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APPENDIX A                              397


AMONG the prayers recited by the Hadjis are those with which the
pilgrims circle the Kaaba at Mecca, a translation of which was given
by Canon Tristram in a delightful paper on Mecca contributed to
the Sunday at Home volume for 1883. The following is a

u 0 God, I extend my hands to Thee : great is my longing
towards Thee. Accept Thou my supplication, remove niy
hindrances, pity my humiliation, and mercifully grant me Thy

" 0 God, I beg of Thee that faith which shall not fall away,
and that certainty which shall not perish, and the good aid of Thy
prophet Mohammed — may God bless and preserve him! 0
God, shade me with Thy shadow in that day when there is no
shade but Thy shadow, and cause me to drink from the cup of Thy
prophet Mohammed—may God bless him and preserve him !—that
pleasant draught after which is no thirst to all eternity."