rent for homes of equal value. 
Under this plan you can take as long as you want to 
pay for your home— up to fifteen years. No payments 
for the first four months. 

Example A 

Suppose your proposed home will cost $4,000 

And the value of your lot is ... 1,000 

Total $5^000 

Sears-Roebuck will lend you' up to three-fourths. 3,750 
Your cash investment in addition to lot would be 

onl y $250 

Monthly payments would be only $32.10. 

Example B 

If your proposed home will cost $15,000 

And the value of your lot is 5,000 

To^l $20,000 

Sears-Roebuck will lend you up to three-fourths. 15,000 
And your lot, therefore, is your only invest- 
ment necessary. 

Monthly payments would be only $128.40. 

This plan means you can stop paying rent and apply 
that money to the purchase of a home! Ask yourself 
"How much money am I losing by not owning a home 
of my own?" You can easily figure it out from the 
following table. 


Total Rent 

Total Rent 

Total Rent 


Paid in 7 Years 

Paid in 10 Years 

Paid in 15 Years 

$ 25.00 


8 3,000.00 

S 4,500.00 






;!.;!<;< uiii 















SO. 00 









8,400. OO 



No. 2 

5- Year 


We will lend you up to sixty-live per cent 
of the total value of the completed house 
and lot. Payments are one-half per cent 
of the principal monthly and interest at 
per annum. Home seekers who own 
well-located lots and who want loans for a short time 
only prefer this five-year plan. No monthly payments 
for the first four months. 




Bf«. 3 

We will negotiate these loans to home 
seekers who own free and clear, well 
located, productive farm land; that is, 
farm lands not already mortgaged and 
which are self-supporting. In such cases we will loan 
up to fifty per cent of a fair valuation of the land 
owned. These loans run for not longer than five years. 
You pay one-tenth of the loan in the fall of each year 
and six per cent interest. Balance at end of fifth year. 
You may also pay oftener during the year or even 
monthly, if desired. 

How to Build Through Arrangement 

With a 

Building and Loan Association 

Sears, Roebuck and Co. will ship the materials to 
you upon receipt of a letter from your Building and Loan 
Association, stating that the amount of our bill has 
been set aside for us and payment for the material will 
be remitted to us at certain periods as the work pro- 
gresses. At your request we will be glad to furnish 
you the kind of a letter required by us, made out, ready 
for your Building and Loan Association to sign. 

2% Discount tor Cash Willi Order 

We allow 2.% discount if you enclose cash for the full 
amount — money order, draft, or personal check— with 
your order for a complete house. 

One order — requirins just a few interesting hours on your part 
— puts your entire home building program into the hands of this 
leading organization, with over 25 years experience in better 
home construction. 

And Remember ... 

Sears, Roebuck and Co. put their entire 
resources — over two hundred million 
dollars — behind your home to assure 
you the utmost in dollar for dollar 
long time value. 


Page j 

Charming Interiors That Are So 

Above: Entrance 

hall of Elmhurst as 

built in Ohio. See page 13 for plans 

showing how every part of the house 

is reached from this hall. 

Upper Right: Living room of the 
Pennsgrove, which is described on 
page 61. The story and a half liv- 
ing room has panelled side walls and 
hewed oak ceiling beams. 

Right: Living room of the Lexing- 
ton Colonial home shown on page 
17, as it was built in central Penn- 

i 1 ■ ri & 






Ptfgtf (J 


J..; I 

Ltf//. - Living room of 
early American home 
built by Sears in Penn- 



- '.'. 


Above: An Elmhurst 
kitchen in Ohio. Gray, 
black, orange, and green 
make it most attractive. 

Typical of Sears-Roebuck Homes 

Above: A view of Rothschild's liv- 
ing room showing huge stone fire- 
place, bookshelves, lounging chairs 
and sofa. Ample light and ventila- 
tion in all Sears houses. 

Right: One of the three large bed- 
rooms in the Rothschild's home. 
Specially designed wardrobes and 
unique color schemes in all three. 



Page 7 

Wliat Enthusiastic il< 


"I can truthfully recommend every 
dollar's worth of material I received 
from you people to be first class in 
every respect. Upon comparing prices 
I find that I saved over $1000 in buy- 
ing my Oakdale home from Sears, 
Roebuck and I got better material. 
My heating plant simply can't be 
beat. I will gladly show anyone 
through my home who is interested 
and explain it to them." 

Walter Brumitt, 
Address furnished on request. 

"I first want to express to you the 
splendid financial system that you 
people have. It places the prospective 
builder in a position to know from 
the start what his monthly payments 
will be and it is not like some financ- 
ing companies, who will tfell you 
after you have built what they will 
finance your property for. In other 
words, it gives you a guarantee in- 
stead of a promise. 

"The materials that went into our 
home were very satisfactory and will 
say that I investigated very thor- 
oughly all materials furnished by our 
local lumber yard and also by Sears, 
Roebuck and Co. before I bought and 
after our home was built. I have had 
numerous complimentary remarks re- 
garding the lumber and its quality, 
also of the bathroom and lighting fix- 
tures. The furnace is the best that I 
have ever used. 

"Hundreds of people have compli- 
mented my wife and myself on the 
appearance and attractiveness of our 

Roy G. Wornom, 
Address furnished on request. 

"I have been in the building busi- 
ness more than forty years, and have 
built buildings and homes in several 
different states and most truly say 
that your building material in its 
many different lines is second to 
none. Your delivery is prompt, your 
terms liberal, and always most cour- 
teous and fair in your business tran- 
sactions. Since using your materials, 
I figure that I have saved twenty per- 
cent on each job— besides the satis- 
faction of receiving grades as speci- 

J. W. Bailey, 
Address furnished on request. 

"I have found that the plans for 
my Lewis ton home were very clear 
and no trouble was met in carrying 
them out. The material which we 
received was of the finest quality and 
it was the cause of complete satisfac- 
tion. Upon comparing the cost of our 
home with that of other companies, 
I have come to the conclusion that by 
choosing as I did, a sum of approx- 
imately $1,600 has been saved. You 
have also my permission to have cus- 
tomers come and see my home. I will 
gladly take them through and point 
out to them the excellent quality of 
the materials, etc." 

Isador Cloutier, 
Address furnished on request. 

ome Vwners Say 

Say Ab 


j\\ f& 


"Your materials were not only exactly as advertised, but far surpassed 
my expectations. In fact, one dealer emphatically told me that he could 
not possibly furnish as good material, not only in main construction but 
built-in features as well. I can say the same regarding the plans. 

I have given this building considerable thought— before I built and 
" ncc 7~ anJ haVC n S ured a savin g of at least $1,000 over and above what 
the 'Maplewood' would have cost had it not been a completed 
Honor Bile' house. 

"The ready cut plan, to my way of thinking, is the onlv plan. The 
time saved alone in construction, is a very valuable asset and each and 
every piece fitted with such exactness that sawing was not even thought 
of. One neighbor remarked, 'It seems so strange— all the pounding and 
no sawing.' 

"We are mighty proud of the 'Maplewood' home and can say nothing 
but words of praise of it and of the square dealing received from Sears 
Roebuck and Co." 

Frank L. Hitchcock:, 

Address furnished on request. 

Page 8 

"We shall always be glad to help any- 
one at any time in building their own 
home. We are so pleased about our 
Mitchell that we like to see others start 
their own home. It's so easy with your 
finance plan to back them. 

"Judging from what other houses cost, 
I think I saved about $1,000. Of course, 
it is hard to get figures as the 
homes built locally are not completed by 
any means when the contracts are done. 
There are dozens of things still left to do 
then. I will have everything completed 
for $5,700, which I think is a great sav- 
ing. The ready cut method is the quick- 
est and I think the best, as it allows the 
owner to move in much sooner and so 
save about a month's rent or more." 

Jules F. Mommaertz, 

Address furnished on request. 

"It is with great pleasure that I take 
this opportunity of telling you about 
your wonderful service and quality 
of material used throughout. 

I had a Lynnhaven Home built by 
your Milwaukee representative and I 
truthfully say that it is second to none 
anywhere you go. I take great 
pleasure in recommending Sears, 
Roebuck and Co. to all of my friends 
and associates. Courtesy and honest 
dealings seem to be their watchword. " 

Henry J. Moll, 
Address furnished on request. 


Sears Complete Home Building Plan 

"I am very well impressed with the quality 
of the lumber that is furnished, and also with 
the generous dimensions of the lumber used 
for framing, especially for floor timbers, roof 
rafters, and ceiling joists; the very places 
some contractors usually specify lighter 
material. These things together with the 
good quality of workmanship going into the 
construction of our Lewiston home, has con- 
vinced me that a Sears, Roebuck 'Honor 
Bilt' home is a wise investment. 

"You may direct prospective customers to 
our home and rest assured that I can, and 
will speak highly of your ready cut homes 
and your good financing plan. 

"As to the probable saving that we made 
in dealing with Sears, Roebuck and Co., it 
would be hard to say, except that I have seen 
houses put up by local contractors that are 
no bigger, and certainly no better built, that 
have run $700 and $800 higher. ' ' ^ 

John E. Towns, 

Address furnished on request. 

"The Sears-Roebuck materials that went 
into our home were strictly first class in 
every respect and were favorably commented 
on by many people in the neighborhood who 
visited the house during construction. 

"The local lumber dealer, who handled 
the material from the freight station, re- 
marked that it has been a long time since he 
saw such fine material. 

"Local builders state we could have built 
our home just as reasonable with local mate- 
rials as with Sears-Roebuck material, but all 
agreed they could not come up to the quality 
which you furnished. 

"Your finance plan also is far better than 
any arrangement which could be made 

Joseph Eble, 

Address furnished on request. 

"I am very proud of my Vallonia Honor 
Bilt home. The arrangement of all the 
rooms and wardrobes is ideal and much time 
and money was saved by the material being 
ready cut. f was well pleased with the 
superior quality of all the material which 
you sent and I figure that I saved about $1000 
by buying from you. If I should ever build 
another home it would be an Honor Bilt." 

Dency Adams, 

Address furnished on request. 

"We will be glad to show any of your 
prospective customers our home and tell 
them how well pleased we are with your 
materials and service. 

"We compared your construction with 
that of the local lumberman and found we 
were getting better construction for less 

"They furnish only 1x4 rafters and ceiling 
joists, spaced 2.4 inches, while we have xx6 
spaced 16 inches — difference in thickness of 
flooring — paper under shingles — and a num- 
ber of other things. We made good com- 
parison before building." 

Irvin Lichtenwalter, 

Address furnished on request. 

"The treatment I received from you in the 
purchase of my home and garage was so 
entirely satisfactory as to price, quality of 
material, mode of packing and shipping, 
prompt delivery, in fact in every particular, 
that if I should ever build another house 
or houses I would look nowhere else for the 
necessary material. I would not even ask 
for bids, but would simply and directly send 
you an order to ship everything needed and 
let the bill come with the goods. This much 
faith I have in you. Your guarantee really 
means something." 

Henry L. Bramstedt, 

Address furnished on request. 


"We certainly feel well pleased and satis- 
fied with our Bellwood home and the treat- 
ment and attention given us. Feel as though 
we saved money by getting our home 
through you and can gladly recommend 
Sears, Roebuck as being on the square, on 
the job, and wonderful to deal with. 

"Have shown ten or fifteen couples 
through our home and feel as though, from 
their actions, they will buy from you." 

Thomas J. Freeman, 

Address furnished on request. 

"I have nothing but praise for Sears, 
Roebuck and Co. and their methods. 
Although I am not in a position to say 
how much money I saved on my 'Jean- 
ette' house, I can say that I am satisfied 
that the material I bought from Sears 
could not be duplicated here, regardless 
of price. I am willing to recommend 
your Honor Bilt homes to anyone — and 
I have done so to many. Your system 
is good, your materials Ai, your finance 
plan wonderful, and your entire 
organization is efficient and square in 
all methods." 

Raleigh R. Martin, 

Address furnished on request. 


Page 9 

iiswers to lour 


reveal why Sears method is 


Do You Require Me to Build From One of 
the Plans in This Book? 

No. Your home may be built from any suitable 
plans you already have, or from plans prepared by 
your own architect, in accordance with your own 

Are There Any Advantages in Building 
From One of the Plans in This Book? 

Yes, there are distinct advantages. When you build 
from one of these designs, you get a house that you 
know in advance is efficiently planned, and econom- 
ical to build. With a few exceptions, each plan has 
been built several times and proved desirable from 
many viewpoints — -as to size and arrangement of rooms, 
with regard to adequate lighting and ventilation, time 
saving construction methods have been worked out, 
and other improvements have been made. 

Also, building your home from one of these plans 
is a sure way to get a home you can easily sell at 
any time, because only the designs most in demand 
are shown in this book. 

Can a Sears-Boehuek Home Be Any Size, 
or Any Style? 

Yes. There is no limit to the kind or price of home 
that Sears-Roebuck is able to build or furnish ma- 
terials for. Any kind of home from a cottage valued 
at a few thousand dollars up to a forty room residence 
or larger, costing seventy-five thousand dollars or 
more. The home may be Colonial, English, Spanish, 
Norman or any other architectural style which the 
owner prefers, with exteriors of brick, stone, wood, 
stucco or other materials suitable to the design. 

Can I Build Where I Want? 

Yes. Sears-Roebuck homes are built in every size 
and type of community — in the residential districts 
of New York, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and 

other metropolitan cities, as well as in smaller cities 
and towns. 

How Mueh Cash Do I Need to Build? 

Little or no cash is required. If your lot is fully 
paid for, or if you can buy one, its value will be 
credited as part of your down payment. Your down 
payment need equal only one-fourth of the total value 
of both the lot and the house you build on it, so if the 
value of your lot is sufficient you need not invest any 
cash. In any event your cash down payment will be 
relatively small. 


What Bo Monthly Payments Amount to ? 

All the way from $15.00 a month and up depending 
on the value of the house. The designs illustrated 
in this book show the relatively low monthly pay- 
ments which home seekers are called upon to make 
—payments that are less than the usual rent for houses 
of the same and even less value. 

When Do Monthly Payments Start? 

Not until four months (no days) after you order 
your home. 

How Long Can I Take to Pay for My Home? 

