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To man the world is twofold, in accordance with, his
twofold attitude.

The attitude of man is twofold, in accordance with
the twofold nature of the primary words which he speaks.

The primary words are not isolated words, but
combined words.

The one primary word is the combination I-Thou.

The other primary word is the combination I-It;
wherein, without a change in the primary word, one
of the words He and She can replace It.

Hence the I of man is also twofold.

For the I of the primary word I-Thou is a different
I from that of the primary word I-It.

Primary words do not signify things, but. they intimate
Primary words do not describe something that
might exist independently of them, but being spoken
they bring about existence.
Primary words are spoken from the being.
If Thou is said, the I of the combination I-Thou is
said along with it.
If It is said^the / of the combination I-It is said along
with it.
The primary word I-Thou can only be spoken with
the whole being.
The primary word I-It can never be spoken 'with the
whole being.