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'■?|3L# ^9^ 

^ l\. 1 I 1 VJ II I/O 

S\ Stephen Council # 1 4084 

Volume 4 Number 5 

November 2009 

2009-2010 Officers 

Knightly News 

Grand Knight 
Julio Alvarez, Jr 


Deputy Grand Knight 


Scott Sheffield 

Nov 13 

4th Degree Monthly Meeting 6:30 PM 

Nov 14 

Respect Life Rosary 5:45 AM 


Nov 14 

Casino "K"night 

John Montaldo 

Nov 15 

Parish Picnic 

Nov 18 

Faith & Morals Program 6:30 PM Church MPR 


Nov 21 

2nd Degree Exemplification 9:00 AM School 

Darin O'Neal 

Nov 21 

Squires Investiture 

Nov 22 

Buc's Football Game vs New Orleans 8:00 AM— School 


Nov 26 


Steve Haines 

Nov 27-29 

4th Degree Exemplification — Orlando 



Jim Kelly 

Dec 2 

Admissions Committee Mtg 6:00 PM Church 

Dec 2 

Mass 7:00 PM Church 


Dec 2 

Monthly Business Meeting 8:00 PM Church MPR 

Shawn Ryan 

Dec 8 

Immaculate Conception 

Dec 11 

4th Degree Monthly Meeting 6:30 PM 

Inside Guard 

Dec 12 

Respect Life Rosary 6:45 AM 

Roger Spinelli 

Dec 12 

VA Hospital Christmas Party 

Dec 13 

Buc's Football Game vs NY Jets 8:00 AM— Church 

Outside Guards 

Dec 19 

1st Degree Exemplification 9:00 AM St. Stephen's School 

Mike Grogan 
Ed Sleyzak 

Dec 19 
Dec 25 

KofC Christmas Party / Family Social 



Three Years 

Jan 1 

New Year's Day 

Nick Turco, PGK 

Jan 3 

B uc's Football Game vs Atlanta 8:00 AM— Church 

Two Years — 

Jan 6 

Admissions Committee Mtg 6:00 PM Church 

Ed Milius, PGK 

Jan 6 

Mass 7:00 PM Church 

One Year- 

Jan 6 

Monthly Business Meeting 8:00 PM Church MPR 

John Cirello 

Jan 12 

1st Degree Exemplification 7:30 PM Nativity 

Jan 13 

Faith & Morals Program 6:30 PM Church MPR 

Field Agent 

Jan 16 

2nd Degree Exemplification 9:00 AM School 

Thomas P. Cummings III 



mi l • 



nv nun kciaiv 



ij y x ii<iiifvi32fi y 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

Directors and Committee Chairmen 
Membership Director 

Program Director 

Church Committee 


Community Committee 

Council Committee 

Family Committee 

Youth Committee 

harpole4@yahoo. com 

Columbian Squires 

tebel 021 

Public Relations 


Degree Team Captain 

r. hughes@ieee. org 

Newsletter Editor 

Grand Knight fe Report 

Julio Alvarez, Jr 

Julio Alvarez 662-1845 
jalvarez8@tampabay. rr. com 


rother Knights & Families. 

First, a hearty WELCOME 

who joined us following our Fall Mem- 
bership Blitz conducted during the Par- 
ish Ministry Fair. The 'first half of our 
Applicants for this effort joined us in 
Ceremonies conducted first at Prince 
of Peace and subsequently our 'large' 
group at St Stephen on October 17 th . 
These Brothers consisted of a class of 
Candidates totaling 14 new Members 
to our St Stephen Council! Moreover, 
we were truly blessed at having Father 
Mike in attendance as the Honoree for 
our Degree this month. The 'second 
half of the approved Candidates will 
be taking their first degrees over the 
next two months. Brothers, I cannot 
begin to over-emphasize the impor- 
tance of our Sponsors in ensuring that 
we all mentor our new Brothers, help 
them learn of the Order, grow in our 
Faith, and most importantly ensure 
they have the opportunity to 'get in- 
volved' and share their unique and val- 
ued gifts in the service of our Lord! 


