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Full text of "Instructions on How to meditate upon the mysteries of the Rosary of the holy Virgin MARY."

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CTlONS<l*Nl> Ab- 



pon the Mifteries of the Roferie of th<? 

moft holy Virgin MARY. 

VVriffwi in ttMlUnfy tht^tnttendfa^ 

therGarp^r Lo^te f>. ^fDimnitie of the 

Societie ofYis v s. And n^yly 

tranjUted inu Rnglish. 

VVherynto is Annexed bricifcyMeJitat 

tionsfor thcfeueo feuenihgsyand 
1 MormRgi^ofthc^dckc. 



ByC A B.i> I H H A M iixak 

I — - 1 --■ I ' -- - - — — - — . - -I ' - ^ 


ii:<^.*^^*»w^ f^^^Jl 

u^ Pi J I » , 


to tk dmom Reader* 

^ LB E It t H E 
I^Profite and importaii- 
Ice of holyc prayerjand 
meditation of heaucn- 
ly thinges , hath not bene fo wel 
vnderftoodc; heretofore , yet is ic 
nowc through Gods gop4 grace 
lb much the better knio>«en, asic 
is more vfed. Andamongft other 
thinges which they are wont and 
'.may meditate that gcHS thcm- 
feluestothisholye cxeVcife,thc , 
deiiotion of the holy Rofarieis* 
one that is very comendablcj ve- 
ry eafie,and almoft cxerci fed of 
eche onc^-whercin the mofthighc 

A 1 and - 


> ■ 

J g ^.-. • .. U*\' 


aion doUi wittncs andobrcrue. 
comfirtned by many Popes, and 

cnriclied with many graces, prc- 

thentical priuilcdgcs which the 
Fathers of the faideReligtonha- 

uein Rome,Bc^nonia , Naples, 
and other pUces. Howbcit , bc- 
caufcalknpvcenpthpx to me- 
ditate vponthcfeMiftcncsCa^ It 
behoueth; and by this-.lacke they 
iQofe a great part of the truic 
A^hich might' xvel be gathered 
. tbereby,fQr their belpethis pre 

• ' rent'Treatife hath bene compo- 
fed iVierin is(he^:ed,ui Axhat- 
manner they ought to meditate 
' \fnh 



To threader* 5 

with grcatcft profitcjand confo- 
lation of their <^les. And that 
ihoUjWelbcloucd Reader,maieft 
the better vndcrftande , ho we 
fruitful this holy deuocion is to 
euery fort of people , and howc 
it bchoiieth thee to exercife thy 
fclfc therin , thou niaieft reade 
the Chapter following wherin 
this matter is fo amply intrcated 
of,asI hope thou wilt not grudge 
t© read the reft of the booke 
meaning to embrace this fo holy 
an exercife , which thcrttinaieft 
afluredly beleeiie,flial be more 
profitable and |)leafanhr, 
then painful aii^yrk- 

A J 





TAaliY mifericordW' ^ 
Turns M0tfrot^g^> 


Treface touching the great fropte atid 

Wtlitie that may be gathered by medi-^, 

tating')fpo the life tif our Sauiour hfu* 

Chriffe;and in nvhat maner 'we ought 

to meditate the miferiesoftbe Kcfarie 

(yphich are intreated of in this Trea--^ 

tife ) and contains in them the 

principal part of this moB 


jiKE AS THESonn 
^of God vouchfafed to 
come downc from . i 
k^77s».:fr'tieauen to earth, and 
TO make himfelfc man foi? ; 
the wcI-fare and life of man, 
according to that the felfc alohi 
{^tne word incarnate a faith; lo.B. 

A 4 Jrf»^44-*? 


fo for Ke coiiueifation M '?>» 

limherein Jsthe often wcd^«- 



' l-"-' •'• hirn <o ,he ^.jrU for a 4 ight ,fot 
.'.> aldreacKcrofmeniand.heSon- 
c^a'J- ne him-felfeafluring vs. that 6 
«■?•■• al wKatfoeuethcdid.was done 
It"- ^fuevs an example. that vre 

>•?«•■• ftfchdoo. as could not enioyhu 

»•''• vifibk j)tefence here in earch? 


■ fhcy had not this temodie of the 
mcditatl6 of his moftc holye hfe! 



day ill^ibiiiiitlcK V gdM6th , dhi 
teitli^cthvsi^silibb^h liti ^^it 
ptcfent j^ith that he befotedii 
if waiidHrig cbrptJrally ih this 
World ) rpeakc, \{l5rkc »chdurc, 
j^iid tfeachc. . 

t f B^hbucth thcrfore , ih^i j 

this ih^ditAWon ferUc vs i& a liiir- * 

ror , '^Heriiijby dftcti looking 8c 
taking vicWj^c may -^'ith thi ei'ci 
bf our fdiile fee that ,iJrhieh %ith 
the eyes bif bur bbdit vre tititWt 
cbiildttor ca^ fee? ind accbrdirig 
toitiirciS: and frame oiir life, 
fith,4il I'criis CHrifte his anions *^^*^- 
were done for oiir inftitutiSand x.p«t,i^ 
inftraiiHon ; yea , as S.Iohn the 
Apoidic t faith : VnofHaiththat 
he d^)flkfhinJefrsClmfiei^^^ d.iMih 

fay, that he is a member and'fer- »^, 
iiahtpf I'efus Chrift,oiig/;f (00*4^- 
ke ;«5 he hdth yvalked . A s if he had 
faide: Who- fbcuet faith, that he 
js a lAcmb'cr of Icfus Chriftjtnufl: 

A 5 >c 



" -.-jf^y'yy^^.'T "" •'r"r?7Tr^!:3T^>.T'- ■_. 

to ThedHthom 

aAfrfMi belowlycrfand mecke , as Tcfus 
*^- Chrift was j muft concemnc ^l 

delights , hotiottrs , and wpor- 
fliipp of this worlde , as he did, 
fecking in al things the only glo- 
hJoh.-;.a rieof god ybdcnot regarding in 
^'m /. any thing his ovvnepcculierefti- 
matiooihcmuftloue frindesand 
dLuc. 6. t:foes,dooiniurietononc,andif 
^ any be done to him, (^ boar it pa- 

Vet.t.d tiently -, defirc rather to fetue 
■"^ " others, them to be e feriied him 
felf. To be fliort , he muft Co loue 
his neighbour,/as if need requi- 
re at anytime, he be ready to lofc 
his life for his vfclfarc and falua- 


Howe is it then poflible for a 
triie Chriftian to doo thefe-and 
fo manic more things as be nc- 
celTarie to be done,to imitate le- 
fus Chrift a- right , but if he kno- 
Vcthat lefus Chrift him- fclfc 
did fir ft pradife and doo them 
mofte exactly ? and ho we flial he 
know thcm,bttt by often mcdita* 



ting his life , & the liuely & 
perfect examples, which offucli 
like workes he left vs ? aiid howe 
may a man learne the IcITons of 
charitic,paticnce,poucrtie, obc- 
diece,and of al other vcrtiics,btit 
if he knowc the life of the Lorde 
of al venues? and thcrforcjas ^^^/^ 
faith glorious S/Bernardr^In f"';^'""' 
vainc trauaileth he to attain ver- q^„^ 
tues , that hoptth by anye other 
meanesthenby the Lord of alt b P/ij.ft 
venues to attam thej whofc doc- ^9-8 3-8* 
trine is a nurcieric of prudence; 
his mcrcie a worke of luftice j his 
life a mirrour of temperance*, his 
death a liuely paterne of prowes. 
Thou feeft \ Reader, by this ho^ 
lye Do(5tour his wordes , confir- 
med by the t^ftimonie offo ma- 
nic other famous men , howc 
heceffary the continual medi- 
tation of Chrifte^ moft holic 
life is , to the obteyfting of 
fuch vertues as be needful for 

K 6 al 





ii¥i'ri\ t III III 



tr Theamhoitrs 

thoCe tliac couet to jparticipatc 

ofchetnicand^ucrlafting life, 

Moreouer , bcfids this io great 
a profitc , Which procecdeth nc- 
ceflariiy out of this mofte lauda- 
ble exeircife , weigh wel, good 
Chriftian Reader., what other 
fruites,graccs, and ftore of fpiri- 
tual tircafure doo.aflbciate this 
holy meditation. Tel me , I pray 
thee , what thing more fvrecter, 
and of greater cofolatio may any 
mp defire, that hath not wholly 
ioithis tafte,th€nto meditate, 
difcoarfe , and think vpon the 
wordes, workes , examples , and 
life of our Sauipur iefus Chrift? 
Of whom we finde a written. 
That his mm(atmriiv*s Without 4 
jownes,and his comf^ttvk badnoeU" 
combra'nce , but ioy and eonfflaticn* 
What time, maye we thinke bet- 
ter fpcnt , then that which is em- 
ploied in fuch profitable mede- 
lationi what cxercife can there 





be niok meirftoribus or accepta* 
bie t(5 iChirifte iheb thiswherin 
the fodle is biilibd, in perfor- 
ming tdsLty Ma^dal^n that moft 
wootthy penitent her fiindipn & 
o^ce,wliW chafed ^he beftpart^ ^^^^ 
ip fii:ting her dbwn^ iat our Lor^ lo.^. 
Acs ftdte, a^rid lifbiingtb his wor- A«g.t.& 
des the like did our Soiicrain^!;'^^ 
Lady the bleiicd Vir^n Mary ,6 w^ioj. 
marking Vei , knd rieuoluingthe 
fame wordcs in Ker heart : What hLm.i^ 
thing may ther be more valable 
to gaine niercy, grace, and the 
famiiiaritie of Iefus Chrifte? 
what more foueraitie remedie 
to come by litle andlitle to the 
coteplation of his iiifinitemaie- 
ftie , then is attentive and feriba$ 
meditation? Seing the fame out 
Lbrde aJfTuVeth v$ hiite-(elfe 
thereof, e fiying : ifatiye emer^^.^ 
in by me he shal be fluted , tmd ^^ 
shal finde imti Papeete feedings. In 
fine , what thine ttHy ^^^^ ^ 







\^ Theautyufs 

more calic or more pleafantfot 
al. fortes of people , then is this 
hoiy meditation Jfithin medita- 
ting the lifebf Chrifte , we muft 
needes meditate withal the lite 

of iiisbleired mother , as alfo cal 
the Apoftles and other holye. 
Saintestominde,that liuedand 
conuerfed withhiin:yea,althe 
bieffed Angels too, who greatly 
deliehtin this kinde of exercife, 
. and thcrfore , no doubt but f a- 
uour greatly alihofe thatvfc it. 
infiichwife,asif thou wertnoc 
to receaue any other guerdon, 
nor to reap any other commodi- 
iieby this fo holy an exercile, 
yet ought this oncly thing to al- 
lure, yea , cpnftraine^ thee , to 
frequent and praaifeit^to v^-Jt, 
the pleafure and fweetnes which 
thy fouleflial feele,in contem- 
plating fo holy a lifc,in remem- 
bring his fo abfolutc and won- 
deifttlworkesjin behpldingwith 
- ■ -*■ ■ ' jhe 

Tripce. 15 

the eyes ofthy foulc fobeautifbl aPA-V 
4andamiablea Lord aboiieai'|f*^'5. 

the fonnes pt men. • . , .. initio Sn*. 

What thing can be morfefvrfeet^ 
then to conuder his nidft Koly £{i{h, 
behauiours ?howe humble he 
was in his cohuerfatibn ; howb 
affable in his wo'rdes ; howc mil- 
deinhisanfweres,-howe fcrucnt 
in his preaching j how (eucrc in 
reprehending vice j howc «c»- 
loas in procu ring diuine honour> 
howe patient in putting vp iniu- 
riesj how diligent in feekingthe 
fauegard of fbules 5 howe ml of 
compaffion,in bewailing others 
greifsjhow curtcous iii receauing 
SnnerSj-how merciful, in pardo* 
ningoffenders;h6w liberal > ia 
graunting thkt which wis re- 
quired hini ; howe mightie in his 
miracles j howe modeft in his 
going; howe temperate ihhis 
eating, howe great alouer of 
poiiertie , how prone to pai- 










ivesiBow frcquciit id ^)ratcWng 
knaprayingiKoy gr^tlbusand 
amiable lo^arclcs almcii : he 
iirfpifca nohc,althougKa finttct^ 

hcfiiunncinoiie.fctehfe fickor 
a Icprc-Hcii^ttcrcd ndt the richc, 
nor iraue the nceaie out bt his 
^o'mpanic i He flcdd al gorily 
honoarssand^as hotcatefultor 
temporal treafdrc *, he was cdror 
„ ,, mbntbaiiandtoAwihal, cori- 
Tr[j uerfed With al Briefly, he . ^as Q> 
' ' 4.elc(^bl'c/ofwcctc,andfo^mia 
i>le ias It is not poffible to findc, 

witti,hbr itnagine >/ «^i^5 
graiibus,exaa,'ahdperf<a: hie 

theh,his -was.\Vhat is he therforc 
that wil-befo renfelcffc , aridot 
to cbfrupt a tafte, as wil not be 
ddightcdtherwitb, and feelea 
jfingulcr fweetnes in meditating 

Vpo h this fo holic a lifci 
Neuertheleffe, thinke not,that 

infaying , that the meditation 

of Chrift his life is of lo 
- — -^ "" great 

17 Treface. 

great importance, I meanc to 
exclude his piaJfibh and death, 
neither yet his Rcfai'rcaion and 
Afcenfioh ; fith vtifleir this \^bi:dc 
of Ufe,al ihefe mJfteties ire cofli- 
prchehdid i and 6dt of theirt af 
oughteftthoii to ^Hhht; diit 
w^irc » i prctic pdficii tb' bfeirc al- 
wiici ahbtit thee ifti' thy bbfomc, 
like to that of mi rr he j which' the 
Spbufc 4 feid fn the Catiiikes,(he ^ can.i.iL 
ciiitd continually mhcrs. Good y.BerJnh 
eS.B^rhitdffidti fibwci he had^^-^^j^ 
gatherdd fiich a cittciout bfil the|;^'^- % 
dirtrcfles slnd ahnoyaitccs^ diir jj^^i^j^ 
Lbtde hid lii Kisiiiifahcitj'tKc pai intraff. 
iiiiheafeidd iii jifirichih^, thc«fc«* i^t 
toiles he ehdwred ihhis Voiages,; ^"*'. 
the temptations; he oucrcame ini 
fading ,|tHe tcares he (hedd iA 
prayingjtbbebtiefe,out bfalthe 
iniuri«,otitri^«,icbrnes , fpit- 
tinges, blows , naites , withal 
the other toriHciitcs* } and 
^mbngft fo miftyc branches 






Lt:f '^ 

19 Tk ^4*^thm r . 

pf this moft^ fweet-fmclling pit- 
ilie,he faithjliow he left not tl^ac 
out of the foure drinke which 
was geacn him on theRoode,nQr 
yet that wherwith hf was anqm- 
ted in the (cpulchrc. By which, 
wordes this holy Saint dcclareth 
howe in meditating ourSauiours 
lifc,althefet thitigcs arc to be 
cdlifidcred. j, 

Howbeit , forafmtjch as it is 
not long agone, that being com- 
maunded by my fuperiors, I ma- 
de a fmal Treatife that w^s pu- 
bliijied abroadc , touching the 
matter.of the|i;a{ri6,w KcrinTf r« 
certaine inftrj^^^ions and ,adncr- 
tiremcntes giu^n , ^ t ot h oFthe 
principal ppintcstherof, and in 
what maner they were to be 
jncieditated^rpine, ipt ec was in this 
tTeatirejbeijDg inline tnanerxo- 
maundcd me)to hauc principal-, 
lyjntrcatcdoffuch other mifte- 
n^softhis moii holy life, as had 


frifdce. I? 

not bine fpoken of in the pthisr 
I afterwardcs had pcirceaued, 
how to write al that might be 
gathered out of the holy Gofpels 
touching the life , prcaching,arid 
miracles of our Lord,would be a 
yery long thing,and require a iuft 
volume , I determined with my 
ielfe to write onely vj^n the mi- 
fteriesofthe Rofarieofthe mo- 
fteblelfcd virgin Mary; fitliens, 
befides that it is fo godly ,renow- 
ned,and approued, a deuotion as 
isabouefaid in the Prologue? 
therein , in triy fancie , are the 
chicfpointsbfthelife ofChrift 
cdhtHnedjfro the time of his in- 
carnatiori,vntil the fending do.v 
nc of the holy Ghoft j in-fomuch 
as, who-foeucr he be that ftial 
meditate thefewci , ttiay affurc 
him- fcife to haiie meditated the 
greater arid more pri^^pal part 

' This 










Qhrif. to. 

caf.6. to. 
4 &in 

ib,^ Ttefaee. 

•JFiisisikHetliifig therfore, my 
derefye i'eloued btotKer , wKich 
I here |)f6ferit Vhto'tfcee jto^jfic, 
fte nieditatidris of the miftciics 
of the s^oitCkiii Ro/kric ; whe- 
reof ccic one i( as was don^ in' 
the other nieditdtteiis of rhePaf- 
noh^isdiftmguifliedinto three 
poihte$,al^wel for the perfection 
a and acuotioh of this fturhber,as 
alfo, tfiat echc one may meditate 
thein more amply,and withlefle 


iiiitBecaufethc poiiites which 
i ribtccd in the ot^cr nieditatidrii 
of the facrc.d Pariibn wcirc no- 
thing amplifieciarid dilated, hiii 
onely abate text let downc ot 
the niatteas that were jco tic ttit- 
ditated vppriCthcwHich was do- 
ne ; fiippofing, that cthc. ohd 
would tiicm-rdues,accof din| fco 
itcirdiuotjdh haiic dilatcd.ahd 
kmplifi^dthefanw^ j vhdcfftan- 
diDff fmcejthatif ionicdoo riiakc 
' ^ this 



this dircourfc an«^ <dilatation,yer> 
alfor faci pi c^jpacltfp^p? j^W* 
for this cauj^ti^Qe ^ fjp,}ip' ininiC 

jndc.ii,9MyinfH»ffe^9Kc» fP fPn- 
tcntborhx^^'ne »ti,4 Xn^qiHcrj 
acknowledging' |ny 'fp]fe , ^?S. 
Pautc a faith,to bf ip.4ej^tcd.l?otIi 
to the learned and the |gnof f ni. j , 
For the learned Jthprfprcjilfiai^e 
tjjiought good, a^er a^e^t m(e, 
i?r^ to f^t d;,chi^.t^hich.tnc^ 
maye nicditatc vpon Jn cqcVyc 
miftcric, jea^rig cche onc,tP 
paufe therein , and to dilate the 
fam^ , according to ^heir capaci- 
tic and deuotion : nowe for t^ie 
ignorant , that inpvrc r^qt Hov^c 
to doo thisjwithontibme further 
helpe , I haue (hewed thcm the 
manncr,how to interteiae theni- 
felues,and to difcpufe ypon ectjc 
point , which foeuer they may 
thinkegpqd to meditate vpppj 
out of which maimer of am- 
plification they may gather 



■^ yayy 






thefc commodities folbwihg. 

1. Fii-ft, they fhal better vnder- 
ftad the hiftory p of that poit,yhc 
rcon they purpolfe to rtieditatc. 

2. They mayc conccaac the do- 
cument or example,which fotnc- 
times is intermedled for their in- 

3. They maye learfle ho^c feme 
times to aske our Sauiour fuche 
thinges, as the point Nrhereon 
they meditate , may moft fitly 
minifter occafion of; othcr-cime 
loyeeld thanks for fuch graces 
and mercies as they maye be put 
jnminde to haue beenp done 
vnto them , and to this purpofe 
may they apply the vocal praicr 
fecdowncattheend of euery 


4. Tbcy maye with the readmg 

of thefe ampHfications , hclpe 
the-fcluesto auoide the diftra- 
dions andwandring of minde, 
Vf'hich often times , happencth 

■ - ■■ ~ in 

'. y Vrefdci, _ ,;^ 

ihtimcofntcditation. '', 

J, The Apbftrophes and * fatni- 
litic (pedchcs which I hauc npVe 
ahd the intermedled iti this • raiii 
tlldde and mahcr of (filatitioiii; 
may feme to excite atid kindle 
deu6tion,being wcake. or waling 
ashappeheth many tiriics to be. 
16. After they haue read more 
then.once the forefaid inancr bf 
athplificacibns vpon eche point, 
th.eyflial perccauc them-felues 
fofufficiently inftru<5ked,as that 
of them-felues they may eyther 
altogether , or in part, be able to 
ampiifiefuch articles as they are 
minded to meditate v|)on ; and 
when ihey found nothing fugge- 
fted of their owne brayn^ and 
pcculierdeuotion,yet maye the 
readinge of thefe points that ar^ 
here proppunded the jwith their 
amplifications wel and leifur- 
lyconfidered, ferue for afuf-j 
ficieot meditation ,\rhiles no- 




m iwvi. iiiiii ii i 




li : 





tjiing cl$ 5fyrc ft[i^Rr^4 *,«,«P? 
And of thc|e,jiftd fuc^ li^e ^r}i"c^ 

yhicj t)w fyi^pl^ |^« ^B h^^ 
ancl gatHpr^jut pf)J\c Jor«?-iaidc 
amplifications , t^e learned .tpfy 
(n like Vile liclpe jhcm 14^^^ 
tTi^r-withal aclo.m,e,uincj;, ^Hf ^il 
b.c(l flial like thcpn;(p 4iat,al-yrcl 
tpth'one as tljignher they ffiaj 
Koc be ypprofjcaBl.c. 

Aiorcpur, thijs piai|j^r,of di(U,nr 
guiiliing and jcntf r;;aining a 
mans Iclfe ypon x\i<eiie anicle, 
may fcnie for a^l fortes ctf people; 
for who fo jnindeth^to difcp^TK^ 
vpbn al.the three 4>pintps 9^ tjift 
inifterie , whereon H.e^i^ecltt^rqtl] 
wel may he (o doejand vKfiOjiany 
ciethnjOt topaufc inccfic P9.i^tt 
lb longtime, may make c^O\iM? 
of that po^itthat fh:^|t bcf^jlike 
him ; (e ruing his turnc , if hjC 
thinkc gpod,^Yith the* "mcdita^ 
ting of ope onely point, 
and the amplification thero^ 

" ^' ^'"'- • ^ if 


if heliftswhichhp may right esM^ 
%e findc out i feiiig cuctye poii^ 
1% fo plainly tUftingoiihed a-patt> 
us one hatig^tk not of an<>Pth6r» 
but ech one is abfolutc in his owne 
eondufion. I thintc itgoodbefi- 
des , to aducrtifc thee in this 
place, that the inftrti^ions which 
1 h&ne giucn thee in the 6, S. and 
11. Chapters of. The cxcrcife of 
ftChriftian life; as aifo thofc adut- 
fes that t fct thee downc in the 
Tretife Iwrpt^ofthc meditation 
of the Paflion,at the ende of the 
inftfuaiibn , may greatly hclpc 
ihce to the better meditating of 
thcfc mifteries jalthe whichdoctt^ 
mentcs 1 here omitt for breuitie 
dke , referring thee onely to the 
forefaide places in the bookcsa- 
boue efpecified. 

Finally , I thinkc it meete to ad- 
uertift thee , that for-fbmuch as in 
theinftittttionofthe Rofaric it is 
or4«ined that tenn Me Tttdries 

B and 



i i 




au> Theambwrs 

zndotiQVaterno^er be recited vp- 
poneuerymifterie jthcfcmaye be 
faide in three fandrye maners. The 
ficftis, to lecite them before thou 
enter into thy meditation. The fc- 
cond is, to fay thdm in the very ti- 
me of meditation. The tliird is, to 
fayethem after a man hath fihi- 
flied his meditation. And this la ft 
way is , in mine opinion , the beft, 
iith the foule doth commoly after 
mcdi&ationfindeit felf more fup- 
ple.and better difpofed' to prayc 
■with attention and deuotion. Yet 
meane I not hereby to make a la- 
ye,but that eche one may fay the, 
at fach time as beft flial like them. 
Thefe particularities haue I 
thought good to louche , minding 
thereby to helpe nouices, and fuch 
as are fmallye acquainted with this 
exGrcife,alabor that I haue wil- 
lingly laide my hands to> a{-wel, 
for that it was appointed me by 
thofc that haue authoritic to com- 


the 4mhowsVtefdC9, vj 
maund me , as alfo , in rcgardc of 
the hope I haue conceued that it 
flial benefitethe brethren of our 
companie , for whofc profitc and 
commoditie , this worke was prin^ 
cipallye compofed t whom I ex- 
hort and pray asearneftly as I can, 
togeue them felucs diligently to 
this holy exercife of meditation, 
confidering that for fb fmai paine 
they are promifed fo great a 
gaine, and fo finguler confolation, 
as I am perfuadcd al thofe fnalbe 
able to teftifie, who with a willing 
and feruent defirc ihal for fome ti- 
me geue thera-fclucs to affaye and 
proue the famei For ycr fly doo I 
hope , that fuch flial by experience 
finde his life to be the guide of 
their life, who is the way, *tbe^^^^ 
truth , and the life ; to w horn, with j^ j 
the Father and the holy Ghoft be 
eternal and cuerlafting glory. 



B 1 


■ ^■ ^..^tw^ji-w 



-^ .1 


' ofclieRofarieofourLalic 

yvhercof the fiuc Fiift are called 
ioyful, I'he fecon J doulful, the 
third gloridus. 

f Ecrc Gabriel the Archangel doth, 
^_^^ OurbkfledLadicgrcctc; 
yVho with coiifent Conceiued Chrift> 
Our foueraigac Sauiour fweete. 

&^ Od grauttt the power and ftrcnVth 
gjg[2 otGod, 

My foule may day ly haile: 
That It conceiuing Ch iift may bring 

Forth tearcs ofgoc d auailc. 




nathnQfthe Sonne of Goc/j and of the 
t^nnunci/uhn of our ladye^ i^yhe-re vf^^ 
thou shalt medifatc thefe three fointes /!>• 

J^^Irft, that Cordial charitic of Godj axJoh^ 
J^^who^vouchfafedto be incarnate, ^,c 
andtbmake him-felfeman , as we are, Joh.i. h 
to rcpaire thereby the fal of miferablc j.fe 
man-kinde , dcliuering vs by this meancs 
frpm thQ flauerieof Sathan , and this 
without ai)y inerice of ours going before^ 
b woortTii^: the receeuing otfo great a be- , y 
nefite. \ 

Secondly ^ Co«fi<kr , hpwc for the ac^ \dT'f. 
ccmph^hmrat of this mifteriej Ije fcnr " 
th;«: cdeftial Ainbaflage to the rooft fe- *' 
cred virgin, the which Gabriel the Angel 
cari-d^ according as the Euan^lift S. 
Lukccrepoitcth: Wherein thouiraieft 
cpiitcm^ate the circuraftanccs of the ^^^-^^ 
A*^ibafladour , ai>d of the gr^at Lady ,to »•« 
whom the Ambailagc was fcnti as alfo the 
wordes of thofe moft amiable l^eeches 
that patted betwcxt them twaine. 

B } «rdly 

jo t.MIST. lOY. 

Thirdly confider , howe pfefcntly af- 
ter the moft facred Virgin had yceldeci 
her confcnt to the meflage that was deli- 
uered her by the Angel , this diuine miftc- 
rie was forth with accomplished. Here 
jnaieft thou meditate , what meruailous 
matters were doue in that inftant. 

iHe fiift Article m^ye be 
iamplified , by medita- 
ting the pitiful eftatc 
. 'which the world was in, 
when God vouchfafed to befto\<!^ 
this his (6 bountiful a benefite v- 
ponit jhow many iinnes did euc- 
ry where bearc fway *, how mahjr 
crrours , howe great blindnes, ho- 
we many dangers , howe flendcr a 
defife , nor yet any imagination to 
receauc fo gireat a benefite j and 
a. Gal. yet , {iich was the ioue of Godto- 
4, a. wardes the world , as without any 
Leo Pa- good defertof ourpart,yea,with an 
^^ ^ infinite number of moft enormous 
de^^a^ crimcsj the daie being come,which 
tiuit.' his maieftie had before al daies or- 
^"f"' dcined, a he remcmbred themthat 


OF f HE INCA^N. $i 
had forgotten him , and witli mo- 
ftc rare cicmeeie vouchfafed to vi- 
fite them that deferued moft. fcue- 
rely to be chaftifeAj and to redref- 
fe the endlefle cuils and miferies 
that reigned round about the 
world } albeit fo beetle blindc we- 
re men , as they knewc them not, 
nor any whit perceucd them. And 
for the doing of tWs matter,he diC» 
daincdnot to ioyne him-felfe to 
the miferie of humane nature,ma- 
king him-felfe man for vs, and 
thral to thoufands of annoyes , for 
ourfaluation.O ineftimableCha- 
ritie ? O infinite liberalitic? Lordcj 
thou liberally departed with morfe 
to the the world , then it either 
durft craue or wifh for at thy 
handes. What diddeft thou fee 
in vs , O Lordc , to moue 
thee in fuch lowly wife, to yifi- 
te vs ? what were our merits to« 
wardes thee? what feruices had 
we performed to thy diuine ma- 
B 4 icftic2 

!l I 




j» J, MIST. 10 V. 
ipftie ? thy mere goc!4i7«$ it is, 
that only proiwfckcth thee thcrtoj 
th^tthy i^Aere clemencie caufeth 
thee tQ defecnd from h^auftn to 
«4tFh s 9.M to take humane flc* 
flie in the blcflTed virgins vromhe 
for ovit wcl-farc , xfhieh made thee 
nExod. carft t?Q defcend do^iffl 4 into the 
3 <» biifl^c. , taking pirie of thy pea- 
plei affli^ion , and to procure 
|:hcir dcliiierancc , as then thou 
(aide ft to Moife$j vf hereby thou 
figuredH: this thy fecond di(ceac 
of clothing thy felfc with the 
^^^/* mantel of our hiimanitie. Al the 
Ser. Angels praife and rhanke thee for 
this thine ineffable mercy; feing 
man can-not condignely thanke 
thee thcreforc,nor yet acknowled- 
ge it fuiEcicntlye. 

