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limiting words " absence of duality " ; lie does not dare
to call it unity.
But we with holy care wish to foster the holy good
of our reality, that is gifted to us for this and perhaps
for no other life that is nearer truth.
In lived reality there is no unity of being. Reality
exists only in effective action, its power and depth
in power and depth of effective action. "Inner1*
reality, too, exists only if there is mutual action. The
most powerful and the deepest reality exists where
everything enters into the effective action, without
reserve the whole man and God the all-embracing—the
united I and the boundless Thou.
The united I: for in lived reality there is (as I have
already said) the becoming one of the soul, the con-
centration of power, the decisive moment for $ man.
But this does not involve, like that absorption, dis-
regard of the real person. Absorption wishes to pre-
serve only the " pure ", the real, the lasting, and to cast
away everything eke; but in this concentration the
instinctive is not thought too impure, the sensuous is
not thought too remote from its course, what is con-
cerned with emotion is not thought too. fleeting : every-
thing must be gathered into the orbit of its mastery.
This concentration does not desire the self that is set
apart, but the whole, unimpaired man. It aims at,
and is, reality.
The doctrine of absorption demands, and promises,
refuge in the One thinking Essence (" that by which this
world is thought"), refuge in pure Subject. But in lived
reality there is not something thinking without some-
thing thought, rather is the thinking no less dependent