You can have as long as you want — up to fifteen 

Do I Have to Renew Mortgages ? 

No. Under our fifteen year plan there is no renew- 
ing of mortgages at any time. This is one of the 
most appreciated features of the Sears-Roebuck plan, 
especially by home owners who have experienced 
the worry and expense connected with the obtain- 
ing of new loans. When you buy your home from 
Sears-Roebuck you will not be saddled with unneces- 
sary financing charges. 

Page 10 


What Does Your Price Include? 

Sears price includes full quantities of all materials 
and equipment necessary to make your home com- 
plete and ready to live in — window shades, linoleum 
on the kitchen floor, and in many cases, the electric 
refrigerator and other appointments you may wish 
to include. 

In districts served by our Home Construction Of- 
fices, cur price may, if you wish, also include the cost 
of complete construction of your home. 

You know in advance exactly what you are going to 
get, and the price quoted is guaranteed as the final cost 
to you. 

How Does Sears-Roebuck Handle 
the Construction? 

In communities covered by held construction offices 
Sears-Roebuck engage the best building contractors 
and supervise all construction from start to finish. 
Materials and workmanship are tested and inspected 
each step of the way to insure meeting local build- 
ing codes, as well as the requirements of the U. S. 
Bureau of Standards. 

If you wish, you may engage your own contract- 
or, in which case Sears-Roebuck will supervise the 
construction for you. In exceptional cases, where 
the owner is a contractor or a skilled building me- 
chanic, he may do some of the building work him- 
self under the direction of Sears supervising en- 
gineers, and the value of such work will be credited 
as a part of his down payment . 

This constant supervision speeds up work and avoids 
material and labor liens, which so often cause expen- 
sive delays in home building. 

The home owner is also assured of the best work- 
manship at the lowest costs, as the contractor knows 
he can rely upon Sears-Roebuck to pay him promptly 
and frequently for work well done, and he will not be 
forced, as he often is, to include in his price a hidden 
charge to cover the possible costs of borrowing money 
to meet his payroll. 

If your home is to be built in a location not served 
by Sears Construction forces, we will cooperate in 
every possible w r ay with your own contractor. 

What Savings Can I Make by Building 
a Sears-Roebuck Home? 

You pay less for materials and equipment. Sears, 
Roebuck and Co. own and operate their own plants 
and sell to you direct at very low prices. You save on 
construction costs, because much of the material of 
the house is quickly and economically cut by special 
machinery at the factory before being shipped, instead 
of being slowly and expensively cut by hand on the 

You save on repairs and up-keep because of sound 
construction — and because the materials and equipment 
used have been tested and developed over a period of 
2.5 years. 

You save on financing. Sears, Roebuck and Co. 
provide the money so that you can build a home 
using the company's materials and equipment, and 
not for the purpose of making a profit on this money. 


When you borrow building funds from a financial 
agency, their sole purpose, naturally, is to make a 
profit on the loan itself, and you must pay the cus- 
tomary fees, bonuses, commissions, and interest 
charges for use of the money. 

How Much Time Must I Spend on My 
Building Program? 

A few hours at the start is all that is required. One 
order placed with Sears-Roebuck takes care of 
everything after you have decided on your architect- 
ural plans — the materials, the equipment, and other 
services necessary to the completion of your home. 

When you buy a home from Sears-Roebuck, one 
capable organization handles everything from start to 
finish, eliminating worry, trouble and loss of time on 
your part. 

You place full and undivided responsibility in the 
hands of one reliable organization instead of the old 
unsatisfactory method of dividing this responsibility 
several ways. 

It is unnecessary for you to buy your materials at 
one place, contract for building services somewhere 
else, and go to still a third source for financing (some- 
times first, second and third mortgages). 

Under the Sears-Roebuck plan you can order your 
home just as quickly as you can order an automobile, 
a radio or any piece of merchandise. 

How Do I Know That I Wil 8 Re Satisfied 
With a Sears-Roebuck Home? 

Because Sears-Roebuck guarantees complete satis- 
faction and because it is actually a great deal more 
important to Sears-Roebuck to see that this guar- 
antee is lived up to than it is to you. The reason why 
is obvious. Sears, Roebuck and Co. is a general mer- 
chandise institution whose present large business was 
founded and developed on the well known guarantee 
of "Satisfaction or Your Money Back." The Com- 
Danv's continued success depends upon creating and 
holding the confidence and good will of millions of 
customers year after year. 

The amount of merchandise which you buy from 
our Retail Stores and Mail Order Division, over a 
period of many years, will largely depend upon how 
well satisfied you are with your home, with its price 
and with the Company's services in connection with 
your building program. 

When you buy your home from Sears, Roebuck 
and Co. you put the strongest safe-guard on your in- 
vestment that you could possibly hope to secure. 
The Sears-Roebuck guarantee means exactly what it 
says and it is backed by the entire resources of the 
institution — more than 100 million dollars. 

How Can I Get Complete Information and 
Prices on the Home I Waul ? 

Just fill out the information blank in the back of 
this book and send to your nearest Home Construc- 
tion Office or to Sears, Roebuck and Co., Home Con- 
struction Division, Chicago or Philadelphia. 

C T I O N D I V I S I O N Page 11 

lish or 


No. 330S— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Lour as S55 to $70 

EXTERIOR WALLS are to dark blues and a few blacks. Cream 
to be finished with old Eng- colored stone settings give the exterior 
brick, in colors additional color and add strength to 
the appearance. 

FLOOR PLAN. From the front ter- 
race, we pass through an attractivelv 
designed batten type front door of clear 
white pine, with ornamental wrought 
iron hinges and hardware. 

tavern face 

from light reds and browns, 

;;r :: i;"' ,: £ : > : '-'- ?m& 



The hall contains a semi-open stair- 
way to the second floor, which has 
wrought iron railing balusters and a 
small grille, opening from the stair 
landing into the living room. At the 
left you will find a passage through to 
the kitchen, cellar stairs and side en- 
trance and lavatory. 

In the center of the living room you 
will find an English design fireplace 
with built-in seat and bookcases at the 
left. The Tudor head plastered arch 
connects the living room and dining 
room to a small covered porch. 

IN THE KITCHEN you will find a 
very compact arrangement, good cup- 
board equipment, built-in ironing 
board and convenient place for other 


The successful designing of a garage 
as a part of the main building is desired 

Page 12 

by every home owner but it seldom works out as 
successfully as in this plan. Garage is u feet by 
zo feet, inside measurements, and provides addi- 
tional room for work bench and storage. 



FIRST FLOOR has reception hall, 
living room, dining room, kitchen, 
breakfast room and lavatory. 


No. 3300— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments S.T.* to >w." 

IN PRESENTING the Elmhurst design 
we do not hesitate in advising our pro- 
spective builders that this home contains 
convenient interior arrangement and exte- 
rior attractiveness, both of which can be 
secured at a minimum cost due to our time 
and labor saving ready-cut method of 

The main walls of the exterior are 
planned to be covered with face brick, 
while the gables are given an added touch 
of individuality by the use of half timber 
and stucco. The size, arrangement and de- 
sign of the windows are such that they 
not only give plenty of light and air to 
the interior but also add to the well 
balanced exterior. 

WE SUGGEST USING a brick which 
ranges in color from light to a dark red 
and also contains some browns and blacks. 
For the stucco, we suggest a light buff 
with dark brown trim members. 

The floor plan contains living room, 
dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, 
lavatory, three bedrooms and bath. 

SECOND FLOOR plans contain 
three bedrooms, bath and plenty of 
ie closets. 


Page is 

The WILLARD Five Roams and Rath 

No. 3265— Already Cut and Fitted 
Month!,, Payments as Low as $35 to $50 

THE WILLARD is a two-story English cottage type of 
home and is a remarkable value due to careful planning 
and saying by our "Honor Bilt" system of construction. 
The Willard exterior has very attractive lines. The pro- 



Page 14 


jection at the front, which forms the vestibule and closet, 
is very graceful in appearance. The exterior walls are 
covered with clear red cedar, gray prestained, 2.4-inch 
shingles, a very popular wall covering for this type of 
home. The front door is made of clear white pine of V- 
shape batten design and is decorated with a set of or- 
namental wrought iron hinges. The copper lantern over 
the front door is of English design. 

LARGE LIVING ROOM, dining room and labor saving 
kitchen are located on the first floor — while two good 
sized bedrooms and bath open off the upstairs hall. 

Fill out Information Blank, for complete details and 
delivered price will be sent by return mail. 



II I 1 


A, if, 



11 ?! 

BW ! Slir fjijr * 



The LAKECREST Five Rooms and Rath 

No. 3333-Honor Mill Homes 
Monthly Payments as Lout as M.tO to $45 

THIS STORY and a half bungalow type contains everything to be 
desired in an inexpensive home. Exterior attractiveness and practical 
interior arrangement. Note the graceful way the main roof curves 
down over the large front porch. The exterior walls are shown to be 
finished of wide bevel siding, but will look equally well in wide shingles 
stained a light color. 

The first floor plan contains large living room, dining room and 

kitchen. The location of the fireplace enables the kitchen flue to be 
carried in the same chimney. Two large bedrooms and bath open off 
the small hall at the top of the main stairs. Good wall space and plenty 
of light will be found in each bedroom. 

No. 3333 — Honor Bilt Home can be built on a 30-ft. lot. Fill out 
Information Blank for complete delivered price, copy of original ar- 
chitectural elevations and floor plans, and detailed specifications. 



Page ij 

NOTE that at the right, the open stair to the 
second floor forms a very definite division in 
the first floor plan . Arched doorways at either 
side make it easily accessible. 

PART of the kitchen cabinet equipment was 
built out into the room to provide a recess for 
the cheerfully lighted breakfast nook, adding 
much to the convenient arrangement of that 
part of the house. 

THE CUSTOMER furnished the original rough 
sketches for this home and with architectural aid 
Sears, Roebuck and Co. built the English type house 
illustrated on this page. 

THE EXTERIOR WALLS are covered with hard 
burned, variegated color common brick, with skintled 
mortar joints. 

THE FLOOR PLAN contains living room, dining 
room, kitchen, breakfast room, bedroom, bath anH 
two-car garage on the first floor with three bedrooms- 
and two baths on the second floor. An interesting 
detail is that the living room floor level is two steps 
lower than the balance of the plan. This, together with 
the vaulted ceiling, gives this room a studio appearance. 

Home of Mr. Jas* A. Bower, Anderson, Incl* 

Page i 6 



*o. 325.%-nonor Hilt Modern Home-Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as SOS to S80 

THIS TWO-STORY RESIDENCE is an imposing and 
dignified study of modern Colonial architecture. The 
stately grandeur of this beautiful home is achieved by the 
use of wide siding for exterior wall covering, shuttered 
windows and an inviting front entrance. The attractive 
side porch adds a welcoming note of rest and comfort. 
Winking half fan lights Hank each side of the tall fire- 
place chimney. 




THE FLOOR PLAN comprises reception hall, living 
room kitchen and lavatory on the first floor and four 
bedrooms and bath on the second floor, conveniently ar- 
ranged around a central hall. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered 
price, copy of original architectural elevations and floor 
plans', and outline of specifications. 


Page iy 

V JL- *2si Dili I »sa«wai*ra?am 




Uu^aif^ t- ~— c_-cE3= I t £.1 '■! 

„ . Nil iw. !i:l|(A 

SwrtPP 1 * 



No. 3292— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Pm/ments as low «s £45 /© £65 

THE COLCHESTER is a modern English type which not only has 
beauty but an exceptionally well laid out floor plan as well. 

In selecting the design, it is very desirable to have a home which 
gives a complete living arrangement on the first floor, to which addi- 
tional rooms can be easily added at some future time. You will note 
from the floor plans that the first floor contains five rooms and bath, 
and that it is also possible to have two more bedrooms, with closets, 
and playroom or second bath on the second floor. 

The motif or main detail of the front of this building is the happy 
combination of brick, stone and stucco. These materials have been given 
careful thought in designing the front entrance, fireplace chimney and 

bay projection of the dining room. The size, design and arrangement 
of the windows, together with the broken roof lines, give this home a 
most pleasing appearance from every perspective. 

THE LIVING ROOM and dining room are connected with wide 
plaster arch opening. These rooms are well lighted and contain excep- 
tional wall space. 

Three cabinets are a part of the complete labor-saving kitchen which 
also faces the front of the house. A small hall opening out of the living 
room gives the necessary privacy and connects the bedrooms, bath and 
stairs to the second floor. For copies of the original architectural 
elevations and floor plans and delivered price, fill out Information Blank. 


Page iS 




No. 333«-Ei!*ht Rooms and Two Baths 
Fill Out Information Blank for Complete Oelirered Priee 

This attractive Colonial home speaks for itself. It is 
that type that is always admired and its beauty lasts for 
years to come, on account of its simplicity. 

At the left of the main hall you will find the vanity or 
powder room and lavatorv, which saves ushering guests 
into the privacy of your bedrooms. That extra living 
room downstairs so often needed for library or den also 
opens off the main hall. 

Note the step saving features of being able to go Irom 
the rear hall to kitchen, rear porch or front entrance. 

Study the living room, dining room and kitchen and you 
will "find good arrangement, lots of light and wall space. 
Large cabinets, latest type sink, range, table and refriger- 
ator space have been provided. French doors open out to 
the decked roof of the porch making the hall light and airy . 

Two baths, four bedrooms and eight closets use up 
everv inch of floor space. What housewife ever has 
enough closet space— count them— eight. _ 

Fill out information blank for architect s drawings and 
floor plans. 





Page ig 

The DOVER Six Rooms and Rath 

No. 32«2— Already Cm* and Fitted 
Monthly Pawn en Is as Lott as $40 to $65 

THIS ENGLISH story and a half cottage has a conven- 
ient floor plan. The massive chimney, interesting roof 
lines, contrast of white or ivory walls with darker shut- 
ters and trim members give the house a smart appearance. 

Hall. Opening off the central hall is a lavatory, an 
extra closet, and a stairway which can also be reached 
directly from the kitchen. 

Extra Room on First Floor. This room with windows 
on two sides, and a closet, may serve as a bedroom, 
studio, office, nursery, music room or library. 

Kitchen. Three large windows, top and bottom cup- 
board units, storage unit, and a built-in ironing board 
make the kitchen a pleasant workroom. 

