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release. It is considered folly to imagine any freedom;
there is only a choice, between resolute, and hopeless
rebellious, slavery. And no matter how much is said,
in all these laws, of teleological development and
organic growth, at the basis of them all lies possession
by process, that is by unlimited causality. The dogma
of gradual process is the abdication of man before
the exuberant world of It. He misuses the name
of destiny : destiny is not a dome pressed tightly down
on the world of men; no one meets it but he who went
out from freedom. But the dogma of process leaves
no room for freedom, none for its most real revelation
of all, whose calm strength changes the face of the
earth—reversal. This dogma does not know the man
who through reversal surmounts the universal struggle,
tears to pieces the web of habitual instincts, raises the
class ban, and stirs, rejuvenates, and transforms the
stable structures of history. This dogma allows you
in its game only the choice to observe the rules or to
retire: but the man who is realising reversal over-
throws the pieces. The dogma is always wining to
allow you to fulfil its limitation with your life and " to
remain free " in your soul; but the man who is realising
reversal looks on this freedom as the most ignominious
The only thing that can become fate for- a man is
belief in fate; for this suppresses the movement of
Belief in fate is mistaken from the beginning.
All consideration in terms of process is merely an
ordering of pure " having become ", of the separated
world-event, of objectivity as though it were history;