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In this eBook, I will be explaining how I do the meal planning for my family of 3. I will try and make 
it easy to understand^ but if you still have questions feel free to email me: 


Everything in this ebook is copyrighted^ including photos. This is for YOUR own personal use and this 
ebook can not be distributed to anyone and copies of the ebook can not be made. 

Copyright © 2007 

Table of Contents 

stocking Your Pantry 
A/iake Your Own 
Meal Planning 101 




The first step is to stock your pantry. Things that I have stocked up in our pantry are items such as: 

Flour (pastry, bread, etc) 


Beans (all different varieties) 

Powdered Milk 


Condiments (mustard, ketchup, etc) 

Canned Goods 

Peanut Butter 


That isn't all that is in my pantry but those items should give you an idea. A well stocked pantry is 
your key to success! 

Below you will see photos of my pantry. 

When we moved from Alaska to Washington a year and a half ago^ we had 
to start all over again with stocking up our pantry. We used close to S400 
to stock our pantry and are still using some items from that stock up! I put 
my flourSj sugars, and other items in canisters with gamma-sealed lids to 
ensure airtight quality^ and I recommend them to anyone, 

I bought mine here: 






You can see my containers below* 

Purchase a Freezer 

I think everyone should own a separate freezer 
from the one that comes with the basic 
refrigerator* I have a small one because my family 
doesn't eat a lot of meat. When you find meats on 
a special sale that can't be beat^ you will have 
room to store them! 

I buy berries in bulk and freeze those. I also 
freeze my bread products I make, so having freezer 
space allows so many options in your meal 

This section of the ebook will be covering items that I make instead of buy! you will be 
amazed at how much money you will start saving, once you make some of your own 
bread products and snacks! The savings are substantial, at least for my family and they 
are definetely the healthier option. 

Let's start with bread. The initial cost for the equipment will be worth it 
because if you purchase a good mixer, it lasts 20 years on average! I bought a 
Bosch mixer and I love it because it kneads the bread quicker than the other 
brands, taking only 4-6 minutes. 

For recipes, you can search online and you will find MANY different recipes to 
fit your tastes. Our family prefers whole wheat bread made with olive oil and 

One of the bread products that I make monthly is 
bagels* I will make a large batch and bag half to 
freeze and the other half we use the first part of 
the month. I use a whole wheat bagel recipe and it 
is so easy that once you start making your own, you 
will wonder WHY you didn't start sooner* 

You can do a lot of things with bagels and some of 
my favorites are: 

Egg and cheese breakfast bagel 
fl Cream cheese bagel 
Jam bagel 

Ham and cheese bagel 
Tomato bagel 
Buttered and toated bagel 

The average American 
family loves to eat pizza 
and usually its v/eekly! 
Instead of ordering out 
and spending S20 or so^ 
hov/ about making your 
own? I make my ov^n 
pizza and use whole 
wheat crust and 
homemade sauce and 
my family loves it! 

Making your own pizza sauce is easy and 
I make a large batch and then freeze 
3/4th's of it and keep the rest in the 
refrigerator for that week when I make 

When I need to use some sauce from 
the freezer, I just put it in the 
microsave to defrost and then top my 
pizza and the oven heats it the rest of 
the way! 

We normally just eat pepperoni as our 
topping and lots of cheese. So I make 
sure to get pepperoni when it is on sale 
and most of the time I get a large pack 
at Walmart for $ L 50 which lasts 2-3 
pizzas usually. 

With cheese, I buy it in bulk packages 
because we usually go through one of 
those a month! 

Another staple in my family is pancakes* I make mine with whole wheat flour and as with 
the other bread products, I make a large batch once a month and freeze them. As you 
can see in the photo below, I put them in scalable bags and usually put 2 in each bag, 
sometimes 3. Then I stack them in the freezer. 

Along comes morning time and I need something quick without much preparation. So I 
take out a few packages of the pancakes and either pop them in the toaster or 
microwave them and top with syrup and VOILA, instant breakfast. 

All it takes is one day a month to bake large batches of your family's staple items and not 
only will that save you TIME, it will also save you MONEY! 


My family loves granola bars for a snack, so this is another one of our staples. 
They are so easy to make and less expensive then buying boxes of these at the 
store, unless of course you have a good coupon deal! 

I make a large batch and then cut them in individual bars and wrap in plastic 
wrap. Makes a quick snack and I use healthy ingredients, such as oats and you 
can even add some flax seed meal to your bars for extra nutrition and fiber! 




-5-,;ri rill nn br ■-^fli'' '- '"'''■ ""' 
rh.rM >1R'^I-'' 

Most families use milk for drinking and baking with. 
With the increased dairy prices you can either stock 
up on sales and freeze the milk or you can use 
powdered milk and make your own, which is what I 
0. I also buy soymiik and like the fact that it lasts 
unopened for so long and then once you open it can 
last up to 10 daySj unlike regular milk. 