FIRST FLOOR — From the terrace, a circle head white 
pine door opens into a vestibule. Plastered arches connect 
vestibule, dining room and the living room. 

Living Room and Dining Room. These rooms extend 
across the entire front of the house. Plenty of windows 
assure bright cheerful rooms and a pleasant outlook. 

SECOND FLOOR— Two large bedrooms, each with 
two windows and a good sized closet. Notice the excellent 
location of the bathroom at the back of the house, near 
stairs and bedrooms. High grade bathroom fixtures. 
Venetian mirror and built-in medicine case, linen closet, 
and a built-in tub set into a corner, are other features. 



The BERWYN Five Rooms and Bath 

No. 3274-Already Cut antl Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Loiv as S3v to $40 

IN DESIGNING small homes, the main thing to keep in mind is to obtain an jMmc- 
rive aooSrance on the exterior and a convenient arrangement of the interior and yet keep 

and closets make up the balance of this compact plan. 



No , 17 ,_ Honor Bilt Home can be built on 
a 30-ft. lot. For complete delivered price, 

LOOKS Equally Attractive With Gray Stained Shingles 


Information Blank enclosed. 


Page zi 

mm WSssBSmmm 


jffj,-. & ,«K%' 




IVo. 32« I— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $33 to $50 

AT FIRST GLANCE who would suppose that this charming Colonial 
house contained six rooms so large, comfortable and well balanced' 
Flower boxes and circle head dormer, repeating the lines of the gabled 
roof porch, lend grace to the Colonial simplicity of the design 


on a 30 foot lot. 
Fill out infor- 
mation blank for 
complete deliv- 
ered price and 





FIRST FLOOR— Living and Dining Rooms. Connected by a plastered 
arch, these two rooms occupy one entire side of the house. Entrance 
is from a porch with cement floor marked off to represent tile. 

Kitchen, Bath, Bedroom, and enclosed stairway open from the hall 
The kitchen has windows on two sides, a grade entrance, three at- 
tractively designed cupboard units, a broom closet, space for refrigera- 
tor near back door, and for stove near chimney. 

SECOND FLOOR— Two windows in a back dormer light the stairs 
and the wide hall from which two bedrooms open. Each bedroom is 
over 14 feet long, with a closet, good wall space and liberal headroom 

The LYMflA VEN Six Roams and Bath 

ISo. 3300— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthlu Payments as Low as $50 to $G5 

■ »t>» 

WHAT picturesque possibilities can be hidden behind a few brick, 
stone sacks of cement, a pile of lumber and millwork. It all depends on 
the design, but the result desired is a home with an attractive exterior 
and a conveniently arranged interior. All "Honor Bilt" homes are 
thoroughly tested to be sure that they contain these requirements 
which make happv, satisfied home builders. 

In presenting the Lvnnhaven, we feel that we are offering a home 
which will solve a problem for many home builders. The graceful way 

in which the front projection ties itself into the main building and the 
exceptionally attractive entrance, make this home one that will be 
admired by many. The exterior walls, covered with our Royal Red 
Cedar i4-inch shingles, when stained a light gray, give a very pleasing 

THE FLOOR PLAN contains vestibule, lavatory, reception hall, 
living room, dining room, breakfast alcove, kitchen, three bedrooms, 
bath and plenty of closets. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will send you complete delivered 
price and copy of the original architectural elevations, floor plans and 
outline of specifications. 


m KITCHEN tfesfcj 
mW ,n x -s xir-S* 1 ALCOVE * 


Page 2} 

1 ill? 

1 I I 

1 ill ">— 



S 5 * ■; 


jjgiE! n 


The MITCHELL Five Rooms and Bath 

IV o. 32<i3-Houor Bilt Home— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments $40 to $55 

THERE ARE SO MANY attractive details worked out 
in the exterior of this home that it would be hard to 
explain them all in this limited space. It is very evident, 
however, that the fireplace chimney, which is planned 
to be made of brick and stone, and the design of the 
front entrance and shingled side walls, which are laid 
with wide exposure, are among the most prominent 

The door at the front is a batten type door equipped with wrought 
iron ornamental strap hinges. A very pleasing color scheme for the 
exterior is to use a light gray shingle stain for the side walls, with 
ivory trim paint for all outside finish members and sash; batten front 
door stained brown; shutters and small front window oxidized green, 
and color blend roof shingles. 

THE VESTIBULE. The front door opens into a vestibule, at the 
right of which is a roomy closet convenient for placing outer wraps. 

THE LIVING ROOM is 13 feet 3 inches by 1- feet 2. inches and is 
very well lighted by a triple sash window in the side wall. The plastered 
cove, cornice and carefully designed fireplace complete the outstanding 
features of this well planned room. 

A double acting door is used in the opening between dining room 
and kitchen. Along the right wall, next to the cellar stairs, you will 
find a convenient place for the range and work table. The opposite wall 
is devoted to the kitchen cabinets and the kitchen sink. A mullion 
window placed high above the kitchen sink and a single window in 
the rear wall assures plenty of light for this room. 

THE BEDROOMS, Bath and Closets are located on the right of the 
plan, the entrance to which is from the dining room through a small 
hall, which gives them the necessary privacy. Each bedroom has an 
exceptionally large closet and is well lighted. A good size linen closet 
is also designed to open off the hall. 


Page 24 


The HARTFORD Four and Five Rooms 

Ifo. 3352-A— No. 3352-B Already Cut and Fitted. Honor Bilt Home 
Monthlu Payments as Low as $24 to $35 

THE HARTFORD PLAN No. 3 3 52-- A contains four rooms and bach. 
Large combination living room and dining room opens from front 
vestibule. Kitchen provides ample space for all necessary equipment. 
The exterior walls are planned to be covered with xzL-inch Red Cedar 
stained shingles. Note large, well arranged windows and graceful 
roof lines. Let us send you a copy of the original architectural ele- 
vations and floor plans. 

PLAN No. 3352--A — This four- 
room home is 22 ft. wide and 30 
ft, long. Can be built on a lot $0 
ft. wide. 

PLAN No. 3351-B — This plants 
24 ft. wide by 34 ft. 6 in. long 

and requires a ;o-ft. lot. 

335 1 - 

No. 3351-A 

THE HARTFORD No. 3352-B five-room plan contains well arranged 
living room, dining room and kitchen on the left side of the plan. 
Small rear hall also from entrance to cellar stairs. Large vestibule with 
closet for outer wraps is formed by the graceful gable on the front. 
Two bedrooms, bath and closet complete this plan which can be built 
at a very low cost. Get our complete delivered low price on all mate- 
rials — by filling out Information Blank. 


r t% 


S ;-r'. 

Tjii iff 



Pave 2; 

The MAPLEWOOD Six Booms and Bath 

No. 3302— Honor Bilt Dome. Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as L,otv as $35 to $45 

THE MAPLEWOOD is a story and a half English type 
in which the front gable projection and fireplace chimney 
form an important part. The exterior walls are planned 
to be covered with gray prestained wood shingles laid 
with a wide exposure to form a pleasing background 
for thz dark colored shutters, roof and chimney. A bat- 
ten type front door with ornamental iron strap hinges 

and English 
lantern above 
add consider- 
able to the 
front elevation. 
The gable pro- 
jection at the 
front forms the 
necessary pro- 
tection for the 
front entrance 
and contains the 
vestibule. The 
opening from 
the vestibule to 
the living room 
is planned for a 

plastered arch in harmony with the openings between 
the living room and dining room and hall. This room 
is 16 ft. 3 in. wide by n ft. i in. deep — contains attrac- 
tive fireplace, good wall space and three large windows. 
The rest of the front of the first floor is devoted to dining 
room, size io ft. 7 in. by 11 ft. 2. in. 

A good size bedroom, bath and kitchen complete the 
first floor plan. 

Two Large Bedrooms each with good closets open 
off the upstairs hall. A complete description of the 
for this home, 
together with a 
copy of the orig- 
inal }/% inch 
drawings and 
complete deliv- 
ered price on all 
materials will 
be sent on re- 
quest. Requires 


Page 26 


Four Rooms and Rath 

ibove-\o. 3350 A Honor Hilt Home 
Left— No. 33 SO 18 Honor Hilt Home 

is designed for use ivith either house, No. 
33jo A or 33JO B. 

In the Sunhury we offer you the choice of two exteriors, with 
the same floor plan for either. With our modern methods the 
cost of the two houses is about the same. The house at the top 
of the page closely follows Colonial tradition, while the other is 
an American development of the famous Cotswold cottages of 
England. Both styles are in great favor and are sure of continued 
popularity through passing years. 

The very modern floor plan affords four convenient uncrowded 
rooms, with bath, front and rear vestibules, four closets, break- 
fast nook, and a storage nook with shelves near the back door. 
The rooms are compactly arranged around a center hall and the 
ventilation throughout is extraordinarily good. A fireplace, 
linen closet, inside basement stair, and stove alcove, are some of 
the special features. A 38-foot lot is required. 

Fill in Information Blank for complete delivered price and 
architectural drawings. 

FLOOR PLAN 3350 A and B 


Page 2 j 

Aii Indiana Home oi Unusual Beauty and Charm 
Built for Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Buxton, Anderson, Indiana 

THE CREDIT for this well laid 
out plan is largely due to the 
thought given by the owners to their 
building problem. This type of 
American English home has a very 
substantial, comfortable appear- 
ance, without seeming too massive. 
Exterior walls are of vari-colored 
tapestry brick, with steel casement 
sash and slate surfaced roof shingles. 

THE FLOOR PLAN consists of 
six major rooms, together with 
bath, lavatory, vestibule and large 
closets. All are well proportioned 
and provide a pleasant enjoyable 
atmosphere. If you are interested 
in this plan, or in any other type 
home, do not fail to fill out the ques- 
tionnaire in back of this book and let 
us furn ish y ou complete information . 



Page 28 




w r-f'i' \iwf- 

.. u 

* -3" JSJ& 


The TORRINGTON No. 3355 Seven Rooms and Rath 

BEAUTY in a home is not a matter of size or 
cost, for even the most compact and economical 
homes, if skillfully designed, can be lifted from the 
commonplace and given distinction which makes 
them a source of pride to the owner, and profit, 
should you ever desire to sell. 

planned for a combination of siding and white- 
washed brick. It certainly will look dignified with 
dark green roof and shutters. 


THE FLOOR PLANS are full of surprises be- 
cause they contain everything desired in a home 
of this size. Seven closets, two bathrooms, first 
floor lavatory, four bedrooms, dining alcove, at- 
tached garage, living room, dining room and 
kitchen, all efficiently arranged with good wall 
space and lots of light. 

It costs you nothing to get a photographic 
copy of the original architectural elevations and 
floor plans. Just fill out Information Blank and we 
will send complete prices and specifications as 



Page 29 


', ■ 


■ Ilifi ■ ' 


No. 3349— Eight Rooms anil Two ltaths 

DESIGNED along the same lines as historic Mt. 
Vernon, this southern colonial home spells success. 
Many types of colonial architecture have "stood up" 
for years with American home builders. Among these 
types the southern colonial has held its share of popu- 
larity and today is classed as one of the truest types. 
Exterior walls of whitewashed brick form a pleasing 
background for the dark green shutters and roof. 

dining room 

and kitchen open off the center hall on 'the first floor! 
Note many convenient closets for outer wraps. Second 
floor plan contains hall, four large bedrooms and two 
baths. This roomy home boasts a total of ten closets. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will send you com- 
plete delivered price, photographic architectural eleva- 
tions and floor plans, also outline of specifications. 

F i B.ST ■ F Looa ■ P I a ki 

Page $o 




Designed by Mr. S. Merrill Clement, Jr., New York City 




11 if 11 


, "-' 


* I m 

ed near South Norwalk, Conn. Al- 
though the residence itself is on level 
ground, the approach, and also the land 
immediately above Mr. Spencer's home 
has a pronounced slope. 

THE LEFT WING is devoted to a 
two-car attached garage with servants' 
quarters above. The main house con- 
tains living room, dining room, kitch- 
en and three sleeping rooms. 


Page }i 

The WHEATOiY Five Rooms and Bath 

IVo. 3312— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $35 to $45 

INTERESTING roof lines are the order of the day 
from sky-scrapers to cozy bungalows like the WHEAT- 
ON the interior arrangement of which is as well planned 
as the exterior. Opening off the center hall are a model 
kitchen, a bath with clothes chute and medicine case, a 
linen closet and four comfortable corner rooms with 
cross ventilation. Front and back entrances are protected 
by vestibules and the amount of closet space is remark- 

The house is 30 ft. by 37 ft., not including the kitchen 
porch, and can be built on a 40 foot lot. For outside 
walls we suggest our x 4 -inch Clear Royal Shingles 
stained gray and laid with 10-inch face. For contrast 
paint the trim ivory and use dark brown for front door 
and Colonial shutters. 

FLOOR PLAN: Through a vestibule 5 feet wide you 
enter a living room 15 ft. 5 in. by 12. ft. 4 in. with 'plas- 
tered arches to hall and dining room. In three of the 
rooms windows are arranged in pairs for pleasant effect 
and inexpensive curtaining. The living room contains 
two such pairs of windows. 

There are big advantages in a centrallv located kitchen 
with side entrance. It saves many steps and gives greater 
quiet and privacy to the bedrooms. This kitchen con- 
tains built-in cabinets and storage unit, folding ironing 
board, sink near windows, and space for refrigerator in 
the vestibule. There is a 6-foot closet for each of the 
two large bedrooms. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered 
price together with copies of the original architectural 
elevations and floor plans; also outline of specifications. 

30' -0" 

Page 3. 



The OAK PARK Eight Rooms and Rath 

No. ,128a Already 
Monthly Payments us 

THERE IS A FASCINATING charm about this Dutch colonial home 
with its attractive colonial entrance. The front door is a six -panel design 
built of clear white pine. Glazed sidelights and fan shaped transom admit 
light to the front hall. The exterior walls are covered with 10-inch clear 
cypress siding, which when painted white or ivory form a good contrast 
with dark shutters and blended color roof. 