Int'he fcconde point thou Hialc 
haue -a plentiful fubie(5b to dilate 
vpon^ conHdering on th*one fi<« 
de the quahtie of the Ambaffa- 
dour which God {em downe for 











the dealing, in this alFaire ;: to al«ff. 
high cftatc, being one of the Ai,b. 
principal Angels of beanen ; the fi<r. 
beautie and brightnes of body» »»»'«»•: 
whccin he appcred to the tnoft^-^^ 
facred virgin ; the bumilitie & rc» hom! 
ucrcnce , whcrwith he (kluted herj i. fUpet 
the gratious (peeches , rcplcni-^j^ 
fljed with al confolation , which *-^* 
he vfed towards hej: ;'the great 
sktl and wonderful wifdom he 
ilicx?cd m reporting his Com- 
million to her > declaring by de<* 
grees the diuinc miftciie of the In- 
carnation. In this manner maieft 
thou likewiic difcourfc vpon al 
tiic other circumftances.* 

On th'othcr fide , weigh wel 
the cxcellencie &nd fbuerain di- 
gnitie of her , whom this am- 
bailagc was fent to 5 her modefb 
countenance in barkening ; her 
graue prudence , in pondring the 
wordes that were fpokento her; 
that wcl-bcfceming bafhfulnes 
B 5 which 



M ' 

J. a. 


54 r. MIST. 10 V. 

which made her bluflb , in hearing; 
hcrowne praifeiche feruemzeal 
flic caried to virginitie , which 
made her make itifwere, rnca- 
tiing to be afl'ured thereof ; the 
liucly faith , wher- withflic firmly 
beieeued al that was on Godsbe- 
halfe announced her , for the 
which ihe was of her couHn S. 
Elizabeth d fingulerly commen- 
dcdj & laftly, the profound huint-" 
litie wherwith fhe rciigned and 
gtauevpher felf as our- Lord his 
obedient feruantjhe hauing chofen 
her for his beioued mother. If 
thou difcuffc diligently al thefc 
particularities , as al other the like 
circumftances of this diuine miftc- 
lic i thou ftialt findethy felfe rapt 
ifttofuchan adra i ratio, as flial ma- 
ke thee crie out with the Roial 
Pfalmiftrf Dauid: Gre4t andn^m- 
h PA. ^^^"^"^ " ^^^ 'yvifdome O lord, it isfa^ 
X38. ' high, as I canmccomprgheni it. It CvLt^; 
pafTeth tny retchc and vnderftan- 
ding; fichcns of what fide focacr 


thou turneft theein this Ambafla^. 
ge , thou (halt finde great » and 
right miraculous meruailes. Great 
is the mefiagejgreatisthe lord 
that fenc it^ great is the pcrfonages 
to whom it was fentl v great the 
Ambafiadbur that brought it;great 
is the affaire that is intretcd of» 
graec and meruailou$,the m anner 
ofproccedinginit.Our Lotdebe 
laudedeucty wher,4that doth fo aD^». 
great matters both in heauenand^'^. 

earth. - 

If thou defire to ftaye vpon the 
third point , thoii Cbalt neuer !want 
snattersmeditfitittgthe thinges that 
tooke effed prcfentlye after the 
Queene of heauen had geuenhet, 
confent,& faying: Fwt.i»;ifn/fC»»i/«» ^ 
yerhnm tuu.Beis done yntowe dcc(^ding 
toil^nvdrde, Sith in that verycinr- 
ftant the nloft facred body oihfm 
was by the vertuc of the holy ghofit 
formed of the mofV pure bloud 
©f the bleifcd virgin Mary ; and 



^6 I. MIST. 

in the feifc fame inftant was his 
glorious foulc created and infti- 
fed in his body ,• and in the fame in- 
ft ant was his moft holy humanity 
vnlted with the eternal word of 
God in one fclf-fame perfon. And 
ihencc-forth was the blcfled vir- 
gin mother of God , Queene of 
Angels and men , ful of grace , rc- 
prcniflied with al the giftcs and 
prcrogatiucs meete for to incom* 
parable a dignitie. O Fwr moft 
puiflant and cfFcdual ? with an* 
other 4 VMt God did earft make 
the heauens,carth,and al the crea- 
tures of the world ; yet were thcf 
farre greater & more important 
matters made with this fut ; feing 
that by means of this Ymi , the fa- 
me God made him-felf man , and 
man was made God;vfithaithc 
other right wondcrfulj workes 
that proceed out of this change U 
moft miraculous mctamorphofis. 
O mightie Lady > iliou haft noc 




(aid without caufe in thy a Can* atnc^ 
tide , TkAt he ^bicb is migkie hatk '* * 
done great things vnto tA«; and what 
greater matters might there be, 
then to haue made thee his mo- 
ther, thou emoyihg ftil thy pure bf'ifc^ 
and immaailatc vitginiticl what ^^^ 
greater matter , then to hauemade ^i„ 
thee his temple > ^and the £kctcdfint h»' 
tabernacle ot the holy Gholbwhat »«» . 
greater matetjthenhc whom the '*^'' 
cope of heauen can notcoiKcinc, 
t^ naue vouchfafedtoihut ium4el£ 
vp in thy facred wombe > it being 
made thereby a celeftial Parade- 
•fc , wherein the Aogels deli^ to 
adore their Maker. Verilycthe 
Almightic liathdoncgreatmattccB , 
to thee , whetby thy. %iritc may 
rightly rcioycc,and. without inter- 
miiiion magnify him , who hath 
ib hig^T magnified thee. And we 
almay rightly for the iamc caafe 
congratulate with thcti and prai^ 
aa± reucrcnce ihcc perpetually, 


tit, 5. 





j8f LMIST. I6Y. 

€0 endeuour our felues al Ve mayjl 
CO be thy ctue & faithful fcruants. 

Rear and ineffable -was the 
ioyCjO moftc facrcd virgin 
Mary, which thy moft holy hart 
was Turprifed with,wh c being (alu- 
ted by the Angel Gabriel » and th- 
derftanding the caufeofhis Am-' 
baffage , thou with a fnoft pro- 
ibundhumilitte refignedft thy (cl- 
fe into our Lorde his handes, and a 
waftprefently rher vpon made the 
true mother of thine own c Father 
& Creator. Ibefcech thee Lady, 
by this thine incotnparab le dignt- 
tie, that with thy worthy praiers 
thou wilt obteyn me abundant ^ra^- 
itejwherby I inay conccuc fpiii- 
tually the felf-fame Lorde , and 
knowe alwaies howc to kcepc 
him in my foulc. Amen. 
"■."-■' "■ ^ Heece 


Heere hiiratly she conceiued with Chiift 
Hercoofmgoestofec: - 

Who with her Babe in wombc shcwes hCK 
Gods mother deere to be.: 

!>Each melord hmnbleneffc to learne, 
&§& Of thee,and mother milde: 
And thankefulneffe and honour of 

Saint Elizabeth and heteWldc. 

• fierhistoitchingourblerftdUdteM^ 

^naifi meditate thefi three arttcUs^ .ft 

iH E r I R S T is, how onr Lady ha- ^ ' ^ 



^rftoodcjliowchjerCoufia was uowe 
fixe monthes gone witk child, she with 
an exc^ciidngchautie and diligence wcttf 

SECONDLY, Confider the paiTinff 
ioye which S.a Elizabeth felt piefently aN 

a 7i/c/^ ^^^ *^^ ^^^ feene the blefTed Virgin > and 
' heard the voice of her &lutation,as alfo 
the wordes which she ^ak€ in herpraife 
iiind finguler commendation. 

THIRDLY, contemplate , howe 
our Ladie hearing^thc wordes that S. Eli- 
zabethj(pakc,an^ inKtetMding the fecret 
thiiige^ that were rcBcalcd mto her ^ she 
was ccafed with a. ^eat iay and exul- 
tation of ipirite and being whollye in- 
flamed in diuineloue > pronounced that 
niLoftc miftical Canticte of b M4g»/j?c^i 
amma tnea Thmnwm. 

paufcin the confix 
I ration of the fiffte 
Article , meditate 
the charitie which 
caufed the mofl: 
ikcred mother tfi entrepii£b 
fo lo£^ and labprfoiiie a ioar> 




O F T H E V I SI T AT, 41 

ncy, oncty to vi(itfB,adto doo fomc 
feruice to tha^ hplyeolde wpmao^ 
Saint Elizabeth kowing wcl,thai: 
by her prefect flicmight be greatly 
comfpned and holpexi* 
This4 may ferueihec for alefloji 
tQcudcuownhyfelfe, accordii^ ^ Am^ 
to her example, CO cxerctfe thc*^^j * 
\rgrkes of charitie and mcrcie ^ ^ji^ 
v?ith a willing and readie heart; virgi- 
Ponder Ukevrifc her rooft |>ro» nibm, 
• fount httmiltric,whcceTrith albeit 
{he receaued fo high a dignitic, a$ 
to be made the mother of God, yet 
didflienor foral that refufe to 
humble and deprcflc her felfejtn 
going to doo that ofEce ,which the 
mener fort is wont to performe 
ynto their betters. Omoftc holy 
and raoft humble mother , howe 
farrearcthoueftranged from al 
arrogant hawtincs; howe farrc 
abhorring from the peHnlent pre- 
fumption of men and womca 
of this world , which being but 


41 II. I dY MIST. 

vile and abie<a in the %ht of 
God , wil exalt them-felucs , 
and couete to be vifitcd , cour- 
ted, and fcrued of al others ,not 
knowing that , mofte fouerainc 
Lady which thou kneweftfo wel, 
a Eccle. f Q vf itt,/< that to finde fauoar in the 

9 0^ * *^ce of God,and to be refpededof 
hisdiuine Maieftie, looke how 
much any one is greater jand more 
wooithy of renowne , Co mucK 
ought he the niotc to humble and' 
fubmitt him-felfc toothers. 

Thbumayeft extende thy felfe 
in the confideration of the fecond 
point, meditating, howc great 
efficacie the prcfencc & fpeech of 
the moftfacred virgin is of , and 
how happy thofe are to be thought, 
whom gratioully ihe fauoreth , 
fcing S. Elizabeth ( immediatlyc 
after flie was vifited andfaluted 
of her ; receaued , both fhe , and 
the childeflie bore in herentrals, 
fo great a ioye and meruailoiis il- 


OF THE VIS IT a: 45 

lumination of fpirite ; Sithens 
the mifteric of the Incarnation of 
the fonnc of God ( at that time 
vtte'rly ynkndwen to the whblc 
world) was ircuealcd vnto her.And 
by the wordes which flie vttcred 
then vnto our Lady , fee did giiie 
plaineteftimonit, what other gra- 
ces and fauours Ihe had receaued, 
the which iought mightily to mo- 
ue thee toenforcc thy fclfc althoif 
maieft to bs adeuout ^nd zealous 
feruant of this great Lady , by ho- 
libring het continiiallyim thine 
heart; whereby thou ihalt mcrite 
to be fpiritually vifitcd and fa- 
uourcd of her ; in fuch wife, as 
thou maieft haue an affured ho- 
pe, neuer at any time to be defti- 
tute of God his diuine giftes and 


TOVCHIND the contem- 
plation of the third A£ticle,tho* 
fliak haue alargc fcope to walke in 
^ imjt» 

44 IT. TOY. MtST, 
imagining ho'^e thU inoft ducted 
fbiilcofcne^ holy mother \rasaf* 
£e&cd i n hearin g wh^t hex CQufm 
S.Elizabeth (kid vnro her ; ho>9^ 
gracious, how ihe exaltcci ^irh 
, Icy and -vras i rcplcnjihed whh 
al confblacion ; howe fhe bluf* 
{hed,to heareher owne praifes j 
ipokeofjhow lowly flic humbled 
hcr-fclf, attributing al the vertues 
ihe vras adorned with, to the boun- 
tiful goodnes of our Lord that ga> 
ue her the,* with how inflamed an 
aifciStionilie thanked Qod/orthis 
his fo £ogtilera beneBce done both 
CO Iicr»and to al the wholie race of 
mankindc. In fbmme , as not able 
any e longer to rcprelTc her inward 
cxidtationsjlhc difcouercd hef- 
f(ife at lai): , and gaue the ferucnt 
flames of diuine fire leauetoburft 
out ., which burned (ecrctlye 
wiihm her holy heart, reuealing . 
to the world what treiiires God f 
had endowed her with, and this 


OF tug VISIT AT. v^j 
fey the diuine Canticle ful of tni*- 
ftcries,which (he then ptonoanced 
« irisgnifyiftg ihfertby chat Lord, y^**'' 
who had fogr^atty magnified Hm*, 
and cotifemtig plainly* ifhit her 
io^liaes and homilitife >w^aS 
occafion of this her fo high a di- 

Ofectcdtirgin DOihgtedt and 

litlc 'gteatinthy holines, great iii 
the graces and fauours which thod 
hafte receaoed frbm God ; great irt 
the gtcteft dignitie that was euet 
imparted to "any pure creature. 
Litle in thine pwnc eyes ; litle,lti 
tefpcd of thy profound hjimilitie; 
iitle , ift regardc of thine innbceft- 
tiean^ ^mplicitieof iin infant, 
which is a very neceflaryc and h re* 
quifltie vertue to enter into the 
kingdome of heauen with , Right 
Woorthelyfaide one,? that with thy 
virginitic thou didcft plcafc God- 
but with thine humiliticlholi ma- 
de ft thy felf his mother. Alas I why 




Lmc.9 ./ 

C Ben 
ho. I, 


: i 


1! ! 
it t 

(i ■ 

it * 


4tf 11. rOY. MIST. 

can- not I learne of thee , and of 
the blefTed fruit of thy ^ombe , to 
be humble in hart j ieing chat, as 
thou affirmeft,aiid thy fonne hath 
a.£M(. confirmed , 4 the humble af e thofe 
ij^.€.& onely that jhal-be by him exalted. 

^I G H T deleftabje andplen- 
tiful was the Joy thou hadft, 
O moiie facred virgin,and mother 
of God, when being rcplcniihed 
with charitic , thou wentcft to 
vifite thy holy coufin Elizabeth, 
and dided vnderftand the miracu- 
lous effecteSjwhich by meanes of 
thy falutation God eternal wrogtit 
both in her- {elf,and in the child 
which ihe bare with in her wombe. 
IbefecchthecjOblefTed Lady, by 
that exultatio thou felteft the, and 
diddcft manifcft by thy celeftial 
Canticle, that it may pleafe thee 
to make me partaker of thy Ipiri- 
tual vi/itation,by meanes whcrof I 


O F THEN ATI yi. 47 
may contenmeal worldly con(b-> 
lations , and reioy cc me onely in 
God mine pnely Sau- 
iour; Anicn. 


Eerc God who made and goucrnc$ 


And thundereth in the Skic: ^ 
Moft poorely borne twixt oxe and Affe, 
In Cribbe doth weeping lie, ^ 

JManmade beaft through finne^do- 
^2 ^ue. 

To God made man, that he 
True humblenefle and pouertie 

Of fpirite will grant to mc. ^ 






hi - 

!;; I •■ 
1 ■; ;,.«•■' 





48 III. lOV. Miit. 

Mifterteiivfthe ^oLtimtit nfJefus Chri- 

tjgH B Fi R s(T • ii feoWc oar ladft 
j^meaning to obey the Empeitiiui Ca(r 
far AuguftusnUs ptoclalnation , went fro 
Katarelth to betnleem t x where not fi(i» 
ding any cpnuenient Ibdgiofi; > she with- 
/drewe her felfe into the publiKe and com- 
mon Inne , or (if you tninke good) into 
the houel and shroud that was there ma- 
de with bowes for poore fotkes. - 

S F C O N D L Y, tonfider howc the 
hourioftheglorioosciiiliil^irth of the 
moft facted mother being cotne, she 
brought forth the Saatour of the world 
and with a wondetfuL^reat teuerence 
adored him > Twaddled mto vp in ftiche 
poord clotttesasshehad, andlaide him 
iu a manger. 

T H I R D L Y, confider the Angels 
fongeS}frand theioye and triumph they 
made in this moft happy child-birth,whe- 
lof one announced the fame to the Ihep- 
pardes that in that coaft did watche ouer 
their flocks; who i^eedily came to See 
and adoie this celeftial Intant. 

OF THE NAtlVlT. 41^ 
Oaching the firft point , thott 

maiclt ampUfic thy mcdita- 

tation,by weighing the dream- 
ftaunces that happened m the 
voiagc which our Lady vndettoo- 
kci ^herby is plainly {hcved,what 
paiiis andtiouble (he enduredthc- 
rein, albeit, what-ibcacr it was, 
(he paffed it oner with exceeding 
patience. Firft , thciharpnes of the 
feafon did greatly augment her 
affliaions/iththisiorney Was per- 
formed in the veryc hart of win- 
ter, when as we fee it is vcrye pain- 
ful trauihng. Secondly , her po- 
ucrtie , which forced her to fuffcr 
manye difcoi|modities, efpecial- 
ly, being great with childc, andfo 
tender and delicate as (he 'jrafc 
Thi£dly,thc lack of lodging>which 
could not be proiiided her m 
al the vi'hole Gitie of Bephlccroi 
albeitC'^el may wcbelcuc ; that 
good lofeph tooke great paincs itt 
fccking it very <«ligcntlyc j and 

C how* 




,! ; 





50 III. lOY. MIST, 
fiowefcing them -felucs thus tefu- 
fed , it couldc not be , but that they 
felt great fliame and confufion. O 
what a foueraine IbUce and fingu- 
comfortfliouldthisbe for poore 
fplkcs that arc in this world di- 
ftrcflcd , defpifcd , and forfakcn, 
if they considered, how the moft 
woorthy, noble , and mofte holy 
creatures, which ought to hauc 
been more honored & reucrenced 
then ai the whole world again ( to 
wittjthe Queene of hcuen,and her 
mo ft ble/Ted Infant; were the moft 
diftrelTed, annoyed , and pained of 
al others. 

Thou maieft paufe in the fecond 
pointjbeholding witVthy Spiritual 
eyes, in jshat (late the mofte blef- 
fed virgin found her-felfe the day 
of her moft facred deliueraunce; 
and here flialr thou fee in her Co 
vcrtaous a difpoficion , fo holye a 
deuotion , fo graue a modeftie , Co 
finguier a beautie , fo great an cle- 


nation of fpiritcin God, as no 
tnas tonge can polfiblyc declare it. 
Thou ftialt finde , howe in coun- 
terchangc of griefes 4 which other 
•vrotncn fccle in child-birth, (he 
felt aftrangcand ineffable folace> 
afingulerioyand diuinc confola- 
tioniand being there- with wholly 
rapt and cleuate , the celcftial bti- 
dccromc iflucd miraculoufly out 
of her wombc,as out of a moft prc- 
tious b bridc-chaber , without any 
alteration or detriment at al to her 
moftperfed: virginitic. O virgin- 
mother and mother- virgin ^ A 
priuiledge ncuer grauntcd to any 
other creature I O diuine excel- 
lencie , and dignitie due to thee 
alone, to be the mother of God, 
and mother of thine ownc Father 
and c Creator iWho can poffibly 
conceue what thy heart felt, when 
with thy bodily eyes thou be- 
heldeft the Prince of heauen lying 
naked in earth; and him jhiuc- 

C 1 ring 



b. Aug. 





18. « 
fio caf. 
de Sym, 



51 m. lOY. MIST, 
ring for coldc, who doth clothe 
and warme al other creatures ? O 
witldwhat rcuercncc diddcftthou 
proftratc thy fclfc , to adore 
that infinite Maieftie, masked vti- 
dcr the v?tile of fo great diftrcflc 
and milcrie 1 Oh , with what com- 
paffion diddeft thou airociacc with 
thy tcares thofc , which thy deerc 
yongefonnc flicd, fceh'ng his i'o 
great annoiances ! Oh, with what 
cordiaUoueendeuouredft thou to 
klandlapphim vpin fuchpoorc 
fwadlingcloutesas thou haddcft, 
geuing him thy facre4 brcftes to 
(uckvpon , which v{ei€ at that ti- 
me miraculouflyei repleniihed 
withmiike: Matters fufficient to 
mcltanyeflimie heart that would 
with Icifure ponder and difculTc 

The meditation of the thirdc 
point wilfurnifli thee of fitt mat- 
ter to moue compaffion , if thou 
confider,howethis mofte mighiic 


monarchc,this King 4 of al kinges, ^ O-W, 
he whom neither the hcaucns not.^-^.^ 
earth can holde and comprchcnde* ^ ^ 
hath in fuch wife dcbafcd* lium*,^j?w. 
bled, and throwen him- fclfedow- 17.^ 
ncin aharde manger vpon a litlc ^ ^» *^ 
haye *, he,whom the Angels doo a- 
dore>and inwhofc prcfcncc the po- 
wers of heaucn doo quake againc» 
lieth quaking him- felf for colde 
betwixt two brute b^*ftes. O diui- 
nedarling,what meancth this gee- bP/i. 
rc?whathumilitic andbafenes i& ^yj* 
this,0 Souctainc b King of glorycJ ^^J'^^ 
what haJL thou to doo with the 
crib,ihouthat haft ihy throne a- ^ ^ 5^^ 
bouc the c Cheiubins I how art 6.<i 
thou made thus dorabc, O d ctcr* 1. P*r» 
nal wordc ofthc Father? ^^^V^, 
wecpcft and wiailcft in fuch fort, ^ ^^ 
thou, that art the ioye of al the ho- 
ly Angels ? verily, thou hafte mas- 
ked thy diuinc nature with our hu- 
mane nature, to be the King and 
Saaiourof Jfracl, aod of the vni- 
C 3 ucffal 


i* 1 1 




54 in. lOY. MIST. 

ucf fal world. The dcfirc which 
thou haft to rcdccmcvsjtnoucth 
thcc todoothefc ftrange matters; 
the louc which made thcc wel- ca- 
re defccnd from hcaucn for our 
a Ser. wcl- fare , caufeth thee nowe to be 
fer.i. in home, and to 4 cloakc thy puifTan- 
Dlmi!'^^ withfuchpemiric and extreme 
want of al thinges , that we {houl- 
de thereby learne to meeke and 
humble our felues , and to detcft al 
pride, alpamperinges and delica- 
cies of the flefhe, louingthe lowK- 
ncSjthc penance, and the poucrtie, 
which thou diddeft chufe and 
teach vs,and wouldeft for this cau- 
fehaue thy natiuitie announced £ 
to poore Sheppardes , of whom 
thou waft vifited and adored, the 
which their vifitation and ado- 
ration ^e ought attentiue- 
ly to ponder, and 
diligently to 



^ V!hat tongue can woonhely 
„JSs^ t^l,Qmoft woorchye Qs^^-' 
ne of Angels , the ineffable ioy and 
exultation which thou wert feafed 
with in thy mofte facred and virgi- 
nal child-birtbWhcnthoufaweft 
the Redeemer of the woride borne 
of thcc , and adoring him with 
great- reucrence , didft fwaddlc 
himyp in poorcxloutcs , andlaide 
him in a mfl^pger,wherc he was an- 
nounced oftbc AngJBls,6c vifited of 
poore fheppcrds :4 bcfecch thce,p 
moft happy mother , by this his 
moft holy natiuicit,that fcing he 
was borne for vs,and geuc vnto vs, 
thou wilt obteine . me of him., that 
he vbuchfafe tobe borne in my 
poore foule,wich whom I maye be 
borne anewe , and Icadc hence- 
forth fuch a new life, as maye con- 
tinually be greteful to hisdittine 

Maieftie. Amen. 


C 4 


i I 



jVr Lady hiunble,fimpie>chafte, 

\ Necdes purified would be: 

Whercforeof Turritt otydngfD9ues> 
A piire hccrc ofFereth she. 

pimple with Doue to meditate^ 
_J5 With Turtle chaftc to waile: 
And humble with thy mother Lord . 
To be>let me not faile. 


Mifieries ixofthc Pre/hitation ; toyyitt^ 
yyhen our LadiepreftntedherbUpdSon. 
ne intheTemple , yyherevfonthoushalt 
meditate^ asfoUvytth. 

I Irst , how the a, fortic dates that the 

I Virgin-mother had ftaide in Be-* 

thieeih, being nowe fully expired, she 




wentfron thence to Icrufalem ,there,tt>i 
prefent b~r mofte facred Sonne w. the 
Temple , -neaning to accomplish that 
whichthe lawc commanded al women to 

dooi( in like cafe. - j 

Secondly , confider howc our Lady. „, 

carying hex moft fweete Sonne to the jj, ^j^^; 
Temple , that holye olde Pather S.Si- jj.^t 
medn tooke him in his armes ,who for ^^^^^ 
that caufe came at that time to the Tem- g ^ 
fde by infpiration of the holy Ghoftcj Le>.ii, 
weJeh alfo the cohfolation he reccaued ^ 
by doing thus, and the moft deuoutfpec- b.Jjic, 
chcs which fc he vttered. . . x.rf. 

Thirdly , contemplate the dcuotion ^ jj^^ 
and ioy of that old woman c S. Annaf that 
neuer taried out of the Temple ) whea 
she fawxhi5m?!flx: pr?tipusprcfe^5.whic^ 
the mofte (acred m^other bro.ught.Behold 
alio , with what reuerence arid Ipintuai 
confolationthe welbeloued Sonne was 
offredvp to his celeftial .Father, bemg 
accompanied with fo holy and reucrenc 
perfpnsaswere there prelent. 

iS for the firft article, thott 

imaieft intettaytip thy fclfc 

therein, me.ditating , howc rightly 
the virgin- mother doth imitate 
hcE Wcffed fonncJcfpcciaUyeii ia 

C ^ luch 


if !' 






J» liaiOY. MIST, 
fuch thingcsasconcernchumili- 
"cCavgctucfo highlyc commen- 
ded^fid pra<aifed of them twai- 
iicjliththe fonnc vouchfafed to 
Ser ^^ circumcifcd , albeit he were 
AoJl "o^ bound therto , nor had any 
tuvfji. ncede at al of Circumcifion 
( which appertained to finnersA 
alone ; ) and the mother , flic 
vouchfafed to fulfil the precept of 
Purification ( which oblieged on- 
ly the vncleane women ) albeit 
iJr ^^ T".* whollyc pure, and deuoi- 
Ser's. <*cofai<^vncienncs. O moft fa- 
«^rP/#.* cJ^f^ mother, why wUt thouobay 
rif. this ordinance, which hcithcrtou- 
cheth thee, nor maketh anye men- 
tion of thee ? for like as for thy 
fandfcitiethoii differeft from al thy 
fcxe, and furpafleft al women in 
thy moft wonderful vermes ,• eiicn 
ioisthe tonception of thybleiTcd 
child far different from that of al 
other women , and without com- 
paraifon exgcedcth al other conce- 

ptions : Sith others ire ww^btby 
humane Cocictie, and ilimei&^ac-j^,^,. 
complifhcdby the Qperatipn 6t the ^ j 
holye 4 ghoft.What is it therefore, Li»c.i.i 
whereof thoii wilt purific thy felfc, 
Oblcffcd LadyeJScing the holy 
Ghoft witneffeth of thee in ihis^ ^^^^ 
wife : b Thm art alfaireywy Um net- ^ ^ 
th.eriithefe4nyiletni-^h dtalinthev 
fpriomuch as thy moft facred child- 
birth , fo farr was it from defiling 
thee, or Attaining thy moft pnr& 
virginitic,as it adorned,exaltcd,& 
renowned tliee. What other thing 
maketh thee then fulfil this lawe 

(whereout thou art exeroptcd(but 
the felfe-fame reafo that made thy 
iliat is to {aye,thc deiire thou P»- 
deft to be by this meancs a Ihmc 
ring mirrour of moft obedient hu- 
militie. As he therforc vouchfafed 
to be taken for one ofthe comroo ' 
fort of childre,fo haft not thou dif- 
dainedto be thought Ukc to othec 
- - - - v c ^ women. 





'i : 

60 nil. TOY. MIST, 
women. This thine humiliticand 
charitie , with that of thy facrcd 
fons , be hallowed and imitated of 

In the fecond Article thon fhalc 
haue great caufe of confolation , if 
thou fixe thine imagination on the 
ineftimable offering which the 
moftgratious mother brought to 
the temple, thereto prefent vnto 
her Lorde. Contemplate attenti- 
ucly , the modcftie,grauitie , and 
comely reucrcnce, whcr- with the 
blcflcd virgin entred into the 
temple , carying in her armes that 
moft pretious fruit of her vir- 
ginal wombe. O whataninefti- 
m|j||e ioye wai it , to fee the fon- 
nelfius borne, and to behold the 
bleflcd mother that bare himl 
whofe prcfencereioyced the An- 
gels , and enriched the whole 
' / • Temple in fuch wife , as the glory 
^J'iit. thcrof was then farre grcater,then 
^*f' :whcn king rf Salomon caufcditto 


^5. Re, 


bebuilded. ^ 

Coniidcr alfo what the goo* 
oldc father Simeon felt, at fucb 
time, as (' being infttuftcd of the 
holy Ghoft ) he fawc and knewe 
that to be come to paffe , whicli 
he fo long time had wiflicd for, 
and fo oft had craned at Gods han- 
des with continual tearcs and pra^ 
icrs. Boholdc witKhowc ^eatzca- 
k he beclippcth him in his armcj, 
with howc great rcacrcncc he 
adoreth him, with howe fwccte 
embracinges be clofeth him a- 
gainft his breft , ricuer being'con- 
tended with kifling, and behol- 
ding him. AlthewhkhWs amia- 
ble intcrtatnmentcs this moft 
fweettc babe liked very wcl df,as a 
louerof al tbofe that louc him» 
anddid with his gratious lookes 
petcfe andmclt the pooreolde mat 
hcartj^hobcheldehim al rapt in 
admiration ,as he i&oft apparan- 
tlye leftificd by the tearcs he flicAd 

;' n 





ft mi. 10 Y. MIST. ) 

ronoycand by the feruourof the 
wordshcvttcrcdih his mofte ex- 
cellent Cahticlc4 of Huncdimittis 

plaincly dcclaicd, what /inguler 
confolation and contentment his 
loule rcccaucd by hauing fccne 
with his corporal eyes the Sauiour 
of the worldc. Ah, howhaptwc 
were they that merited with 
their Zr corporal eyes to beholde 
fo gratious a fpcdbaclc • yea , and 
bM4t. happyc are they. , who with the 


ixi'- — - ""v J • , w liu wicn cne 
eves of d liuely c fiiych doo deuou- 
tfy bcholdcthefamc,- fith they in 
liKc^anner Ihal- be partakers of 
the fame ioycs and ccinfolations. 

