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tremendously, all that I might do circles around me, still
without actuality in the world, flung together and seem-
ingly inseparable, alluring glimpses of powers flicker from
all the uttermost bounds: the universe is my temptation,
and I achieve being in an instant, with both hands
plunged deep in the fire, where the single deed is
hidden, the deed which aims at me—now is the
moment! Already the menace of the abyss is removed,
the centreless Many no longer plays in the iridescent
sameness of its pretensions; but only two alternatives
are set side by side—the other, the vain idea, and the
one, the charge laid on me. But now realisation begins
in me. For it is not decision to do the one and leave
the other a lifeless mass, deposited layer upon layer as
dross in my soul. But he alone who directs the whole
strength of the alternative into the doing of the charge,
who lets the abundant passion of what is rejected invade
the growth to reality of what is chosen—he alone who
" serves God with the evil impulse *' makes decision,
decides the event. If this is understood, it is also known
that this which has been set up, towards which direction
is set and .decision made, is to be given the name of
upright; and if there were a devil it would not be one
who decided against God, but one who, in eternity,
came to no decision.
Causality does not weigh on the man to whom freedom
is assured. He knows that his mortal life swings by
nature between Thou and It, and he is aware of the
significance of this. It suffices him to be able to cross
again and again the threshold of the holy place wherein
he was not able to remain; the very fact that he must
leave it again and again is inwardly bound up for him