I want you to ask yourself 
why you became a Knight? What 
drew you to become involved in this 
unique and historically significant or- 
ganization founded by a Parish Priest? 
I've personally attended almost every 
Admissions Committee we've held as a 
Council over the past 3 V2 years since 
our Charter; without exception, every 
applicant who sat before the Commit- 
tee has expressed the same desire to 
'give back' to the Faith Community 
from they received so much in their life 
journeys. Additionally, recall how you 
expressed your desire to use your 
God-given talents to make a difference 
in your Community. As you can 
clearly see, these ar§ expressions not 
of one or two, but of almost every sin- 

gle new member of our Council. 
Therefore, I ask you. ..are you truly be- 
ing involved? Are you, when you are 
able, contributing your God-given tal- 
ents to his service and to his glory? 
The strength of our Order comes from 
its many talented and faith driven 
members standing in Unity to make a 
difference in this world, especially in 
times of trouble and despair. Where 
leadership and good examples are 
most needed - i e stand together to 
bring forward the positive leadership 
that stands for something more than 
the selfishness and pettiness we are 
often bombarded with in the media to- 
day. What better example is there for 
our families, children, friends, parish- 
ioners and members of our Community 
than our physical exemplification of our 
valued principles of Charity, Unity, 
Fraternity and Patriotism. Brother - 
the simple message is this - BE IN- 
VOLVED in the life of our Council. 
Even the smallest contribution of 
A DIFFERENCE. Don't feel that if you 
have been away you have done some- 
thing wrong - in fact the exact opposite 
is true. ..we realize you would be with 
us if you could, we miss you and want 
you to come and enjoy the sincere and 
infectious spirit of fraternity inherent to 
our St Stephen Council Family. 

This month, where we as a 
Nation celebrate and give thanks for 
the many gifts bestowed upon us - due 
to the many sacrifices of our founders 
and ancestors - think about what you 
can do to 'repay' some of those self- 
less gifts. As a member of the Knights 
of Columbus, and especially this St 
Stephen Council, you are in the envi- 
able position to be a part of an Organi- 
zation with the structure to facilitate 
your ability to share your gifts with oth- 
ers. In our very short life as Council, 
we have established some of the most 
active and successful Service Pro- 
grams that I have personally wit- 
nessed. Through the leadership of our 
amazing Service Program Directors, 
and the tireless members of their re- 
spective Committees, 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

we've been able to focus 
our efforts and effectively deliver the 
programs which have made a differ- 
ence in our Community. ARE YOU 
MITTEES? Our Committees pro- 
vide the platform for you to share 
your talents and through which you 
can advance your vision and ideas 
by enlisting the hands, minds and 
hearts of your Brother Knights to- 
wards that end. Our Committees 
consist of programs focused on 
YOUTH and our newest Program 
Committee. ..PRO-LIFE. Which 

committee does the Holy Spirit 
guide you to in your Prayers? 
Please note the names and contact 
information of YOUR Service Pro- 
gram Directors and don't wait an- 
other minute. them right 
away. Even a little contribution of 
time or talent from every Brother 
Knight will ensure that... TOGETHER 

Finally, my family and I wish you 
and your Families a Blessed and 
safe Thanksgiving. 



Keep in our Prayers 

• P F C D e v in J . M ic h e I, nephew of Sir 
Knight Tom Michel, who was killed in action on 
24 OCT 09 while conducting combat opera- 
tions in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in support of 
Operation Enduring Freedom. He was 19 
years old, recently married (anniversary 03 
OCT 08), and had only been in combat for ap- 
proximately 4 months of a 12 month tour. 

Sir Knight Charles Grady who passed away a few weeks 

Alberta Hoeber, wife of PGK Lester Hoeber at Prince of 
Peace, who past away 

Two of Ed Sleyzak's employees who survived a very seri- 
ous truck accident 

Herb and Judy Swoope who are recovering from surger- 

Brother Ed Sleyzak's sister, Marianne who is showing 
improvement in her struggles with lung cancer 

Our Brothers who are experiencing the hardship of job 
loss and the associated stresses. 

