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It is not as though scientific and aesthetic understand-
ing were not necessary ; but they are necessary to man
that he may do his work with precision and plunge it
in the truth of relation, which is above the under-
standing and gathers it up in itself.
And, thirdly, there is pure effective action without
arbitrary self-will. This is higher than the spirit of
knowledge and the spirit of art, for here the mortal
bodily man does not need to mi* himself with the more
lasting stuff, but himself outlasts it as structure ; en-
circled by the sounding music of his living speech he
reaches the starry heaven of the spirit. Here the Thou
appeared to the man out of deeper mystery, addressed
him even out of the darkness, and he responded with
his life. Here the word has from time to time become
life, and this life is teaching. This life may have ful-
filled the law or broken it; both are continually
necessary, that spirit may not die on earth. This life
is presented, then, to those who come later, to teacji
them not what is and must be, but how life is lived in the
spirit, face to face with the Thou. That is, it is itself ready
on every occasion to become Thou for them, and open up
the world of Thou—no ; it is not ready : it continually
approaches and touches them. But they, having
become disinclined and unfitted for the living dealings
that would open the world to them, are fully equipped
with information. They have pinned the person down
in history, and secured his words in the library. They
have codified, in exactly the same way, the fulfilment or
the breaking of the law. Nor are they niggards with
admiration and even idolatry, amply mixed with
psychology, as befits modern man. 0 lonely Face like