FIRST FLOOR A good size hall with a semi-open stairway to the 
second floor forms the' entrance. The stair rail, treads and newels are 
of birch. The doorway to the kitchen passageway has a large plate 


Cut and Fitted 
Loir as $50 to $65 

mirror The living room is 2.0 ft. 11 in. wide by 13 ft. 5 in. deep and the 
Dining Room is 14 ft. 5 in. by iz ft. n in. with four sliding windows. 

The floors of the dining room, living room and hall are of clear oak. 
Breakfast alcove and kitchen floors are covered with linoleum. The 
Kitchen contains two large cabinets and a broom closet. The back stairs 
form a space underneath the main stairs for the refrigerator 

SECOND FLOOR. By careful planning we have obtained four large 
well balanced bedrooms. The bedroom in the front at the right is 17 
ft s in wide by 9 ft. 9 in. deep. Each bedroom contains large closets. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price, photographic 
architectural elevations, floor plans and outline of specifications. 

3.2'- 0' 




Page 33 

*.• '■ 

The CLIFTON Five or Seven Booms and Bath 

ZVo. 3305— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Lore its M40 to $50 

BUNGALOW CONVENIENCE and two-story economy make the 
Chiton a beautiful practical and up-to-date home. The first floor is a 
complete five-room bungalow, but in addition there are two large 
bedrooms wuh closets and extra storage space on the second floor 
The well-lighted corner room on the first floor mav be used as a den" 
ornce, studio, nursery or sewing room, as desired. ' 



FIRST FLOOR. The living room Jus three windows and good spaces 
for furniture. A plastered arch leads to the dining room which has two 
windows placed together. A hall connects bath and two corner bed- 
rooms, each of which has a large closet and windows on two sides The 
kitchen is well arranged, with sink under windows next to the roomy 
cabinets the stove in recess on the opposite wall, space for refriger- 
ator with additional cabinets over and beside it 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price, photographic 
architectural elevations and floor plans, also outline of specifications. 

e 34 


HHHH»MBnuft»tti; . .„.,„,. , , (| Mmmm 



■—'—■-■-■ —■•&?%$ 

The STANFORD in Four and Five-Room Plans 

No. 3354-A-3354-B-Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as W*ou> as $28 to $33 

P . jgj| 

THERE IS a certain softness of design and lasting char- 
acter in the New England or Stanford type home. Many 
of the first to be built are still standing. With wide 
bevel siding painted white, and dark green shutters and 
roof, it is sure to make happy home owners. 

PLAN No. 3354-A. is size 30 ft. wide by zz ft. deep 
and contains four well balanced rooms. Large living 
room and kitchen on the front and two bedrooms and 
bathroom at the back. This plan can be built on a 3 6-ft. lot. 

PLAN No. 3354-B is 34 feet wide with five fine rooms 
and four generous closets. Large living room is zo feet 
by 11 feet 5 in. A hall gives privacy to bedrooms and 
bath. Ample light, ventilation and good wall space are 
noteworthy features. 

Fill out information blank for price and large draw- 
ings with floor plans. 

FLOOR PLAN No. 3354-A 


FLOOR PLAN No. 3354" B 

Page 5; 

r ;"• V'* * ' " 


No. 32»7— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Lotv as S45 to $G& 

WHO would not take pride in being pointed out as the owner of this 
beautiful English home? There is a deep satisfaction in the possession 
of a home which truly expresses the good taste and the hospitality of 
the family, and a keen enjoyment in pleasant well proportioned rooms, 
arranged for gracious living. 

The exterior combines stone and brick in the English manner, with 
leaded casements, long iron strap hinges, flower "boxes, contrasting 
shutters and wood shingles laid with wide exposure. 

The Lewiston is complete as a five-room bungalow, yet whenever 
needed, two additional rooms can be finished on the second floor, also a 
bathroom if desired, by placing a dormer in back. A music room can be 
arranged by making an opening between the living room and one of the 

FIRST FLOOR. A clear white pine batten type circle head door leads 



KUUTI ■ r— = ..... ■ 


fls'-ii'Mi'-io" I//! L[| ? 1o|4<[1 snI i5'- 5"* ii-10" 


from the terrace to a living room with a fireplace flanked by leaded 
English casements. A plastered arch connects living and dining room, 
each of which has a group of three large windows. Good wall spaces 
for furniture in every room, and a pleasant outlook. 

KITCHEN. With its cross ventilation, two large cupboards, sink one of the windows and the convenient location of the basement 
stairs and rear door, one can work comfortably in this room while 
keeping an eye on outdoor activities. 

BEDROOMS and BATH, also linen closet, phone cabinet and stair 
open olf a hall which gives privacy to that part of the house. Each bed- 
room has cross ventilation and a good closet. The bathroom is 7 feet 
by 6 feet 5 inches with our high grade plumbing fixtures and Venetian 
glass medicine case. 

SECOND FLOOR. At a small additional cost, two more bedrooms 
can be arranged on the second floor, also a bath and four closets. Two 
large windows on each gable end give these rooms light and air. 

Page )6 



ISo. 3337-A-No.33.17-B— Honor Bilt 
Monthlu Paunwnta as 

TF YOU ARE looking for something different in a bun- 
galow design, you surely will find a pleasing exterior 
fad convenient arrangement in the two plans of this 
Colonial Home. 

PLAN No 3337-A — Honor Built Home contains 
living room, two well lighted bedrooms, bath and 
kitchen It really has five-room efficiency on account 
n f the dining alcove recessed in the left wall of the 
kitchen Combination grade and cellar entrance with 

Homes. Already Cut and Fitted. 
Low as $20 to S40 

refrigerator platform adds to this very compact plan. 

PLAN No. 3337-B contains five well laid out rooms. 
Not a foot of waste space. You will find plenty of wall 
space— plenty of large windows and good closets. Both 
plans have a 14-ft. by 8-ft. porch with cement floor; a lot 
of added comfort when screened in the summer. 

Let us send you a copy of the original J^-inch architec- 
tural drawings of the Wexford with outline specifications 
of complete materials furnished. 

PLAN 3 337-A 
Can be built on 4J-ft. lot. 

PLAN 3337-B 
Can be built on ;o-ft. lot. 


t 1 * • - ' » 


Page 37 



Honor Built Home— Already Cut aud Fitted 

No. 3283—4 Rooms, Bath and Dining Alcove .... No. 3283A— With Vestibule 
MontUUt Payments as M.oiv as §30 to $40 

THIS ATTRACTIVE little home is available in two 
floor plans. Although classed as a four-room home it has 
five-room efficiency. The front of the plan contains large 
living room, dining alcove, kitchen and rear hall con- 
taining refrigerator platform and cellar stairs. A small 
hall opening out of the living room gives the two bed- 
rooms and bath the necessary privacy. 

PLAN No. 32.83-A is planned with vestibule added. 



This feature can be had at a small additional cost. 

Fill out Information Blank enclosed, and we will send 
you complete delivered price on all materials together 
with outline of specifications and copies of the original 
i^-inch architectural plans. 

The quality and quantity of all materials used with 
Honor Bilt Homes is fully guaranteed. 

The Jeanette requires a 45-ft. lot. 

FLOOR PLAN No. 32.83 

Page j8 


The ROCHELLE Four Roams and Rath 

IVo. 32U2- Honor Ililt Home. Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthlti Payments «s ion- tts S2S to S35 

THE FIRST thing you must consider in selecting a 
home is the size of the plan. Too large a home means a 
waste in investment, unnecessary work and expense in 
maintaining, and it costs more to furnish a larger house 
than a smaller one. By careful planning, it is possible to 
obtain an efficient, practical arrangement in a small design. 

THE BUILDER of a small home is also desirous of 
having the exterior most modern and attractive. Amer- 
icanized English architecture has been expressed in the 
lines of this home. Good window arrangement, with 
batten type shutters, solid White Pine batten front 
door and wood shingles for siding — all a few of the 
noticeable exterior details. 

Every item of material that enters into the construc- 
tion of this home is of the same high grade quality as is 
furnished in our larger types. The same proportion of 
saving is created by the fact that all the framework is 
cut to exact si2e, length and thickness at our factory. 

THE PLAN contains a large living room, kitchen, two 
bedrooms and bath. The front gable forms vestibule and 
storage for outer wraps. 

Fill out Information Blank for Complete delivered 
price, copy of original architectural elevations and floor 
plans, and outline of specifications. 
Can be built on a 36-ft. lot. 



Page W 


No. 3290-Honor Bilt Home. Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as S.IO to ,sti,7 

THE STRATFORD is a very good example of a new type face brick 
bungalow that is fast becoming popular among the builders of small 
homes in this country. Due to the high pitched roof, casement sash, 
batten type front door and general rustic appearance of the exterior, it is 
classified as an Americanized English type bungalow. 

There are so many attractive details worked out in the exterior of 
this home that it would be hard to give you a picture of them all in 
this limited amount of space. It is very evident, however, that the 
fireplace chimney, which is planned to be constructed of brick and 
stone with terra cotta flue pots at the top, and the front entrance are 
among the most prominent features. 

The terrace at the front is planned to be made with cement, with 
the center colored and marked o(F to represent tile, and is given an 
additional tone of welcome by the use of an attractively designed bench 
used next to the fireplace chimney. The batten type front door is 
made of Clear White Pine and equipped with wrought iron ornamental 
strap hinges. 

THE VESTIBULE. The front door opens into a vestibule at the 
right of which is a roomy closet convenient for placing outer wraps. 
This closet is lighted by a small casement sash shown in the front 
wall. The opening between the vestibule and the living room is planned 
for a circle head plastered arch. 

THE LIVING ROOM. Size, 13 feet 2. inches wide by 17 feet 2. inches 
deep, is very well lighted by four full length French doors in the front 
wall and a single sliding sash window in the left. This room is designed 
to have a plastered cove cornice and also a very attractive fireplace. 
The recessed built-in bookcases on the left wall also add to the attrac- 
tiveness of this room. 

THE DINING ROOM. Size, 11 feet 1 inches by n feet % inches, is 
well lighted by a triple window in the side wall and contains very good 
wall space. 

THE KITCHEN. Along the right wall you will find a convenient 
place for range and work table. The opposite wall is devoted to kitchen 
cabinets and a kitchen sink. The cabinets furnished consist of two top 
and bottom storage units together with a broom closet. 

THE BEDROOMS. Opening off the dining room through a plastered 
arch, we enter into a small hall which connects the bedrooms and 
gives them the necessary privacy. Each bedroom has an exceptional! v 
large closet and is well lighted. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price, copy of 
architectural elevations and floor plan and outline of specifications. 

Page 40 


The JEWEL Eive Rooms and Bath 

No. 3 31«-Ho„or Hilt Hon.e-Alr.-d> Cut aud Fitted 
Monthlu Payments as t»« «* $ 33 *° * 4S 

A FIVE-ROOM bungalow type design, probably the 
mo^t popular of all American homes. In presenting this 
"onoSal Honor Bilt home, the Jewel, we not .only 
Sfpr i compact hve-room plan in which every toot 01 
floor space has been used to the best advantage, but have 
also ; P orkedout an attractive exterior along the lines 
mmmonlv known as Americanized hnglisn. 

?HE EXTERIOR walls of this home are planned to be 
covered with wide Clear Red Cedar shingles which are 
Sic ed^ any suggestion of plainness, by the carefu 
duping of Targe, well placed windows with circle head 

wra P s - ■ ■ - (r , in bv ii ft s in. and is 

The living room is 15 ft. % in .by ^ "' 5 f d 

well lighted by three large windows in theM ana 

side walls. Plastered arch opening used between this 

room and the dining room. f r ; Pn ds for it 

TH p KTTCHEN is sure to make many friends tor u 

and one wall unit. 

Two well balanced bedrooms with \«£^' ^ 
room and linen closet make up the balance ofthe plan 
Size of the Jewel is 38 ft. wide and z 4 ft. deep. Uan 

bU ^l Ofl 0uVinfo^ation Blank for complete delivered 
price copy of original architectural elevations and floor 
plans', and outline of specifications. 

3 4' - O 




Pagt 41 

j -' umJ '• - 

' •' 

Bedford, New York 

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ADD a single feature that would improve 
the exterior or the convenience of the interior of this beautiful Ctlonial 

If you own a well located lot and are interested in building a home 
of your own, the service that Sears, Roebuck and Co. have tu offer will 
save you considerable money, and you hare the additional satisfaction 
of knowing that everything carries an iron-clad guarantee hacked !>\ 
a $z(io,ooo,ooo corporation. 

Gordon Musical Foundation 
Located on Music Mountain 
at Falls Village. Connecticut 

THE FIRST AMERICAN co-educational insti- 
tution of its kind, which was recently established 
by Mr. Jacques Gordon, former concert master of 
the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, is modeled 
along the same general idea that is adopted by 
many European musical schools. 

which are illustrated on the next page, comprises 
four Colonial homes, one for each member of the 
Gordon String Quartet; a farm or temporary guest 
house, and music hall which contains four large 
private studios as well as seating capacity for four 
hundred people. These buildings are typical of 
the early Colonial architecture which prevails in 
the New England states. It has a certain softness 
and character that is seldom found in any other 
part of the country. The entrance pictured at the 
left is an outstanding example of Colonial archi- 

THE SECOND UNIT, which will consist of a 
sixty room dormitory and large guest house, will 
be built in the near future. 

Page 4Z 


ON ACCOUNT OF previous concert contracts 
and music lovers' demand of Mr. Gordon's time it 
was impossible for him to devote any time to the 
many details necessary to complete a project of 
this kind. Upon the advice of a mutual friend, 
he turned the entire proposition over to the Home 

Construction Division of Sears, Roebuck and Co 
to handle in every detail, construction, water 
system, electricity and roads. Everything was 
completed according to schedule. 

Music Mountain is another example of the serv- 
ice we ate able to render. 


Page 43 

The CRAFTON Four, Five or Six Rooms and Rath 

Nam. 331 UA— 33 1114'— 331 8I»— Already Cut and Fitted— Standard Ituill Home 
Monthly Payments as Lotv as §25 to §35 

POPULARITY of this type home prompted 
us to illustrate it in three different sizes. 

NO, 33rS-C, size 2-4 ft. wide by 34 ft. 6 in. long 
contains living room, dining room, kitchen, 
two bedrooms, bath and good closets. The 
large front porch gives added comfort and can 
be screened in at small additional cost. Only 
the best materials are used in Sears Homes. 