Ihou maycft in the thirdc point 
wtcrtainc thy felfe with great 
profite and confolation of thy 
loule ', weighing the fcniour 
of Anna the Reucrem matro- 
ne , who through her auftere 
faftcs y and the perpetual pra- 
lers which ftcma^c with great 



dcaotion in the temple , as Saint 

Luke th'cuangelift * ^^^P^"** >ai4K> 
merited to be anafliftant at this^ 
fo glorious a fpcAacle > and to 
receaue foucrain comfori«throug^ 
the fight of fuch a fonn and a 
mother j of whom , al the mi^ 
fteries were rcueled vnto her^ 
which ftie confcffcd and publi- 
flicd to al thofe deuout petfons 
that were in the temple , andga* 
uc earc vnto her. Whence thpa 
mayeft Icarne , that but if thoa 
keepe the Church with religions 
deuotion, addiftthy felfe to oftca 
praier, and with rigorous abfti- 
ncncefupprcffthe di&rdinate dc» 
fires and cocupifccnce of the flcfihe,' 
as chiilS.Annadid,thouflialtihett 
bemade partaker of thefight; and 
diuine folace , of the fauours and 
other graces that were at that time 
fo bountifully beftowed vpon her. 
Meditate befidcs the ineffable 
confoUtion^wher-withthe facrcd 
- - ~ virgin 

in Pi#- 
rif. de 

6^ till. 10 Y. MIST. 

virgin vas poflcfed.vndcrftanding 
rhc mcruailous matrers that were 
then fpokcn of her dearly beloued 
fonne,whoby the fpcechcsof S; 
Simeon and S. Anna was apparant 
ly reuealed and Icnovren what he 
TTaSjto al thofe that were then 
prefentin the Temple. Comem- 
plate with-al,thc moftc deiiout 4 
prdcellion which althat holy af^ 
femblie made , going vp ro the 
Aultar to offer vp to Almightie 
frocefs. God this the moft pretious ,the 
itnoft worthie,and moft aceeprabi^ 
pf cfcnt to his diuine Maieftie that 
wasprefentedhim til that day^ 
firomthcbe^nningofthe world. 
Poder aifo>with whatdeuoti6,cha- 
ritie, and reuercnec , with what a 
cheerful andwilling heart the moft 
happy mother oiFretvp her weU 
beloued Infant to the celcftial Fa- 
ther;who had of his infinite fauour 
gcuen him for her fonnc j and did 
by that mcancs make her hi» 



o wne mother , who was her ownc 
and natural Father. O great La^ 
dye>what did thy heart £cele at 
thattime,andat altimcsaftcr,whc 
thottbethottghieft thee of this 
Mifteric ihowc zealous thanKes 
diddeftth«abreathfortk toGod^ 

thee, and vppon al man-kmdel 
with ^atafFcaion,a»Awith what 

inflamed dcfirediddcft thou prc- 
fent this moftc facrcdoWation to 

God! which thott kneweft wcV 
wasonclyfufficicnt to reconcile 
fehimtorccoueragaincthe blef- 

finges, which he had before To 
lewdlyeloft.Aad hove did thy lo- 
ne inlikc manner cooforme hin*- 
felfetothy pictic and dcuout tnr 
tent , he at that time oftcrmghim- 
felfewithafrankheartto hiseter- 
whilesche cuening facrificc ca- *.^». 
me , which he was afrcrwardsjca**^ 



r '■■ ! 

^^ nil. 10 Y. MIST. ^ 
ofFer vppon the Aultar of the 

Roodc. OmyfouIcifthouxrouU 
deft attemiucly confider al chrs , 
offering thee wholly to this Lord c 
who was offered for thee, w- 

hat giftes, and what fpiritual 
riches fliould be impar. > 
ted vnto thee? . 

|fed mother of God, thy 
)|hart was fcafcd with 
^--^>^;i«rpaffing ioyc; when 
Cthc fortic daies after thy chil- 
dc birth being at an ende ) thou 
wcnteft to the temple of our 
Lord, there to offer vpp thcfei- 
*e-fame Lordc thereof, who was 
thyfirfte begotteaand oncly Soil* 
nci and the onely fonnc of the Fa- 
ther euerlafting, 0;v¥'hataco|ifo- 



lationdiddcft thou fecle,fcing the 
thingcsthatS. Simeon; did arid 
fpakc,takinghim in his armes, 
kiffingahdadorighim with great 
rcucrencc.lbefccchethee,0 moft 
fweeteLady,in fauourc of this fa- 
crcd miftcrie,that I may by thy ho- 
ly interccffion haae the vcrtue ot 
perfect charitie grauntcd me,wher 
withlmayinfach fortlouc thy 
bleffedSonncasImay be woor- 
thyc to be prefented to him in 
the Temple of-the celefti- 
allerufalem which . 
is our ttttc Hci- 





<f8 V. lOY.MlST. 

ffi|gfrriflt weJue yeeres oI<Ie,our Lady loft 
©Sa And three dayes fought abput: 
\Vuh Doabrs whome difputine she 
In Temple findcth out. 

IF 1 by'finnc(fweeteLordjdochaunce, 
To crtc and go^ftray: - 
To finde thee out Within thy Church, 
let mc not mifle the way. 


Mifierieis ofthtctnfoUtion -which our 
Lttdye vecexued , whenhaning lofl her fon. 
neshtfoundehtminthe Temple yhere -v- 
foH thm jf/alt meditate thefi three fointes. 


R s T the great deuotion where- 
with our a Ladye went euery yeare 




ivithher affianced husbande lofepli t6 
celebrate the Pafcal foleiiitic5,and cariei 
with her,her fweete fonne lefus. By mea- 
neswherofhe remained there behind in 
the Tfemplcjvn witting to his moft louiag 

S F C O N P t Y, imagine the extre- 
me b forowc which the facred mothericlt 
when the holy daies being np we at an end 
she returned backc againe to her houie, 
and founde not there her moft lotiingfou 
nCv, whom she thought to hauc been earft 
jreturned in companie of her holye affian«> 
ced hyisband lofephw 

THIRDLY, meditate, with hoyrt 
greatMiligence she wet feeking hittljwhe- 
re she imagined he might be, not refting 
any whitt at al , vntil she had found him 
and ponder the ineffable idye ^herecea- 
uedjwhcnatlaftshe founde him in the 
Temple amidft the Dodois. 

JE A ^ 1 N <; topaufc in the firft 
ipointjC&fiderho^c our blef- ^^^^: 
{tA Ladyc is the a liuely patcrne of b.u.zde 
al vcrtuc and pcrfc6lion,which (hi- Virgin^ 
neth forth in euery one of her ''^^• 
anions; and thus vf^as ihc a fUIfillcr !fj ^ ^^^ 
of the lavrc^not only whenflie vras Ay}»i»j> 

thereto fow.4. 




70 V.IOY. MIST. 

thereto obliegcd, but alfo, when 
fhc might iuftlyhauc excufedhcr- 
a Ex: ^'^^^^ i and therefore , albeit men 4 
xidi^^lone were boundc to go to the 
H'f Temple of lerufalcm ,to celebrate 
the Pafcal folemnitie , yet did ihe 
forherdeuotion fake go thither 
too,as alfo her affianced husban- 
de lofeph, and her fweetc fbnne 
Iefus;gcuing vs an example herein, 
of the care , where- with we ought 
to obfcrue the folemnitics of the 
Churche, andof thedeuotionand 
reuerenccjwhcrwith we ought to 
h go and remaine in our Lordes 
™'* Temple. O howe facrcd were 
2oh. a.c '^o^^ folemnities , where fuche 
lerem. perfoHs were prefent , who ado- 
7.e red the celeftial Father in ipirite 
ci.cor. and truth, as he c commaundcth 
^' thofe which adore him, todoo. 
O howe odoriferous was the 
Temple at that time , wherein 
was fo g;reat aboundance of the 
dAfoc. moftfweet d incenfe of their pra- 


yers I Q howe much more <U<i t^P- 
glory of our Lorde fil at that time- 
al that holy houfe , then wl»cn^ ^^ 
king 4 Salomon made his praiers j^ * 
therein I O facred virgin , whoy?^!^. 
c^ po(fibly comprehend what thy 
praier^ were which thou madeft 
in that temple , howe feruent , 
howp deuout , howe effe<Jiual , 
howe they pearced the heauens , 
and mounted vp to the throne of 
Gods diuine Maicftiej howcgratc- 
^i thcwere to hisgoodnes the moft 
zeious thankes thou gaueft him , 
for hatiing vouchfafed to make 
thee the mother of fuch a fonnei 
of whom depended the we I- fare 
and redrefTe of the whole world! 
O, I would it were his holye wil, 
that fome one fparke offo feruent 
praiers and thankcf^geuinges 
might fal into the frofen coldnes 
of pur deuotions. 

In the fecond point thou ma- 
icft dilate,meditating,howe the fo- 


71 V. lOY. Mist. 
liemmcic being n<>v ended , the 
virgin- mother xetutned backeto 
her owne boufe , with great defire 
to fee her deere (bniie> vhom Aie 
thought to haue been returned be- 
fore with lofcph, not hauing^ene 
him her-felfe al that day ; arid fin- 
ding aftetwardes that the defired 
of her foulc' was wanting, here 
maieftthon conddes- , in what a ~ 
ca(c flic -si^as, what a dagger of woe 
didwounde her heart, what piti- 
ful teares flie (hed,what fighes atid 
doleful (bbbcs flie fetcht , to ea(e 
bythat meanes the internal an- 
guiflirwhich flie felt in her afilidfced 
hartjhowmanye fearesdid fright 
her; how many imaginations did 
ama(ehet;noc knowing on which 
iidetoturncher^and for that it 
was alreadie night ,{he reiblued to 
ft^ vntil the morning , remaining 
In that anxietie and heuines which 
thou maieft v^^el imagine. Omofjk 
innocent virgin > ho'^e long and 

4 dark 

4 dark a night was that'tOvthec, ^^r. 
whcrinthou wcptft with Voc, and i.^ 
thy teares ncucr left trickling ^''J^"^' 
downe thy checkcs , and nothing 
was able to afForde ihec any com- 
fort ,fith the true comforter being 
abfent , al the creatures coulde 
not yccldc confolation. Thy giea- 
tcftcafeal this long night wcrthy 
prayers jthviighes and tears, the 
thinking of thy beloued fonnc, 
thy talking to him , as though he 
hadbcencprcfentjthe beholding 
ofhis bcautie,his fanditie^his » 
Tcrtucs and perfections j the vn- 
bethinking thee ot his gratious 
Wordes,and of the works which 
thouhaddcft fcene him doojalbcit 
al thcfe thinges, as they did on th'o 
ne fide y eeld thee contentment, fo 
on th^other fide did they inercafe 
thy woe, wh c thou cofideredft that 

he was abfent, and kncweft not 
when thou fliouldeft mcrite to en- 
ioyelhis prcfencc againc. Finally, 
- D this 





74 V. lOY. MIST. 

' this day and night thoufcddeft 

thee with thy tearcs in fteade of 

aTV«^- bread.when thou euquiredftof thy 

^^' ^ felfe , a where was thy God jHea- 

rein maicft thou wcl fuppofe, t hat 

thebleffed Virgin did paffe ouer 

the time without ileep or reft vniil 


In the thirde poiiit thou ma- 
yeft paufe alfo, (:onfideuing,ho- 
we prefentlye after the dauning of 
the dayc once appered,the mofte 
facred Virgin went with great di- 
ligence to feeke the treafure Ae 
had ioft , where thou maieft me- 
ditate > with what zcale and fcr- 
uour flie asked thofe that flie 
meet with ^ if they knewe anye 
thing of him whom het foule did 
loucjand ho we great grieteaildfo- 
rowe Che felciwhtn they coulde tel 
her no tidinges of him . She could 
neither-fiade him araogft his kinf- 
folkes nor acquincance , where flic 
went feeking of him very diligent-^'. 

ly. Sithcns Icfusisnottobefoun- J^^- 
de4whexe the daliances andde- * 
lightes of the fleftic and bloud doo 
reigne ', yea , there is he wont to be 
loft, andthctforedid flic returne 
to the Temple of Icrufalcm , whe- 
re ihe had earft left him j and thc- 
rin did flie find him ftanding in the 
middcftofthe Dortours , geuingbL^^. 
care to them, and qucftioningpf 19. 
them to /> their great admiration. M«t- 
O moft happy mother , who can ^7-^^ 
poflibly declare the iricfFablc ioyc , j 
thou rcceauedft at fuch time as Luc^.c 
thou faweft thy defircd fonne,wh6 loh.j.l^ 
with fo great forow thou fo ughteft 
forlthe didthy heart reioyce which 
was before oppreflcd with doles 
thedid thy troubled and ecclipfei 
mind through his abfcencc,growc 
calitieand cTecre againc through 
his prefcnce ; then al anguifli, fea- 
res , and fufpitions departing , wa$ 
the peace and tranquilidc rcr 
ftored , the which thou wantfidJtt, V > . 
D i thea 



qui efi. 


y6 V. lOY. MIST, ) 

then were the ccarcs of forowc 
changed into tcarcs of folace,thcm 
mightcft a th«3U wel calvponthe 
quires of Angels to congratulate 
withithcc , forhauing foundc the 
pretious ie wel, which with fuch 
forowthoii foughteft. Confidcr 
then how the obedient fon feing 
his deere mother , doth mod grar 
tioufly come vnto her, and with 
what palling loue (he rcccaucth 
him, how ihe embraceth,howc (h c 
cntcrtaineth , howc (lie holdeth 
him , and wil not let him go , with 
what pietic (he complaineth of 
him > for that he had fo manye da- 
ies depriued her of his defiredpre- 
fencc.Be mery therforc O b Quec* 
ne of heucn, and forget thy former 
forowes , fith nowc thou haft 
found , and poffeflcft him , whom 
thy foule defired,and according to 
thegteatnes of dolours paft, art 
now filled wich prefent confola- 


^ Vhat plcafure and con«^ 
'tentmcnt did thy foul 
ifecle, ( Ompftfacred . 
,^ ^ ^ , f Qucenc of heauen ) 
when hauJng loft thy dcctly belo- 
ued fonnc ,thou foundeft him a- 
gaine in the temple amongft the 
bo6tors,None can ©©(Tiblycon- 
ccuc itjbut he that welweieth with 
howe great grief, de (ire, and dili- 
gence, thou wenteft t*»o^c three a^ 
days (icjcing him amongft ^^^[^^ 
friends & kinffolks :I befecchthcc ^j^^tl B. 
therforc, O mother of * mercy, wiy. 
afwel by tlic extreme annoy, whcr Mf.ii. 
with thou foughteft him , as by 
the inexplicable ioy , wherwith 
thou receucdft him hauing foun- 
de him , that thou wilt vouchfafe 
hclpe me, that I deferue not 
throuch my (innesandoffences,to 
■ U ^ lofe 

lofc the fame Lorde ; and if at fo- 
me time he ftiould abfent him felfc 
froramc,! may knowc howc to 
fecke him , and howe againe to 
finde him. Amen, 




T H R O V G H T H E G R E T 

dolours which the mode fa- 
ded virgin- mother fcJt ,whcQ 
fuch thinges happed » as thou 
ihalt Meditate therein; whereof 
fomcfliefawewithher Corpor 
raleyes , and fomc with ner 



An Angel comfortcs Chrift whilcft he 
Sweat bloud in prayer with painc: 

V V hen his Apoftles dulld with giicfe, 
Irpuafleepe could not refaine. ,, 

In prayer fweete lefu confortnic. 

And each diftieflc belidc: 
Frefcmc me from the fl;;cpe of finnc, 

By my good Aiigeils gixidc. . - "' I 


yitjleries is of the praicr -vrhkh oKvLor- 
de made in the garden «/ Qcth-femanix 
yirpher-vpon thou shah meditate th^foin' »* 
tes in manerfolopying. x6 d* 

{gfjlift, how our^x Redeemer com- i*^,^ 

^^^foiting liis Difciples , and cxhor- l^^ 

D 4 ting xi.rf 

a mat. 



c Ifti. 

8b I. DOlOV. mist. 

ting them to pray and watchewith him, 
pronounced this moft doulful fpcechc, 
l\y fo ult is heauy , e>wn til duih, 

Secondlyjhowe tyithdrawinghim felt 
from his Difciples about a ftones caft , he 
praied with moft profound humilitie and 
reuercncc to his Father, faying : a My Ta- 
theTiifit'be fofsible , fajfe otter thiscupp 
fremmeyhoyyheitnof my yyjl be dme ybm 


Thirdly , howc he came to vifite his 
Difciples, and finding them aaeepc, awa- 
ked and commaunded them to praye,' 
as be did t wife more him-fclfc, with the 
fame wordes i and fwett droppes of 
bloud , which trickledd owne b to the 
grounde , and then did an Angel difcend 
from heaucn to comfort him. 

S touching the firftc point, 
!ihou maicft paufc therein, 
medicating , how our Redeemer 
fore- knowing the hour of his 
moft holy Paflion to draw nigh, 
( whcrto he through his moft 
feruent charitic , freely of- 
fred vp him-feife ) got him to 
the garden of Gerh-fcinaui,vf he- 
> re 

re he was soften times wonrto toh. 
pray >that ludas i he Traitour, and * 
the other which he Brought witK 
him, might knowe where to fin- 
de,andto apprehend him. How- 
beir ^before they came,our Lordc 
had praied a longc time , and com- 
maundcdjthat his Difciples flioul- 
dedoo inhke maner. Wherinhc 
menr , to geue both to them and 
ys an example , that again ft al the 
perils, temptations, and tribula- 
tions that may bcfal vs in this life, 
and that in any matter of impor- 
tance whatfoeuer it be that wc ha- 
uc to doo , that we firft arme and 
fortifie onr fclucs with the ar- 
mour of holy prayer; by meanes 
whereof we fhal- be illuminated ta 
know-e what we ought to doo , and 
comforred to endure patictlycthc 
afflidions which we are to fuffcr. 

Meditate alio, howourSauiout 
finding him-felf fore cfflidlcd in- 
wardly through the confidera- 
"^ *" D 5 tioa 


lib. 9. 


tion of fo many forts of gricfcs and 
torments as were prepared for 
hini,hc fliewed the moft vehement 
dfflidio and heauines which hefclt 
by thofe wofiil wordes he vttcred 
to his A Difciples ^ Myfoule is heduiey 
eutn vttto death. The which ought 
to the vcrye depth of our 
harces , feing wc hauc bien the 
caufe,thathe flioulde fufFcr fuch 
forowc 5 who is the ioy of Angels. 
And howc can it be , O Lordc, but 
* ^ny heart , be it ncucr fo harde^al 
be heauic,ancl melt againe,c6 tcm- 
plating thy heart fo extremely an- 
guiflied and diftreflcd?What folacc 
can my foule receaue , feing thee, 
who art the Sone that illuminatcft 
and reioyceft it.thus oppreffed with 
dole and forowe?if thou which arc 
the ioye of Angelical quiers , att 
thus grieuedjwhat thing can fuffice 
toreioyce and comfort man, but 
to chink ,.thaC; thine infinite cha- 
ritie which bringcth chec to thy 



death,doth make thee Iicauy cueto 
death, to th'endc, that as thy death 
is caufe of our lifc,fo in like mancr 
thy heauines might be caufe of our 
confolation,and deliuer vs from 
that mortal heauines , wherein wc 
flioulde perpetually haue remain 
ncd , if thou haddcft not vouchfi- 
fcd to haue bene made forow- 
ful and heauy for our fakes. This 
thy heauines , O King of gloric, 
flial continue euen til thy death, 
for that cuen to death : flial t.hy 
trauaile endure, wh^r-with like 
a moftelouing mother thoude- 
liuercft vs ,• but when we flial 
by thy death be borne a-newe, 
then flialt thou not ihinke any nib- 
re of hcatiines, by reafon of the ioy 
of our newe birth , and this a mayc 
forae-what mitigate his forowe, ^^jj^^^^ 
who contemplatcth this forowfttl- li. 


Asfo r the fcconde point j^ott 

maicft fbtyc therein , confidering 

J) 6 the 

6. a 


4. R«5- 



96. in 



rfff oraf. 

S4 1. DOLOY. lOY. 

the circumftaunccs that happed ia 
this our Lordcs praier , and che 

Firft the text faith , howc he 
vfithdrcvfe him- fclf from his Di" 
fciplcstopray ;and this withdra- 
>*^ing or feperation doth S» Luke 
declare by this worde , Muulfus ef?? 
-^hich fignifierh plainely , with 
howcgreat difiicuhiche withdre- 
wc him*felfc from them through 
the louc he bare them , and that to 
pray : which muft be done in (bli- 
taiines , a filence , and attention: 
and he \{ithdrevr him-felfe from 
them but a b ftones caft y (o that he 
might eafily fee and heacc them 
being called, yea, he came often 
to vilitc them to wake them , and 
to warne themof that they had to 
doo , inftrudUng al Paftors and 
Curates , how they ought to beha- 
them felues towards their flockcs, 
by the fe his particularities. Lcar- 
nc alfo of cne profoundc humi«i' 

M« litie. 


litic , whcr-with he thrcwc him- 
felfe on graund to pray, what hu* 
milicicisnecelTaty for thee when 
thou praieft ; fitn thou prcfented 
thy felfc before the face ofthcfclf 
fame infinite Maicftic , before 
whom the Potentates of heaaen 
doo tremble againe. In like manet 
thou roaicft out of the wordct 
which he vfcd in his petition, Icar- 
4ie the forme which thoE ooghtefl: 
to obfcrue in thy prayers , not 
crauing fuch temporal thinges as 
ihoudcfircft , abfolutclyc 5 but re- 
mitring al things to hisdiuinewil, 
wherto thou onghteft to conforme 
thy wil. I^cre maicft thou coii- 
template alto, howe wirfi the Ci-' 
lence and obfcuricie of the night, 
and with the words which our 
Lorde pronounced in his petition, 
this inwardelieauincs he felt in hip 
hart, increa/fed and grcwe^rcatcr» 
finding nothing that might {w^ffi^ 
bly afForde him comfort. Ah | «ny 



fwccteSauiour,thconcly comfort 

of the comfortlcfTe and afBidbed, 

how is it that I fee thee this night 

without any comfort or ea(e at a!, 

neither is there any ofalthy deerc 

frindes to comfort thee , for who- 

fe fakes thou art fallen into fuch 

heauines and anxietie.O that I had 

heard thofe pitiful (ighes and gro- 

ncs , which often iiTued out of 

thine afflided heart , to th'ende, 

tiiat nowe I am not able any 

wayes to comfort thee, I might 

yet at Icaft tafte fome part of thy 

heauines and afflidtion , wher- 

with I might waile the occafJon 

aP/41 ^^^^ Ihaue giuenthee to be hea- 

« <fc) 79 uie , and that my tears might ferue 

*• for brc^de a to fuftcinc mc in this 

my mifcrable pilgrimage. 

In the thirde point thou maied 

sMat. ^ofi^er many thinges^firfiei by the 

irt.rf. diligence, where- with b our Lorde 

lAxr. went from his praiers tovifitc hist 

14. d. pifciples>and retujcncd from them 


backe again to his pray c rs, thou 
maicftnotc the charitic and fa- 
therlye care he had of them,whonfi 
he viftted thus oft;Secondly, con-^, 
fider thegreeuous anguifli and in* 
ward paine he fuffcredjwhich per- 
mitted him not to reft in anyp*lacc.' 
Thirdly, weigh the pcrfcttcrancc 
and often praier which he taught 
vs,andisnioft neccflarye fo to 
be ,to be fruitful and effedual. 
Fourthly jconfidcr the gricfc it is 
like he fclr/fore-thinkingthc tor- 
mentcs which he was to endure^ 
fcingthat by the imagination only 
thercof,hc fweet in fo ftraunge and 
miraculous a mancr.0 my Lorde, 
if the bare apprehcnfion of ihyfti- 
turc tormetes doo fo fore afflicbad 
make thee fweat fo ftrangely^what 
Oial the in^prcflion of tiic fclf- fame 
tormentcs doo I right cuidcntly 
doth thy rerdyc and willing heart 
flicwe it felf , whcr-with thoa 
ymk redectnc vs with the 
^ " ^^ "" incfti- 


io^ftimaWe price ©f thypretipus 
bloud, fithcns thou bcginncft Co 
plcntifally to fliccd it before tho^ 
fe tnamfold wounds and ftra- 
kes,vfhcrwith it Ihal hereafter be 
whpUycdrawenout ofthy body* 
O my foulejearne to fct by thy, 
felf,anddoonot fclthyfelfe fovi- 
lcl7,as for the filthy plcfure of fin- 
nc; rfcing here , howe greatly thou 
^rtfct by of thy Redcemcr,who 
•wkh fo greata price hath bought 
thee, and hath bcgonne to p>ayc 
the fame , fo long time before the 
daye.Occupie thy felf a while in 
contemplating the meruailous vi- 
fionofthisgarden,whichis farre 
fiirpafling that chat Moyfes law 
a£xo. inthe^mountaineyand ihake off 
?*• ihe ihoes of thy carnal coccupif- 
xeccs,approchii3g to bjihold ihw 
beaiitifol ficealbathed in bluddie 
ftreamcsoffweat,wherin al the 
Atigels take iingulcr dclitc toloo- 
ksi Gather me thofcdoleful drops 


■*. . 

ihatfalonground,bythc vertac 
w hereof thy paines ftial-bc aflVa- 
gcd,and thy woundes recured i fith 
the celeftial Phifition hath thus 
vouchfafed to f wear them for thy 


Laftly nieditatc,how our Lom 
being in this pitiful extremitie, 
an a Angel came do>»'nc from hea- ^-^ "^^' 
uento cofort him.O Priiice of An- 
gels , howe haft thou-thus excee- 
dingly abafedthy felfe foe vs, that 
thou ftandeft in neede to be com- 
forrcdby oneofthinc ownefcfer- ^^^^ 
uauntes? Al the Angelical quires ^.^ ,, 
yeelde adoration and thankcs yn-b.Efifh 
tothee, who know muche better «&.?.^ 
then we doo, howe greatly we arc ^^ ' 
boundetothee,for haumg vou- 
chfifed thus to humble and abafc 
thy felfe for vs thy mofte vile crca- 
tures.O facred virgin , if thou had- 
deft with thy corporal eyes viewed 
this ruful fpeAacleCas it is likelye 
thoudiddcft fecit withthy fpiritu- 


eyes) wel haddeft thou ftoode nec- 
de of an- other Angel to haue come 
and comforted thee. For wcl tnay 
■we imagin, that thy. woes ftiould 
not hauc wantcd,nor any anguifhc 
and affliction to haue tormented 
thee. And albeit thou diddefl not 
then bedewe the grounde with thy 
blouddie fv^eat,as did thy fweetc 
fone^yct hapely diddeftthou bede- 
weit with teares trickling from 
thine eyes, and filledii the ayre 

with lamentable fighcs V andhea- 

uen ATith feruent praicrs.How belt, 

al this wa4 litle in cop^rifo of that 

which remayned behind , both for 

chee to {ee,and for him to fulFer. 

This vigilant rf Shepparde being 

a fofc. nowe laftly e of al returned to his 

io.i. fleapieihcepe,thou maicft medi- 

^^'^ '^^ tare , howe he remained with them 

Marc. expc<5ling the furious arriual of 

14 f. thofe h mad dogges that came to 

b Tfal. f^ek himjby whom he was crucllyc 

*^' ' a/Tdiled, bound , and caried to the 

?:\ .» houfcs 


houfesofrfAnnaandCaiphas. af»^. 
' ■• jT^H^^rBK^ /^^^ 

ike as, O moft ficred virgm ^^y. ; 

and mother, thou wcrt parta-M^rT^ 

ker of the joyes and confolatiotts/. 
;. of thy moft holy fonnc , euenfoL»«c.i«i 
didft thou likcwife participate, of^ 
the pains and griefs of his'raoft: bit 

ter paflion , fith that which he fuf - 
fred in body , did cruciate thy blef- ^ 

fed foul; and therfore , at fuch ttmc 
as he praied , and fweat drojppes o£ 
bloiid thorough the great anguiflie 
he felt in the garden of Gcth-fc- 
mani,thcn wert thou by [imagi- 
ning the fame,whoilyc feafcd with 
vehement ford we. I befccche thee 
thcreforc,bythis thy dolottr,JWd his 
andthy heauines,that it may plcafe 
thee to make me partaker thereof 
jhat praying with bitter teares,and. 
wailing my fornier m^ifolde and ^ 
gricuous trefpafles , I mayc obtay- 
neafulforgiuenesofthe fame* 




jg^Vr Sauiourftript out of his cloachcs 

f^^ To piller they did binder 

And whipt and fcourgde his tender lim- 

Like whelps of tygres kinde. 

My(innesffwceteLorde)dcfenie the ftri- 
Which thou deft fufPerhecre: (pes 
Jor which forgiuenefle on my knees, 
I aske with mourneful chegie. 


rn*j Myierieii nfihe -whipping of our 
^^^^rde^conoemitig tfrc vvfijcfj thott shtiLi 
a.Lwf. ' Wfditate thtfe pointes foiovping. 
loh. 18. 


I R S T , how Pilace brdeincd, that 
our a Pvcdecmer should be whipped, 



fuppofing, that by this chaftifement he aMrff. 

might fomc-what appeafe the fiendish 17. c 

fury of thofe cruel lewesjwho with fuch M<tr. ; 

obftinacierf required him to condemne ry> 

him to be crucified. tuc.vj. 

S E C O N D L YjWith what diligence e. 

tndcrueltiethofe barbarous executioners loh. i^. 

cariedour Lorde into the Palace 5 and *. 

ftripping ofFhis clother, bound him fall 

to a pilter , ther€ to bcate him. 

THIRDLY, thou maicft confider 

the extreme dolour,whii;h this moft mild : ; 
Lambefelte, whiles they whipt him; his 
moft delicate flesh being with fo many 
and fo cruel fcourges and ftrekes vyholy 
torne and wounded. 