Mary, Queen of the Knights, Pray for Us. 

Family of the Month 
Jim and Melissa Kelly 

Knight of the Month 
Glen Mercer 

For their legal help to Knights and their 
families especially in times of need 

For his never ending willingness to help the 
Knight's fund raising efforts by volunteering 
to work numerous games at the stadium 


OYedncsihiv, November 18 th following 7 pin .\Liss) 

John Wilbur of Lifepath Hospice will share the Hospice Story and cover such subjects as: What is Hospice 
care? How to he admitted? Who pays for Hospice Care? And Questions about Hospice? 

Pltttfr* phi ii <m attending,, and encourage others as well - as tills will be open to the entire parish community. 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

Chaplain's Report 


y Brother Knights 

Of all the nations of the world, 
Americans celebrate Thanksgiv- 
ing as no other. While many 
other cultures have harvest festi- 
vals, ours is profoundly differ- 
ent. More than any other holiday, 
we travel to spend time with ex- 
tended family and 
friends. Through a meal and fel- 
lowship, we recall our ancestors 
who journeyed to this New World 
in order to escape tyranny and to 
live and worship in freedom. On 
that first Thanksgiving, they gath- 
ered not to count their woes but to 
give thanks for the gift of freedom, 
for their very lives, food and shel- 
ter, and for the new friends they 
encountered in this land of 
hope. We admire how they fled 
tyranny, overcame adversity, and 

"In all things give thanks; for this is the 
will of God in Christ Jesus." 1 Thes 518 

opened their hearts to a people 
who were very different than 
themselves. They were people of 
faith who recognized that all they 
accomplished was the result of 
God's grace and mercy and their 
hearts overflowed with gratitude. 

As Catholics, these themes reso- 
nate deeply within our hearts. We 
are people of Thanksgiving. In- 
deed, as the Council Fathers re- 
mind us, the source and summit 
of our faith is the Eucharist - a 
Greek term which means Thanks- 
giving. Each Sunday we gather to 
celebrate the quintessential 
thanksgiving meal - the Holy 
Mass. We recall how God has 
worked throughout time to liberate 
from the tyranny of sin. We re- 
ceive both the direction and nour- 
ishment we need to journey into 
our Eternal Homeland. 

This Thanksgiving, I encourage 
you to recall with your family the 
roots of this wonderful holi- 
day. While the turkey is slowly 
roasting in the oven, come to 
Mass at 10 am. Give thanks to 
our Creator for all the blessings 
you have received. Ever mindful 
of the poor, the offertory collection 
will be given to the Saint Vincent 
de Paul Society to be distributed 
to those in need throughout the 
holiday season. You are also 
strongly encouraged to bring im- 


perishable food items. The chil- 
dren will bring them up with our 
gifts and place them around our 

I encourage you to invite others to 
join you for the meal. We all have 
friends, neighbors, or coworkers 
who have lost loved ones or who 
are living alone. They would love 
to be welcomed to your family 
celebration. No one should eat 
alone on Thanksgiving. 

While we always keep an eye on 
the football games, my family has 
always taken time to simply enjoy 
each other's company. For the 
past few years, we've played foot- 
ball, built forts, and raced go 
carts. Once I was even tied to a 
tree by the hostile little na- 
tives! Now that the kids are older, 
the time together is even more 
important. I enjoy listening as 
they share all that God is doing in 
their lives. 

This Thanksgiving, let's follow the 
admonition of St. Paul and give 
thanks to God for all things. Let 
us resolve to worship God at 
Mass, open our hearts and homes 
to those in need, and spend qual- 
ity time with our loved ones. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Fr. Bill Swengros 


June 19, 2009 -June 19, 2010 

Knightly News 

November 2009 


Field Agent 's Report 

meeting for all the good they have 
done for our local councils. 

ovember is the month when 

we remember in a special way those 
Brother Knights who have passed on 
to their eternal reward. All of our 
councils will honor their memory with 
a Memorial Mass. Did you know that 
the 8AM Mass everyday of the year 
at St Mary's Church in New Haven is 
celebrated in remembrance of our 
past Knights? It is also a time to re- 
member them in our prayers at our 

Beneficiary Forms - 1 have just com- 
pleted my 145 death claim assisting 
Brother Knights, their widows and 
families. Most of the time they have 
no idea of who the beneficiary of 
their insurance policies, their 401 ks, 
Roth IRAs and IRAs are. When did 
you last review yours? This is espe- 
cially important after the death of a 
spouse or after any marital changes. 
Why not check your paperwork? 