I buy powdered milk in bulk and then all you have to 
do is mix with water and I do this in a blender as 
you can see in the photos. 


in;a! '\i.v.J\:-''V'--- '^''^'"'" ' 

a.,r.J3Tb;prnf'CLD.StrAn,nartCD-L " 

1 Cup or W.ft'*!' 

Making your own jam is EASY! You don't 
have to go through the canning process but 
rather you can freeze your jam and that is 
what I do. You will need whatever fruit you 
are making your jam with. I use 
strawberries that I buy in bulk slabs that I 
have in my freezer. Then you will need to 
buy some freezer jam containers and a 
packet or two of pectin. I buy a 2-pack 
because I make 2 batches usually. 


Open a packet of the pectin and mix it with the 
desired amount of sugar that you want or you 
can go by the package directions and use that 

Then, take 4 cups of your fruit and blend it well 
to a nice consistency as shown below. 

Then mix the fruit and pectin/sugar mix 

Now fill your containers! Seriously that is IT and you now are wondering WHY you didn't do this 


After filling therrij put the lids on and freeze and be sure to save one for the refrigerator for your 
bagels or biscuits in the mornings. 


Meal PlanniM 101 

First and foremost before you start planning your meals for your family^ I recommend PRAYER! God can 
help with even the smallest budget and things just work out when you let God give you wisdom on 
feeding your family* 

Next, start with an inventory of what you have In your freezer, pantry and refrigerator* I use my own 
forms for this but you can print free ones online here: 

Once you know what you have on hand, then begin to go through recipes and find what you can make for 
a month utilizing what you have. Also plan what your family would like for breakfast, lunch and snacks 
along with dinners and don't forget desserts! 

This will take time and brainstorming, but with God helping you, you can do this! 


This is a sample menu of 
our monthly menu 
choices. The items in 
blue can be found on my 
recipe blog. 


• Pancakes, syrup, eggs 

• Cereal, milk, almonds 

• Bagel, cream cheese, tomato 

• Scrambled egg with egg whites, veggies, toast 

• Scone, finiit or jam, cheese or egg 

• Muffin, cheese or egg 

• Oatmeal, eggs and/or almonds 

• Scrambled tofii, veggies 

• Shakes 

• French Toast 

• Peanut butter and jehy sandwich, milk 

• Peanut butter and banana sandwich, milk 

• Egg salad sandwich 

• Leftovers 

• Bean buiritos 

• Meat and cheese sandwich 

• Black bean Spaghetti with garlic toast or cheese bread 

• Pinto beans (with homemade sauce) and combread 

• Black bean buiritos, homemade tortillas 

• Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich 

• Split pea soup, sandwiches 

• Navy bean soup, sandwiches or honey muffins 

• Baked salmon, brown rice and broccoli 

• Homemade pizza with toppings 

• Eggplant, Spinach and Tofti Lasagna 

• Beans and rice with cheese 

• Nachos 

• Yogurt, almonds 

• Peanut butter on homemade bread, milk 

• Cereal, mUk 

• Fruit, hardboiled egg 

• Popcorn, cheese or almonds 

• Shakes 

• Peanut butter and oats cookies 

• Chocolate chip cookies 

• Sugar cookies 

• All kinds of cookies lol 

• Tofii pie 

• Strawberry pie 

• Fudge brownies 

• Coffee cakes 

• Apple Crisp 


After you have chosen the recipes, you will need to take a calendar and plan meals out 
for 30 days. We use leftovers, so I normally only need to plan 12-16 meals a month. 

Now you will you need to make a list of the ingredients you will need for the month for 
break:fest all the way to dinners and snacks. 

There are some items I buy on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, such as fruits and 
vegetables. However most of my vegetables are frozen, but I do buy fresh lettuce and 
spinach and tomatoes. Then for fruit I buy fresh bananas and apples. 

Once you have planned it all out, then you do your shopping trip. I normally buy all my 
items at Wal-mart. We had a new store open in our area called, WinCo and after 
comparing prices I have found that a lot of the groceries items are cheaper than 
Wal-mart and I may do my monthly shopping at WinCo from now on. They also sell 
things in bulk for when I need to stock up. 

1 just recently started using coupons but 1 found I actually spent MORE money a month 
because I was not only buying things I needed, but I was buying tilings I didn't need and 
don't normally buy, just because they were a good deal with a coupon. It also caused 
more trips to the store and more gas used! You can do it without coupons and without 
going from store to store to store! 

I also am not into the whole warehouse club tiling, unless you have a very large family 
or entertain often. 

It takes a lot of planning and brainstorming, but think of all the money you will save and 
have leftover to spend on something you WANT or to save for the future! 


That is all there is to it! If I can do it^ so you can you. Even at the most when 
my family ate more processed, packaged foods and meat at most meals, I was 
able to stay under $120, 

If you have any questions or need help with anything, email me: 

Also visit my Homekeeping blog: 


Happy Savings!!