P o N the fir fte point thou ma- 
. ieftamplific, by confidlciing 
the (hiftes that Pilate, fought, to 
cxcufc him fdff torn cpncl^iTanilig 
Him to (leath>lio;ts the jia^Kour b L«c. 
of life f for fir ft he 6 prore:ftc4 ", |h&? 1? *. 
he fount no caufc in him whyc \ic ^^^^ 
ought to dye 5 fccondlye , he fcnt ^ * ^ ^ 
him to Hcrode,that he might pro^ Ucii^, 

notthce 4. 


nouncc iudgemcnt of him; thirdly, 
lie 4 compared him with Barrabis 
^^f*- the thiefe , pcrfwading him- felfc, 
J^t XT that the Icvrcs hauiag choife to 
*. ' faue one of their tvroliucs, would 
rather take innocent Icfus, then 
the feditiousthicfcand murthereir; 
fourthly, this beingnot fiilEcienr, 
he determined foralaft rcmcdic 
hVuc tomakc him be b whipt ^ weening 
z j.e;. ' that by this punifiimcnt he ihould 
loh.19. mittigate their outragious mad 
*' ncs.Wherc note that althefcmca; 
nes , wherby Pilate fought to deli- 
uerhim/knowg welhis innocen- 
cie;wcrc occafion,that.our Redee- 
mer was more tormented and^^ 
fliiStcd -, for by this meines he c ad- 
llcdto the death x)f the Crof^, 
w^i^h they ;iequiredv ^nd was'af- 
' '• te wardes^eVaUl3t6d the, the'p4ine 
■'■:] ^dcllamlkc'fiiffredgbmg'^^^^^^ 
..:■ ' ^omming from Herodc, arid bbmg 
^,^^*. accepted worfe then Barrabas,and 
■■ aftetwardes moft cruelly whipt 
' • ~ and 


and crowned with thornes,in fuch 
wife,as nor onely they which are 
' his open enemies, cauCe him to fuf- 
fer,^ut he alfp, who deiired to 
deliuer him,encreafedhis annoyes 
And thou^mofte louing Lorde,lec- 
tefteuery thing redounde to thy 
greater griefe> to the ende, that 
to.thofe that loue th«c , euerye 
thing may redound to their grcter 
benefite. BleiTed be thine infinite 
charitie for euerimore > which ma- 
keth thee rcCpt^ more our profite 
then thine ownepeculier torment, 
Coniider alfojhow many mifchie-, 
fesii vain loue and feare of the 
'^rorldc is caufe of,whcre-with this; 
miferable^ Pilate let him-felfe be 

19 A 

ouctcome ,• fith that ( c^nfefllrigr^ 
him?felfe,t;hat hefo.ui)de&<jx.^ foulc'b Lwc. 
ijnpur,3^ui.our ,-and:knpwiiigthatj *'3*^ 
hdwas-saegftifed of mdia c m;jlice) J^^'^g] 
y^tfpr althis did he coiidemne </ 
him iniuftly to this tormeiit , and- c L»c. 
aft^tsratdestp death, njafei^gnio!- *3-^' 



re accompt of his owrtc intcrcft, 
rhcn of iufticc and of truih. 

IN THE fecond point thou 

maieft entertains thy fclfe, iftedi- 

tating with great compa/Tlonrhe 

cruelrie,whercwiththofe vile and 

wicked miniftersftripp the moft 

innocent Lorde of his clothcs,and 

binde him with hard cordcs faft 

vnto a pillcr. Conficlcr that hi^ 

mildnes, more then of a Lambc, 

wher-withhe fufiFereth him fclfc^ 

to be ft ri pt and t ied , without ma;^ 

king anyc rcfiftance,for o«ght tlia£ 

rhey could doo to him Beholdc 

ii^iththe eyes of thy iiiifid that 

moft facrcd body ,more beautiful 

__. then a al mens > howe it ftood al 

*^^^%aked,fulof fhamc, with ncckc, 

14. i,:i armes and fectfc faft bound viit6 

W' the piller , in nvanct of a«4uc 

EccU, waiting for that grcenous pWtiifli- 

ment,which he was forthwith to 

receaue-,an3 weigh that his rcdie 

4Bd propt wil,wher'."^itH he hapty 

^ '"■ faide 

faidc inwardly that vcrfcof the ^Vf^r- 
prophet a D'auid : I *w vedie to ht ^^ 
yvbift , aodmygriefe is dl'^aies in my 
f$gbhO moft (weetc Redecmet,me 
thinkes I fee thee faft bound to 
that hard pillcr ; howbeit , thefe 
cordes , be they neucr fo ftronge, 
would litlc aiaaile to holdc thee , if 
thp u wert not more ftraitlye boud 
therto with the bandes of thy moft 
burning charitie , the which tied 
thee much fafter , with the dcfirc 
which thou haddeft towarmcand 
mollific our heartes harder a great 
deale , and more frofcn then the 
pillcr of marble , v? hereto thou ai^ 
thus bound. They ftripp thee likci 
flauc , that being ftarkc naked, 
thcymayc more cruelly fcourgc 
thc,c>ahd thou willingly confenteft 
thercitovthatby this meaiicsthou 
maieft inucft with thy graces, ttid 
fet at libertie thofe , who had earft " 
with their vices made tWm-fcIucs 

the ilaues of Satan. 

E Inthc 


98 n. DOLOV. MIST. 

In the third point thou male ft 
paufc very conuenicntly , fith the- 
rein thou ihak findc more ample 
matter to melt thy heart with, 
confideringthac cruel rage, whe- 
rewith thoYe wicked executioners 
beginn to-bcat this moft facred 
virginal bodye , caufing that whi- 
te flefh to turnc to a fanguin he we, 
and howe with the violece of their 
blowes they flea his tender skin in 
fuch pitiful wife , as his moft prc- 
tious bloud gufliedout al oucr his 
p/. body ithe which was fo barbarouf- 
^ ^^ lye tornc and wounded , that he 
jy<;.i.*-mightwel pronounce that which 
was writem a. of him : Thitz is no 
foundries in wy fle^h. Bcholde nowe,0 
ray foule, beholde atcentiuely this 
moft ruful fpedacle , and rake co- 
patfion of fuch a Lord , who hath 
vouchfafcdto fuffer fuchc paines 
for thee j beholde that Reuerend 
vifage made pale and heauie,le- 
ning againft that hard pillar, 

wherto he 


hcprcflcth him-felfe clofe through 
the moft vehement pains he fuf- 
frcth , which made him to breathe 
verie (hortjand to founde out moft 
lamentable fighes. Beholde, howc 
he ftandeth faft tied and boun- 
de vnto the piller , (hedding his 
bloud on earthjhis eyes lifted vp to 
heauen , offering thofe moft gric- 
uous tormentes to his celeftial 
Father, "which he endured moft 
willingly for our trefpafles. Con- 
fider how al this punifhmcnt and 
affli6bion which he fuffercd , fuffi- 
cednotto difqaiet,or make him 
lament at al ,• yea, the tormcntours 
waxing wery through the infwiite 
number of blowes which they had 
laide on him , yet was not he for al 
that wericd with fuffring ; and 
his body being al torne and rent, 
yet was his foule and courages al- ^ hh.i. 
waies founde , and readie to abide d. 
greater tormentes through his in^ Ajtoc.^. 
iupcrable charitie.4 Oimmacuktc ^* 
E z Lambc^ 

loo 11. DOLOV. MIST. 
Lainbe,howe doo [ {cc thee al Foe- 
locne > befprinkled and died with 
2 j^ thy mod precidui bioad> and chou 
^3.6 not onely landed without wai* 
A<9F.8/ling, like other Lambes,^ before 
them that (heie thee » but alfo be- 
fore th^iti that ^tike and whipp 
thy virginal body, thou neither 
ipeakeft,nor complained thee at 
nL O mo ft facred Virgin , if thou 
hadft fccnc the pitiful plight whe- 
rin thy moft fvrccte fonne ftood 
bound, naked,coiiercd with bloud 
and blowes, hovre would thy heart 
haue been couered and wounded 
•with mortal woe;feing him, not 
oncly bereft of that robe , which 
"with thine ownahandes chou had" 
dc& >x^Lien for him^bnt alfo with • 
out a great patt of the skinne arjd 
kloHd> which he had taken in thy 
yirgtnal wombe ! jO how much 
tnoreiuftlye mighteft thou haue 
lamented then lacob did , and 
vpon greater caufe liaue faide that 


O F T H E WH I PIN G. 10 1 

which he a faide ; Bmiiithdt moH aGf». 
cruel beafthdth dtmmd my(im%sht ^^^^ 
itist hat bAth thtis n^ottwttd ttnd ill in- 
treated him. Behold , Qmy foulci 
ho* e mcruailous is the mcrcie and 
charitieof thy Lordc , that hath^ b U^t. 
endured althcfethinges,to{hado- ^7 ^ 
we thee with his c 0ioulders and^^^^ 
with his woundes«/to healc thy^/y^.^ 
woes, vouchfafing to take the cor- 53.* 
redion and chaftifment due to 
thee vpon him ; that thou mighteft 
prefcnt this fatisfa^tion to the 
eternal Father, crauing humblye» 
t$iat itmaye picafc him , for thefe 
fo great -and c«<|ti bciitingcs of his 
beloncd (btme, todtacn from thjSC 
tliewhipp of his wrath, which - 
thou tiiroogh thine offcn* 
ces hai^ moft iu ftly 

E 5 

loz 11 DOT.OV. MIST. 

Moft holy Lady , who can 
poffibly conceaue,how gre- 
uouswasthc fbrowc of thy moft 
facrcd Coul , when the virginal bo- 
dy of thy moft fwccte (bnnc faft 
bound to the piller, was with moft 
cruel fcourgcs whipped. O howc 
did his cordcs gripe thy heart , ho- 
"we did his wounds occaHonate thy 
,woes! I bcfecch thee therefore, 
holding vp my handes to ihcc in 
iiumble wife, Omother of mcrcic, 
by the mofte vehement anguiih of 
this his ahd thine afHidtion , thac 
fithcnshe hath been tied for my 
trefpafles, I maye be lofed by mea- 
ncs of thy facred intercefllons ,• and 
that I may for the mcritc of (b ma- 
nyc his blowes , efcapc the pu- 
nifliment due vnto my moft grce- 
uous iinncs. Amen. 

A pat- 




ttjPlatted crowne of poynantt homes, 
^ Vponhis head they ftiaine : 
Vv hich drawing bloud doth pierce the 
And pafle ynto the braine. (flesh. 

i^.r^^ Ord let the memorie hereof 

^g^ With me for euer bide: 
That it may plucke and cleane pull off. 
The plumes of peeuish pride. 


Mifierie is of the Coronation , yyhen our 
Kede^mer -vvai, f-ror-vncd 'with thoyns^ 
a.iwt the yyhiifo thou shalt meditate tht' 

,5 J Tift , howc thcfe cruel minifters 
jing beaten our moft patiejit 

E 4 Lorde 


Lordc yntil they were werie, they then 
vnlofe him from the piller ,and how he, 
hauing very hardly made shift to gett on 
his clothes>they ftripp him « anewe to put 
on that cote of fcorne. 

Secondly , howe Pilate his fouldiers 

feorned him^puttin^ on his backe an olde 

loh.iaa purple garmcBt , crowuii^liim with a 

crowne of ii^arpc ^loriKrSj and giuing 

himinhisiiandcateBdein ftead of a fee- 

pceri howc they adored him in inockerie, 

hloh.'.d ^ ^3y*"g : 'f^ihaUkiMg of the tnntts : fmo- 

Apoc.t. ts^in^withtherecde,«id gauchim xaa« 

^* nyeblowes. 

Thirdly ,'howc hauing thus (corned 
and mocked him a good while , Pilate 
caufed^him to be brought forth , and she.- 
. wed him to the lewes, c faying; Etcth»m»^ 
^/^** Behold the manjthat by this mcancs they 
^Aff s r ^^S^^ beiiioued to pitic , feing him thus 
'l^-*/ fcorfully and cruelly handled, albeit no- 
thing fufficed to mitigate their diaboli- 
cal obftinacic. 

^T(?NFfccfirft« point thou maicft 
^^^paitfc , meditating how 
with the fame barbarbuines and 
crtKlticjwher-with thcic wicked 
ininiftres had bouiide our mofb 


OFTtHE eORONi 105 

mcrdfui Lordc, they nowcvnlo-- 
fe him , and vfe no kinAof plai- 
fters and pit ic towaardcs liim « who 
is tovf'ardes alxnen the moiftpiti-* 
ful. Bdioldc liovre he ftandcth 
fcaighc ful of griefs , and&Dm cop a Ifil. 
to 4 local torn \«ithfcoiirgc$,3rith J^^- 
the printes of thexondl deep sao ^^' ^7* 
tad in his.tcnder flefli * -w-hidi cau*- 
fed his no fmal annoy j ^ih hc^was 
faftued withlfucJi fbrcc^as Caccor* 
drag as diners doo 'Contena plate) 
the cordcs -vsnc al couicred with 
his v«ry ikfli,* & with this grief 
'W'eiit he vpand downefcekinghis 
gaonciacs , "wych xhty hadraro- 
w^anhcre and there xm the groun- 
de; aadthus humblyc ^i&ering: 
thorn -vpp , putithcm on him with: 
very gccat paine,no one vouchfa- 
fin;gto;hclpchiro,ortoafordhim * 
anycamfjDtr,lsat-mDft rcdie were 
they ♦ al of tfaeiti 9 «o KJrment and- 

afflidliim. .^ 

Ah my Lordc, where be nowe 

E. 5 the- 

the thoufand thoufandcsjthat Da- 
nieIinipiritefaw5«<doo theedu- 
^ "^ tiful fcruiccj and tenne hundred 
A^flc. J. thoufand thoufandes which affi- 
<^. ftcd at thy throne,and ycelded thcc 

due adoration ? Hcr« is no one of 
thofchigh Angelsof hcuen tobc 
feene, tbkt might adore and ferue 
thcc J but contrari- wife , Co many 
contemptible me« of earth, which 
commaund thee, and trcade thee 
yndcr their feete; and thou art wel 
contented here- with fith b thou art 
^ notcomeintothenfvorldto be-feruedybut 

Iq/'' f^^ber to ferue others ^ and therfore 
l/lar <^ot^ euery one abandon thee , and 
10. f. no one afForde thee helpc , like as 
thou alone , without othcKs helpe, 
haft pcrfeiacd our Redemption. 

In the fecond point thoa haft 
iuftcaufeto ftay, pondrihg that 
new deuifc , which thcfc deuililh 
executioners contriue to mocke, 

and withal to torment out bleflcd 



What greater fpite and ignomi- 
nie might there be inuented,then ^j^^^ 
tofett him thus out with^thofe ^^j^ 
cpunterfait enfignes of a kingM*r.i; 
which they put vpon him?mea- h 
ning thereby to fignific that he was j^""' ^^ - 
an;^bitious,and vfurped the Title 
ai>d Regal dignitie, which was not 
due;Vnio him? and what greater 
torment then that w hich they ga- 
ue him, incrowning him with fuch 
s^.crowne? the pricking tbpmes 
whereof did percc his headvcne 
j|^cp\x^,.& i>Xmittingof him withbM^f. 
the reede , which in liew of a Re- ^7-<i- 
galScepterthey had put into his '*^- 
hafldes; in fuch wife, as his eyes ^' * 
andtace wereal coucred withthp 
bloudwhich theycauCed to ilfue out 
of him;and yet doeft thou fecihowe 
he abideth ahhis with an ipexp^- 
gnabie patience ; fith with hi^ tor- 
mentes and annoiances,he vouch- 
fafed to fatisfie for our difordi- 
nat& deliglues and diffolutious^ 

t 6 and 

and wich his fcornes and mocke- 
ries tx> pay for our pride and ambi- 

O King of h\5aticn , O fupernat 
* ^f*' Maieftic , a adored a«d reuerenced 
Heb 1^ ^^ Anecls,and mocked and fcor- 
ncd ormen! I knowc not wcl^what 
1 iliould moft meruaile at ^ whe- 
ther st the blindnes and moft cruel 
moode of them that knowc thee 
not, and, thus dool>cat thcc,orar 
the pictte and padence , wherwith 
thou abidcft them > making farris 
greater accompttjf ourwid-farc 
and fatisfa6Hon , then of thine 
owne contempt and moft bitter 
forovf-es.GreatjTiot doubt , is their 
impietie , wfcich did thus torment 
thee J great alfo is the maiice of 
our ofFenccs , wMch did occafio- 
iiat« the famej batiarrc greater 
is thy bountie and clementiC} 
which is infinite , whcrewitli thou 
wert redrc to fuffcr more dou- 
iouTs and siAv^'vont then al they 



could lay vpon thee. O my (bol, 
contettiplare deiio<uitly this mo(i 
woorthic fycGtikcle , andimprtnt it 
in rhy heart , (eingchou haft been 
the ioccailonof «1 tliefe tormentcs 
and reproches >.wiikh thy-Lorde 
hath m^vtii : Let that his moft 
ignominious robe » warme andi 
heat thy coldaes f let that 'horri" 
blccrowae 'penetrate thy bowels; 
thofe fliarpe and pricldng thornes 
let perce t^hy head j let that be to 
thee an occaiioti of ccmtinnal lo- 
ue , which wa^ to hiot an occafion 
t)f cxcefliue gricife. 

In the thirde point it is right 
mccte thou inter*taine thy fclfe, 
beholding and- adoring tUs thy 
moft mercifuLLbrd fd lateffctow^ 
ned with that rno^'Croel I>tade^ 
me, and t>he cither rdikl etiltgns^ 
which his pitiie^ a^erfaiies ha« 
uegeuen hSm ,. wherwith Filate 
made him be/broaght forth befo- 
re alt)^ peddle , t&t by «j[ekig thit 


a toh. 
19. t. 


110 III, D0LOV. MIST, 
his fo ruful a figure s their furious 
moodes might be fom- what paci- 
fied 5 and for thisxaufe did he fli<?\V 
him vntolhem,faying : 4 Ec« hbrnr, 
as if he had faide: Behold the man, 
whom you vniuftly perfecutc, and 
whofe death you fo-grcatly defire^ 
%holdhim , whom ye fay , wpu^ 
haue made him-felfc ,youif King, 
howgretlyfo your liking doo you 
nowe fee him crowned and attired; 
Behold iiim chaftifed , in fuch wi- 
fe ,tha^ hardly can be: be taken for 
a ma»,fo farre is he from being re- 
puted a king. And- fcjng neither 
thefe wordes which tbey heare, 
nor that, lamentable figute which 
they beholdi,is:fiifficient to ra,ake 
.theirii4amanti.e*lhe?trtes relentj 
behol^c thou him , O Ghriftian, 
and let thine relent , yea , rent an4 
burftmtwaine foy forowe , tofift- 
dering-^ howe for thee it is , that he 
is thus fcprncd , and vilanoi|fly mr 
treated. For thy pri4c and Mutir^ 

" ' ' J16S,is 



.nesjis he crowned with thcfe pri- 
cking thornes ; for thy fupcrfluous 
and diftioneft decking, is he thus 
veftured with this ridiculous robe: 
for thy folies and moft vaine vani- 
ties , doth he bearc this fceptfc of 
reedc in hande; for thy beaftlines 
anddbhominations,is that moft 
beautiful iPace defiled and beraide 
with filthy fpittle 5 4 for thy diffo- 
lutions and wanton toyes, arc the- *')^»' 
fe handes 5 and that necke f aft tied ^^ 
with harde cordes to the piller. j^.^. 
5ee,0 thou mifer^ble and wicked infi. de 
man fee what God a moft rightcr i'«»'* 
ous and mcrcifulman hathfuffrcd^^'^'*' 
for thy iuftificarion ; procure thoa 
therforetobe grateful to fucha 
benefa<5fcour ,andnot to rencwfe 
his griefcs with thy ncwcfinncs 
Androth'endc,that for the dbin^ 
of this , thou maieft hauc a more 
aboundant grace grauntcd thee» 
' prcfet this pitiful figure to his ctci?- 
iial Father,befcechinghiro,that hfi 





(■ Ramu 


nt ru- D O L O V. MIS T. 

wii looke vpoo t bis ChfiAs face , 
asit waschcn diffigurcd',when Pi- 
lace (hewed htixixo the people ;and 
fetcne thytnnieNridi dieieflfe-fame 
NT'Ofrdesliethcn fpake/ faying : Be- 
holdedieman,0;cele(tial father, 
whida diou fp loog haft ;6 foughc 
fbrt, CO oppoie him-^fel^, againft 
thy3«Tathindcobc a Mfdiatour 
becwixt thee c and ^nners. Behol-!- 
dchim^ whois the htighcmes of 
thy glory ,amiithc figure of thy fubr 
ftanoe,hov greatly hcisobfcuTcd 
aiad4ifformal;,to ref^orte by this 
m^acies the heantiejVFhich my fou*- 
IcihttJDghfo great a number of 
^rmcs had loft. £ehoide the man, 
tQ^.wiichhisdiQine blbud hath 
fm^ciendy fatisfcd thy iuftice, 
iLookc therefore, O-moft tnerciful 
jFaJcher,looke vpon the lamentable 
:|^4>fithis JXkan ,.who is both God, 
lAnd thy Sonne ,and for the ho^ 
rlouc Gfthat,whichhe ,beii!iginoft 
innoceiitt Hach paid^fox me ,par« 




don the manifolde finnes, which! 
hauci committed againft thy Male- 


Finally, thou maicft in this 
point confider the imcomparable 
forowe, which his moft facredmo- 
iherfclt,ifCasit is thought >fhc 
were there pccfent,andfawc with 
her bodilye eyes this moft woful 
Spc<aacle;whichCalbeic were not 
fofScient to mouc thofe Icwifli pi- 
tileflc hartes to compaffion^yct 
fu fficed It to rent the moft forow- 
ful Virgins bowels in twaine,and 
to pcrcc through her moft heauy 
and dolorous heart, O moftcfa* 
cred mother ,lookc wel , ■whether 
this man that Pilate fheweth , be 
thy fweetc fonne or no,*fith hacdty 
canft thou know him with this at- 
ticeand hcw,fo feurredififerctfrom 
that thou waft wont to fee him in. ^ ^^^ 
Thy bcloued (bnnc is white and<r y.c 
ruddie , the faireft that wa$«ticr bP/!44 
feenc amon^the i (bnne of men *• 

^ thc5^'•^^ 


it4 Hi. DOLOV.MIST. 
the brighmeflofthc eternal lighf> 
and Mirrour without mole , as the 
^\/-44 4facred writtdoth cal hmi • but 
no^ e,feing him al bathed in bloud 
defiled with fpittle,al wane and pa^ 
Ic withwoes,howe canft thou poffi- 
bly know him? Thy fonne>0 Lady, 
is king of heauen , before whom al 
the powers ceieftial doo quake, 
and the Domination doo adore 
him ; what hath that crowne of 
moft cruel thornes to doo with 
ljim,that fceptcr of reedc ,and that 
robe ofirrifion , wher-with ihofe 
caitiucs doo thus fcorne him ? yet 
ncuerihclcfle , albeit by hisouCr 
ward apparace thou canft hardly 
knowhim,yet maieft thou right 
cafily doo it by his inulncible pa- 
tience 3 by his profound humilitie, 
by hisinfinite charitie, wher-with 
liecoridefcended,robethus crow- 
n'ediikc a counterfaite king , arid 
mocked here in earth, that we may 
meritctobe crowned with glory^ 



and to raigne with him in heauen. 

gjgHy Heart was whollye woun* 
SiSded with woe on cuery fide,0 
mdfl: doleful mother , when thou 
faweft thine onely fonne king of 
heauen and of earth crowned ^ith 
pricking thornes , arraied like a 
Counterfeit king , made a fpc- 
iStacle and mocking ftocke of men, 
and that al this crueltie fufficed 
notfomoueor melt thofe fllntic 
heartes;! humbly befccch thee , O 
moft merciful Ladye , by this thine 
ineffable griefe , that thy merciful 
cntrals take compaflio of my great 
mifcriejand feing thoufecft wcl, 
ho we the thorns of mine offences 
doo priclce and wound my foulc, 
obtein me by thine interceffion, 
that the (uccour of diuinc gra- 
ce be abundant lye graun- 
ted tome. Amen. 



Chrtft bcareth hecre his heauie Crofle, 
With great and greeuous painc: 
The hugie burden of the which. 
He hardly could fuftaine. 

WhatCroffe fo ere be layd on me, 
Good^od Ihumblypray: 

That I may ftowtly beareit through. 
Not iaiatingin chci v/ay. 


ww Mij}erieit \yhenourLordecariedth 
Crtjffk en hit i^ck^ , vf hereon he W4r to 
lecYUcified ^wIhyc vponthoH shalpmedi^ 
tape the fomfesfoloyy$ng. 

^'HE FIRST, is how miferablePi- 
[ilare being vanquished. with a world- 

OF CAR THE. CROS. nj^Toh. 

lye fearcjthrough thelcWes^ihreatnin.*^?.^* 

getf'i Wafshinghis handcsiadiudged him b M^f. 
lo be crucified , whom he confeffed to be ^94 
innocent, the which his femrencc our A^. 
Redeemer accepted vcty humUy, defi- lyd 
ring greatlye to dye for out life* Mar. 

SECONDLY, contemplate how XT.& 
that moftheauie Croffewas laide vpon Lt$c^ 
hi5shoulders,whiGhhc embraced very 2.3. c 
willinglye , and did what h<i could t^bca 
rcit,afl>eitwithgreat gricfe and painc, 
which made^ him, ofton ^times to fat flatt 
vnto thegrunde. 

THIRDLY, how th(2^King Vhea- 
wen iiauing caried the Croflc a good fpa- 
ce, not being able to go anye ftirther with 
that haft which they made him doo, they 
not for compaflion fak:e,but for the deKre ^ f,,^^ 
they had to put himthe {boner to death, 2.7,1^ 
tooke the Croffc from him^ and caufed M^r. 
c Cyrcncus to^bcare it j and then did our j ^j,^ 
Lordcfpcaketo thofed deuout women, l^^^. 
which folowed him with weeping eyes, ^^J 
amongft whom wcl may We imagin that d Lwc, 
bisnioft holy Mother was, iJ,id, 

\S TovcHiNG the firftc 

fpoint^dioa maicft confidcr 
tfie rage and diabolical obftina- 
cieofchofcxTickcd Ic^9rcs , who 
fcing our Redeemer th^s wcafcnerl 





118 Ilir. DOLOV.MIST. 

and affli(acd,&in fo pitiful a plight 
as had beene fufficient to make al 
other hcartes to relent, although 
they had bene harder then the ve> 
rye fl:ones,*yet were they no whitt 
at al appcafed,nor any thing mo- 
ued to compa{Iion;y ea, they cried 
out vrith a terrible fury , a Cyucifie 
himCrtiCtfie him: Then might that 
haue beenwelfaidebythe which 
lacob had prophecied,fay ing:& ^K* 
ipvooYth their fo obfiinate fttrye , and 
their indignation fo harde and cruel. 
Where note,howe great a mifchie- 
fe it is, for a man to let him-felfe 
be blinded and pofTefled with the 
Deuiljfor after he is once come to 
this pointjthen doth he participate 
of the fame properties and condi- 
tions that the Diuel him-felfe is of 
andbythatmeanesishis enuie,his 
furie , and al his other victs rar he r 
hellifli them humane. Note alio 
to the fame purpofe, the blindnes 
and iniufticc of miferablc Pila- 

' tc> 

te,who hauing fo many times 
confelled , t hat he founde 4 no cau* 
fe wherefore to condemnc pur 
Lorde.yea, that he was iuft j kno- 
wing alfo, that vpon a fpite the 
lewes had accufed him , and deli- 
uered him , into his handes,yet did 
he for al this, being vanquiihed 
with their importunitie , and a 
worldly fcare , condemnc the in- 
nocent to ^^er death,ahdweetieth 
Cwretche that he is)b howe by the 
waftiing 9f his hands, his confcicn- 
ceftiouldbecleered. They aie like 
to Pilate , who for feare of the 
worlde , and ofloiing their com- 
modities,doo defile their confcien- 
ccs,and weene to wafli them- felues 
withccnainworkes and outward 
apparances ; where- with albeit 
they maye fom tymes caft a mift 
before mens eyes , yet arc they on- 
ce fure'jthey can-not deceaue the 
eyesofGodjwho clooketlv chiefly 
at the heart and meaning of eche 


b Mat. 

17 .« 


c I. Rff. 

Vfal. 6 , 


I. Var, 



izo im DOLOV. MIST, 
one. Doo thou thcrcforeCgood 
brother) confidcring this point, 
rake heed of failing into fuch like 
errors, and thinke , howc it fuffi- 
ceth not to bcginne vrel,as Pilate 
didjbut it behoucth thee to be con- 
ftant,andto perfccuer vntil the 
b mat. ende , b if thou vrilt be faued. 

LaftI)r,thoumaieftin this Arti- 
cle conHder the great patience and 
humilitie,wher- with th« innocent 
Lambe accepteth fo iniufta fcn- 
tence of death,pronounced againft 
him,by the which he merited, that 
the iuft fentencc of eternal death 
fct down againftvs for our finnes, 
ftouldberenokediand that the 
fcntcnce of abfolution and pardon 
pronounced by the vicar of lefus 
C)&«y?f,when we rightly confeffe 
our felues vnto him , might be va- 
lable and cfFe^ual. 
Inthe fccond point thou haft 
great occafio to be fory,meditating 
the cruekie , wherc-with the 


wicked lewes ( prefcntlyc after 
fentence was pronounced again ft 
him , which they fo earncftly de(i- 
red and ctaued ) doo then take our 
Redeemer , and handle him much 
more fpitefuUy then they did tofo- 
re , Pilate nowe hauinggeuen him 
to them,to execute freely rheir fu- 
rious rage vpon him Andifhcre*- 
tofore t^y handled himfo cruel- 
ly, hauing him but as a prifbner, 
alas, what may ewe fuppofc they 
did to him being now condemnedy 
and geuen ^wholly ouer into their 
moft facrilegious handes. Con^ 
template , with what inhumanitie 
they ftripp off his robes of 4 nioc- 
kerie , where- with they had earft a Mar. 
fcorned him , and put his own do- ^s.b. 
thes on again,that he mightby that ^> »7 
meanesbe kno^enof euery one; jj^^j^ 
heping grief vpon griefc , & igno- 4. 
minie vponignominie.Beholdho- 
\^e they laye that moft heauie Crof 
fc on his weak fliouldcrs , which 

F they 

iix mr. DOLOV, MIST. 

they had with great diligence pre- 
pared in iuch wife for him; ponder 
wel,how greatly his painc was in- 
ctisafed by that fo vnmercifula 
waight, being fo (ore weakncd 
-with his former tormentes,and the 
bloud which he had loft alreadie. 
Coniider howe they make his con- 
dition worfc then that of -the two 
theeues, whom they carye with 
him ro fufFer the like deathjHth 
, neither ofthem carieth his Croffe, 
as they make our moft mild Sa- 
iiiour to doo.This is the fceptre,CO 
my King) which thcfe Infidclsjand 
xebeliions feruants of thine giue 
a 7fai. thee in figne of the foucraintic a. 
9- -which thou haft ouer them: the 
Tretiil which anfwercth very weltothe 
iib. in " crowne , wherwith they haue^alre- 
Ind^»s. die crowned theejand thine inefti^ 
mable charitie diflembleth and 
cmbracethai with the great dcfire 
thou haft ro condudt them by this 
way to thy celcftial kingdome. 