Graded Death Benefit Whole Life - 
Are you aware that you can now ap- 
ply for a Whole Life Policy with the 
Order, even if you are uninsurable? 
it is a great way to provide for final 
expenses. Want information, give 
me a call. 

Tom Cummings 
Field Agent 

Knights participate in October 11th Corporate Communion Mass 

In early October, Nick Turco had the 
opportunity to meet with Father John in 
Coimbatore, India. He is doing very 
well and wanted to thank the Knights, 
Rita Joyce, and Jennifer Bergen for 
their generous support of his school. 

The picture on the left is of Father 
John's nephew who was ordained a 
priest this year and shown here cele- 
brating his first mass. 

Father John in India 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

Membership Report 

John Kulesa 

ctober was a very busy month for us. We wel- 
comed fourteen new First Degree Brothers to our 
Council. On Saturday October 1 7th, we had the fol- 
lowing join our Brotherhood. Please welcome Richard 

Lechowich, Mitchell Farrell, Stephen Bertoni, Scott 
Young, Joe Alfonso, Franscio Colon, Aaron Bolton, 
Carlos Ayala, James, Branciforte, Charles Muforo, Don 
Moody, Timothy Childers, Keih Remson and Jeff 
Stephanz. Please congratulate and welcome them into 
our Council. 

I would like to thank all of the Brothers that have been 
attending and assisting with our degrees. It makes a 
very positive statement, especially to our new First 
degree members when they see a room full of Brothers 
ready to welcome them into our Council. 

We will be holding a Second Degree on November 
21 st at St. Stephen School. The start time for the De- 
gree will be 9:00 AM. Approved Candidates with Spon- 
sors are expected to arrive no later than 8 am with ob- 
serving members arriving no later than 8:50 am. Dress 
Code is Casual. Questions about Admissions should 
be directed to our Admissions Coordination Team 
Leader, Sir Knight John Kulesa at Email: , Phone: 813.380.4653. 

Being a Knight means being involved and learning 
about our Order, our Principles, and most importantly, 

learning to better practice our Faith. I encourage each 
and every one of you, whether working towards a de- 
gree or sponsoring a potential Candidate, to make the 
effort to grow as a Knight by taking an active part in 

achieving the requirements 
to advancement in the Or- 

Finally, please continue 
your efforts to build the 
Council and the Order by 
recruiting quality Catholic 
Gentlemen with the energy 
and spirit to make a differ- 
ence in our Community. 


As always I look forward to 
any ideas on how to im- 
prove our membership re- 
cruitment. Anyone who is 
interested in joining the 
Membership Committee is 


John Kulesa 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

hUndrdlSI IICJ 31 R JO Through 7 events this year, the council has earned 

more than $7,000. We have three more games to go. Our thanks to those who have spent 
long Sundays helping the council earn money to fund many of our charitable activities 


entlemen, Brothers, and Family, 

Deputy Grand Knight 's Report 

Mark Your Calendars! 

Our Sp ritual Day of Reflection has been confirmed for Saturday, January 30th at the House of Prayer in Clearwater. 
We expect this to be one of the highlights of the fraternal year and would hope that you can attend. It will be from 9am 
to 5p or so, and your only financial obligation will be $9 for lunch. We are currently discerning a theme for the event and 
welcome any thoughts or ideas. Fr Bill has agreed to lead us in our efforts to become closer to Jesus Christ and his 
wishes for our lives. 