PLAN 331S-C 

Page 44 

PLAN 3318-A 

NO. 3318-A, size 2.2. ft. by 30 ft. contains four 
rooms and bath, the feature being the large 
combination living room and dining room. 
The kitchen contains convenient wall space 
for all necessary fixtures. This plan requires a 
30 ft. lot. 

will send you complete delivered price and copy of 
original architectural elevations and floor plans. 


NO. 33i8-D,size2.6ft wide by 38ft. Jongcon- 
tains six rooms and bath. The front bedroom 
of this plan which opens off the living room 
can be converted into a den or sun parlor. The 
overhang of the eaves, graceful appearance of 
the front porch and proper window arrange- 
ment are features of the exterior. 



PLAN 3318-D 

The BEIXEWOOD Five Rooms and Bath 

!So 3304-Honor Bilt Home-Already Cut and Fitted. 
Monthly M>„.j,»en,s As Va W As $3<> to $4* 

THF "RELLEWOOD" is another happy combination of 
MM J ou Sor Plan with a modern attractive exterior. 

r»cr?SK|of t he windows and batten 

'ThE FLOOR PLAN A cSwhicc Pine barren type 
f « a^or equipped with ornamental wrought iron 
front door, «TOP ea hc vest ibule which in 

S^onLas «tnthe C U "ngroorn with a plastered arctu 

THE LIVING ROOM is 13 ft. 5 ">■ by 15 ft. 5 '«• a ™ 

space. The balance or ceUar stairs 

SdtfrileXvttforin.liciaen cabinets consist of one 
W WoITrgHSoOMS and bath complete the plan. 






Ptfge 4; 


>«►. 3209— Already Cut and Fitted 
Miuithlii Pautnen/s as L,oiv as &50 to $55 

EXTERIOR. The Westwood is an unusual bungalow that is 
very practical because of its simplicity. This type home, without 
question has the maximum convenience at the minimum cost. 
The inset front porch is of practical size and gives the necessary 
protection to the front entrance. Large dormer, exposed fireplace 
chimney and good window arrangement are other noteworthy 
features of the exterior. The plan is 2.4 feet n inches wide, by 
44 feet 11 inches in depth. Red or cream face brick of either 
smooth or wire cut texture will give the proper effect. All ex- 
terior wood trim members and moldings are furnished in cypress, 
which is the best material obtainable for the purpose. 

INTERIOR. The left side of the plan is devoted to the living 
room, dining room and kitchen. 

Located between the kitchen and dining room you will find 
the stairs leading to the attic which has sufficient headroom 
so that it can be finished off for two additional rooms if so de- 

The Kitchen contains convenient place for all fixtures such as 
range, sink, cabinets and refrigerator. It is equipped with one 
counter unit and two wall units. 

BEDROOMS AND BATH. The right side of the plan is de- 
voted to two large bedrooms with connecting bath. A small hall 
separates these rooms from the main part of the house. Each 
bedroom is well lighted by two large windows located to give 
cross ventilation and each has a good sized closet. 


Cun be built on a n ,5-foor lor 

Page 46 


Home of Dr. and Mrs. 

Frederick Lnm, 

Chatham, X. J. 

THE EXTERIOR of this impos- 
ing home is covered with heavy, 
z4-inch stained shingles with wide 
exposure. This material is fast be- 
coming popular in place of siding, 
and is entirely in keeping with 
Colonial architecture, 

LIVING ROOM, dining room, 
kitchen, bedrooms and bath are 
conveniently grouped around the 
central halls on both first and second 

TWO-CAR attached garage and 
large open porch add to the con- 
venient plan. 

Living Room of Mr. 
Jacques Gordon's Home 

EASY TO furnish in an attractive 
manner, this Colonial living room is 
finished with random width Oak 
flooring, heavy ceiling beams — all 
from Sears-Roebucks' mills — and 
tinted plaster walls with -painted 

The NORWICH Seven Rooms ami Bath 

>«►. 3312— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments ns Low as ST.1 to SItHi 

THIS attractive colonial home is the answer to many 
requests for a compact colonial type with attached 
garage. This picturesque home makes an instant appeal 
to all who see it. The architect has ingeniously utilized 
every bit of available space to provide seven rooms, 
bath, lavatory and two-car garage of ample proportions 
and at a comparatively low cost. 

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with 
wide siding which when painted white or ivory forms 
a pleasing background for dark colored shutters and roof. 

THE HOODED front entrance is well proportioned 
and gives the necessary protection to the front door. 

The first floor plan contains living room, dining 
room, kitchen, pantry, lavatory and a second living 
room which is suitable for den or library. Note the 
attractive covered porch opening out of the living room. 

THREE large bedrooms, seven closets, bath and stair 
hall complete the second floor plan. Plenty of large 
windows and good wall space are noticeable in every 

In order that you will appreciate the real home value 
in the Norwich, we have prepared photographic copies 
of the original architectural elevation and floor plans. 
You may get a copy by filling out the Information Blank. 

Page 48 




The DETROIT Five Rooms and Rath 

No. aaSd-Modera Dome 
.w.,...i.l» I»o»m™« «« t«"> «• *** '" *"" 

A livable home with all rooms of the origi- 
nal plan on one floor-yet designed so that 
additional rooms can be added on the second 

"The combination of face brick and siding 
used for exterior walls is especially pleasing. 
Clear White Pine batten type front door with 
ornamental hinges and wrought iron handle 
lock set is used at the front entrance. 

From the vestibule entry which has closet 
for cZr wraps, you step into the living room 
-a beautiful room size 12. ft wide by '7 «• 
ro in long with a lot of light. The dining 
room is afso a cheerful spot wtthi four large 
windows and good wall space. The kitchen 
is ideal in size and arrangement-just right tor 
rhe housewife who appreciates a step-saving 

Pl Noce the location of the hall, which enables you to 

^TrsleeofnTacco^modations are comfortable in size 
JthSha" cross ventilation. Two extra closets 

^■JiSSfflEKd we wii, send you 

iJTrUlivered orice on all material, and a copy ot 

The Detroit can be built on a 101 j^ 



Page 49 



The STRATHMORE Six Rooms and Rath 

No. 330fi-AIready Cut and Fitted 
Monthly M'*n/im>iits us Low as $40 to $35 

THE LURE of the old world charm and the luxury 
of the new world comfort are incorporated in this beau- 
tiful six-room bungalow. Never before has there been 


Z0'-5" « 13'- 7" 


an opportunity to build a home of such distinction and 
quality at the low price made possible by our improved 
methods and facilities. Equal to the skill with which 
stucco, stone, brick and wide shingles are used in the 
English exterior, is the elegance and completeness of the 
interior appointments. 

Stucco is planned to be used on the front wall between the left 
corner and chimney, and 14-inch shingles with wide exposure on the 
balance of the walls. The foundation is 34 feet wide in front and iS 
feet wide in back. The length is 41 feet 9 inches, plus 6 feet 5 inches 
for the cement terrace. Six rooms, four closets, bath, extra lavatory, 
spacious vestibule and numerous built-in features are included. 

Colors which will emphasize the protecting sweep of the roof as it 
shelters the entrance, and enhance the contrast which makes the ex- 
terior so effective, would be as follows: Buff stucco, cream stone, 
dark red and brown brick and gray wood shingles. 

THE FRONT entrance from the terrace is into a large vestibule 
containing closet for outer wraps and forms the passageway to the 
living room, lavatory and front bedroom. 

The living room is 2.0 feet 5 inches wide by 13 f £et 7 inches deep 
and is well lighted by a balanced grouping of live windows and three 
casement sash above window seat. Every perspective of this room is 
good as to the proper size and placing of plaster arches, central fireplace, 
window seat with recessed bookcases and coved ceiling. 

THE DINING ROOM is of ample size and has two large windows. 

The kitchen is at the left where you will find an ideal arrangement 
which makes the duties in this part of the home a pleasure. 

Broom closet, counter unit, two wall units and refrigerator occupy 
the space along the back wall with the front wall planned for sink, 
table and stove. The compactness of this plan, plus the high quality 
of material and our famous ready-cut method of construction, enable 
you to obtain a dignified attractive home at the lowest possible cost. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price on all mate- 
rial, and a copy of the original architectural elevations and floor plans. 

Page jo 


The BELMONT Six Rooms and Bath 

No. 3345-Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $60 to $75 

The first floor of the BELMONT home contains vesti- 
bule lavatory, reception hall, living room, dining room, 
breakfast aWe, kitchen and under t^a^a 
grade and cellar entrance combined, also refrigerator 
platform All rooms have plenty of windows. The 
When has four work units and the breakfast room has 
built-in table, benches and china closet. 

A SEMI-OPEN stairway leads to an inside hall con- 
necting bathroom and three bedrooms. The two large 
bedrooms are 15 feet 1 inch by 11 feet 11 inches and 15 
feet 1 inch by 10 feet n inches. Four good size closets 

*^£££&2**k for complete delivered 
price and architectural drawings. *.„.«. 

THE BELMONT can be built on a 40-root lot. 



Page ; 1 

The MANSFIELD Six Rooms and Bath 

IVo. 3206— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Pauutents as /,**« as s.HO to $65 

IN THIS English design story and a half face brick home, the en- 
trance and chimney play an important part in the design. All exterior 
walls of this home are planned to be covered with face brick with the 
exception of the dormer at the rear which is of stucco, and the opening 
around the front door of which we have designed an attractive detail 
of stone work. 

At the right of the front door you will find a large closet for outer 
wraps, A 15-light French door connects vestibule and living room. 



THE LIVING ROOM and Dining Room extend across the entire 
front of the plan so you can get a pleasing view from every angle. An 
attractively designed lireplace with wood mantel is located in the cen- 
ter of the front wall, and adds additional beauty to this part of the 

THE KITCHEN. A built-in ironing board and convenient space 
for other kitchen equipment is also to be found. 

THE HALL connects the lavatory and bedroom and also contains 
a small closet for linen and storage. The bedroom on this floor may 
also be used as a music room, studio, nursery, etc, provided a third 
bedroom is not necessary. 

While the exterior of this home has the appearance of a one-srorv 
design, the roof construction is such that the two large bedrooms found 
on the second lloor have very good head room. 


'&« J* 


The WINONA Five or Six Rooms and Batli 

No. IJBOIOA-Hve Rooms. No. 12010B-SI* Moon.s 

Already Cut and Fitted 

Monthly Payments as Low as $30 to «45 

« U7TMONA BUNGALOW is an American cottage type house. The van 
J2S ^ooMSes and cozy front porch give it a pleasing view from either 

P CrS i pCCt ! V A e ". conta ins five rooms and is z 4 feet wide by 36 feet long. Plan "B" is 
P i an ^de by 40 feet and has six rooms. The outside walls are planned to 
M feet wide by 4° be covered with 6 -inch bevel siding. 

Plan 1x010 A— The vestibule contains a 
handy closet for outer wraps. The left side is 
devoted to living room, size ix feet 6 inches 
by ix feet n inches, dining room and 
kitchen. The kitchen is well lighted with 
two large windows and contains a good 
location for all equipment. Kitchen cabinets 
—one wall unit and one counter unit are 
furnished. There are two large bedrooms, 
bath and two closets. 

Plan ixoioB— Contains six rooms. Living 
room size ix feet 5 inches by 14 feet x inches, 
and dining room 13 feet n inches by ix feet 
1 inch Kitchen contains three large win- 
dows, one counter unit and one wall unit, 
and additional cabinet space built in above 
refrigerator which opens on to back hall. 
Each bedroom has two windows and a good 
sized closet. 

Fill out Information Blank for price and 
for architectural drawings. 

PLAN No no: 

FLOOR PLAN No. iioio-A 


Page J 3 

x .£*l : '~^ 

The BROaKWOaD Six Rooms and Bath 

No. 33©3— Already Cut ami Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as S40 to S50 

The Brookwood contains the maximum livable floor area in a plan, 
2.6 feet wide by zx feet deep, a happy attractive exterior and can be ob- 
tained at a low cost. 

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with 14-inch red cedar 
any stained shingles laid with wide exposure. This home has a very 
attractive perspective from either view, due to careful window arrange- 
ment, colonial shutters and well balanced roof lines. 

FROM the front cement terrace you enter the vestibule which con- 
tains a large closet on the left side for outer wraps. The living room 
is ii feet 5 inches wide by 17 feet S inches deep and contains a large 
triple window in the center o£ the left wall. The openings between 
the living room and vestibule, dining room and stairs are planned for 
circle head plastered arches. The good wall space will permit a varied 
arrangement of furniture. 



To the right of the living room you enter the dining room, size 
ix feet 5 inches by n feet 3 inches, which is lighted by three large 
sliding windows. 

THE KITCHEN contains a convenient place for all necessary fixtures 
and equipment. The rear entrance is formed by a combination grade 
and cellar stairs, also contains a platform suitable for refrigerator. 

The small hall at the top of the main stairs connects the three bed 
rooms and bath. 

THE LEFT front bedroom is 12. feet 3 inches by 9 feet, contains a 
double sliding window in the side wall and gets cross ventilation from 
the small window located in the front closet. The other two bedrooms 
are iz feet 5 inches by 10 feet 1 inches and 11 feet 5 inches by 10 feet 
8 inches, with good 'closets, cross ventilation and good wall spaces. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price on all mater- 
ial and copy of the original architectural elevations and floor plans. 

Page J4 


Tlie COIXINGWOOD Five Rooms and Rath 

N«. 3280-Already Cut ami Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $40 to $50 

Here is an unusual bungalow, well suited for modern 
living conditions. The exterior is very practical and 
finds much favor on account of its simplicity. The lines 
of the hip roof are broken by the dormer on the front 
and bay projection over the dining room at the sicre. 
Living out of doors, as most of us do in summer, the 
front porch will be appreciated. The windows are very 
well designed and attractively arranged. 

THE LIVING ROOM. From the front porch we en- 
ter the living room, which is ix ft. 9 in. wide by 18 ft. 
c in deep. A convenient and attractively designed fire- 
place in the left wall, on each side of which is a casement 
window, and a triple window in the front wall. 
THE DINING ROOM. The dining room is located 

next to the living room at the rear and is lighted by two 

large windows contained in the bay projection. 