This is the ftaffc whcre6 thou l©a- 
neft, and gocft thcrwith like an o- 
ther a lacob , to paffc the floud of ^ ^* 
Iotdan,towitt,of dcathjto returnc 
anon after thy refurre£^io,aflbcia> 
ted with thole infinite legirions of 
ipoules, which thou deliueredft out 
of Limbo,andcaricdftvp to heauen 
with thee. With this ftafFc , and b 
with the fiue ftones , which thou '^ '" 
tookeftin the niountCaluarie>that 
is to fay, thy fiuc moft facrcd woii- 
desjthoufbughteft like an- other 
Dauid again ft that proude giant 
Lucifer, & fubduedft him , deliue- 
. ring by this meanes thy people fro 
the heliifh hofte,which did on cue- 
ry fide cnuirone them. This is the 
wood which thou beareft on ^^y cGe, 
backe like an- other clfaac,toof- ^i.^. 
fer thy ielfc ther vpon for vsin 
this moft acceptable factificc 
to thine eternal Father , being 
burned with the fire of thy mofte 
fcrucnt<;haritic, Confider befides, 

F 2 howe 

114 nil. DOLOV. MIST, 
haw thcRsdecmer going-thus loo* 
dc with the grieuous weight of the 
CrolFe , fel to the ground through 
the vnmerciful weight that he ba- 
re:;and howc they fmiting him then 
a- f refhmofl: titannoa(!y,make him 
riic vp and go on forward j where 
thou maielt mediiatCjhownot on- 
ly the weight of the Roode did 
grieue & tormet him,but alfo both 
thine and the whole world their 
manifold and enormous offences^ 
which he then bare vpon him 
going for the in this wife to be cru- 
-. . cified.So did the Prophet a Efay af- 
-jl * RvmCikyingrHGweth eternal father- 
had Uide ypon him al oftr iniqmtiehthat 
he should fatisfie for al, like as he had »/- 
fredhim felfeforaLO my moft fwe<i* 
. ^ tc Rcdeemer,howe grieuous a bur- 
^J 'den did the b multiaidc.of mine 
abhominadons occafionatc thee, 
which thou beareft on thy backc^ 
and paine thee much more then 
the Groffeit felfo doth. 0,how 



great reafon is it , chat I weepe and 
waile with thee , for the painc 
which I haue caufedthee to cndur 
re ; and with-al >yeeld thee thaa- 
kes^that thou like a good Shcp- 
pard haft vouChfafed to carye Vpo. 
thyfacredfhoiildersthis4 miicra- ^^^*^ 
ble ftrayed iheepe, which thou j^J^/ jg 
diddeftcometo tecke in the wil- b, 
dcrnes of this world. Al the quiers 
of Angels, which thouleftcft bc- 
hindethee in heauen, adore and 
blefTe thee , who knowc much 
berrcr then wedao , howe grea- 
ttye the clemcncie meriteth to be 
thanked , which moued thee to 
come,^ carye, and curefo vile a 
fheepe, as is thatof humane na- 
ture V which thou diddeft bearc 
vpon thy backe , in carying of thy 

In the ihirdc ooint thou 
mayeft alfo interrejme thy felfo, 
contemplating , in whatapuiful 
pjight our Lorde and Sauiouc 

F 3 wfas. 

116 Ilir. DOLOV. MIST. 
,^^, was^in, when the CrofTc wastakea 

a Mat. r \ ■ \ r- 

ijj,rf. from him,and gcuen t04 Cyrc- 
Mtfr.ijneuSjbccaufe he "^as not able to go 
^- fo faft as thofe wicked helhoundcs 
^"''•'^" woulde haue had him.Howc grea- 
tly he was pained and affli(5ted, 
fwcting through the wcarines of 
the voiagc he had made , howe 
woudcd and annoyed through the 
hcauines of theCroiTe fhedding his 
bloud a-new,which intermedled 
with fweat , did bedew the ground 
he went vpon 5 howe fraight with 
the /hame and vilanies they did 
vnto him , howe brufed with the 
blowes and ftrokes which they ga?. 
ue him to make him go forwarcl. 
O my God , what a countenance is 
this , ynough to burft his hart with 
companion, who had neuer foli- 
tie of humane pietie. O my foul , if 
thou couldcft throughly conflder 
this paiTag*, howe great caufe 
{houldeftthou find to take com- 
paffion & grief > at fd many griefs, 


fo many outragious and fpites , as ^ ^- ^^* 
thou fceft him fuffer for thy finns, '■''^' 
a "yvho netter finned , »»r euer nnf^s a vy 
fuhhod found in hismottth;andho\ic 
greatly oughteft thou befides 10 bL«r. 
waile the hardnes of thy heart, 15 <^ 
which is not rent in t Vain with the ^ : ^^'"^^ 
remembrance of fuch a rufulcou- lhccL. 
tenance. 0,ifthoudidftIou€ tliis^^.pfi 
Lord with fuch loue as thou art H»ero» 
bound to doo, he kmingtheefo j^M^'- 
dearlye,with howe great fcruour jj^' 
wouldcft thou defire to gather vpp -jhevpi, 
thole precious droppcs of bloud (j^ £»- 
an4 fweat , which did falonthc *^^''i'- 
grounde, wherwith thou mighteft *^ 
walhe out thy ftaines,andbeautifie ij[at.i6 
ihy bcaftlye blcmiflies. Ah ! what a i. 
fpite fliouldcft thou bcare thacM-<r.s. 
Cyreneus, who cafed in fomc wife ^• 
the paine of this Celeftial Monar- ^^y_^o. 
che, carying b his Crolfe before tidiend- 
him as a Royal Sranda'rd j and that dimu 
which he bare then perforce , c 
and maugrc his wil, thoufhouldeft 
- F 4 beare 


; t 


beareonthybacke -with a willing 
and cheerful courage , knovring 
howe the fameLord ha.thCiiidc:That 
ifaoyyi'ilfMomve him^ he muSi take 
-vp his Crojfe and foUo^yve hint* And 
/eing thou baft not def^rued to ca- 
ry that CroflTc, which Simon Cy- 
rcneus did, carye at leaft thine ow- 
ne , like as thou art commannded> 
that is to fay, the toils and tribula- 
tions, vrhich in this lifefhal befal 
thcf . Gary e al fo the Crofle of com- 
paflion , bethinking thee oftthac 
which thy Lord vouchfafed to 
fuffer for thee ; fith in this fort, thy 
feruice which now thoudoeft,fliaI 
be much more grateful to him, 
then that which Cyreneus earft 

Meditate alfo iu this Articls the 
pitiful plaintes of thofe deuout 
women that 4 folowed (him , who 
tue.ii. ^^1 ^^pt ful bitterlye, feing the 
d. crueltie , wher-with the moft pa- 
tient Lambe was handled ; but 




aboue al , take compailion of tho* 
le teares , which the moft mourn- 
ful mother (hed , who ,like as {he 
loucdherfonne more then did al 
the other womenyfodidfhe weepc 
more bitterly then the other, la- 
ment more then the othenand fee- 
le raoregreeuous corfeys thenthe 
ather. O facred virgin, who can 
podiblye conceaue the excclle of 
thy moft vehement griefcs , when 
thou fawcft him whom thy foule 
loued fo tenderly , lodecd with 
that importable weight , weakned 
with lb many woes, pained with 
fo many woundes , contemned 
with fo many iniuries , cuppeled 
w ith theeues , and adiuged to the 
death of the Roodc, which they 
caufcd him with fuch reprochc 
and painc to caric cary6. Euen 
fuch was thy fbulethen ,as was 
the figures which thou beheldeft 
with thy weeping cyesj neither did 
thethotnes of forowc perec thine 
F 5 cmrals 



ijo mr. DOLOV. MIST. 

entrals lefTe, then cho(e of vrood 

pearce his mod Reuerend head. 

Thisoncly anguifh> O mySouc- 

raineLadye, hadbeene fufficient 

to haue made thee dye>as it fufficed 

to make thee fownc , vrcre it not 

thy life had been fupeinaturally 

prcferucdjto fee the other tormcn- 

tes which remained , for him in 

body,and for thee in {bul, to fufFcr. 

aD<t«g- O how much more willingly then 

^'**"^ "/ Cy ccnciis did, wouldcft thou hauc 

S* performed his office , in cary ing of 

•»rtepe (he Crolle^ (ith the ft tength which . 

•not for thy tendcrnes and forows denied 

weybut thee »lotte did make fupply of,and 

iTfeepe ^^^ ,Je/ire thou haddcft to beare 

i>v»r*^ fome part of the affli6bions,which, 

faultsy without al pitic they gauc vnta 

^ndfor the affli(^d , and grieucd thee no. 

f^^fi ^f lefl^ then they did him-felfe. Laft- 

^Sre ^y^ confidcr the wordcs, which our 

Imc.xx. Redecm^r-rf fpakc turning him to 

4. the vomsn that wept, which 

.ought CO make thee careful ,. and; 


dcfirous to bring forth forac good 
fruit 5 fith otherwife,if thoubeeft 
a drye tree and barreinc , thinke 
what pnnifhraent thou ftialdefcr- 
ue , if he be thus tormented for thy 
fmns , which was a greene tree , fo 
prctious and fo fruitful. 


§f^ OWE giicuous and painc- 
W^ ful was that voiage to thee, O 
moft facreft virgin , when thou 
did4fft accompanye thy deree 
foniie to the monnt Galuary , ca- 
ry ing the Croflc on his backc, 
whereon he was condeltined to 
(iittcr death ^ weldid thy, feaanifold 
fighds^eue tcflamonic therof , as 
alfo the pitiful fobbei, and aboun- 
^ dances of te^lte^ which thou flicd- 
* deft with the other women that 
^^ '" F ^ wept 


1^1 mi. DOLOV. MIST. 

■vt'cpt with thcc , and accompanied 
Iiim. I befecch thcc , O moft dole- 
ful mother , by the dolour and af- 
fliction which thoii felteft in that 
kbure , that by thine intef ceffion 
I mayc haue (hch grace graunted 
racjas that I may alwaies faithful- 
lye accorapanie the fame Lord , in 
cacyingofmy Croffejandthatno 
wotldiy thing , be it profperous 
or contrary , may euer fe- 
peratc me from him* 




■ "'t-ti^-' ft^ii I 


ffi^Hrifts tender handes and fcete fo 
(^^ Of fincws andofvaines: (full, 
milde to the Crorte our Lady vews, 
Anne ruthfully complaines. 

iJy fmncs (fweetc Lorde) torment thcc 
iSXi& Thy Mothers did not fo: (thus 
Make me therefore with thee and Kcr, 

Partaker of this woe. ^ 

>Hy crowne,thy croffe,thy nailcs,thy 
_ _ And eucry other painc : ( wounos^ 
S weete Chrift I craue,that eucrmorc 
I may in niindc retainc. 

lorousUiftetie is •fthtcrmifj'ingoflefits 
Qhrifi our Kedeemer , tomhing $he vyhicb 
thou jhdt medmtt thfi ^oUttes fiio'»» 





154 V. DOLOV. MIST. 

ir^i lift , howc being arriued at the 
^^ mount Caluary, which was the pla- 
ce where they commonly diH execute 
ofFenders , thofe wicked tormcntours 
ftript our Lorde out of his clothes, to nai- 
4c him naked v pon the Roodc . . 

Secondly , confider the incomparable 
torment which the moft milde Lambe re- 
ccaued , when they rackcd.him out vpon 
the Crofle, and that his liioft holy handes 
and fcete were perced through with great 
naileso^ as alfo the wonderful patience 
wherwithhc€ndured euery thing. 

Thirdly, thou shalt meditate the sha* 
aM<r. me which increafcd his other annoyes, 
, j.c when being thus naked and crucified , he 
Luc.ij. was lifted vprpon the €roire,and placed 
e. a betwixt two theeues ; and ponder he- 

loh. 19. re, what his moft heauy mother feltjW hen 
«. she fawehim>n this cafe, and hearde the 

wordcs whicji he fpakeheing on theRoo- 
. de. 

©jg F thou will dilate the mcdita- 
S.^ tion of the fir ft point , confi- 
der , in \fhat cafe our moft lo- 
uing Lorde was, hauing finifhcd 
this his laft and moft dolourous 
pro ceiEon , hovre great the weari- 
ncs was , which he felt , hawing 




made fo long and labouHbmea 
iour ney on fooce,and lodeed a gre- 
at peece of the way with the heauie 
burden of the Croffe. How great 
his wcakncs, which made him al^ 
moft to fowne,hauingflicd fo great 
a quantitie of bioudout of the ma- 
nifold woundcs he had rcceaucd. 
Howe great the affliction was,that 
oppreftcd his moft facred foule, 
forethinking him of the extreme 
torments which he looked for, 
befides thofe that he had alredye 
enduredjandfor the mitigation d£ 
fomanypaihes and griefes> the 
bcdd which they had prepared for 
him,was that harde and. narrowc 
CrolTejwhero they minded to cra- 
cifie him ; and rhe drinkc wbkk 
theyprc/cnted to comforhimwi- 
thalawas that wine mingled with 
gal , lb th'edc that no one of his fe- 
ics or mebers might goe (cot-frcc 
without their peculier rormcnr, 
O fwect. Icfus , ihott which arc a 


f ■ 



loff. l^j. 




loh. ca. 

T^.U. I. 


moft pleafant hony- combe def- 
ccnded from heaucn to 4 fwectcn 
the fournes of men, and to ca(e 
their annoyes and griefcs, Ended: 
tio one amongft chem th»t vril take 
compafllon of thee ^nor geut thee 
any moment of reft, yea, contri- 
ue new means how to afEi«f^ th ec , 
and to hcape b forow vpon fb- 
rovr. O ingratcful world , how yl 
a rewarde is this thou gieueft to 
thy makcrandbenefa(5torj which 
for hony affordeft him gal and 
for fblace , forowe ; and hatred 
for the loue wher-with he created 
thee 5 and came to redecme thcc; 
thee ; and this thine ingrarirudc 
and moft blame- woorthie blind- 
nes is caufe of thy fo barbarous 
crueltie , as meaning to crucific 
him,thou wilt ftripp him out of his 
clothes jthat he may go naked to 
fuffer death , who came naked into 
the world to geue thcc lifc.Confl- 
dcr then, with what inhumanitic 



thofe cruel hangmen plucke ofF 
hisclothes,andwith-al plucke of 
his tender shinne , and part of the 
fleflie which did cllauc thereto. 
Beholclihowihe moft beautiful of 
al men ftimdeth naked,and fraighc 
fulof{hame,amongft (b great a 
multitude of people , bleeding a- 
newc al olicr , through the rauing 
of his fo rmer woundes ; and pon- 
der the intolerable gricfe of his 
moft hcauie mother when {he fa- n.j^f,^ 
we him bereft of the 4 robe which i9.d. 
with her ownc handes fhe haft wo- 
uen for him,& without part of the 
skinn and fleih which fhe had geue 
him in her enttals,and clothed on- \, x.cor 
ly withdolour$,heauines>and con- 8>. 
fufio , with which kind of attire his ^^f^ 
foul was alfo coucred. Leame he- ^' 
re to loue pouertie, leinghe loued j^iatim, 
it /> fo greatly,who was geue tovs Awfr.<^* 
for a teacher,-& was borne poorc, 13. »»! 
liued poore,and naked dcpartcdy^^'* 
this ingratefttl world. 


138 V. D OLD V. MI ST. 

I N T H E meditation of the fe- 
cond point thou maieft paufcin 
like mancr , con/idcf ing , howe 
aboue al the dolors and torments, 
which the moft innocent- Lambc 
cndured,thcypa(red,whichhc felt 
when his moft facred -handes and 
feet were with hugcs nailes faft- 
neft hard vnto the Crolle. Conil- 
der the cruel blowes whcrwith 
they nailcd.him ; and how the blo- 
wes milling many times through 
the fiendifli fury, where- with they 
werecnragcdCaswc may godliiy 
meditate; they fcl many times 
vpon thepalmes of his handes^and 
his lingers &tocs,with fuch a for- 
cc,as thofe delicate partes were 
wholly crusfliedin funder , and 
wounded with intolerable tor- 
mcnt.Behold like wife,how to ma- 
ke his members ftretcheout to 
the holes which they had alredy 
bored inthe Croflc , they racke 
them outfo veftcmcntly , as.thcy 


plucke the bones out of the ioyntcs . 
with incomparable griefc,wherby 
was that fulfiiled,whichDauid had 
prophecied,<« (iyingifheyhdHfbmd 
through tnyhandes, and myfeettyand^ p^^ 
hMe nnmbred al my bines Behold n j, 
then, how thefe facred armes of 
our mo ft louing Lorde arc thus 
ft retcht out vpon t he Crofle, redy 
^to embrace al thofe , that yvii^*^'*' 
draw nighe vnto him^ cuen like to ^**^ '■ 
that his infinite charitic , where- 
with he fulFred for al, Beholde 
thefe moft puiftant handes that 
ear ft created heauen andearth,and 
wherwith he had wrought fo ma- 
ny miracles,ho we they arc now*^^^* 
€ nailed faft to the Roodc, aBd^^*' 
diftil forth that pretious liquor of 
his moft facred bloud, fufficient C9 
cure al their fpifitual infirmities 
that wil gather therof i fith this is 
the wholfome and moft ap^roucd 
mirrhe, which the Spoafei faith dc^ftfj 
in the Canticles , that her han- J>« 
des and fingers did diftil. Con-* 

£der al{b,howe tho{e huge nailes 
were not onely driuen through the 
mode holy Sonne his handes and 
feere^but jtifoperced the entrals of 
his blcffed mother being there pre- 
fcni. O vfhat a horriUe founde 
made thofe vehement blowcs of 
the hammers in her cares , vr hich, 
no doubt, did more torment and 
wounde her woful hieart, then if in 
very decdc her holy hands had be- 
en ftrokcn through. And this was 
a caufc of doubling ourmoftmcr- 
cifiii tordehis tormentes , who 
knew it wel inoughjand loued her 
fo tenderly ^and tooke great com- 
palfion of her paines 5 in fuch fort, 
as beljdes the torment which thefe 
outward nailes did occafionate in 
his bodyc , he had other inwarde 
nailes which afflidbed more wehc-^ 
mently his mpft facred foule. O 
moft patient lefus , how art rhoii 
on euery fide enuironed with 
annoianccs , Rightlyc maieft 



thou fay i» th*t the yifdtersoftiibHUi' 
tim are entred into the ^evy botome of thy 
foule; and thine iuuincible patience 
abidcht al , which maketh thee be- 
come dombe , and to ftaiidc like a 
Lambe, b before thofe that £bere 
thee and torment thee. And if ha- 
pily thou opcneft thy mouth, it is 
only coc excufe & to pray for the, 
for fo m^ich as thine infinite chafi- 
tie is that which holdcth thee furer 
toailed and faft ned to the Crofle, 
then doo thofe material andyron 
nayles,minding with this his Co 
great co(t^toconfe6t a foueraine 
medicine to our faluation. 

C o N c E R N I N G > the thirde 
point jthou haft a more,ample mat 
terto.entcrteine thee, pondring 
how our Redeemer being cruci* 
fied, was exalted on high vponthe 
CrofTe ; that as he died for al men^ 
fohc might be feenc of al mem 
This exaltation had^ Moyfcs 



c L»c. 

94. /» 
1x9 Str 
II. de 





carft prcfigurcdjwhen he raifcd vp 
the Serpent of brafle in the wildcr- 
nesj fithens like as then al they we- 
re healed of their corporal wounds 
■which looked vpon the Serpent- 
euen fo they, which with a liuelj 
faith behold this Lord exalted v- 
pon the Roode , receaue cure of 
their fpiritual infirmities, which 
arc farre more dangerous. Paufe 
therforcCO my {oul;paufe and 
aCrfw.^'^^^^^^^^y^c^f^^ vnder the fha* 
XM ' dowc of this a tree of life , if thou 
wilt rightly rcpofc thee , and cure 
thy feftred woundcs. Behold the 
wholfomc fruit that hageth b thc- 
b Deu ^^"' y^'c^ albeirthou fecft naked, 
zS.g**' ^^"f ^;;*cd,blafphemed, and repro- 
ucd of this mifcreant n ation ^ yet is 
he mo ft fwcete,moft high , and of 
infinite Maieftic; Godhidden,who 
vouclifafeth thus todiflcmbleand 
cloke his puiiTancc , to make his 
mercy fo much the better knowne. 
Gather then this pretious fruit,and 




trial (hal teach thee the. merud^ 
lous Tertue thereof. Make thy neft 
like a^nmpIcdoue,in the crannies 
and holes of this 4 rocke , that is to 
fay,in&his moftfacred woundes, ^^^^ 
fith he geueth thee leaue, yea inui- ^ ^ 
teth thee Co to doo. Weigh wel the ler. 48. 
throne which this day the eternal <'. 
King hath chofen amidft two thee- ^ *"*»• 
ues and offenders 9 in the fame j^q^' 
mount whete fuch ac<:uflrpmably ' 

were executed^ meaning to fignifie 
by this , that as for finners and of-> 
fenders he defcended from hea- 
uen, and was borne in the worldj 
fo did he for finners and theeues 
dye, inihat place betwixt theeues, 
paying by this meanes that he had c Vf. 62 
notcftolne,and taking away the *• 
filth and^infamie of that ftinking ^^^''*'- 
place, with the mo ft fwcete incen- ^' * 
feofthefacrifice which heoffred. 
Learne moreouer in this point 
to doo according to the exam- 
ple which is ftewcd thee in the 


-144 V. pOLOV. MIS^. 

^Exo. jtitioumnin; crucifying ihy Refh 
*J-^ 'wichher vices and coticupifcences 
^^^•* aithc^ Apoftle dotli admonifli 
^Jj^.yr ihec 5 (ith it is not incite that thou 
b GmH. feejke afterdelicacies Siiupei-flubus 
5<' pamperings of the Hcflic,fcing thy 
^ome.6 Lord his flcfli thatf cruelly hand- 

Cohfza ^^^ >^ ^'®"^ ^'^^ ^'^ c of his fbotc 
cJyS.i. vntbtlte^^exmcofhis head there 
«. is no one free {pot in him ; And 
iVS:-37. very indecent fliouid it be > that 
vndcr 4 a head crowned wirh 
thorns the other partes fliould be 
nice and delicate. Contemplate 
laftly in this point the extreme do- 
lors which the raoft ruful mother 
fclt^atfuchtime,as (landing by 
the CrofTc , flie faw him lieaued vp 
thereon , naked, racked ^al woun- 
ded, haumg his hands and feetc 
perced through , whereout thoft 
foureflouds of bioud did -iflur) 
being farrc more pretioiis then the 
€;G«». e fotirc floudsthatilfucd out of tcr- 
^•^, rcftralParadifewhcnAc behclde 


d Ber 

oltgracioas eyes wannc and pji- 
Icywherewwith he-was wont to 
coitifort ai tho'j^ that were h^auie 
^todafiSi^edjlhat be^Uiriful face, 
wherein the 4 Aiigdsdedrc to ioo- ^^ p^ 
Ice , differmed and withered ; that i.c^ ^' 
diuine head ful of thorns , which 
ihad b not wheie to refti^. O Quee-> 
he of heauc,wl^at-dblour was euer 
like to thine, wlicn With thy wee- . ^ 
^ing eyes thou behetdefl^thtswoful ^.c, *^ 
{gure 10, howe much mote were Luc.9 .g 
thf anguishes ful&cient to <iarken 
thy ihoft heauy hart , the was the tr 
iikrknes which came then vpdthc 
«arth,fuMdentto darken it. To l^**^' 
whom may I compare thee , or to 
^hom niay I liken thee,0 moftia- 
cred virgin , thine afHidio and jri-* 
bulatipn , being lb great as is ^t 
Ocean Sea! if the' Angel ^ when he 
firft faliited thee, did cal thee, </ ful . ^ 
of grace, ^t this inftant he may pal , **'' 
thee § fol 6f' griefs and forow,fo 
great a part of th6 bitter cupp» 

G which 



which thy deare (bnne dranke^ be- 
ing fallen to thy (hare jxo whom, I 
humbly befecch thee, to ofFej: thor 
, fe greeuous dolours , which thou 
then enddrcdfl: ^ like ashe ofFered 
al His bitter grief^s , and the bloud 
Jie/hed,t<>his eternal Father for 
the redemption off ho world. And 
thou, O celedial Father^ behold,in 
al humilitie I begg it , beholde the 
*^J^^ ^ 4 face of thy Chriftc , and fmel the 
fwectnes of the (acrificc which he 
offreth ihcc. Regard thofc out- 
ftretched armes , that repj^cfenjt 
the bowe which thou prpmifedn: 
to place in the cloudes 6 in figne of 
_ peace and frindfliipp , which thou 
^3.6. vouchfafedftto make with 
H4^<t.j kinde, Liften to that (weete miifi- 
"' kc he maketh with th€>vordes fee 
fpeaketh on the CtolFe , where his 
head is alro tor ne, and his mem^ 
bcrs and fincwes ftretchcd out like 
ci.Re, Daiiids harpe , iVirliereon '^^cn he 
1 6 A. played , c he made thefi^nd to fly cj 





and feingal that he hath done and 
fuffred , hath been to appcafc thee, 
and to obtcine mercie for vs , ac- 
cept the fame , 6 Lord , and fend 
vs from heauen thy holy benedi^ 

^§^ Vhatgricfc was encr like ta 
S&si thine , O Virgin & moft wo- 
ful mother > when thou faweft thy 
dearly beloued ibnne exalted on 
the CtoiTe , faftned thereto with 
huge nailes ^ from topp to toe al 
wounded like a lepre • hsiuing 
gal and vinegre gcuen him to 
drinke , and blalphemed and 
mocked of that wicked nation! O 
howe in very deede did then the 
dagger of woes, which 4 Simeon 
had foretolde thee,pcarce through 
thy moft affli<5l:ed foyl ! I be- 
ftech thcc humblye , Omofl woful 
G z La4y, 


148 V. DOLOV. MIST. 
Lady,with ioyned hands , chat fot 
thylonnc his. moil bitter paiEoo, 
and thy compaffion fake,chou wilt 
obtaine me grace to fcelc the cafte 
of his fo ftrange tormencs, andof 
thy exccfliue i'orows, that.being 
touched with a true compiin^ion, 
I may crucific -mine olde man 
with al his vic-ss Sc concupUccnces. 


T E R. X S S A R E - C A L L £ D 

. .Gloriods, ^ 


ly Vw^in Mjifye receanedthem t a fcr 


^dyAndfouUy . 


K E C T I O N,; : 

^Ereafcet three dayes , CKrift from 

Withcriamphdotharife, (graue. 

With body glorified fo, 

As thought c*mnotcomprife, 













r >v^ 









jffflSifc^— — -1 '"3 





^J^iJOrd let me not lie dead in if ane> 
gl^ But rife by grace againe: 
And graunt me when all flesh shall rife, 
In hf auen with thee to raigne. 




Mi/ferie it of his trium^Unt Kefurre^ 
Biotij vpon tht yyhich thou shdt meditate 
thefe pointesfolovving. 



Col. i.c 


Irft,ho we our Redeemer being dcaJ, 
j.^Ti-;(his moft faered foule defccnded 
downe to a Limbo to comfort feand deli- 
ver thence thofe holy fathers , which had 
fo long time looked for him, with whom 
he ftaied til Sundaye morping , when ve- 
ry early he returned to the fepulchre , and 
taking again6 his moft holy bodyc, he 
rofc vp glorious , and iflUed out of his 
clofed fepulchre. 