Welcome and Pray for our newest Program Director 

As you may already know, Pro-Life has been elevated by the Supreme Council from a sub-committee of the Commu- 
nity Program to a program on its own. The Council has been blessed by the willingness of Anthony Corte to lead this 
program in what is surely one of the most challenging environments for protecting life most of us have ever seen. 
Please pray for him as he leads this committee, and if you feel so moved by the Holy Spirit, join him as one of its mem- 
bers. He is currently in need of a deputy and willing hands to help. You can contact him at or 813- 
545-9881 . May God bless him and his efforts! 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

Mike Grogan 

Community Activities 

VAVS Events 

On Saturday, October 17 th , 65 Knights, families and friends gathered for a traditional "Sock Hop, 50s/60s" 
night at the Best Western Hotel in Brandon. With such a wonderful turn out the dance was a complete success. This 
event was a fundraiser for VAVS which will use it to support of our veterans programs. Many of our brothers were 
unrecognizable to their fellow Knights with their "50-60s" costumes were just that good. Along with the "oldies" music, 
which brought back fond memories, there was a "silent auction", "hula hoop "and "twist" dance contest. The proceeds 
of this event make it possible for VAVS to help our heroes. We were able to raise $1 ,000.00 to support our Veterans. 
Many thanks to all who supported this event. 

Some photos from the Sock Hop - 50s/60s Night 

Finalists in the Sock Hops Best Costume Contest. 
Now on to Woodstock, eh? 

Julio Alvarez and Mike Grogan 

Guess who? Bet your wrong. 
Answer on next page! 

Tom and Bonnie Cummings 

Phil Primacio goin' wild! 

Knightly News 

November 2009 

Please note that our annual Christ- 
mas party for veterans is scheduled 
for December 12th beginning at 
1 1 :00 AM at the VA hospital. Last 
year over 100 knights, family and 
friends attended the event. These 
parties break the "long days" all our 
vets endure. They, for a time, be- 
come part of our brotherhood and it 
means a lot to them. We greatly 
encourage our fellow Knights and 
their families to take the time to 
come out and make this a powerful 
event. When you make a visit to 
the hospital you begin to realize 
just how much our vets have done 
for us and our freedoms. The re- 
wards for your support are great. 
Also, many kudos to Sir Knight 
Herb Swoope, Assembly 1850 
VAVS chair, who was instrumental 
in producing this outstanding event 
and acted as DJ and Emcee. 

Last years VA Christmas Party 

Special Olympics 

Knight Bill Smith and family 
attended this years Special Olym- 
pics Fall Classic and had a great 

Florida State Council re- 
ports the "Special Olympics Fall 
Classic was a great success. It was 
great to see so many Knights and 
their families there volunteering. A 
special thanks goes out to Kissim- 
mee council 6624 and Winter Ha- 
ven council 4726 for their great 
turnout as a group. Photos from the 

Fall Classic can be seen here: 
Even if you didn't attend, please 
take the time to see the smiles on 
these athletes faces. Your dona- 
tions helped make this possible. 
There were twelve hundred and 
twenty athletes competing in vari- 
ous sports. Athletes and their fami- 
lies pay nothing for these events, 
Special Olympics pays for it all." 

The next big event will be 
the Special Olympics Summer 
Games to be held on May 14 & 15, 
2010 at Disney's Wide World of 
Sports Complex. More to come 

A winner in this years Special 

Competitors concentrating on 
doing well. 

Adopt a Road 

Our next road clean up is 
scheduled to occur in January 
2010. Look for specific information 
in next months newsletter. 

Volunteers from our last Road 

Many Thanks! 

Sir Knight Herb Swoope 

Lastly, we want to take 
some time to thank Herb Swoope 
for his many months of inspired 
work and leadership as our Council 
Community Director. He and his 
fellow committee members have 
contributed greatly to 14084's repu- 
tation and has delivered true bless- 
ings to his fellow Knights and in- 
jured veterans. Herb will still be 
involved but will be concentrating 
his personal efforts on Assembly 
1850's VAVS programs. Effective 
November 1 st , Knight Mike Grogan 
has relinquished his Officer position 
as Outer Guard and assumed the 
duties and responsibilities as our 
new Community Director. We wish 
him well in these new efforts for our