THE KITCHEN. From the dining room we pass into 

the kitchen, where considerable thought has been given 

to the placing of many built-in- features and practical 

arrangement of other equipment. The kitchen sink is 

located underneath the double window on the left wall, 

on each side of which we furnish suitable kitchen cabi- 
nets A place for brooms, mops, etc., is formed by the 

closet opening off the right wall. The built-in breakfast 

alcove occupies the space at the rear. 

BEDROOMS. A plastered arched opening is used in 

the opening between the dining room and hall which 

connects the two bedrooms and bath. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered 

price on all material and a copy of the architectural 

drawings. The Collingwood can be built on a 31-1001 lot. 


■ ■■ ■ ..■■■:;;■ ' . .:. ■ ■■ ... 



Page J J 


The CARROLL Seven Rooms and Rath 

No. 3344— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as SGS to &SO 

THE VALUE in this plan has been studied by six 
prominent house architects who all voted it a success. 
A successful plan is one that gives the home owner 
convenience,, beauty and comfort at the minimum 

Study the floor plans of the Carroll and you will have 
to agree that it contains the maximum livable floor area 
and no waste space. 

The front entrance, which is located so that the house 
can be placed on a wide or narrow lot, opens into a 
vestibule which contains small closet for outer wraps. 
To the right side of the vestibule are the living room 

and sun parlor, which when combined, form a room 
about 2.8 feet long by 14 feet deep. An attractive fire- 
place, plenty of windows and good wall space will be 
found. From the left of the vestibule the dining room 
and adjoining kitchen are reached. The kitchen is en- 
tirely out of sight from the front rooms. A rear hall 
contains entrance to basement and refrigerator nook. 
Five closets, three bedrooms and well arranged bath 
complete the second floor plan. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will send you com- 
plete delivered price on all material and a copy of the 
original architectural elevations and floor plans. 

Page j 6 



The BIRMINGHAM Eight Rooms and Rath 

Xo. 3332-Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as $50 to 975 

The BIRMINGHAM is a two story house designed for 
a narrow city lot, but skillfully given the appearance of 
a handsome bungalow, having face brick walls, and 
ornamental iron railing on a cement terrace 

FIRST FLOOR has vestibule and closet, living, dining, 
and sun room, kitchen and alcove. 

SECOND FLOOR includes three large bedrooms, bath, 
four closets and a convenient rear airing porch. 

Fill out Information Blank for price and drawings. 


The ELLSWORTH Four Rooms and Rath 

No. 334 1 Honor Bilt Home 

Among houses of commonplace appearance, even 
though they be much more expensive, the Ellsworth 
four-room bungalow stands out as a shining example 
of good architecture. Inside and out it has simplicity, 
charm, and completeness seldom found in houses of such 
moderate size and cost. Wide siding, shutters, and 
shadows give the walls a soft texture, while the massive 
chimney and interesting roof offer a good skyline. A 
38-foot lot is required. 

From the shelter of a porch under the main roof, you 
enter an 18-foot living room with center fireplace, three 
large windows and good wall spaces. A bath at the back, 
and two n-foot bedrooms each with closet and cross 
ventilation, are connected by a hall containing a coat 
closet. Linen closet in bathroom. 

A delightful breakfast nook with windows on two 
sides opens off an uncrowded kitchen having built-in 
cabinets, recess for stove, broom closet, and double drain 
board sink under two windows. An inside basement stair 
with a storage nook helps keep the kitchen clean and 
comfortable in all weather. Ventilation throughout the 
house is excellent. Fill out Information Blank for com- 
plete delivered price and architectural drawings. 


Page ;8 



The DEXTER Ten Room Income Home 

No. 3331— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Loud as $75 to &MOO 

The DEXTER "Income Bungalow" 
looks like a handsome single family 
residence, but actually contains two 
complete five-room apartments. Rental 
income from one apartment greatly re- 
duces the owner's payments and may in 
time pay for the entire building. Good 
design happily combines face brick, 
stucco, and stained shingles. The house 
is Z4 ft. by 38 ft. and fits a 30 foot lot. 
Ornamental iron railing encloses the 
cement terrace. 

FLOOR PLANS: Each apartment has 
a centrally located kitchen and two 
bedrooms with cross ventilation and 
closets. A hall with linen closet gives 
privacy to bath and bedrooms. Coat 
closet, kitchen cabinets and recessed 
bath tub are other good features. 

One reception hall gives both families 
access to the side entrance or basement, 
thereby saving steps, reducing building 
costs, and affording larger and more 
pleasant rooms. Grouped windows in 
living rooms, dining rooms, and kitch- 
ens are attractive and can be more eco- 
nomically curtained. Good wall spaces 
in all rooms. 

mmmmwm I 


Fill out Information Blank for com- 
plete price and copy of architect's 
drawings and floor plans. 


Page ;p 

The CORNING Seven Rooms and Three Raths 

With Dining Alcove and Attached Garage 
Vo. 3357 Donor Itili Dome 


The Corning, with dormers cut into the eaves, 
interesting door detail, and a dozen delightful points 
of departure from other Colonial styles, suggests old 
time Maryland. 

But it is a far cry from the rambling houses of those 
leisurely times to the efficient floor plan here shown. 
Tucked in with the seven rooms are two complete 
baths, a toilet with shower, and an extra first floor 
toilet. Add twelve closets, a breakfast room, halls, 
vestibules, four entrances, front and back stairs, and 
an attached double garage and it is seen that the Corn- 
ing is very modern indeed. 




From the 2.1^-foot living room with bookcases, fire- 
place, and grouped windows, French doors lead to a 
porch of room size. Built-in cabinets fill one wall 
of the breakfast room and much of the kitchen wall 
space. Bay windows lend charm to dining and break- 
fast rooms. 

Upstairs are four large pleasant rooms with excel- 
lent ventilation, two complete baths and one shower 
room with toilet. Liberal closet space throughout the 
house. Two double wardrobes are provided for the 
largest bedroom. 

Fill in Information Blank for complete delivered 
price and architectural drawings. 

F 'age 60 


The TRENTON Seven Rooms and Three Raths 

With Dining Alcove and Attached Garage 
No. 3351 Honor Bilt Home 

In the TRENTON a graceful roof line over a trim ex- 
terior tells its own tale of quiet good taste and 
pleasant living. Spacious, airy, well arranged rooms 
with unusual built-in features, afford utmost comfort. 

Living, dining, and breakfast rooms face the gar- 
den likewise all three upstairs bedrooms. Service en- 
trance connects with garage or any part of house. 
Fireplace, bookcases, wide window seat, concave 
china closet, numerous modern cabinets six other 
closets, and an additional bedroom with bath, offer 

convenience throughout the first floor. The living 
room, with windows on three sides, is reached 
through a deep arch from the dignified stair hail. 

On the second floor, three large bedrooms with 
another seven closets and two bathrooms, are con- 
nected by a well lighted hall. Deep window seats are 
also found in two of these bedrooms. 

Fill out the Information Blank for complete de- 
livered price and a copy of the original architectural 
elevations and floor plans. 


jjf GAfLAC 




5 ^ ^jJ^l 



Page 61 




. « ji. 

k IE 



6 r. 

The CARRINGTON Seven Rooms, Two Raths 

No. 3353— Modern Dome 
Monthly Payments as Low «s ^75 tfo $100 

The CARRINGTON derives its individuality and 
charm from the Colonial houses of Salem, having over- 
hung second story. The stone finish of the first story 
front wall adds strength and color, and ties in nicely 
with the stone chimney and siding. A large dining room 
bay and wide terrace in back make the garden but an 
outdoor room. 

FIRST FLOOR: A hall 8 ft. wide with Colonial stair, 
two closets and lavatory, connects all rooms and terrace. 

Notice large size of rooms and the step saving position of 
the kitchen with its side entrance. A fireplace and built- 
in features in every room add beauty and comfort. 

SECOND FLOOR: Four large light bedrooms open off 
a wide hall, also one bath and a linen closet. The other 
bath and two of the seven closets, open off the large bed- 
room which overlooks the garden. Send in Information 
Blank for complete delivered price on all materials and 
large copies of architects' drawings with floor plans. 

Page 6z 





P Si 

.■ .& 

■#■ i- 

The KENF1ELD Seven Rooms and Bath 

No. 3343 Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as $75 to $100 

From every viewpoint, the KENFIELD reveals the 
charm of those lovely old Maryland homes which seem 
Sly t ed to the ground by ramblers and hollyhocks 
Large sunny rooms Sid numerous conveniences fulfill all 
the fair promises of the exterior. 

A few of the unusual features are the coat closet, lava- 
rnrv and beautiful bedroom reached through the front 
SI • the k tch n from which front or back door can be 




reached in a step or two; the nine closets; and such 
bcutin features a P s fireplace two winder ^ seats ki chen 
cabinets, Colonial china cabinet, broom closet, sleep ing 
porch and garden porch adjoining the living and dining 
rooms The rooms are of more than average size with 
large windows and good wall space. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will ^f^J ^ 
plete delivered price on all material and a copy of the 
large architectural drawings and floor plans. 

Page 63 



The GLADSTONE Six Rooms and Bath 

-\«. 3315A-3315B-Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as s to to $55 

PLAN 3315-B. First Floor: Those who desire a front vestibule and 
a stair hall will prefer plan 3315-B, in which living and dining room 
are on the right connected by a plastered arch; and the kitchen is on 
the left within direct reach of front hall. In this excellent arrangement, 
there is a combined kitchen and basement entrance at the side with 
space for refrigerator and door to front hall. 

SECOND FLOOR: Three bedrooms, linen closet and well arranged 
bath open off a small hall. Each bedroom has a closet and two or 
three windows. 

FIRST FLOOR— No. 3315-B 


FIRST FLOOR— No. 33 15- A 


PLAN 3315-A. First Floor. Those who appreciate having both 
living and dining rooms at the front and who like the kitchen door 
in back, will prefer plan 3315-A. The living room is n ft, 5 in. by 
16 ft. 5 in., with three windows and mirror door coat closet. A 
door at grade level serves kitchen and basement. 

SECOND FLOOR: Bath and three bedrooms open off a straight 
hall with a window at one end. Each bedroom has a closet and two 
or more windows. A large storage or linen closet opens from the bath- 
room. Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price. 

Page 64 


The LA SALLE Nine Rooms, Two Baths lor Two Families 


No. 3243— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Lone as S45 to #60 

The LA SALLE appears to be a 
handsome Colonial one-family home, 
but contains two complete apart- 
ments. The rental goes far toward 
paying the cost of the building. It 
could easily be made into an eight 
room house with two baths at any 

time. . 

FIRST FLOOR: One reception hall 
gives both families direct access to 
side entrance or basement. Living 
room is over 16 ft. long with an arch- 
way to dining room. A hall connects 
bath and two bedrooms, each of which 
has a closet and cross ventilation. The 
centrally placed kitchen saves steps. 

SECOND FLOOR: A hall connects 
all rooms. Off the living room is a big 
closet suitable for wall bed if needed. 
A large room with four windows is 
divided by china cabinets into dining 
room and kitchen. The larger bed- 
room permits use of twin beds. China 
cases, kitchen cabinets and four closets 
are included. 

Fill in Information Blank for com- 
plete delivered price and large archi- 
tectural drawings with floor plans. 




Page 6; 

The RANDOLPH Five Rooms and Rath 

IVo. 3297— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $45 to §60 

Very attractive is the RANDOLPH with its brick 
walls, dormers, tall chimney and front gable of stucco 
and rough sawed siding. We suggest rough textured face 
brick from light red to dark brown and a few blacks, 
contrasted with cream colored stucco and dark brown 
stain for gable siding and timbers. 

FIRST FLOOR: A plaster arch connects living and 
dining rooms, each having three windows. Notice the 
pretty Colonial mantel in one corner, also the vestibule 
closet. The light, convenient and well ventilated kitchen 
contains cabinets, refrigerator nook, built-in ironing 
board, and a grade entrance. 

SECOND FLOOR: Off the hall are bath, linen closet 
and two bedrooms, each having two or more windows 
and a closet. The larger bedroom is over 14 ft. long with 
a big closet. Fill out Information Blank for price and 
large drawings with floor plans. 

Page 66 


f' " M 

.'--"» * ■ - :'*&£■■■":■„ 

The ROXBURY Five Rooms and Bath 

No. 3340— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as $40 to $55 

MORE popular than ever, are five room brick bunga- 
lows like the "Roxbury," which is a particularly good 
example of Americanized English architecture and of 
compact convenience. The walls of face brick in blended 
tones are further beautified by careful grouping of 
windows, by the circle head entrance and stained shin- 
gles in the gables. FLOOR PLAN: The living room is 
protected by a vestibule, size 8 ft. by 3 ft. 6 in. which 
offers a convenient place for hanging outer wraps 

Note the good wall space in the living room which is 
js ft l in. by ix ft. 5 in., and is well lighted by three 
large windows in the front and side wall. The opening 
between the living room and dining room is planned lor 
a plastered circle head arch, which is also used 111 the 
opening between the dining room and hall. The dining 
room is 11 ft. 1 in., by 13 ft- 5 &., and the openings are 
such that you will find a convenient place tor all fur- 

In the homes of our grandparents, a large kitchen was 
essential, but in the present day the most popular kitchen 
is one that has a compact arrangement and saves steps 
for the housewife. The kitchen in the Roxbury is sure to 
make many friends, for it has a practical arrangement for 
ranee table, refrigerator, sink and cabinets. A small 
half back of the kitchen forms a side entrance and a 
landing for the cellar stairs. 

CONNECTING HALL gives the necessary privacy to 
the bedrooms and bath, each bedroom being 11 ft. 5 m. 


bv 10 ft s in. with good closet space. An additional 
closet for linens opens off the hall. The bathroom is 
above the average for a home of this size and contains a 
built-in medicine case, as well as our standard high grade 
plumbing fixtures. The size of the plan is 38 feet 10 in. 
wide by ^4 ft. 10 in. in depth. 

Fill out Information Blank for complete delivered price 
on material and a copy of the drawings and floor plans. 