Secondly jthou maieft mcditatc,howc 

our Lord being thus rifen vp , he appered 
firft to his riioft holy c mother, who re- 
ceaued an incomparable gladncs,feing 
himrifen vpp fo beautiful and fo glo- 

Thirdly, meditate , howe after he had 
remained fome fpace with his moft blef- 
fed mother comforting and refioyfing 
her , he went aftherwades to perfor- 



me the (amie office to his a Difciples, and 
his other deuoutferuauDteSj.amongftthc 
which, he firft appered to good b Mary 
Magdalen ,yho loued him moft feme r.- 
tly , and with greateft deiire did feckc 
hiitt.': ' 

^N tlic firftc point thou 
(maieft cntertaine thy 
^fclfc , meditating » how 
►al thofe holy Fatheij;, 
Pairiairchcs, and prophets , -w ith al 
the other c righteous perfos which 
had been dead from the begin- 
ning of the world, were al detai- 
ned in Limbo itxpe^ling the hap- 
pyc comming of oui: Saiiiour, who 
^h'thc iate charitje and humi- 
Ifiie j whei: with he ' had humbled 
hfmrelJFe, in {iitfringc death vpon 
the Crofle,vouc!(afedalfb to hum- 
ble him-felf , in^ifeending downc 
to Limbo, and vifiring that blefTed 
congregation , which with fuch 
feruent zeale ha^ long time 
defired to fee this happy daye.I lea- 
ucthee nowtothiinke ^ what(ur-> 
G 4 Failing 



b 'Mat. 


li 20. 
de Qiuit 
Hicr. in 
ca.^. ad 


151 I. G L ORl O VS. MIS T. 
paffing ioythofcfecrcdfottlcs rc- 
ccaucd , when they fawc this moft 
tiAug. fiicrcd foulcof Chrift4 ynitcdto 
Ser. the Diuittitie eater with fuch 
1)7 de triumph and puiflancc into their 
tepore. prifon,and withliis ^lightnes ta- 
illuminate thofc miftic doiigepriH' 
and vndeiftood bcfidcs wR#1i^c 
had done and fufficdin th^^rp- 
an d the cnde, wherfpre he wasdif- ; 
ccndcd thither to be onely to deli^ 
ucr the out of their cmprifonirient, 
and to make them cndlelTehappic. 
What tongue can woorihclyc 
tcl their confolations , their ioyes; 
their fonges , praifes , and bene4i-; 
^i6s,whichthcy founded forth in 
praife of their glorious benefa- 
dour?Neuerthcie(re,aJbeitthe io) e 
of thefc redeemed foules were fo 
exceeditig great , yet farrc greater 
was that of their Rcdeemer,begm- 
ning now to fee the glorious fruit 
of his great paines, and the great 
good > which his gricuous paflion 


OF tkE RESVR; if4» 
had wrought. O , with how great 
reafbn might eche one then 4 faye; . 
Thiustlfe daythAtoar LordebathmA'^^' ^, 
de , let ^i reioyce and be §laJU theitmi 
Where note , that albeit it may 
fccm other- whiles, that our Lordc 
hath forgotten his oicGt , and that 
which he hath ptomifed them ,• ycr 
doth he not fo , but ^eXfcQtcth. the , 
fitccft time , wherein lie; knowcth 
how to ful^l the fame , Uke as we 
fee he hath here done towardes 
the fir good holy Fathers. We muft 
not therefore wauer in our belie* 
fe 5 but abide and waite with pat^ 
enceforhis moft holy ;comming. 
Siihens as the Prophet Abacuch^*^'^'*- 
adraonifheth v s : t Our Lwde 3 yvhom ** 
tkou hjtjlfo greatly called on ^ nvH'Comg 
at length 5 and n^vil mt lye 5 ifke tary, 
(xfeci fnfh yfor he that commethy nv/7 co^^ 
me tdnd nfvtl not tarye long^ Con fider 
aifo in thi&point , howe our Saui* 
our hauing ftaide al Saterday with 
thofc holy Fathers, reioycing and 

G 5 com- 







comforting them, as welthou ma- 
ieft imagine , his men: blefled (bu- 

a Ea* ^* ^^'^ ^^ '^ Sunday morning rctur- 
yjj/i netorcaittchismoft facred body» 
fra. tv'hich layc in the fepulchrc } wbe- rintohe cncring,made it become 
/•«t^^Jfo beautiful and glittering as the 
R0W.4. Sunnc ; and that hodyc vrhich a li- 
«/.i) 8 /tie before thcpogh the tormentes 
i.Cor. of his paffion -was al wounded, 
*• al blackc , and al difformcd b like 
*' *"■ a Lcprc , prcfcntly after it was 
N«.<«. vnitcd to the mod facred foule, 
jy. li.i. and by it reuiued,became the moft 
beautiful of al bodies > 8c the blac- 
knes being now changed into 
brightnes , the woundes and dc- 
f ormicie conuerted into an incom- 
parable beautic , he referued only 

t Lm ^^^ ^ ^^^ "*°^ facred "woundcs of 
i^y* ' his bandes , fecte , and fide , in 
i»d.iQff memorie of our redemption , the 
which doo wonderfully Ihine 
forth, and beautiHe the fame} and 
the fighttherofcaufeth afingulcr 
contcntation tatheblelTedSain- 

tes, and moucthhis eternal Far 
ther to mercy in our bcbalfes^ 
when for this intent it pleafeth 
him to fliewe them. O , happy 
ar€ thofc eyes, that fhalt eftioy« 
fuchaiight I O what a Mirrouris 
this fo cleare and beautiful , whe- 
rein we maye often times take vie- 
we of our felues, to know our de- a lAaf, 
fcdsjand to reioyce ourhartes,like *8-^- 
as his d is difciplcs did reioyce echc ^ ?^ ' ^* 
time, that the fame Mitrour did/o^.i©. 
jliewe it fclfe vnto them; and at e. 
this day are they neuer faciated 
with beholding it in heauen. v 

Inthefecondpointthoumayeft ^. . 
enterteine thy felfe , meditating j^'" 
and beholding with the eyes of ,4.51. 
thy foule , howe our Lorde and7'6.i. 
Redemer did prefently after he ^^<^'''- 
was riien vp ,vifitehis moft holy pj^'^'^l 
b mother , "whom thou maieft ^ 
welbelcue,iohaue been the RiHyKefur. 
albeit in the Gofpel there is no, y'r.^.<t 
mention made thereof j for , that^"^* 
being a eommaundeinent of . 
G ^ his. 


■■ fMi^s^^ 




- , hi5,\(rliich the wife manrcportech,^' 
^ Honor thy Pother , ana forget not thy m^ 
Tob.4r' then foH'Vife , ho we were it pofliblc 
for the moft obedient fonne to for- 
get his mother , wholoucd him fo 
dearly, and had fo bitterly vrailcd, 
wept, and forowcd his pafHonand 
paineful death jWhyc fliould riot 
llie b|g|iiited and comforted befo- 
re al others , which was more af- 
flidted then al others J If, as the 
h luc. Euangelift b reporteth , out Ldrdc 
^4-^- did , after he was rifcn vp , appcrc 
to S. Peter that had car ft denied 
him , why flial not we bclceuc,that 
heappcredfirftto his blefled mo- 
ther,that neuer did dcnye him?yea, 
continualiye confeflcd him, and 
loued him aboue al jand in whom 
alone the faith remained firme and 
incorrnpted. Admitt therefore it 
was fo :, as reafon requireth it 
fliould be, force thy felfe to medi- 
tate allitle, what ioy thisbleifed 
Lady, felt, when, being folitar y iit 


cap, 14 
lib. I. 


herchaniber, weeping, ^ailirig» 
and longing to fee the ^****"* ^^** ^ j^j^ 
righteoufnes rife vp,to lighten and * ^ 
clear her darke and doleful heart, 
ihe fa we her fclf in a moment enut- 
foned with the glittering beames 
of the beautiful light thereof. Ho- 
we great her gladncs was, when 
ihcfawethatbodye whichflichad 
lately left in the fepulchrc dcad^ 
al wounded and deformed, liospe 
lining, whole, gliftermg, and glo- 
rious. How great conteht^ion fll<^ 
receaued', whenfhe fawc thcfo- 
ueraine ber^utic and brightncs re- 
ftored to that face fill of al gra- 
ces, and thofe diainc eyfs,vrhcr- 
wit h he looked vpon her (b clca- 
rc and fo loucly. What pleafurd 
her fence receaued,whcii with her 
cares ihe heard the moft Ywcetc 
voice, where- with he fduted heir, 
Howe fouerainc her cxultatioa 
was , when ihe faw thofc moft fa- 
crcd armes embrace her fo loubg- 





lye , *nd how with thofc moft fa- 
ctcd Kandes which flic had fo latc- 
lyfccncfaftncdtotheRoodc, he 
with fuch pictie wiped 4 off the 
a ifai. trickling tears of her reucred face; 
ai£ then might fliefaye, and that with, 
A/0C.7. great caufcjthat icntcnccof the 
*'• Prophet b Dauid j jtcmding to the 
^^^' multitude of griefes that my heart hath 
d. ' fHpred^ iby confolatims hdutmoyctd 
f»3i/i»/f.Confiderthenin the be ft 
wiic thou canft the fwcetc com- 
munication that paflcd betwixt 
the bleflcd mother and the Sonne, 
the w hich , wcl ^e maye beleue, 
did occaionate no IdfTe comfort 
to the mother , then did his fighr, 
albeit flie could vtter but fewe. 
wordeSjbyrcafonfliewas wholly 
rapt in beholding that glorious 
vifion which fhc had before her 
cycs,and in viewing cuery particu- 
ier feaultcrs of that body, and that 
amiable countenance , whofc 
jjrightnes and beautie did fo great- 



lye delite her nowe, as did the feing 
of it biacke and wounded hereto* 
fore torment her in the time of his 
painfbi paffion. In like mancr , be- 
holding thofe wounds , which in 
his death had perccdher virginal 
heart with forowc , nowe become 
fo faire and fb glittering, flie was 
therby repleniflied with fo great » 
ioye,as flie remained like onea^* 
nifliedjnot being able to pronoun- 
ce fcarfe any one word. Reioyce 
therfore,0 Quecneofheaucii,fith 
thou haft fo great eaufes to reioyce 
thecj Let thy fpiritc now 4 be glad aLwct 
in God thy Sauiour, who hath fuU ^• 
ly fatilHcd the longing defires of 
thy foulc > Nowe thou fccft him ri- 
fen vp again , whofe death thou i, ^^^ 
earft lamtntedft. h Now is winter, c. 
and the ftormes of his pcrfecutions 
ignominies, and tormentes cleane 
pafTed ouer } nowliuethhe, and .. 
death ihal haue no more c any do- \^^ 
roinion oucc him. Thou feeft hioi 


i5o LG LOR I. MIST. 
Govre facrc more exalted then he 
was before dcprefledinow is he a 
conqucrourofDeathjof Hel, and 
of the Diiicl ,• nowe is neither lie to 
fufFer anyeraorc,norcbouto hanc 
any further fearc. Rcioycc thcrfo- 
re, O Lady,andlet thy foule rccea- 
iiefolace through his triumph and 
Rerurre<aion,as it was before ma- 
de fort)wfal,cucn ahnoft to death 
through his painful death and paf- 

fion. . 

IN T BE T H I R D E point thou 
maieft in like maner cnteriayne 
ihcrclfc,bcinga matter of great 
confolation,confideringhowe our 
Lordcilookewhat office he had 
performed to his moft blcffed mo- 
ther , and the fame vouchfafed he 
to doo to A his Difciples, and other 
deuout feruantsjwher-withwcmay 
wel beleeue, that the'louing La- 
dye rcplcniftcd with charitie,was 
very wel contented, yea , defircd 
himfoto doo 5 fithens ,like as 



when he was borne , ihc laidc hint 
in a manger, fignifyin^f thereby^ 
thatalbcic flie alone did bcare and 
bring him forth , yet vouldfiie 
nothauehiinfor hct-fclfe alone» 
butfor al; cuctt fo would Jhc not 
haue il the ioy^ of his glorious re-; 
fotrc6iiohtober-fclfc]aone, bat 
would in a;ny wifej that others we- 
re made part jikerSthereof-Hcdka- 
te therforcjhbwhe firft apperedto 
good rf Mary Magdalen,J?:£f9rding 
to the teftiraonie of the holy Euan- a Uau 
gelift$,whowent with the pthcr^*^ 
deuout women to h ahndint ihim ^^J 
with prct JOttS oyntments f ^^lichi^^^ 
theycaricd^ith them)in the {zmS.** 
chrc i wheri not finding of hlpftf 
.albeit her cbmpaniontswcnt^aw^ry J 
yet would c not flie depart , 4^^' '**• 
loue held her faft linkrdto the pljfc- '*** 
cewhctcihe had ear^l left Hi«^» 
whom flie fo dearly loued , and re- 
maining there weeping,{hc wit^i 
a dej(ire flic had to finde him 
^ dead^ 





i.TUh, <lead,meritedto{eehim aliueatid- 
tiCcn vp,albcitin Gardners vfcede, 
<(in{achrorr,asfhera\fe him and 
kncsKc him not jOur Lord aunfwc-: 
ling herein to the difpofidon of 
her foule ; for {he ioued and doub-^ 
) L«c, ted, as he for the fame reafon ap- 
*1'^ pered^in pilgrims fhcwto thofe 
two difeiples that went to Emaus; 
where thou maieft note, how this: 
Lord khowerh at one time j how 
both to comfort, inftrudr, and ma» 
r.ifcftthedcfcdtsofhiscieA, and, 
how fucharebeft fauoured of him 
as tHjoft fernently doo, loue ; hims 
like dswc here fee by good M^ry- 
Magdalen,to who for her fetuent 
loue fake was this prerogatiue ge- 
ucn , that {he might fir ft fee her 
c loh: deer lye beloued Mafter; c and that 
io.d- fhe might be the meflenger to an- 
nounce the ioyeof his Rcfur- 
redion to thofc that litlc thought 
therof,by reafon of the heauines 
they were in, through the re- 


membrance of his death and do* 

Thinke nowe,C good Chriftian^ 
think attcntiucly, what ioy that 
moft denout gentlewoman did 
fecle,whe fhe both fawc and knew 
her fo dearlye betoued mafter. Ah 
L orde,ho wethatheartleaped agaie 
for ioy,whe6urSauiourcaUed hcr«< ^ ^^^ 
Mary , and fhe anfwered him forth-' lo d ' 
with with this louingwordof ma^-; 
fler. what a fodaine chaunge is 
thisjhow prefent an alteration? 
What did thy hart fccic CO 
good Mary Magdaleh^being thusii 
in a moment deiiaered from thy 
furpaffing forows , and £egScd. 
with fuch a wonderfuf confolatioJ ^'^'^• 
What a boiling heat of hart was b JJ^ 
rhat,that made her fb impotent x9.k* 
ouer her felfe, as to be about to 
embrace him, like one dronkei^ 
loue , wherby fhe quite forgot 
her- felfe of his moft facred Ma- 
ieftie.O mpft happy teares,where- 




:' I 








j<f4 I. GLORI. MIST. ^ 

wit li /he bedevced the ground of 
that garden?vfhkh made her (6 
fcone to rcape fo fwccte a fruir,* 
happy the pcrfeucrancc , which 
madchcrtarycftilin that place 
•wherbyihcwa$fb fingulerly re- 
ioyced and comforted of our Sa* 
liiour.O happy louc,< mote (Irong 
the death , which made her to fin- 
de the aathour of life reiiiued and 
. tifcn vp , in the very place of death 
Contemplate after wardes , howe 
flic hied her to tel thefe ioyfiil ti- 
dingcs to the Apoftlcs, ^ whoiB, 
eucry one of them , this Sonne of 
righteoofhes minded to witr, con- 
fed* and illominate; forlike as he 
vas borne for al,and died foral,fo 
did he rife vp again for al,and voa- 
chfa&d to communicate the ioycs 
ofhisRefurrc^aionto ali forget- 
ting neither, c Peter, who denied 
hiiijnor the others Apoftles ,.who 
were nowc for woe and diftwift 
departed from lerpfalcm;^ neither 


Thomas,who cotititied fe longti- 
me in his obflinate incredalitie; 
wherbyisfliewcdvSjhoW much 
more this Lordisiiitiined and pro- 
ne tocomfott and ctf 'fauour , theh 
to afflid and punifli ; ieing how in 
countcrchange of thofe f^'v^ daies 
whetin he permitted ihe through 
his death to be (canda'ieed^ , trout* 
bled^^d afHi^ed,'he'dYdafterwat- 
des cdmfort and reioyce tl^ farre 
more with his desired prcfence, - 
appering many times to them,dii- 
jring the^ fame Aim; mening i*her ^ 
by to alcertaitie the them better of ^^v. 
the vccitie of his R^cfurrci^iorwhe- 54. 
f eout thou ^aicft learhe to put^'fi 
thytruftinti^snioft faithful lior- **A 
de. And albeit tboii feelc rhyfclfe " ' 
othtJir-whilcis afHtde^ and grcc- 
uoudy tempted , difpaire not yet, 
forhewil naue care to comfort 
andvifit€thcein due time, and 
wil deliucr thee ourof al thy tem- 
ptations and afflidions, according 






a Tot. asitis4wricce;i/^^nr<( ^wme hefen^ 
i4' deth 4 calme, and after febbesamttearesi 

jFter a ftorine the airiDgt'ovech 
icommonly cleat agaiacj caen 
fois it happened to thee, Omoft 
Soueiain Queene of heauen>for 
after the ftormie and vroful time 
of thy dere Sonn his pailiop') the 
bright and calme day of his Refuc- 
redion appered to thee , -wherein 
thy heart was incomparably reioy* 
ced » {einghimriien;ypigloripus, 
immortal,andimpalfibie.I befeech 
»:hec,0 glorious Lady, by that inef- 
fable exultation yhich thou recea- 
uedft on this moft happy daijthat it 
ihay pleafe thee to make me parta- 
ker therof^obtaining me that I may 
dye to mine old lite of finn , arid 
may rife vp againe with anewe life 
of grace, by means whereof I may 
afterwardes attaine to the true and 
perpetual life of glory, Amen. 


- ^v> . .-v^;^ 



^SHrift blcffing his difciplcs hicerc 
^|@ ' : Doth in their fight afccndei 
jiBouc theStatM^ he doth raigae^ 

Ittiby'dctioidcbfende. ^ 

, -- ■#■»-' 

fRant me goodLord thatlmay (pende 
j^SS My life Oil earth fo well, 
As I through grace may fauourfindc ' \ 
with thee in blifle to dwell, - 




nuditate thefefointesfoloyytng' 

«*« Irft how our Lotd appered the a 
^ fortieth lay ofter hisRefurreaio to 

f li.r.rogoe^Mount'oUuct, there to fee h,m 

\'' . '^Tecondly , thoushaltmeditatc, howe 

^"'•'^ alou'SrdhisDifciplcs^being gathe ed 

/• toeether intheMount Omet, as alfo the 

Sholiemother our lady , and the o 


Sauiour came to theplaccwhetejthey^?! 

re hauingwith him thofc bleffedttou 

ie;whiihe hadcatft del uered out ol 

ifnlboandafterhehadfpokcn tothem 



tKcir fightes to snount vp to hcauen with 
^reat triumph arid exultation. 

Thirdly , confider , how the bicflci 
mother 5 with the DiCripIes , and other 
Jeuout women, as they al togehcr loo- 
king vp to heauen, where they faw our 
Lord adfcend , there defcendcd a two An- 
gels downe cladd in white , aduertifingc 
them to make no longer abode there, and 
then they al of thenai returned backe tb le- 

gjfg N the fii'ftc point thou maieft 
fes^ meditate the exceeding dc- 
mencie and lowlines of this our 
Lordi vrho being that he was^ did 
neither difdaine, nor vras ailiamed 
10 vifitc his poore feruants , and to 
ftay with them in any time > place, 
ordi^ofition whatfoeuer. Sith as b Mar, 
Gofpel 4 tclleth,he appered ro^^*' 
them when they vfcre at table, and 
peraduentarc did b cate with 
thetn, therby to aduertife thee 
that thou maieft atal times, and 

H . in 




riouiMifierieuvftheAfienJlnn of our 
Urde, concerning the yfhich thou maiefi 

) lift , how our Lord appercd the a 
jjj,vii fortieth day ofter his Rcrurreftio to 
a A5F. to his Difciples then being b at table; and 
18 .a. blamed their flackncs anddifficultie in be 
T^c. M. leeiiing his Refutreftion , and afcerwarde 
54. taught them what they ought to doo af- 
lib.x. tcr his Afcenfion,and coxnmaunded them 
b M*r. to goe to Mount Oliuet, there to fee him 
i6.e afcend; 

Luc. 1 4 Secondly , thou shalt meditate, howe 
/, * al our lord his Difciples being gathered 
together in the Mount Oliuet, as alfo the 
moft holie mother our Lady , and the o.- 
ther deuotzt women there with them, our 
Sauiour came to the place where they;^y?- 
re , hauing with him thofe pleiTpd tcoii- 
•pes which he hadcarft deliuefed out of 
iimbojand after he had fpokcn to them , 
and bidd them al fare-wel , he beganne in 




tlicir fightes to mount vp to hcauen with 
:great triumph and exulta tion. 

Thirdly 3 confider > how the bleffcdt 
mother , with the Difciples , and other 
'deuout women, as they al togehcr loo- 
king vp to heauen, where they faw our .^ 
Lord adfcend , there defcended^ two An- ^ / ^ 
gclsdowne cladd in white > aducrtifinge *' * 
them to make no longer abode there, and 
then they al of them returned backe tb le- 

girg N the fii'ftc point thoii maicft 
Si^ meditate the exceeding clc- 
mencie and lowlines of this our 
Lord i who being that he waSj did 
neither difdaine, nor was afliamcd 
to vifite his poore fcraants , and to 
ftay with them in any time > place, 
ordifpofitionwhatfoeuer. Sith as b Mar. 
Gofpel a rcliethjhe appered ro^*-^* 
them when they were at table, atid 
peraduentare did h eatc with 
them , tlierby to aducrtifc thee 
that thou maied atal times, and 

H ' in 


inal places fccurely cal vponliim, 
and howe thou oughteft to enfor- 
ce thy felfc to order ai thine a- 
6bions in fuch fort , as if eucry 
houre thou diddeft cxpeft his ho- 
ly e vifitation. Note moreouer, 
howe his checkesandfcooHnges 
be of a Father that louetli V4 
right tenderly , and is greatly de- 
firous of our profite. Like as 
thou feeft here , howe after he had 
found fault with his Difciplcs 
incredulitic , he forth- with taught 
and inftrucicd them of that they 
ought to doo in going roundc 
about the world , bc/idcs other i( 
graces and fauoars which he did 
impart vnto them. At what time 
Z»c.i4 therefore thou feclc<5t either in- 
fob to ^'^'^*'<^'y ^is rebukes , or outwardly 
his roddes , be not troubled the- 
reat, nor anye whic difcouragedi 
but bcleeuc arturedlye, that in thus 
cxercifinghis whipp,he doth lir 
ke a louing Father , who , as holye 





writt doth a witncs, Chafitfeth him ^^J^' 
rpvhem. be hueth , and fcoutgsih him V.' * 
'yvhomM taf^th for his childe. Con- j 
template then the finguler ioye Vro.$.i. 
whcr with the holy Apoftlcswcrc ioh.yc 
liirprifed , in beholding their mo ib 
louing Mafterj and with what at- 
tention they gaue earc tohisdiui- 
nc wordes i and if the nioft holy 
mother were then prefcnt amongfl; 
them C as with godly dcuotion we 
may bcleeuc flic was ) howe much 
more fhc defircd to behold and he- 
are her fonne,thento cafte any 
corporal foode : and if at other ti- 
meswhe ftie was at table with him, 
flic forgot to catc her meat ,a$ wc 
maywel bcleeuc flic did through 
the contcntation flic rcccaued by 
looking on him, howe much more 
did flic fo this Uft time , knowing, 
how prcfcntly after he was to de- 
part this world O facred virgin^ 
who can pofiibly e6ceac,withhovr 
fundry cogitaiios thy heart was at 
Hi that 


171 It. G L O R 1 VS. M IS T. 
that infcanc occupied for on ih'o- 
iic fide thou wait delighted with 
beholding his Co amiable prefcn- 
ce, th'oiher /idc thou languiflicdft, 
betinking iheea how, not many 
houres after h^ Aiould be taken 
from thee , and chat thou (houldeft 
remame herein earthy he afceii- 
ding vpto hcaitcn , whofc abfirnce 
could not choofe, but bt greatlj' 
grieuous to thee ; in fuch fort , as 
the felf-fame caufe and obied: did 
make thee both glad and roro\v, 
fiiiihowbcit, this did in th*en(l 
chicfty^ comfort thee, that thSju 
kwewcft fuch to be his wil and 
plcafdjc a Vf^herto continually thoii 
diddcft conforme thy fe! fe. 

In rfeemcdiraiionof the feconik 
poimtlKyu m.iieft intcfPtaine thy 
felf , being a matfcrof great dc«o- 
tioo^ confidcriiig the -^Tondcrful 
^A'j&dnfion of our Lorde , and be- 
holditig with the eyes oh thy min* 
idc cucry particuil ATitie of the m**- 



ner of his aCceding ; the which wil, 
no doubt, afford thee gret comfort 
and fpirituat fruit.For it the 4 Pro- 
phet £lias prpmifed to geue his 
Difciplc Heliieus the gift of his 
fpirice which he requited ,if (b be 
he (aw him afccnd in that fierie 
chariot,wh,ere-in he was tranfpor- 
ted into earthly Paradife ,• howc 
much more iuftly may ed thou ho- 
pe to pbteyne a greater gifce,if 
rhou contemplate and viewc with 
the eyes of thy mindcdeuoutly and 
with attention, howe, not the Pro- 
phctc Elias,but the Lorde of al the 
prophetesa{cedeth,*notinii chariot 
of fire, b«jr by his owne vcrtue and 
power y not into terreftral Paradi- 
fe, but into the Emperial heaiien, 
where he /> fitreth on the right ha- 
d& of his eternal Father} and if,as 
S. Paulec faith , Chrifte when he 
adfcendcd mto heaucn , gauc ma- 
ny gift cs to men , wcl maiell thou 
bclceue he wil doo the fame cuen 
H f ao'we 

£cc/. 48 




lib lie ' 


Uph . 4 . 



nowc towardcs tkem that doofpi- 
rituallye contemplate the fame 
^ AfccnfioD. Open therefore thine 
internal eyes , and with great faith 
and attention beholdc howe the 
inoft holye Virgin with al that 
bleHed companye that alTociated 
her,bcing arriuedto the mount 
Oliuet , her moft fweete fonne ca- 
me alfb to the fame place with the 
facred fpoiles of fo many foulcs as 
he had earft deliuered out of 
Limbo. Doo novrc contempla- 
te , -with howe great fwcctncs 
and affabiliiie he talked to eoe- 
rye one 5 \\ ith howe great beni- 
gnitie he embraced euerye onej 
withhowc^rcat charitie he4 blei- 

Aine. f^*^ ^^^ comforted euerye ^ne; 

14.^. and if he did thus to al , confi- 
de r in what maner he behaued 
him-felfetowardes that his moft 
facred Mother , who loued him: 
more then al , merited more then 
al , ad was more tenderlye moued 


then al with his departure. O 
howe much more fugred wordes 
maye we thinke he fpake to her, 
howe much more finguler fauours 
he did her) and howe much mo- 
re amiably he embraced her. The 
bleffed Mother dcfired toaccom- 
panie her moft deare fbnne , with- 
out whofe prefence and company 
heriifc was lothfome , and pain- 
ful tbi her;h6w-bcit, it was not 
graunted'hcr , our Lord woucifa- 
fingj^hat flic for rf fome timefliould 
remaine here in the world , as a 
Keeper and comforrcr of that litl^e 
flock , which the good Shcppard 
Icefr comforileiTe "with his de- 
parture 9 neither thought 'he it 
meete , that ia one day they fhould 
be made Orphans, being depriued 
of fuch a Father and a motherj 
the which this Lady vnderdan- 
dihg,quieted her- felfe , and like an 
humble and obedient hand- maid 
re/ignedher wiltohis diuine wil, 

H 4 faying 

a Vnde- 
xim an- 

a pud 
ca.^. U. 
zJhifi. . 
EccL ex 



faying haply the fame vrordes in 
the A^nfion, which flic vttcrcd 
in the incarnation ; to a mtiBehot^t 
the hdnd m^id ofottr Lord, 

Hauing then in this wife talked 
with cuery one , and taken his lea- 
ue of them al » behold » how by ti- 
tle and litle he beginneth to eleua- 
te him-fclf from earth , and to 
mount vpwardes into the aire 
with his hands lifted vpon high» 
wher-withhc^ blefled them, and 
withhis^ eyes fixed on them , did 
amiably behold them. Here ma- 
ieft thou meditate, what the moft 
facred virgin ,with al that holyc 
adembly felt , feing him mount yp 
thiis triumphantly jhow their hear- 
tes did rent in twaine through lo' 
ue , and howe they melted againe 
with teares , fcing him goe further 
and further from them ^and how 
they wichal were incomparably 
reioyced, by beholding the trium- 
pheand Maicftic, where- with he 





afcended , and hearing that heau^*« 
lye melodie, which the Angels and 
blelTed Sainres did make,who al of 
them founded forth m©ft mclo* 
dioully the praifes of this trium-» 
phant Conquerourjfo that the hea- 
ring and feing of thefe thingci 
could not choofe , but make them 
for ioye and tcnderne^ of heart 
poure forth plentiful ftreamesof 
tcarcs. O glorious day , G foucrai- 
ne-fweetfolcmnitic, O mo ft re- 
nowned t riumphe ! thus is he ho- < 
nored 4 whom the King of heauen b Mat. \ 
wil honour* thus is he eatalted^ ^^h. j 
b who humbled him- fclfc fo pro- ^^'^•'^'; 
foundly ; thus meriteth hc^to^^ ^^' 
triumph 1 who hath obtained fo 
glorious a vidkotie. Behold » O 
King of heauei^ , th) cxaltati6,and 
the name abonc'al names that was 
geuen thee for being thus hurr- 
bled and made obedient to the 
deaifh oSthe Crofle.Btholdeih' we 
tlH>iibeginneft nowe t6 reape t4e- 
■■ ' H 5 aboun- 





aboundant fruit that was promifed 
thee » for hauiiig a. loft thy life for 
our finnes. Beholde the noble 
triumphe thou haft attained, for 
hauing with fuch prowes ouer 
come fo daungerous and diffi- 
cult a daye. Gett thee therfore , O 
Lord , get thee now to thy b reft, 
(eing thou haft taken fo great pai- 
nes,and caryewith thee the atke 
of thy fandification,thac is to faye, 
thy moft facred humanitie , which 
is the moft rich' arke » whereouc 
was taken that pretious.treafure 
of our redemption. Be c thou exaU 
bPA ^^^ ftboue al the heauens , O my 
107. God 9 and thy glorie be ouer al the 
'wdrld I Al Angels , and al men 
yeeldthee due adoration and re-. 
uerence xfeing thou haft enriched 
and reioyced them al with this thy 
glorious and moft miraculous Af- 
ceoiion. , 

In the thirde point thou ma* 
left in like maner enterteyne thee. 



meditating , kowc the moft blcf- 
fed Mpther remained with that 
holye flocke in the mountaine, 
where flic fawe her moft glorious 
Sonne afcende vp to hcauen ; who 
alofthem accompanied him with 
their corporal eyes whiles they 
might poffiblye difcerne him , and 
did after he was once out of fight g^^^j, 
( being rcceucd into a white a & 
cloude ) aftbciace him with their 

Contemplate a while here , how 
flic with the other lookers on, 
being al of them deuoutly on their 
knees , fixed their eyes , on heaueri 
without anye looking a- fide or 
ihifthing of places being,bereft,as 
it were of al their (enfes,and whol- 
ly rati iflicd with this moft glorious 
vifion. Meditate befides , the 
foleipn pompe and reioyfing, 
wj^ere-^with this glorious trium- 
phex.king of hcauen and of earth 
wa? rcccaucd into heucn ; think 
"" . " H^ af-wcl 


6}, a. 





af-wcl as thou cahft, with what 
mufike , wiih what fongcs ,, with 
what praifcs , and with what reue- 
rcnceeucricceleftial order did re- 
ceaue and adore himjhowc the An- 
gels reioycedjhow the Archangels 
wondrcd yhow the Seraphitts Gur- 
net in loue ; howc the inferior or- 
ders enquired of the fuperiour 
that which the Prophet a Efaias 
had fo long time before fotetolde: 
Who It this that commeth from idon^ 
towitt , the world 5 VVhoUth'is [0 
beaittnfitt and fo attired in ven^v gar* 
memesy that ajcendeih '■vvith fo ^r€at 
puifjance and triumph i with other 
hkeworc^sand qncftions , whcr- 
of thou nnaieft rneditate according 
to thy dcuotion. Contenvplatc 
laftly how this nsoft humble Lor^ 
de being arriued at the Emperial 
heauen ( who , as touching 5 
his hurtanitic was fefle th'^n his 
Father ) bowed hihi-(clfc-d6w* 
tie , rcpcting , it oiay b^ , thefiime 



wordes which in his prayer of the 
lafi: fuppcr he had vfcd in the 
world,- that is ta4 fay ,' My V others 
I haue preached and annomeed thy na-^ 
ntf vpon earth > and haue perfeciedthe 
yiforke npvhtch tbau commaHndedSi me 
that I should doo*y m'W they fore » do9 
thoH ctarifie we, father , mifith the 
clear nes oft fjeglorie ^hich ihadnn^tt^ 
thee before the '^ortd 'W45 mdde And 
thcit maicft thou meditate , how 
his heaucnly Father made him 
fitt in that high throric , on his' 
right hand , wherfe he nowc h fit- 
tcth J that is to faye , that he exal- 
ted him , &c made him partaker 
of the greateft goodcs and c*ccl- 
Icncies that either haue been, or 
euer fhal^ be gtaitttted to any 
other 5 yea j^ t4^at 'rto trcattfte caii 
poflibiye eomprchciidf ; Vhich \i 
1?^ be vndepftoad i iW as ffliich a* 
*li was reikis • fbt as he is Godj 
c;*c^!is'e^^JvHti^ fcs lather; 
M haihcthc 6fi$<J'^glory^ and 
' • Maic- 

b Viom, 





I. Vet, 


c. loh, 

Maieftie that his Father hath. 
The Prince of giorie being then 
reccaucd in this maner , ( who ne- 
ucr forgetteth them that loue and 
aA<f?.i. put their truft in him ) fent^f two 
b. Angels do wn to ea rth to vifitc his 
moft deare mother, with al the 
other companie, asalfo to infor- 
me them of his arriual into hea- 
uen , and to deliuec fuch other 
(pceches as he ipoke to them; by 
whofe comming thou maicft wel 
wcencjhow great confolation they 
al receaued , what--pTaifes and 
what ble0ingcs they yeelded vnto 
their Lord , whom, after they had 
with moft profound humilitie 
^ * adored , they returned with great 
14 „' ioye to h leru falcm j Siihens albeit 
they- were forowfiii and heaqi^s 
a.s being left Orphanes in great 
folitarlnes through the abfence 
of fuch a mafter and a , Skepparde;, 
yet because th^y loucd^ himbeC' 
ter theti chen^^feluGl^iiCharitie 
~ : " ' C which 


Cwhichfecketh ^not her owneai-Cof. 
thingcsjmadc them to reioycc mo- ^ J'^ 
re at the profperitie and gloryc of 
their moftlouittgLorde , then to 
forowc the want of their ownc 
confolations.This is that which 
thou maycft meditate touching 
the hiftoric of this moft glorious 
Afceniion; and iearne withal to 
dcfire, jfeekc and figh for ccleftial 
thingcs,andtolothe altranfitoryc 
traftie , endeuouring, that thy con- 
uer(ationbein heauen 9 where 
Chrifte rcmaincth ^fitting qnthc hC9Htf 
fight hand of his ctcmall Father, ^"^ 

' . .. '.. ' : ■• ■'. -.'1. 

