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how unity without duality is experienced ?    May we
dispute the truth of its account ?
—I know not of a single but of two kinds of happening
in which duality is no longer experienced. These are
at times confused in mystical utterances—I too once
confused them.
The one is the soul's becoming a unity. That is some-
thing that takes place not between man and God, but
in man. Power is concentrated, everything that tries
to divert it is drawn into the orbit of its mastery, the
being is alone in itself and rejoices, as Paracelsus says,
in its exaltation. This is the decisive moment for a man.
Without it he is unfit for the work of the spirit; with
it, he decides, in his innermost being, if this means
a breathing-space, or the sufficient end of his way.
Concentrated in unity, he can go out to the meeting,
to which he has only now drawn quite close, with the
mystery, with salvation. But he can also enjoy to the
full this blessed concentration of his being, and without
entering on the supreme duty fall back into dissipation
of being* —Everything on our way involves decision,
purposive, dimly seen, wholly mysterious: this in the
innermost being is the primal mysterious decision,
carrying the mightiest consequences for our destiny.
The other happening-lies in the unfathomable nature
of the relational act itself, in which two, it is imagined,
become one : " one and one united, bareness shines there
into bareness *'. / and Thou are absorbed, humanity,
which just before confronted the godhead, is merged
in it—glorification, deification, and singleness of being
have appeared. But when the man, illuminated and
exhausted, falls back into the cares of earthly affairs,