Page 67 

The RICHMOND Six Rooms and Rath 

No. 3360 Honor ISi If Ilosiie 

The RICHMOND, reminiscent of the beautiful 
Virginia home of the first Chief Justice of the U. S., 
reflects that good cheer and gracious dignity which 
made Southern hospitality famous. There is economy 
in its simplicity and cozy comfort within its well built 

Living and dining rooms fill one side of the house, 
with bay window toward garden. A well ventilated 
kitchen, with direct access to all parts of the house, 
is out of sight from living room. Windows light the 
stove and the sink, which is flanked by cabinets and 

broom closet. A side door connects yard, basement, 
and hall with closet which is adaptable for extra 
toilet. French doors open from living room to a spa- 
cious side porch. 

Upstairs are bath, hall, four closets, two large and 
one smaller bedroom. Windows provide cross ven- 
tilation throughout the house and also light the dress- 
ing room off the front bedroom. For copies of the 
original drawings and floor plans, and the delivered 
price, fill out the Information Blank. 



CL. 1 



IbEO P£> 


U' 9 5>90' 


*CL | 






' CL. 



Page 68 



The CLABEMONT Six Booms and Bath 

.. l., t^t anil Fitted 

K o. 3273-Honor BiU Heme. Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Paynes as Lou, as $30 to $45 

MO MATTER how much money a builder may have to 

KSssasS^SrS' far 1S possibIC 

in securing a convenient, attractive home. 

Americanized English style of «*iteetnre is exposed 
in the lines of this ""^^g^uSS in de- 
STfortf ronv^ient^U and 

THE SIZE of ^P^ion^lcSl^a^ 
with 9 ft. by 7 ft. 6 in. , ^ dl "° n ' f 7 he plan with entrance 

5=£r-rr»£ h a">;«ri 

JtalUtioS expense, and is P^^SaAA 
built-in Venetian mirrored medicine case ana ini 

quality plumbing 

THIS HOME can also be furnished in five-room or 

seven-room arrangement. 

Can be built on a 30-ft. lot. _ 

For complete delivered price, fill out Information Blank 




Page 69 


Already Cut and Fitted — Standard Built Home 
Monthly Payments as #>on as $j>35 to &4ii 

PLAN No. 3319 C size 24 ft. by 34 ft. 6 in. con- 
tains five rooms and bath, consisting of living 
room,, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms. 
A large combination living room and dining room 
size 12 ft. 5 in. by 22 ft. n in. can be formed by 
omitting the partition between these rooms. Can 
be built on a 30-ft. lot. 

PLAN No. 3319-D size 16 ft. wide by 3S ft. long 
contains three well arranged bedrooms, good size 
closets, living room, dining room and kitchen. 
No waste space in this plan which offers the maxi- 
mum livable floor area at the lowest cost. Our 
famous "ready-cut" method saves hundreds of 

No. 3319-C 

No. 3319-A 

PLAN No. 3319-A four rooms and bath, size 22 
ft. by 30 ft. with a 14-ft. by 8-ft. front porch. 
The large combination living and dining room is 
well lighted by three well proportioned windows. 
We have suggested location for kitchen sink, re- 
frigerator, stove, cabinets and table. A complete 
home at a very low cost. 

Fill out information blank and get complete delivered 
■price, copy of original architectural elevations and floor 

No. 3319-D 



Wr~- " "^ 


Hjt — 1 i— — J 




, >„__§ 

api— < 1 — j 

! ( ~M 

Page jo 


This well balanced bungalow with 
handsome Colonial entrance offers a 
choice of two floor plans either of 

w hich would fit a 40-foot lot. 

Tli#* CRESCENT Five or Seven Rooms and Rath 

ine ^**»^*-^^* * ft .»_Already Cut and Fitted 

3258-A-Already Cut and Fitted - 3250-A Alrea y 

Monthly Payments as Low as #3o to «sa» 

PLAN 3 2.5 9- A. Five rooms and two 
porches. Size 34 ft. by x6 ft. with 
a xo ft. by 10 ft. addition. All rooms 
are larger than in 3x5 8A with more 
windows, closets and cabinets. Stair 
extra closet and all rooms open off 
hall except dining room. Inside and 
outside cellar entrances. 

The living room is 10 ft. 3 in. by 
ix ft. 3 in. with four large windows 
and good wall space. A semi-open 
stair from hall permits finishing off 
two additional bedrooms with clos- 
ets on the second floor, if desired. 
The rear porch can be inexpensively 
screened and all rooms have cross 
ventilation. The kitchen cannot be 

FLCOR PLAN 3158-^ 

PLAN 3X58-A. Five rooms with 
pretty open stairway and space for 
finishing two rooms upstairs if de- 
sired. Two bedrooms and bath, two 
closets, kitchen cabinets and grade 
entrance. Size 34 ft. by M &• with 
basement. First floor ceilings 9 ft. 
high. Living room 17 ft. 6 in. by 
ix ft. x in. Convenient kitchen. 



seen from living room. Bedrooms 
and bath have complete privacy. 
First floor ceilings 9 ft. high. Base- 
ment, 7 ft. from floor to joists. 

Fill out Information Blank for com- 
plete delivered price on material on 
either house and a copy of the archi- 
tectural elevations and floor plans. 


Page 71 

The RODESSA Four Rooms and Rath 

No, 3317— Modern Home 

Monthly Payments as Low 

as $25 to $35 



IT IS HARDLY necessary to say that the Rodessa is a 
most attractive little home. The illustration proves it 
beyond a doubt. The price is also attractive. Much 
thought and expert advice have been employed in de- 
signing an exterior that will make this bungalow appeal 
to lovers of artistic homes. The interior plan appeals to 
those desiring the utmost economy in space. 

THE RODESSA has proved to be one of our most 
popular houses, and owners are delighted with it. If you 
have only a moderate amount to invest, and wish to 
secure the biggest value for your money, with the great- 
est results in comfort, convenience and attractiveness, 
you can make no mistake in purchasing this home. 

Size of plan is 2.2. ft. wide and 2.8 ft. long. Can be built 
on a lot 30 feet wide. 

The GALEWOOD Five Rooms and Bath 

ISo. 3204— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as $35 to $45 

FOR CONVENIENCE and economy it would be hard 
to beat this substantial and home-like brick bungalow. 

The Living Room, with front and side windows, is 11 
ft. 3 in. by 14 ft. 8 in. A plastered arch connects it with 
dining room. If desired, the partition between these 
rooms can be omitted, making one large room iz ft. 3 in. j 
wide and 15 ft. 3 in. long, using our Fold- Away break- 
fast furniture in the wall next to the kitchen, or a drop- 
leaf table. A small hall off the dining room connects the 
well arranged bath with two bedrooms, each having 
cross ventilation and a large closet. 

Fill out Information 
Blank for complete deliver- 
ed price on either house, 
drawings and floor plans. 

Page 72 


The STARLIGHT Five Rooms and Rath 

No. 3307- Modern Home -Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as S25 to $40 

ES 9 


THE AVERAGE FAMILY purchases only one home in 
a life-time and naturally is interested in securing high 
quality materials backed by responsible service. All 
Honor Bilt Modern Homes are testimonials to our ability 
to serve with the building of your home. 

This homelike five-room bungalow with its eleven cot- 
tage windows and big hospitable porch, its sturdy con- 
struction and high class materials, is planned for the 
S of average size. The Starlight does more than 
offer the largest possible rooms for its size. It offers the 
comfort of goocf arrangement, the orderliness of good 
cioset spacef construction such as we put in our finest 
homes and quality which insures years of satisfaction 

THE WIDTH of the home is x4 feet— the length 37 leet 
and a 14-ft. by 8-ft. front porch. It can be built on a 

30 pictu°re the Starlight set among trees and shrubs, its 
walls painted white or ivory with green or red roof. It 
makes an attractive American cottage. 

THE LEFT SIDE of the plan is devoted to living room, 
dining room, kitchen and combination grade and cellar 
fee with refrigerator platform. The bedrooms and 
bath are connected by a small hall giving necessary pri- 
vacy. Good wall space, large closets and plenty of win- 
dows are other noteworthy features. 

Fill out Information Blank enclosed, for complete de- 
livered price, outline of specifications and copies of the 
original j^-inch architectural drawings. 


Page 7} 



The OAKDALE Five Rooms and Bath 

No. 3314— Donor Bilt Home 
Monthly Payments as Lou? as $35 to s tr. 

THIS pretty and home-like bungalow has a side en- 
trance, centrally located kitchen, and a hall at the back 
from which bedrooms, bath and linen closet open. 
Quiet, privacy, and cross ventilation are thus assured for 
sleeping quarters and many steps saved the housewife. 

The house is 24 ft. by 40 ft. with a i-ft. extension for 
dining room. The porch is 16 ft. by 8 ft. There are five 
closets, clothes chute, fireplace, refrigerator niche and 
cabinets. Wonderfully convenient. Fill out Information 
Blank for delivered price and large drawings. 

The FAIRY Five Rooms and Rath 

No. 3316— Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Low as $25 to $30 

THE charming simplicity of this soft stained shingled 
bungalow with combined living and dining room, makes 
it very economical. Fold-away breakfast furniture can 
be built in if desired. One bedroom and bath open off 
hall, the other opens off the living room. There are two 

closets, two cabinets and a grade entrance with space for 
refrigerator. Kitchen has two windows and space for 
stove near chimney. House is 2.2. ft. by x8 ft. and fits a 
30-ft. lot. Fill out Information Blank for delivered price 
of all material and copy of architect's drawings. 



Page 74 


The VAIAONIA Five or Eight Rooms 

No. 13049A-5 Rooms. No. 13049B-8 Rooms 
Monthly Payments as Low as 935 to $50 

THE VALLONIA is a prize bungalow home judging 
from the photographs and letters which hundreds of 
satisfied owners have written us, telling of their delight 
in its splendid features and wonderful value. It has an 
overhanging roof with timber cornice effect and shingled 
dormer with three windows. Sided with Cypress (the 
wood eternal). Porch extends across the front of the 
house, with lattice beneath. 

FIRST FLOOR: The living and dining room, both 



large, well proportioned rooms with good wall space 
and plenty of light, are connected by wide cased opening^ 
A swinging door opens into a pleasant kitchen with 
ample space for table and chairs. Four windows light 
the kitchen and convenient pantry. Refrigerator space 
is in vestibule near grade entrance. A hall containing 
two closets gives privacy to the two bedrooms and bath. 
Each bedroom has a closet and two windows giving 
cross ventilation. The bathroom has Venetian mirrored 
medicine case and modern fixtures. 

SECOND FLOOR: In the five-room house No. 13049, 
a closed stairway with a door from the dining room 
leads to the large attic. In Plan 13049B, which has eight 
rooms, an open stairway from the dining room leads to 
two large bedrooms, a smaller room in which additional 
plumbing could be installed if wanted, and three big 

Fill in Information Blank and we will send price and 
large architect's drawing with floor plans. 


Page 7/ 

The HAWTHORNE Six Rooms and Rath 

No. 3311— Honor Bill Borne 
Monthly Payments as Low as $45 to &GO 

The HAWTHORNE fits modern conditions by turning 
the living and dining rooms toward the garden and build- 
ing a garden porch under the main roof. The side entrance 
prevents tradesmen from intruding. With kitchen in 
front, the housewife can keep an eye on things and reach 
either front or back door in a few steps. The house is 
30 ft. wide and 2.6 ft. deep, covered with 2-4-inch clear 
Red Cedar Royal Shingles. A compact, comfortable, and 
up-to-date Colonial home at a real saving. 

iir-O" ^ 


: : 4 


CtMCNT noon 

FIRST FLOOR at left : Fireplace, French door, plaster 
arches, vestibule, and large hall closet, make the living 
room pleasant. The large dining room, like all other 
rooms, has windows on two sides and good wall spaces. 
Cabinets are beside the sink and above the refrigerator 
space, broom closet nearest to the hall. 

SECOND FLOOR : Three large bedrooms, four closets 
and a well planned bath with recessed tub and Venetian 
mirrored wall cabinet, open off hall. Fill out Information 
Blank for price, drawings and floor plans. 

Page j 6 


The HAMMOND Five Roams and Bath 

No. 3347— Modern Home 
MontMm Payments us Low as g4v to $50 

In the HAMMOND we present the always popular 
five-room bungalow in a new guise, up-to-date outside 
and in with beautv and distinction seldom found in 
houscs'of this size and remarkably low cost. In sturdy 
"Honor Bile" construction, with high quality guaran- 
teed materials, it will make the finest kind of an mvest- 

m The main walls are to be covered with brick and the 
gables with wide siding. Dark face brick with stained 
fiding would be attractive, but common brick white- 
washed and white painted gables would be ,ust as beauti- 
ful There is always a fascination in a house with inv- 
esting details, such as the massive chimney of the 
HAMMOND with its clay pots, the triple windows 
which give such promise of a lovely living room and die 
Unique entrance . This is a house which will stand out 
among its neighbors and be a great source of pride to its 
fortunate owners. f , ACPf „„ 

FLOOR PLAN - The front vestibule and coat closet are 
lighted by a casement sash. Another closet is tucked into 
the corner of the large living room which is xo ft. by 11 
ft 6 in An attractive fireplace, and windows grouped on 
two walls make this a delightful room The kitchen is 
out of sight, only the dining room with its double win- 
dows being visible. The kitchen, with cross ventilation 
and convenient grade entrance, has eabmet s grouped 
around the sink and the window above it The side 
entrance is convenient for drive and saves garden space in 

ba A hall to the right of living room leads to bath linen 
closet, and two good sized corner bedrooms, each having 

a closet, windows on two sides, and good wall space. 
Ceiling height on the first floor is 8 ft. 6 in. The base- 
ment is 7 feet from floor to joists^ The house s 34 £ ri 
in. wide and 31 ft. 5 in. deep on the bedroom side. It can 
be built on a lot 41 feet or more in width, but requires 45 
feet with side drive. , 

' Fill out the Information Blank and we will send you 
complete delivered price on the material which is all 
fully guaranteed, and a copy of the original architectural 
drawings and floor plans. 