1 1 K £ . A s^ O mod facred 

mother 5 thou louedft 

lefusthy moftlwcetfon-* 

^:ne better then thy 

felfe , eueti(b 4idft thou malu 
mote accompc of his ioyes and 



,48 'n. GLORT. MIST.; 

happines then thou diddcft of thi- 
ne ownc.And thcrforc,albcit thou 
remainedft behind him hetc in 
carth,yet diddcft thou rcioyce 
greatly, when thou faweft himaf- 
cend vp to heauen , acconvpanied 
with the Angels and Sainfes he 
caricd^ith him,vpith fuch iubila^ 
tion,povrcr,and Maicftic,as \ras 
conaenicnc for To glorious a tii^ 
umpher.l befcech thce,0 moft ho- 
ly Ladyi by this thy ioyc , that 
fcing thou then remainedft in the 
worldiforthe fuccourand confo* 
latio^of toan, thati may neacf 
bcdeftitutcofthyprotc^kion , to 
th'cndc , that by meanes thereof I 
mayknovrmyfe!ic to be a pilgri- 
me in this world , and that my 
thougfites awd conuerfatioiri maye 
bci^riiicipaliyrfinheatienf where 
^thcfelf-fame Lordcteigneth ; 
• ' in the glory pf^d- 
■i 5 his Fatlrcf; - • 


l^He holy Ghoft in parted tongues, 
^M Difcenies as t*were of fire, 
Aftd^wellnic fisicoie perfons doi:Ii;„ 
Witii hcauenty rcedc infpire. " 

e^Omc holy Ghoft, come (acred fpirit 
^^ Grant me thy grace diuine, 
Tliat I to thee iu each thing may. 
My wil at full tefigne. 










rioui Mifterie it of the camming of the ha- 
lye Ghoji , concerning which thou shaU 
meditate the/efointesfobyytng. 

Irft , howe the mdftfacred Virgin, 

and that holy aflemblye which ' was 

prefentat our Redeemer his Afcehlion, 

remained together in the dining chamber 

or refedorie of lerufalem , cxpeAing the 

comraing of the holye Ghoft, like as the 

fame Lord « had commaunded them to 

Secondly,confider , how on B Whitfon- 
day,al of the being in the fame place> and 
deuoutly at their prayers,'the holy Ghoft 
came in forme of fyrictonges,whichwerc 
fcenc oner eche o ne of the Apoftles hea- 
des , who were greatlye reiayced and co- 
forted with this comming. 

Thirdly, confider the memailous ef-. 
fc6ts,which the Ghoft wrought in them, 
iith they which before were shutt clofe 
vpp for fearc of the Icwes , prefeutly after 


COM. OFHO. GHQ. 187 

they had receaued the holy Ghoft, iflucd 
forth, preaching with great fcruour in . 
the ftreaees and market-places , hj the 
which preachinges a great multitude of 
people wasconuerted. 

wpygwmN the firft point thoa 
r^j%^J^inayeft entertaine thy 
JsJSjSjtfelf, meditating, hdwe 
Jg^Sjjfchcmoftfacrcd Virgin, 
with al the Apoftalical Socictic re^ 
mained fccict in the great halof 
Sion, cxpcAingjin great peace, 
charitie,and vnion that celeftial a^"^- 
Comforter , which our L6rd hadj|-J 
4 promifcd thc.Thikc whatfighes ^J;; 
what fobbes,and what ftorc of tea 
res they fliedd,and how fcruent 
andcontinual prayers they made 
inthisbchalfe,and learne thou, 
that if fo be thou couct to hauc the 
fame comforter come to thee , it 
bchoucth thee neceflarily e to haue 
the fame difpofition ,• that is to 
fay,tobevnitcd.with al in pcrfeia 




peace and charitic, cflrranged frofh 
al ftrifc and contention ; (irh this 
Vf.6j diuincfpiritewiljthatfuch asdwel 
in the houfe where a he is to coiie^ 
be of this difpofition ; like as con- 
trary wife, the wicked fpiritc,whc- 
rc-ibcucrhe roiottrneth,doth^hat 
b ^4f. hccanto6 fow furious debates 
2j.i and enmities. 

This L.wil alfo be greatly lon- 
ged for, and inuited with often 
praier,according to that our 5a- 
uiour(aid oncewith a loude c voice : 
If any be athirft , let him come to me and 
iA'itt^Whichhetncnt bythc holy 
Ghoft ^ which al they were to rccc- 
aue that would bclccuc in him. 
Note morcouer in this point, how 
iheApoftlcs went not forth ta 
preachc before they haft rcceaued 
thehoIyGhoft,hkeas their</Ma- 
Kai.a ^^^^^'^<* warned then bcforc,-whe- 
ce fnch as are to cxcrcifc the fame 
officc,may Icam,how before they 

bcginne^t behoucth them to with- 



COM. OF HOLY, igj 
them- relues,and to pray for the re- 
ceauig of the fame fpiritc, without 
the whic|i,the wordc they preachc 
cheihabbeof fmal efficade and 

Here maieft thou meditate in li- 
ke maner,howferuenc and deuouc 
were thofe prayers which our Lady 
made inthispIace,who vnderftoode 
much better then the reft , the cau- 
jTc of this their rctyring,and of how 
greAt importance and woortbineii 
wasrthe fpirite -Vrhich they requi- 
red > by whofe mcahes the Gofpcl 
was to be preached through the 
vniuerfal world. O bappie was 
that habitati5 where fuch worthie. 
perfons remained^more happy the 
excrcifes wherto they addi6fee<l 
tbc m-fekes? but moft happi c t*hc 
trefarearid the con{alationwhtc!i 
they looked for. O Harbour fat 
more cxcellem xind delicate then 
it tie tcrreftralParadifelhowe iuft- 
ly might ihact)e applied to it which 




lacob haft carft 4 CudifTertly our lor^ 
aGf. ^^^^f^theffatcheofheduenSith here 
i8.c "icrc vras nothing thought of bwt 
God,nothing (pokcn of but God, 
nothing defircd and wisflicd for 
but oncly God him-felfc. 

As Touching the; fecond point 
thou haft a plentiful fubicdfc to 
warm thy foule with, entertaining 
thyfelfcin meditating the com» 
mingofthehoiyGhoft. Thou m.a- 
left therefore thinkc with godly 
2eale,according to thy dcuotion* 
howe after that facrcd Colledgc 
had bccne thus aflemblcd together 
ccrtaine dayes, gluing them felues 
diJigetlye to the cxcrcifc aforcfai- 
de,and feing howe the holye Ghoft 
hVro ^**^^^o"gerinhiscomming then 
15.&* fW<lefircd,they beganne robe 
hcauie;fbr as it is b written. The de* 
Uiedhope affiicUth the feule ; yea , and 
fome did hapily bcginne to 
doubt. Our Ladye vndcrftan- 
ding their affliaion , like a true 


mother and comforter of the af- 
i)i6);ed,endeuoured allhe might 
to comfort and harten them , per- 
suading them,to perfeuer in their ^ j^ j; 
prayers with greater feruour and a 4 
Faithyafttiring the,how they (hould 
befooner vinted and comforted 
ofthe holy Ghoft then they loo- 
ked for,and to animate ths*m the 
better ,fei her feli'c to her prayers 
with them. 

Contemplate nowe, howe the 
pitiful mother kneeling on the 
grounde , with her handes and 
cyeseleuatevpto heaueri, wholly 
itiilamedindiuine loue> poureing 
forth aboundant ftreames of bit- 
ter teares i did with great inftance 
andferuourcraue , that the celc- 
ftial Comforter whom they expe- 
i^diwbuid vouchlafe to comcj 
an4 amogft other deuoutfpeechds ■ 
wnerof ilhou maieft meditate , fhc 
v.tteredjikely ynough,that fetencc 
of theroyalProphet^ Daaid:Se>f<^ ^^A- 

ipi UI. GLORI. MISi:, 

Lord thy haiy finte , and they sktlbe 
createa: towitt>ncw affcOxs ytiewc 
thoughres, »ew wordcs. ncwc for- 
. cc,in thcfe thy fcruants which dcfi- 
i^.r^/c/e. re and craue thce;b ^neif§ shaft thoM 
rene'^vthe face of the earth, Ohow 
great confolation did the prayers 
and fpeches of this nioft bleiled 
iLady.geue to this holy Ccngrega- 
tion^howe exceedingly did ihc c6* 
for the , wow did flie inflame theih 
howedidihe animate and ftirre 
them vp to doo the fame. Ambft 
plcafantanddeuouc thing is it to 
meditate and vicwe withoui: (piri)- 
tual eyes this prayer which the 
ttioft holy mother made in earth, 
but much more to cotemplate that 
which the moft facred Sonne, as 
fnan,made in he^ue , lik« asliiehad 
promifed to his Difciples.fayiingifli 
lyffilpray my father y thai hetfvil ffge 
ynu an other Comforter . Whofc prayer 
thou maicft wel thinke , how fer- 
ment howgracioasjhow cffcdual 


a Xoh, 

COM.O^ HOLY GH. 193 

and acceptable it was to his eter^ ^ASf.% 
nai Father, c(pecially,whcn hc^-^^- 
prefemed to him thofe moft (acred '**,* a'^ 
woundes, which fb lately he had ^^p^* 
receaued , and referiied to this en- * yj^, 
de. Thus fo many deuout pra third 
yers , fo many (ighcs , wiflies, ^.«««'«« 
ibbbs , and tearcs haaing been *. ^ 
made before, on whitfonday, at ^/^^;,^ 
the a third ♦ hour, which was the \einthe 
felfe-fame daye and houre ,whc- momin. 
rin the old lawe had earft bine *'*^'"" 
giuen in the mount Sinai , they re- y ^ 
ccaued the holy Ghoft iii the moiit coLptl 
Slon , \ihio engraued the newe and bExo. 
Euangelical lawe , not in rabies of ^o.a c> 
ftonc as h before, biit in their c i*'f' 
heartes of flefh;.& thofe tonges '^'' 
of fire which werfcene oner thci>ei»f. 
Apoft(es,fignifiedthe fireofdiui- 4a.r.<e. 
ne louc which he^kindled in their '°*- 
hartes , and the eloquence Vhich ^fj''' 
he gaue to their tongues to preach £)^„^„. 
xjrith efficacie this luangelical ^.c.i.* 
{awe ) like as rhey did oucr al the Co^;.« 

I whole 





-J 6.1. 

whole world. O happyc were 
they Kjrhich merited through the 
grace of God to be inftruaedof 
fueh a Mafter, and comforted of 
fuch a Comforter; fith that good 
part befcl to them , which the pro- 
phet Dauid wiflicdfor, whea he a 
faidc iBteffed is the mm ^vhdm thou 

shall te4ch thy U'We* 

In the thirde point thou maycft 
like- wife entcrteinc thy fclfc , if 
thou lift , conjfidering the great 
matters which the holyc Ghoft 
wrought in the ApoAIes,in fuch 
fort, as one might wcU fay : This 
is a change 'yi^rmghtby the right hand 
c/G<?<,- feingin one inftant, he ma- 
de them, of feeble,ftrongj of igno- 
rant, learncdj of indeuour,feruenr^ 
joyful of fadd; and of terreftral,cc- 
leftial, Wcl faith the Euangclift S. 
iuke , chat at the comming of the 
holyc c Ghoft, Ther 'yvasfod4inly a 
foKnd nude from hemen^as ofx great 



ivinde, nnvhich filled al the ^whole houfe 
yirhere they f^tu It was no noyfc or 
fbundeof trompccc which might 
mouc any feare or horror, but a 
found as ofafweet munke,an(i 
harmonibus melodic > which com- 
forted^ encouraged , moued,af- 
certaiiied,and gauc figne'of the 
aboundant graces that were in* 
fufed. And therfore is it faide^that 
it filled al the whole houfe, it filled 
their hartcs which was the chic- 
fe houle wherein this hcauenlye 
geft came to lodgejit filled al their 
fenfes & powers , their vnderftan- 
ding with wifdomc, their wil with 
louC) their memorie with adii* 
ranee, their eyes with mode ftie^ 
their tonges with eloquence , their 
hahdes with liberalitie > their 
feetewith diligence » and al their 
foules with al kinde of vertue^. 
Thus behooued it that they /hould 
be filled, who were to fil others, 
and that they flioulde reccaue al 
I 2. maner 








maner of giftes , who receaued 
them for the whole Churchc. And 
therefore prefentlyc after they 
vrere filled, they bcganne to fprea- 
de and fowe what the)f had rcce- 
ued , and to fliew the ftrenght 
which vras geucn vnto them j fith 
they which were before fliutt vp 
for fearc , and durft fcarfc vttcr 
the name of lefus Chrifte,or make 
any mention at al of his moft holy 
miftetieis , doo now coragiouflye 
come ab'roadein publike fliewto 
preach , to reprehend ; to a difpu- 
te,andco fliewjthat there is no 
other name, wherin they might 
be faued , but only that of lefas, 
^jrhom they them- fclucs had cruci- 
fied, to \»^hom they thus preched. 
And this did they with fuch fer- 
uoat and efficacie , as S. Peter in 
the verye firft Sermon h he made 
coiiuerted almoft three thoufand 
of his audience O diuinc power,* 
Omcruailous Vcrcue^O celeftial 




COM. O.F HOLY GH. 197 

force I This is the ne we wine, 
which^asourSauiour rf faid,{hould ^^^^ 
be put into thcfe newe yeffels ^ j, 
which were prepared for this pur- m^v.i. 


O my foule, if thou wouldcft 
difpofethy fclfc to tafte of this 
fweetc wine, ho^e fourc would 
al worldly thinges be to thee, 
which at tUs ioftant fccmc fo fa- 
uonric ? If thou wert fo happie , as 
that this holye winde might 
breath vpon theejrefrcfli ihcc,ancl 
guide ihee,0,howc much mote fe-^^^ 
curclymightcftthou faile andar- ^^^ 
riue at the dcfired porti This i% 
that wind which the Spoafe defi- 
red and craned in thei> Canticles, 
whenfliefaidc ? Gcrr thee gone t(m 
'y^jindoi North', arid cdmethoH ^md of 
South i bre.tth -rfon my gatd inland it 
ihal become odorfetom and fruitful 
Thou maieft contemplate laftlyc 
in this point the ineffable icy e 
which the blcflfed lady receaued, 

I 5 "^^^ 


who was more then al other re- 
plcni/hcd with the graces andgif- 
rcsofthc holyc Ghoft, fcJng and 
hearing the profpcrous, begin- 
ning and fucce/Te of the holye 
Church, and the aboundant fruit 
that begann to rife of the facred 
bloud w hi«h her ble/Ted Sonne had 
fliedd ; which did fo much the mo- 
re reioycc her j as her defircs were 
more fcruent , her charitic more 
inflamed, her grace more plenti- 
ful, with al the other giftes flic had 

7\szii ^ ^ -^ ^ "^^5 the ioy and com- 
«f^fort which thou haddeft. O 
iacrcd mother of mercy , when 
being afTemblcd with the holy 



Apoftlcs and Difciplcs of thy blef- 
fed Sonne, the holy Ghoft difcen- 
deditt forme of fire , and illumi- 
nated , inflamed , and comfor- 
ted ihem al to.goe and preach the 
facred Gofpel with great feruour, 
wherefore ,1 befccch thee fnoffe 
fwectc and bountiful Lady, by this 
joy comtHon to thec,and to al 
them, that thy cfFcdual prayers 
may hclpc me, to the cndc that I 
pporc ad comfortlcflc wretch ma- 
yd alfo be made a paitakcr of the 
graces and giftes of the fame ccic- 
ftial ComYoitcr, wherby I may 
: feruently loue him , cxtoU 
i • le and praifc him 
i i' cucrlaftingly. 

I 4 




T I O N, 

<^Vr Ladle who on earth had liiide, 
OW From earthly finnefo free, 
Vcierude with heauenlygl'oiy great 
Aflumpted thustobec. * 

f !^>\<^f y.'fgin pray vnto thy fonne, 
yKi'l. In life to grant me grace. 
To ferue you fo in earth as "i 
In fceaupR may haue a place. 




in thine immaculate conception 
and Nariuiticjwhich was mo ftj pu- . 
re and free from al finnc,tfie bcft in 
thy lifcjwhich was al holy , and a 
Mirrourofalperfe(Stioi?;the beft 
in thy death , whkh made thee no 
Vf'hut afraide,as it doth finners, 
yea,wastothee a paiTage to true 
life The bcft part therfore hath 
bene gf ucn thee both in earth, and 
in he auen j whether diou wentcft 

to rcignc eternally, 

IN the third point thou'jna-^; 

left paufe>dcHghting thy felfctr«h, 
the cpnfideration, Howe that m^^; 

iacccdfoulc departed out, 4 pf thi>: auarU 
lifeithe mo ft beautiful >^i^J^9^^'^ 
gratiofaSjthcmoftholy ofal f^.^A^,f^ 
and fitnplc creatures ,h©w rcpicriy^^ i 
niiliedwith merits ,wirh gift^s*, cAr»/?a 
with vertucs , with excel|cncies,>«^." 
and fpiritual riches, the grweftN/c^*- 
that may be polfibly iniaginc<l>/ 
proportionable to the incompa-f^ 
rable dignitie which was bcftowcd 
V vpon 



210 niI.GI,ORlO. MIST. 
^. f J/' vpon her 4 Confidcra while the 
virgini. ii^ancr how this moft blclFcd foiile 
Aug. 1. accompanied with quires ofAngels 
Serm. was condu^^cd vpto the Cele/lial 
^^^f- Gourt; neither arc we to doubt at 
b%ud */ hcrepf,for if we read of S.^Mar- 
Sttlpi f ^" and manye mo c Saintes of both 
tmm. d feXjwho leauing this life, were a c 
rT^"- companied with Angels , and ho- 
•{J*^^J^ noted with their hcapenly fonges 
tranC.^ ^^^^ ^^ reafon why this fauour and 
lAan. honour lliould be denied the holy 
c Hier. of hdlies,and iliorc holy and woor- 
J P^». thy then al ,• Yea, we may not only 
jSy^/jf affirmc this to be moft true ,bui: 
iniffius beleeuc with godly deuocion , that 
yita. rior bnclythe Angels , but that 
Cdih y'>i<^^««»ore,the kingof Aflgck 
wWcl '"P^^^P^*" pcrfon vouchfafed ta 
patex comcand doo her this honour. 
Meta. Hcrcvpon is it, that fomc doo con- 
f^/ffi. template , how the moft holy mo- 
ther being vp6 thelafthourofhcr 
blcftcd departure , her moft fweet 
ibnne defccnded from heaucn, 
' - aflbciated 


aflbciatcd with the celcftial pow- 
ers, and entred4into that bleflcd 
houfe where ihc laye jand behol- j^ gV*. 
ding her with thofe his amyable^^jeo;,;^ 
eyes, fpakethatwitha moft fweet i«en«i<t- 
voicetohcr , which the husband w/***- 
faid to the fpoufc in the t Caticles;!^^'''-^''- 
Thou AYt al fjtire « t?ty frende yund there y ,-^ 
is no hUmiihAt al in thee} come from Li-i^c. ca, 
bdtf , wy Spoufty csme jr^m hiban , dnd ii- Z'^- 
m^^.ted shAlt tbm 6e. That is^^uj^ 
fayc , Come rcccue the rccompen- y^ ,.'<{« ' 
ce of thy dcfertesjthc trcafurc rf^^jr. 
which thy moft holy workes haue tom,^ 
meritedjthc crown that is due to ^ ^*»'l 
thy fo excellent rertucs ; c Get vp, cc^nt. 
myDoue,itisnowchightimc to,,,^. 
ilTue out of this exile; no toiles,no 
teaires, no fobbesor forowesany 
more.Comc to cnioyc the plcafu- 
re of thofe woundes , which when 
they were geuen , did occafionate 
thy fo great wocs,-come no we anct 
reft thee for the paine which 





211 mi. GLORI. MIST, 
thou haft raken.|Come, nowe be 
mcryc,forthatrhou haft wailed 
and vrcpt, and for chat thouhum- 
blcdftthy felfefo lowlyc, come 
nowc to reigne perpetually. Thefc 
and fuche like wordes maieftthou 
axicordingrothy deuotion medi- 
tate to hauc bene fpoken vnto her^ 
/itbes there is noGo/pel nor other 
facred write, wherout wc mayc ga- 
ther the certaine Storye of her de- 
parture^ and therefore eche one 
raayc lawfullye meditate that 
which fhalcaufc himtohaue bcft 
deuotion* Doothou therefore c6- 
teraplate,what confolation , what 
ioy e, what iubibtion this moft ho- 
ly foule receaued wit h fuch woor- 
des,with fuch a fighr,and with fuch 
a companye ,• with what coiiiiden- 
ce andfecuritie did flie depart this 
IiFe,thc moft Soueraine King of 
heaucn, takeiiig her in his moft fa- 
cred armes, killing & cherilhing 
her moft louingly according as 

a S. Bernard mediccth. O glarious 
Ladyc, what tongue canpoffiblyc ^^^^^ 
declare the ioye thou felteft feing ^^^, 
thy fclfc thus highly hono.ued,^a/?«e- 
and thus embraced betwixt thofe A««.^ 
facred armes of thy derc fonne. If J-^ 
theSpoufcfrfaith,thather foule ^^^ 
was melted «rhenhct loucr (pake ^^, 
vnto her, howe fared 1% ^^^ ^ k r.« 
befeechfhec , hamngheard thy^C*,.. 
beftbelouedhis wories , fecnc his 5.*^ 
amiable countenance, and tufted 
ofhiscourtefics.Howc much mo- 
re was it melted with loue , and 
transformed into Hcrlouer, and Aj. 
repleniftiedwith ^ch dchghtcs.--^^ 
Behold now, O mofte bleffed mo^\p„,,^ 
ther , al thy defires fivlfiUcd , nowe ^„i ,;,. 
haft thou obteined that which 5 ,.rf^ 
thou requiredft; now haft, thou 5.«^- 
found that which tliott foogl^teft'o- 
for -'now doeftthou poffefle that 
which thou dcfiredft. Sweet were 
the kilfes thou gaueft him, and the 
lottine mtertainment thou vfedft 
^ towaidcs 

^^aaU ii 


214 mi.GLORl. MIST. 
tomrdeshini,wkcnthou a boreft 
Si Ma ^^™^""g*^^f^^ one in tkinc ar- 
L "*'' ^^^ '"^° ^gipfi^ but fane fleeter 
hBem ^«rcthofe which thou xeccaucdft 
fer.i.deofhim,\¥hcn nowe being agreat 
A/ium. onehecaried thee toheaucn , to 
^J'i- enioy the greatcft goodes , the 
JIa/- g^^^'^eft riches, the grcatcft fclici- 
fiimpt. "<= f^af vras eucr grauntcd to any 
" i.Cor. creature. For if fo be no c eye hath 
.c. fcenc,nor care heard , nor humane 
//«• H vndcrftanding can poffibly concc- 
aue the goods that God hath pre- 
pared for thofe that louc him. 
Who can poflibly conccue or ima- 
gine thofe which he hath prepared 
for thee, which diddcftnotonely 
loue him more then al,but diddcft 
engender him of the moft pure 
bloud in thy body?a priui- 
Icdge graunted to thee ' 
alone,arid worthyc 
thee alone. 

A prayer 




WHat fpirite can poffiblye 
conceaue > O moft blelTed 
Quecne of Angcls,that incompa- 
rable ioye, wherewith thy heart 
was fillcdjwhcn that happie houre 
being come which thou wirh fo 
great^defire haddeft longed for, 
thy moft holy foule wasdcliuered 
from the bondes of the ilefhe, and 
went to enioye thofe ineftimable 
trcafurcs which were prepared for 
thee in the Celeftial Region. I hum 
bly befeech thee , O moft glorious 
Lady^by this moft happy day of fo 
foueraine confolation , that thou 
wilt vouchfafc to remember mc 
moft vnwoorthie /inner that re- 
maing in this vale of teares/ubied 
toib many miseries and perils, fro 
the which, I befecch thee , that by 
thy holy intercclfion 1 maye be al- 
waics dcffended ' and prefcrued* 




VrLadie here is crowndc with bliffe 
in pay of all her paines, 
^V/here for each crofl'e of earthly cares. 
An heauenly crowiie she gaihes- 

Jg^ Qucene of heauen v^rhich worldly 
fj^^ Efcaped haftfo free, ( cares 

Pray that our haic may be oiir bliffe> 
Rightly to follow thee. . ^ 



rtom Mifterie is of the Coronation of 
our Lady i that is to fay > 'ytheti being 
rifen yp ( according as 'We doo holily 
beleeue )sbe'was gloried both inbo^ 
dytandftrnky and cronppnednfi^kh glai- 
ry of the moB holy Trinttie V cwc «•• 
ning I he ^mh thou shA medttdte the 
points foloi^mg. 

KS^ Irft , ho w with in a few dayes after 
^^ that the loule of the moft bleflcd 
Yirgia was aflumpted into heauen ,it diC- 
cendcd to take her mofte holy body , by 
entring into the which itroie rpglorioust 
immortal , and impajlible , with al the o* 
thcr glorious prerogatiues, which shal-be 
graunted to the eleft when they shal rife 
rp in the day of iudgement. 

Secondly, confidcr the gtory triumph^ 
and ioy , wherwith that great Quecnc ac* 
companied with Saintes , and quires of 
Angels, went vp to heauen, abouc al the 
which she was exalted ia die celefltiai 

K Thirdly 




Thirdly confider that moft riche and 
precious crownc wherc-with she was 
crowned of the moft holy Trinitie , and 
placed in that moft high throne which 
was geuen her ^where she rcmaincth ma- 
king interceffion for them that recom- 
mend t hem-felues vnto her. 


g^ Pon the iirfte point thou ma« 
w« icft pau{e,meditacing in what 
manerthat glorious Virgin-mo- 
ther was raifed yp, being a thing 
very iuft and conuenient,that wc 
affirm this of her ; Athens it is mo- 
re then likely -that like as our 
blcfledGod^ouldithat thcfoulc 
of this Lady ihould be free from 
finn,fo would he in like maner, 
that her moft holye body fhould 
be free from al corruption , and 
not permit t that flc/hc to turneto 
mUfUe. a^lhes, whereof the word eternal 
^j^ had taken his flcfli. For if our 
He6. Lord would not that 4 Raabthe 
^^'f' harlotis houfc ihould be rafcd with 




the other houfes oflerico, becaufe 
Ihe had reccaued ^nd lodged for 
one onlye day the Ipies of lofue; 
how much more reafon is it , that 
the hottfe of the bleifed Virgin Ma- 
ry which had rcceaued our Lord 
kim- (elfcyyea^and lodged him the- 
rein nine monthcs ,(hould not be 
deftroycd and turned into asfhes. 
Let vs beleeue therefore > that as ^Gen, 
God gauc to the firft 4 Adam a c6 * «'• 
panion like vnto him , to th'cnd he * ^^' 
might not be alone in tcrreftralj^^^'j^ 
Paradifeifo was it conucnient,that 4. 
fuch a like companion fhpuld be 
geuen CO the fccond Adam, who 
being rifch vp and glorious, might 
raigne with him rifen vp and 
glorious in the celeftial PJiradi- 
fe. And (cing it is faide of other 
Saints, that being now rifcn vp ^ *J^ 
they doo rcigne in b hcaucn^ much j^'^* 
more meet'is it ,that we both fay epifi. r J 
and beleeue this of her , who in fa- We A/8R, 
aitie furpaffcth al Saintes , and in *• 4- 




ibi y^i 


dignitie al pure creatures. The 
which being prcfuppofcd , confi- 
dcr, how with the very (amc fo' 
lemiiinc,»with the fame ioyc , with 
the fame honour and triuiAphV 
whcre-with that moft happie fou- 
^t^'u' ^® ^^^ aflumpced into heauen , iz 
dcfcend<i5d downc to earth, & came 
I'/k^hx to the faijulchre, where her virgi- 
nal body lay, which, ask isfaid, 
was in the vale of lofaphiat , and by 
„5^ operation and diuine vcrcue, did 
QlitietH noifraifc hct-felfe vp-, as the fonne 
effifcri- of God and hers did him-felfe; but 
f'it. was of her fonne raifed vp. Pon- 
der nowe the ftaic of this virginal 
bodybciiig re-vnited to thegio- 
^ rious foul , how beautiful , how 
Tho q. glittering , immortal, impafliblc,^ 
8:.3./>.and adorned with the other glo- 
<^-9 y rious partes, which the ele(5b being 
^ J' rifen vp flial beindued with. And 
Saf-yh^^ the f Gofpel telleth vsofthc other iuft perfons , howc they flial 
?! ihine like the Sonne in the king** 


dome of their Father, how ought 
this Lady , being rifen vp,to llii- 
ne , which is the moft righteous of 
al righteous , the moft holy of al 
holies , the moft gratious of al 
gratiousjhow flial that bodicflii- 
ne , which was the a, tabernacle 
and habitation of the fonnof Godj 
what ftial the beautie of that body 
be, which was neuer defiled nor 
fubied vnto ilnne > If liuing in 
mortal flcfh , it was fo fairc , b that 
it fufticcd to make God hiiti fcl 
. fc take pie furc thcrin^whatfli^l 
th'excellencic thereof be, being 
rifen vp with al the moft ' ab(blute 
gifts, graces , and e xcellencies rhac 
are added thee vnto. 

O with how great tcaibn a- 
re al deuout foules allured to 
bcholde this glorious fpe<9:acle 
by thofc wordes that fay thus 
c Qomc 9M ye daughters of Stott, 
and ficyottr I^fene^'whom the mor* 
K 3 w>g 



b Awfr. 


Ser. ifi 
verba ^ 






a Cant. 

h Cant. 

c hfo. 


ning Hanesgeue Uude vnto : At who- 
febeaucie the Sonne and Moone 
doo meruaile againe. But what 
meruaile is it, if the Sonne and 
Moone doo meruaile at her beau- 
tie , if the Angels them-felues doo 
meruaile thereat , as alfoat her 
other riches and fauours,and as 
amafed at fuch matter$,doo Ca.yc:d 
Who is this thdtafcendeth fro the dtferty 
replenished ^tth fuch delicacies , and 
leaning 'vpen her louers shoulder ? What 
is flie this fo glittering , fo faire, fo 
gratious, that mounteth vp thus 
h odoriferous , as the fragrant fmcl 
of her vcrtues doth delight and 
filal the whole Court of heauen? 
Howbeit , meruaile not , O ye 
Angels of heauen , to fee in earth 
a creature fo faire and beautiful 
being clothed with the c Son- 
ne, and hauing the Moone vnder 
her feete. Mcruailnottofecfuch 
riches and excellencies in ahoufe 
which the eternal wifdome hath 





thought good ro^ frame for him- a Pro. 
f«lf;And this day hath he made an ^^•^^. 
ende to geuc it thclaftandentier ^ ^^ 
perfection, fulfilling that which T^irgin. 
the h Prophete Efaic had c fore* 
toldc^il'yvtl glwipe thtmanfiont^my htfai. 

"Matefite* ^^„' 

In the fecond point thou maieft ^^^ J 
paufc,affifting with thy fpirice the 
moft folemne triumph that was ce- 
lebrated in the celeftial court, on 
that dayc that the moft facred 
virgin being rifen Tp , was both in 
body and foule afiiimptcd inco 

We reade inholy writt of two c i.R*: 
folemne fcftiual dayes that were 6.1. 
kcptatthcArke of the old Tefta- f*"'^. 
ment.^ The firft,whcn kingDauid »H 
caricd it from Obededon His houfe 
to the Citie , and to his palace v& 
this did he with fuch rcioycing, 
both of his owne part j and of al 
the people , that it is a wonderful 
matter to confider the great iolc- 



xiitic which the Scripture tcl- 
Icth to hauc bene celebrated 
that dayc , in Co great a mul- 
titudc of facrificcs as were ofFrcd, 
fuch variccic of mu/ical inftru- 
mcnts as were plaicdvpon,fiich 
ftore of Canticles , himncs , and 
diuinc praifcs, as were there foun- 
ded forth, yea, and king I)auid 
him.fclfc did fing , play , addaun- 
ce ( being araicd with ncwe robes 
made for the fame purpofe^ 
through the great fcruour anddc- 
uor ion which he felt inwardlye in 
him fclfc. Yet for al this was the 
feftiual and folemnc daye that his 
J, j^^ ^onnc a Salomon madcfarrgrc- 
«!*. /'*^"»7^^" he caned the fame 
Arkc into the famous Temple 
which he had eredfced for it. 
Thefe two folemne feftiual daies 
that were thus celebrated in the 
honour of that holy material Ark» 
doo forefhcw in figure the farrc 
more folcmn feftiual daies that 



were celebrated in the honour ol 
the miftical Arke, that is to faye, 
of the moft facred virgin mo- 
ther , which was a farre more 
woorthy and more pretious Arkc 
then th'othcr ( albeit it were of 
fouuerain fand:itieand woorthy 
of great woorfliip ) for that a farr 
more rich and pretious d treafurc J ^'"'*' 
was kept in this Arkc 'miftical,^^ °J* 
then in that^ material. The firfty^»r> 
folem nitie was eel ebrated in her- ftpien-- 
honor, whe in foule fliewasaflum- 'ifP^'* 
pred vp to heauen , wherof 1 haue ^ ° "•''^ 
already (pojce in the former mifte- b D«4t 
rie : And the fecond ir was folem- tabuU 
nized, when being rifen vpin body ^^i'"'*^* 
and foule, Ihc was placed in that |'^ ^' 
celcftial throne that was prepared 
for her. And albeit the firftfolent- 
nitie were offb furpaftingioye , as 
no humane eloquence can poKlibljr 
exprefte it , yet was the fecond, 
without al comparifbn farre grea^ 
tehHo we may therefore any hi*- 
r. ; K 5; mane 



iiU V*G L O R I O V S M IS T. 

manecapacitiefuffice to compre- 
hendeche fblemnc reception and 
incerrainmcnt ,that was made vn- 
ro this glorious t^eenc ofalthe 
celeftial Court , when with het 
moft beaut if bl and fliining bo- 
dye (lie afcended into heanen in Co 
great a Maieftic i What ftorc of 
muncalinftrumetes yeelded forth 
a moft nvclodious harmonie I n 
libT'% '^^^^ Cainticlcs,Himncs,Pfalmes, 
it-piri.^^^ praifes were there found^ 
forth vnto? her howc great the ioy 
and iubilation was , which al the 
bleiTed fpiiitcs flicwcd?howe fouc- 
caine the contentment andc6n(b- 
latioh which althofc auncicnt Fa- 
thers and other Saintcs of both: 
, fcxc felt ? O how much more ii»- 
i/.c. ftly "light they fay to this moft 
blefTedLadye what they had fai- 
detoforeto the chad and valiant 
ludith : b Tim m the glory ffUmfd^ 
c Ihii. Urn , thcu art the toy of Ifrdel^thm nn 
Hi* tkion9iiitof^mff»iU* cQtfaughr- 



ter y thou dYt blifjed of mr Smutraint 
Lord G^dyfor by muns of tkt^ve 
httne obteimd the fruu 9fhfe > bleffedart 
thou therfofe amougfiat 'womtn. Now, 
if al the Saintcs and Angelical 
fpirites did reioycc fo greatly, 
and make fo exceeding rrium- 
phe for the Aifumption of 
their Queenc , what maicft thoa 
thinkc was the exultation of 
her moft puiflant Sonne , and 
th'honour and intcrtcinmcnt he 
yfcd tpwardes her , vouchfafing ^Bm^ 
to accompany her,* and to lodge ^:^'^ 
her him fclfc, in counterchangc 
of the lodging which he had recea** 
ued of her in hercatrals and vir- 
ginalwombe. O moft woorthyc 
mother; thou alone haft merited: 
to reccaue fuch fauours Thou alo- 
ne waft woorthy of (ache inter-- 
tcinmetcslThou alone couldeft tcl 
thy pleafures and fugrcd taftes,thf 
.dielightesjsindfouerainc iubilatio^, 
IL 6 and 

and vpon new caufes mighteft 
thou recire and fing a-ncwc that 
diuine Cancicic which thou pro- 
nounced^ carft before thy ho- 
ly Coufin S. Elizabeth , for 
that he hath done great thin- 
gcs to thee which is mightic, 
whofc holy name be blelTed euer- 

Reafon requircrh , that ihoii 
paufe in the laft point,meditating,, 
how the glorious Qucene of An- 
gels going with them, and withal 
the bleiTed Saintcs accompanied,, 
thus rcuerenccd> and thus hono« 
red , arriued at heauen , where 
ihc prcfented her-fclfe before the 
high throne of the mode facred 
TriniriCjwho rcceaued her moflr 
iouingly , aiid exalted her fo much 
the more as fhc had humbled 

*3.6. ^'^'^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ profundly liuing 
Xuc.j^inthc world, like as our Sauiour 
e.^ i8 had manyc rimes forc-toid^ ^jt Gt^ 




be txalted. The celeftial Father 
rcceaued her as his moft dcrc 
' daughter , The fonne rcceaued her 
as his moll worthy mother;the 
holy Ghoft receued her as his moft 
holye fpoufe j and then was flic of 
al the three diuine 4>erfons crow- 
ned with a moft prctipus crown> 
and placed in a moft fumptuoos 
throne on the tight haned of her 
fonne. Then was that fulfilled 
which the royal Prophet had with 
diuine fpirite 4 fore-toldc .: T/?f aP/T 
Qjff »c hatha^iHed at thy rigk bxndt 44. ^• 
magavment of gold tftuironed nvith , 
irjnetif .By the which wordes he &" 
gnified her fouueraintie, her du 
gnitic , her beauties the diucrfitic 
of giftes , vertucs i prerogatiucs, . 
riches , and excellencies that were 
graunted vnto herf (ith fhe neither 
^atited the izkh of Patriackespioc 
the charitie of thie Apoftle$>noir 
the conftancic of Mattirs , norfhe 
wifdomc of DodOts and. Confer 

2 JO V. G L O R 1 VS MIST, 
lb rs, neither the chaftitie of Vir- 
gins,nor the puritie of Angels^or 
the knowledge of Chembins, nor 
the mod inflamed loue of Cera- 
phins,& beHdes, the vertues & 
graces that were geue to other by 
pcece-mcal aad meafure, wercai 
geuen to her together , and heaped 
in al fuhicffonc vpon an>otner« 
And like as her vertues and excel- 
lencies exceeded far thofc of al the 
Saints & bicfdcd fpiritcs , fo in like 
maner merited flie to be exalted in 
heuaen aboue them all. 

This is the woman that S.Iohn 
faw in his a, Reuelation clothed 
^er.fkr, witKthe Sonn,and hauing a crow n 
inilU of twclue ftarres on her head, 
wherby are noted the preroga- 
tiues of plentiful graces, where- 
withihc was adorned , wherat we 
are rather to wonder, then co go 
about to write them^ 

O moft blefled Lad/e , and moft 
^ooichy; of al j^aife > who can tei 




what thy mcrites were, bat he that 
confidcreih thy reward? who can 
conceaue what thy grace wa$,but 
he that contcmplatcth thy gloric? 
who can knowe what tny petfc- 
^ionwas,but he phat beholdetH 
thy Crowne T Reioyce therfore^ 
O noble Lady, reioyce for haueing 
atchieuedifb Soueraine a ^^^^^^^^^ zBtr £1 
asfiialneuerinalctetnitie betake 5er.i^ 
from thee; And remember them A/}f»nu 
that remaine in this vale of tears; P'. 
Seing al(b,that thy greatnefle can 
not make thee forget thy profun* 
de humilitie, enclinc thine ^ eyes 
of mercie towardes vs,and make 
intercedion for vs. Ceade not to 
continue thy office of being ouraB^r: 
Aduocate,fith thou art n^ow moitf'*-^ ^' 
mightie,and of greater expedite and A/^*"*; 
h authoritiethen thou waft tofpre. ^* 
Procure, O Queene ,of heaue,pio» 
cure , that by t hy mcanes we maye 
be pardoned our offences ; and 
chattheikme moft (acred Tcni- 
T ' ■" '*■ ■ de 

i5i V. GLORI. MIST, 
tie vrhich hath entertatned and 
<;rowncd thee fo liberally , vou- 
difafetoreceaue vs like- wife to 
his fauour and mcreie^To th'end, 
thatwhenweflial depart out of 
this exile, we maymcritc to rc- 
maine in thy compagnyj praiilng 
adoring , and cnioying the faide 
moft Soueraine and facrcd Trini^ 
tie pcrpetuallyein rjhe celeftial 
King- dome. A me n. 

^- ^ y-Ho (b ioucth thcebeft, O 
VV moft foueraintf Queeneof 
hcauen , hath'beft caufc to reioice 
atthy laft and moft inexplicable 
ioy which gauCthc perfe<St accom^ 
plifhment to al they felicities, 
• when being »ndw r ifeh vp, and in 
Bodie and fouie afliiniptcd infb 
lieaucn,thoit waft crowned with a 
pretious crown of the moft holy 
Tiinitie, and placed abouc al the 


quires oi Angels in that moft high 
throne which was pfcpared for 
thee, where nowe thou i\tteftas 
Queenc on the right hand of thy 
moft louing fonne king of glorie, 
who fltteth on the right hand of 
his eternal Father. 1 humblyc bc- 
fccch thce,0 moft happy Lady,by 
this thy glorious exaltation, that 
by ho wemuch the dignitie is grea- 
ter which thou haft obtained in 
heauen,by fo much the fauours 
may be greater which by thee both 
I and al others mayobceain here in 
earth Amen. 


Ueduen Idu^heth , ^n^lsreityfe ytbe 

'yifffld trittmpheth , heUtremhletb, 

dittells doc flie yos of en as ^'th rr- 

umnct^rv^edoefaydn Auc Maria.^ 

S. Bernard. 




2,^4 "Litanii* 

The l^dther yinll not denie the Sonne 
earnefly requeflin^ : neyther the Son- 
ne the Mother 9 impmunAtelyrept' 
ring : neither the Mother the ftnner 
wournefully dejiring* Saint Ber- 



Kyric cicylbn, 


Chrifle exaadi nosl 

Pacer deca;lisDeus>mij[erere no* 

Fili rcdemptor mufidi Dcus mife- 

rere nobis 
Spiricus fand^e Deu5,Mi{ere£e no* 

Sani^a Trinitas vnus Deas>Mi{e« 

rere nobis. 
Sanda Maria,ora |pro nobis. 
Sandta Deigenicrix,ora pro nobis. 
San6l;a Virgo Virginum, ora. 
Mater Chrifti, ora pro nobis ; 
Mater diuina? gratiar> ora pro no* 

Mater puriffima, orapronobis. 
Mater caftiilima, ora pro nobis 
Mater inuiolata, ora pro nobis. 
Mater intemerata, orapronobis. 
Mater amabilis, ora pro nobis. 
Mjater admirabilis, ora pro nobis. 
Mater Crcatoris^ ora pro nobis 



23 <f Litdtiik 

Mater Saluatoris. ora pro nobis. 
Virgo prudentiflima, ora pro no. 
Virgo vcneranda, ora pro nobis. 
Virgo predicanda, ora pro nobis. 
Virgo potens, ora pro nobis. 

Virgo cicmens, ora pro nobis. 
Virgo fidclis, ora pro nobis. 

Speculum iuftitis, ora pro nobis. 
Sedesfapicntiac, orapronobis. 
Caiifanoftraelacritije, ora. 

Vas fpirituale, orapronobis. 

Vas honorabile, ora pro nobis. 
Vasinfigne deuotions. ora pro no. 
Rofamyftsca, orapronobis. 

Turris Dauidica, ora pro nobis. 
Turris eburnea, ora pro nobis. 
Domusaurea, orapronobis. 
Fcederis area) orapronobis. 

lanua csli, ora pro nobis. 

Stella Matutina, era pro nobis. 
Salus infirmorum, ora pro nobis. 
Rcfugium pecc atorum, ora. 

Confolarrixafilidiorura, ora, 
AuxiliumChriftianorum, ora. 
Regina Angelorum. ora. 

;- Regina 

B. M. Virginis, ^57 

Regina Patriarchaium, era. 

Regina Prophecarum, ora^ 

Regina Apoitolorum , ora. 

Regina Martyrum, orai 

Regina ConfeiToram. ora^ 

Regina virginam> ora. 

Regina Sandiorum omniam, ora. 
Agnus Dei (joi toliis p^^cca^&mun- 

di pacce nobis Dorolne. 
Agnus Dei qui coliispeccaca lauti- 

di cxaudi nos Domine. 
Agnus Dei qui toliis peccata mun- 

di raiferere nobis. 
Ver[, Poft partum Virgo inuiola- 

ta permandfti. 
?^ef^. Dei genitrix intercede pro 


^^Ratiam tuam quxfumusDo* 
SJ^mine mentibiis noftris infan- 
de , vt qui Angelo nunciante Chti* 
fti Filij tui , incarnationcin cogno- 
uimus,per pailionem eius & cru» 




c«m,id rcfurredlioms gloriam 
pcrducamur. Per cundcm Chti- 
Hum Dominum noftruro. Amen. 
j^j^Mnipotcnsfcmpitcrnc Deus, 
l^quifacis mirabilia magna fb- 
luS^jraftcnde fuperfamulos taos, 
&fupercongregationcs illiscom- 
itiiifas (piritum gcatiae; falutaris, & 
vtinveritatetibiplaceant , pcr- 
petuum rorem tux benedidionis 
infundc. Per Dominum noftrum 
IcIumChridum. Amen. 

^Efcndc, quxfumus Domine, 
Jibeata Maria fcmpcr Virginc 
intcrcedcntciftam ab omni ad- 
uerficate familiam , & toto tibi 
cordeproftraram,ab hoftium pro- 
pitius mere clementer infidijs.Per 
Chriftum Dominum noftrum. 


The HymneofoHr L4dyC4Ued(S4ltie 
^gm4)yifhtchfor the deuaute^gem^ 
rall'yfe thereof m the 'wh7leChHrchi5 
ipvmhety to hef leamed euen of the Jim* 

AIuc Rcgina, Mater mifcri- 
cordias: Vita, dulcedo, & (pes 
noftra falue. Ad tc clamamus,cxul-> 
lesfilii£u2,Adce fufpiramus gc- 
mcntesj&jflcntcsin hac lacrima- 
rum vallc. Eia ergo aduocara no - 
ftra,'illos tuos mifericptdcsocu- 
losad'nosiconuerce ;EtIcfiim be- 
ncdiAum,fru6l:um ventris tais,no» 
bis poft hoc cxilium oftcde. O cle- 
mens,o pia , o dulcis virgo Maria. 

Verf Orapro nobis fanda Dei 

Rej^.Vt digni efficjamur promiC- 

ITionibus Chrifti. 
- The 



ought ro examine our 


VyH\AT nn^eou^httxi daointhsmtlt- 

[I R T s , to thankcGodgenc- 
[rallv for benefitsrcc^ued j and 
particulerly for hauing peeler* 
ued vs the night paft. 
Secondly,to oftei' our felues vrhol- 
ly into the handesr of his diuinc 
Maieftie>andiopraye hinitha>e 
he wil kccpe vs,and geuc vs gra- 
ce to dooeuery thing that day 
according to his holye and diui- 
Thirdly, to confidcr what vices 



... *4« 

And to bcgmnc prefemly to re- 
new our {elues according as our 
Lord Icfus Chriftc hath taught 

Fourthly , to crauc helpc for the 
doing ofthis of the blcflcd Vir- 
^in , and of our Gardian Angel; 
recommending our felues toal 
the whole company of the blcf- 
fedSaintes inheauen. 

Fiftly and laftly , tofayc three Pa- 
ter nbfter^ andrhreeaue Maries 
for al the faithful liuing and de- 
.parted , procuring to go deuou-* 
tlytoheare holy MafTcandto 
offer that facrificc to God for 
our own finneSjand for al the 
fieceffitiesof holy Churche. 

Vf^t n»e etigkt$ dpo at ni^t 

Irft , to thanke God generally 
foral benefit^ reccaued he- 
I» rcro- 



j:«ofor« > and «ffeciaUy tfeat 

Sex:««id!ly , to't&qmTC gvjwrt and 
true Ugh, to knowe and liata 
out fiivwe** 
Tliitdly^t'o cal dur C<m\cs to aftac- 
«mfipt5'«'l»e*'eKi tHey Hiay«'oti 
that 'dayc iiaac offended God; 
tiamoga 'fecial ton^Atratwn 
of foch d«Mfcs >%4Klrc« vc arc 
F&unMy , eo^witte pai?d<m3iumbly 
«)f Godfoc«l'tfcc defers -riic- 
tc<yf >5»«e fiadie otiiffelacsgiltic. 
Fiftlyjto kauc aiitmc purpofe cho- 
T»ugh Gods gract to bcw-arc of 
^ttnehcpt af cir > wkh a ^ucpofe 
to confeffc tihen- n^Mdk vr« imay 
haue already tran^rcfled in. 
L jiftlyc,to faye the Parcr noftcr, 
Awe Mary, and the Creede; 
making then rht %tte of the 
holy Ciofle vpon vs. 

> W* ' i.H y ^glffll m >v . 1 JJ I l^im, Bay 



tkm vtmdf^Bforthe 

|§^ iittijnilitfie tcgaioe: Mar.14 

mw Chriadi4wjjii6i;Ap4>ftks,fi;««» Luk.ii 

and Sacrament ordainc. lob. i j 

On tucfHay inorneb,awfw^<>xinghUM]d, I-uk.ii 

Chrift di^ in g«den psay* Maf ■ ^ ^ 

On ludaskifilvbaw Wft?, iww b^wwl> loh.18. 
ho A- poftJes fled away. 

On wenfday mcv«e how fiue rimes rolTt, loh. 1 S . 
Twixt judges too wd fro; Mar. 1 4 

L 2 And 


Mat.i6 And then to piller bound ana wbipt, 
Luk . X 5 curmoild and toy ted fo. 

T httrfidaie momingt (fcornd, 
Mat.i £ ThuriEeday betime s, how crownd , how 
Mar. 1 5: how fet to open fight: 
loh. 1 9 And how he bare his hugie Crofle 
Luk. 25 in hard and heauie plight. 

^ridaie morning. 
Mat.17 On Friday morning thinke vpon 
Luk.i) the great and grieuous paine; 
loh. J4 Our Sauiour fweete with patience gtcat^ 
in pafGon did fuftaine. 



Sattrdaie morning. 
Ech fattel^day at morning thinke, 

on wound which (buidier gaue: 
How tane from Croffc, how mother 

kow laid into the gtaue. (mournd 

Sttndaif miming. 
On fundaie morning, how Tacking hel]> 

he lifeiv did appeare 
To mother , then to Magdalen. 

and his difciples iz^tc. 



mnnday twflay vvtn/cky thvrfdajf fi(day 
Sinnes, miferies , death, ludgcracnt, hel 

Wifl? he^;iefitsdo^«w> 

lypm muqday fpfth how e\ic?y wight- 

JAenw^y theif tho«eht& heftow. 

mmday tml^y y^vn^iQiy fbmjldit^ fxiJ^ 


fittPr^^jl fitttday 

§W^e «fing vp do tell, 

How man cch mQrnefr<>p[iflfmiBj*j fourth 

^-rany mciiwicfuliw^ll. 

The fame meditations laid downemorc 
« Urge, «p4 fitft fo? \h^ wgh^tj. 

On munday night to know thy feiifc> 

c«ll#U thy fi^^?s tQ ipinde: 
True huinblQncs of h?;irt th?r^l?y, 

aaidpeiv^ixce 4«»e tQ fi^d,?' 

VFhich that thw maifi the Better doe»eon» 

T) Theui|iltiwd;c^f|armej:lif?i 

X defeasofp^JeC?^t(l^tc; 
J Tto gri^ttoufpes fpn: t We? tefpcftes, 

4Tw^:t <jc44i?4 WH^ the h^^. 

t 3 tuef- 



X for a 
J . bol. 


Tuefdaye nighr. 
On tue{clay night to daunt t hy (effc, 

and pecuish worldly pride: 
Thinkc how thickc miferics aflaulc 

mans life on cuery fide . 

¥or thy helpe remembtr Chrijtes fames. 
1 How short, 1 vnfure , j fraile,4 feeble, j 
how full of, 6 care and paine . fialfe 
Man findcth life, how dreadful! death, 
and reape there of fome gaine. 

i^renpUie night. 
Thinkc on the hourc of dreadful! deaths 

on euery wenfday night> 
Wifedomc to winne, to shunne foule fin-* 

to be prepardc aright, fne^ 

yyhiclf^that thou maifi the better d^e^c$rJMcr 
vyell thefi nine points, 

1 Vncertaintie,! foules parting, j feare>. 

4 count, s nealing, 8 gafpine woe, 
J Soules agony . corps funeral!, 

9 and where the foule dpth gctet 

ThurdMie night. 
On thurfday night the fearc of God 

and hate of nnne to finde: 
The dire and dreadful! iudgemcnt day - 

imjpiint thou deepe in minde. 


£>^m . 


For this help therein thinke m^Jc 

fine points, 

The 1 fearefutl time , the % grtedy figncs, 

the J worlde confumed with fire: 
The trump the 4 ludge , the $ count , the 

which giues the bad their hire, (doom 
On friday night the fearc of God; 

and hate of finne to gaine: 
Of ghoftly hell thinke well vpott 

the great and greeuous painc; 
And for thy help remember 
The wofoU place, the wofuil paiacSi^ 

of ience and IbfTe : the pay 
Proportionedrto ech offence, 


Satterdaie night 
On fatterday at night to caft, 

and fweeten all annoy: 
Thinke on the happy home of heaueft> 

And cuer-during ioy . 

In vyhichmedsumion confiierof 
The place, the companic of Saints,. 

the fight of God fo pure: 
Saints bodi^glories : taft, all bliffe, 

which alway shall indure. 

TheMkglor^fMMmgfi^fheti htth 
MoftftibtUe, Twift, impaflibfe, 

Marccleere thaua shining foxmc • 


%^^ Suttddye night. 

On fonday nigh; ^nM all G^^ gifs, 

and benefits tQ minde; 
Thereby his Ioue,a chankefull heart. 

J Redemp$i«^,fettingftee, 

4 Voc«i99 , f , feewt; gift* an4 Kfeei^ 


Expeaing,fiiiti©g k»f§QQd thoughts, 

Mouing,tfe)f ft0Ri« W.n4*-; 
Pardoning in g^Riflggfaf* SttiigiftSj 


18 JY63 


Ti^f veriues tvUch are to he 



4. yybkh ire the foundation, 
i The mindc and body (ctled vftil. 
z difcretion thoughr,attent: 
5 Thetongreilraind andcalldco 

4 rigour of goucrncmcnt. 

4 Other contahingthtfumme 

I Obedience trae,andi.proper will 

5 in mortified ftate: 

Courage co conquef laboacs hui, 

4 of leife an holy jhate. 
1 Inward and outward humblenei^ 

2 inbodylpooreandfpirite: (Cc, 
5 Patiet in woe,4.purenes in wok* 

God onely to dciighr. (kes, 
4 Other ^\>hich are the beginmng 

and eod ofperfeSiw, 
I Firme faith^i fyre hope,j.andfie* 




4 A reuercnd feare which alway cs 


put all oar \rQf kes m ^ame. 
' Wichatlrheievcitaesiiafnedbefo- 

ferfttHerance muft haue place, f re 
Wkickcauleth ma Peife^onstop 

to (calc in little fpace. 

Seatten points to he oh fey uf din the fut 
partes of Pr4yer afore f4idt , bmjfe' 
daily in meditdtm, 

1 Firfr<»tiQt for courft prefixed chtiSj 
a better thought to ihunae: 

For whc you haue 'orhar von defire, 
what vrouU you more baue done? 

2 Next» lOiake fupcrAuonsinfight 

From^the Yfiderftandin^ ftill: 
AnA fo betake this charge vnto 
a6Pcdions of the will. 

5 The third aduife, is that the will 
be n ot too velie mem: 

To fee ke for fobbes and teareis by 
but ^uict and content* f force 



4 Thc^ith>«> vfc attcndoii^Bc, 

^rifehewine each cxtrcame: 
TOO much Sartsioo inudb^soo Uile 

^^^ .'■- .^ ..: ■...,'._ ^ :•■: 

the bcft refts in the meane. 
$ The fiftjiiot to difmay ypurfclfe, 

akhou^tideuotioti Uite': 
Bitt^icttdy «i^edt tlie<adi, . 

ia ihopeyoQi xuay prcuaiie, 
tf Tlie ^»t ,flotto be oocr llior^ ' 
for a deaw»doth bring f rtiallgaittc 
The Barrcnlbylc which ihoaldbc 

mik 4ufti« fecrwrcs-of raine, 

7Thc feagrli,<5odsTiiitings to tafcef 
as quietly as you may: 

For man which flmnnesGod, fee- 
king him, 

May fceke him,and haue nay. 

The wofl fyifget name of I e s v s, 
and of his mo(l holy Mother the Virgin 

M A R Yjbepraifedforeuermore" 

%Atneij» _ \ 


I i 


]' "flf 



. if? 

DeaotttiLeftder J Befeech Thce,to pafi 
.^n Thefe Faulces,efcha|»cd,ia Printingc 
Aadlobkeaot caryoufljr vjpoi).tlie oWc 
EnglisH Words, aiidphray(cs.thou findeft 
in tkis booke But vpoa the devout fub- 
icft. ■.■''■■:-■ . ■ • .' ■ 

jj^ 34lin.i5.for^aae; Read, gaue, pag. 
i^.liue.i4;forfortic Rcad.fortie. pag. s9. 
liu. it. fottonccption: BJead:Cdiiccpiion, 
nae:'f 9^Jiui.ii for pnre,Read.pure,pag. ^8. 
pag. 7«:.Im.i.for them Read tKen.pag.87. 
lm.2.5.for.rcrdye.Read Readye pag. 9}. 
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for fciiowg Read knowinjg. p;^g,ii },im if . 
.^orfonnc of men._Read*^ of men. 
fsi^.i 36 Un.i3. for deaotiODS read deuo- 
ttoniis^ >; ' 


IS J Y 63