Page 77 


The WORCHESTER Six Rooms and Rath 

No. 3291 -Modern Home 
Monthlu Payments as L,ou> as $55 to S70 

A well built brick home of such simple dignity, beauty 
and economy as the WORCHESTER, makes a wonderful 
investment. The style will always be good and bring 
profitable rental or selling price. This house is 30 ft. 11 
in. by 7.2. ft. 11 in. and could be built with a side drive on 
a lot 40 ft. wide. It has six comfortable corner rooms all 
with cross ventilation, five closets, bath, two vestibules, 
basement and an attic with stairs from one of the front 


Page 78 



FIRST FLOOR: Facing the entrance are the pretty 
telephone cabinet and Colonial stair. Plastered arches 
open to the living room and dining room, both of which 
are at the front of the house, with ample windows and 
wall spaces. Opposite the fireplace in the long living 
room is a large recess for davenport. Cabinets surround 
the sink and the window above it. Broom closet, and 
space for refrigerator are in entry way. 

SECOND FLOOR: Bath, linen closet and three bed- 
rooms, each of which has windows on two sides and a 
closet, open off the hall. The well arranged bath, with 
Venetian cabinet, is at the back. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will send price and 
large architect's drawings and floor plans. 


The GORDON Five or Seven Rooms and Rath 

No. 335G-Modern Home 
Monthly Payments as Louc as $45 to $HO 

THE SIMPLE dignity and beauty of Colonial archi- 
tecture found many expressions, one of the most interest- 
ine being the Cape Cod Colonial exemplified in the 
GORDON Many of these sturdy houses still standing 
in New England, are objects of pilgrimage to those who 
appreciate and love beautiful homes. Although face 
back is often used for the chimney, good effect is ob- 
tained bv using common brick whitewashed. 

The GORDON is a most adaptable plan, as the first 
floor constitutes a complete five room house, but two or 





three additional rooms may be completed on th second 
floor whenever needed. One very good second floor ar- 
rangement here shown, affords two large bedrooms and 
closets with an additional bathroom. 

FIRST FLOOR at left : Central stairways, one above 
the other lead to the basement and to the second floor. 
The stafr hall which connects all rooms and bath con- 
2ns mo extra closets. The two corner bedrooms hav 
each a closet and windows on two sides The large en 
closed kitchen entry will suggest many wks. A *«£*£ 
and a terrace reached from the dining room are other 
good features. SECOND FLOOR, plans above, contain 
?xtra sleeping quarters and large storage room. 

Page 79 


The SOLACE Six Rooms and Bath 

IV©. 3218— Modern Ho nie— Already Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Payments as Low as $30 to S4S 

THE SOLACE is a story and a half American Cottage 
type home, designed to give the maximum livable area 
at the lowest possible cost. The living room, dining 
room, one bedroom and bath on the first floor provide 
complete living accommodations for a small family. 



SHOULD YOU DESIRE to do so, rooms on the second 
floor can be left to be finished later. 

The Kitchen. Here a compact, convenient arrange- 
ment is suggested for location of range, sink, refrigerator 
and cabinets. One counter and two wall units are in- 
cluded, all Standard Equipment. A combination grade 
and cellar entrance is designed underneath the main 
stairs. Two large bedrooms will be found on the second 
floor, head room for the stairs being formed by dormer at 
the rear. 

All the material for Honor Bilt homes is fully guaran- 
teed as to quality and quantity. THE SOLACE can be 
built on a 30-ft. lot. 

Page So 


The KEXBALE Six Rooms and Bath 

. . ns^ A j %.t ikilorn HnniC 

No. 32»«-Alroady Cut and Fitted 
Monthly Pauments as Low as 

^vtprTOR This Americanized English bungalow 
EXTERIUK in stuccQ Th£ f 

h ^2ce^u:ual in S g n and us paction forms the 

^fe?^^^ - d Dining \ oom are 

INTERIOR, ine l ^ Bq rooms 

COnnCC n lifted an" have plenty of wall space for con- 
arc well lighted ^a { urnicure . If desired the par- 

venient ^ ran f "Jfe ' rooms can be omitted, making one 
tition between ^sc rooms ^ g ^^ 

large room size 13 feet x inches ^ break 

STfumi™ m R^ft to kitchen or drop leaf 

tAh rL Kitchen is planned for efficient arrangement of 

Th fable etc P The rear entrance, cellar stairs and 

pl'form for refrigerator are located in the addition^ 

Sen equipment includes one counter unit H, one 

11 ,„;r 'T and two wall units' u. 
W BEDMX^MS AND BATH. A small hall separates 
thfreaf bedroom and bath from the dining ™om. Each 
If rhe- two front bedrooms contain a good size closet. 
° Tte Basement is planned for heating plant, laundry, 

KSZt^LT First floor 8 feet 6 inches base- 

g w from cellar floor to under side of joists. 
" ni 7 o^ no manon Blank and we will send complete 
delivered price and a copy of the original drawings and 
floor plans. 

Modern Home 
$40 to $50 




Page Si 

The ELLISON Five or Seven Rooms and Bath 

No. 3359-Modern Home 
NIonthlif Payments as Low as $50 to $75 

The ELLISON is another popular flexible bungalow 
type design which gives the prospective home builder the 
optiori of having five complete living rooms on the first 
floor and two additional rooms can be finished on the 
second floor when additional space is needed. 

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with 
brick which we suggest finishing with whitewash and 
staining the porch columns and wood lintels dark brown. 
The home would look equally attractive if furnished in 
white stucco. 

The first floor plan contains a large living room, story 



and a half type, with exposed ceiling beams, dining 
room and compact kitchen with convenient space for all 
modern equipment. 

At the right of the main hall, a small passageway 
gives the two bedrooms and bath the necessary privacy, 
closet space for rear bedroom and has been provided with 
built-in wardrobe next to the bathroom. 

In order that you will get a better picture of this very 
attractive home, we have prepared photostatic copies of 
the original architectural elevations and floor plans, 
copies of which will be sent to you together with 
Outline of Specifications, if you will fill out the Informa- 
tion Blank. 

Page 82 


The MILLERTON Six Roams and Bath 

No. 3350— Modern Home 
Mont My Payments as Low as $60 to $75 

This new type American design home is meeting with 
considerable popularity on account of the compact, effi- 
cient room arrangement, but gives a very serviceable 
arrangement at a minimum cost. The exterior is planned 
to be covered with brick which we suggest finishing 
with whitewash, leaving the coins at the corners with a 
red colored brick exposed. 

An unusual feature is the right projection which con- 



tains both the front and rear entrance — also has sufficient 
room to give two closets for outer wraps and lavatory. 

All three rooms on the first floor are well lighted and 
contain exceptional wall space. Kitchen is compact and 
contains convenient space for all modern equipment. 
Three large bedrooms, five closets and bathroom with 
bathtub and shower stall complete the second floor plan. 

Fill out Information Blank and we will send you 
complete delivered price on all material and a copy of the 
original architectural elevations and floor plans. 


Page 8 3 



Arranged by Number of Rooms 

4 Roonis 


25 Hartford 

27 Sunbury 

35 Stanford 

37 Wexford 

38 Jeanette 

39 Rochelle 
44 Crafton 
58 Ellsworth 
70 Crestwood 
72 Rodessa 

5 Rooms 

14 Willard 

15 Lakecrest 
18 Colchester 
21 Berwyn 

24 Mitchell 

25 Hartford 
32 Wheaton 

34 Clifton 

35 Stanford 

36 Lewiston 

37 Wexford 

40 Stratford 

41 Jewel 








62 Carrington 





63 Kenfield 





71 Crescent 





79 Gordon 





82 Ellison 









7 Rooms wuh 





Attached Garage 


29 Torrington 









60 Corning 





61 Trenton 









It Rooms 








18 Colchester 



6 Rooms with 

19 New Haven 



Attached Garage 

30 Jefferson 






33 Oak Park 

6 Roonis 

57 Birmingham 
75 Vallonia 


7 Rooms 







2 -Apartment 





Houses — « Income 










59 Dexter 





65 La Salle 

Alphabetical List of Designs 

Bellewood 45 

Belmont 51 

Berwyn 21 

Birmingham 57 

Brookwood 54 

Carrington 62 

Carroll 56 

Claremont 69 

Clifton 34 

Colchester 18 

Collingwood 55 

Corning 60 

Crafton 44 

Crescent 71 

Crestwood 70 

Detroit 49 

Dexter ■. , 59 

Dover 20 

Ellison 82 

Ellsworth 58 

Elmhurst 13 

Fairy 74 

Galewood 72 

Gladstone 64 

Gordon 79 

H ammond 77 

Hartford 25 

Hawthorne 76 

Hillsboro 12 

Jeanette 38 

Jefferson 30 

Jewel 41 

Kendale 81 

Kenfield 63 

Lakecrest 15 

LaSalle 65 

Lewiston 36 

Lexington 17 

Lorain 22 

Lynnhaven 23 

Mansfield 52 

Maplewood 26 

Millerton 83 

Mitchell 24 

New Haven 19 

Norwich 48 

Oakdale 74 

Oak Park 33 

Randolph 66 

Richmond 68 

Rochelle 39 


Rodessa 72 

Roxbury 67 

Solace 80 

Stanford 35 

Starlight 73 

Stratford 40 

Strathmore 50 

Sunbury 27 

Torrington 29 

Trenton 61 

Vallonia 75 

Westwood 46 

Wexford 37 

Wheaton 32 

Willard 14 

Winona 53 

Worchester 78 

Page 84 


If you live near one of our 
construction offices 

A Sears Home Expert 
Will Call on You Soon 

To offer you his personal assistance with your home build- 
ing program. 

He will— Acquaint you more fully with the Sears-Roebuck 
plan. Arrange for you to see Sears houses built in your 
vicinity. Confer with you on plans, financing and construc- 
tion. And otherwise make it as easy as possible for you to 
build Your Ideal Home. 

The Sears Home-Expert does not try to sell you a home 
—he helps you buy one, pointing out what Sears can do for 
you— what you can do for yourself. This personal counsel is 
a regular part of our service and does not obligate you to 
have Sears build your home. 

Make This Nearby Construction 

Office Your Home Building 


Turn to the next page and check the 
address and telephone number of the near- 
est Home Construction Office. If this office 
is conveniently near you, there is no reason 
why you should wait until our home- 
expert calls upon you. Make it a point 
to drop in at the office today or tomorrow. 
Your visit will be full of interest for you. 
You can consult a veritable library of ideas 
that will help you picture and plan your 
Ideal Home. 

We can arrange to cooperate with your 
own local architect, if desired. 

You May Recognize These Photos 
of Many Beautiful Homes 

"There is one in your neighborhood" is 
a slogan often used when writing of Sears- 
Roebuck homes. The chances are that un- 
knowingly, you have passed many beauti- 
ful homes built by Sears-Roebuck and will 
recognize some of them in the photographs 
on file at this nearby office. 

Other Plans You May See Besides 
Those Shown in This Book 

Here at your Home Building Headquar- 
ters are many other plans and beautiful 
sketches of homes of every kind. The many 
desirable designs in the book you are now 

reading are but a hint of what awaits you 

When you visit this office, bring along 
any clippings or photographs of homes 
that have interested you. Surely you have 
found and saved many from magazines and 
newspapers. Ask us about them. Ask all 
the questions you can think of. Fill out the 
information blank on the second follow- 
ing page. This helps you think of other 
things and you will have all of your ideas 
and questions written down so that every- 
thing will be answered for you and noth- 
ing will be forgotten. 

Easy — isn't it? 

If you own a lot, bring in a snapshot of 
it. Our Home-Experts or your own archi- 
tect can help you visualize the most attrac- 
tive home that will fit your lot and the 
surrounding neighborhood. 

New and Interesting 
Architectural Displays 

Ask to see "The Home of The Month" 
— the latest suggestion received from our 
architectural division — the home we judge 
best among the many we have built the 
previous month. The outstandingly pop- 
ular houses of every size and kind are 
included in these up to the minute archi- 
tectural displays. Your Ideal Home— or 
one very much like it— may be among these 
many beautiful designs. 










Scars. Roebuck and Co. Offer a Complete Construction Service 

THEY BUILD and finance your home regardless of 
whether it contains four rooms or forty. 

The lot on which you plan to build may be irregular in 
size or your room requirements and personal taste may be 
just a little different. If you already have a plan of your 
own or have accumulated a number of sketches and ideas 
from magazines, we suggest that you send them to us and 
let us study the details and give you the benefit of our 
wonderful purchasing power and Finance Plan. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT had special plans drawn up but have 
a fairly definite idea as to the number of rooms, size, arrange- 
ment, etc. that you require, attach a rough sketch of your 
ideas to the Questionnaire in back of this book, giving us 
all other necessary information that will guide us in helping 
you select your home. Our staff of experts is at your dis- 

posal to serve you in accordance with your ideas. 

ON THIS PAGE we have illustrated the original archi- 
tectural pen and ink rendering of our Modern Home the 
"Hillsboro." We have also shown an actual photograph 
of how this attractive English bungalow type home appears 
when completed. Note how every detail has been carried 
out by the contractor. 

WE MAINTAIN for your convenience, a complete serv- 
ice department enabling you to secure preliminary sketches 
incorporating your own personal desires and our recom- 
mendations as to the most economical way to build your 
home particularly with the use of our stock millwork de- 
tails and best of materials purchased in quantity, at great 
saving to you. These preliminary plans consist of two 

i\\ gar ' -fra 1 


W 3 

AT THE RIGHT we illustrate the method 
in which the %-incb preliminary eleva- 
tions are prepared, and above is an 
actual photograph showing how the home 
looked when complete. 

rILL OUT the Questionnaire with infor- 
mation about your proposed new home and 
we will send you a complete folder con- 
taining Y^-inch floor plans, two eleva- 
tions, large scale illustrations of 
plumbing and lighting fixtures, also 
detathd outline of the material and 
equipment we recommend for your home. 

'■ ^:s#s** 


elevations and floor plans drawn to }/% inch scale, and con- 
tain sufficient detail to give you a very definite idea of the 
exterior appearance and the interior arrangement of your 
proposed new home. They also enable us to work up 
complete material and construction cost for you so that 
you will know exactly what your home is going to cost 
complete before any other expense is involved. 

LET the World's Largest Builders of Fine Homes assist 
you in getting the exact home you want at the lowest pos- 
sible cost. We are prepared to cooperate with the bestlocal 
architects doing residential work in each local community. 

PLAN AND BUILD NOW to get the benefit of present 
low prices on materials and construction.