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CHAPTER III                                          AT A PUBLIC SCHOOL
MY family had decided that the school at West-
gate was very expensive and decided to get votes for
me to go to the Royal School, Bath; this was for
officers' daughters; it meant passing a rather stiff
exam., so I returned to Tenby. My Father was in
South Africa at the War, so things looked good.
Some nice little boys and I organized an army with
a view to beating up some members of the lower
classes who had taken exception to us. They des-
pised girls but said that I and a girl friend of mine,
the only one who was not a fool that I could find,
could join, provided that we put red crosses on our
arms and attended to the wounded, which we had
to do after the first encounter. Our army went out
on the prowl every Sunday. One day we marched
out on to the sand dunes. We approached a high
rock and to our horror when we got near we were
bombarded with huge stones and large lumps of
turf; we were forced to retreat. One day the
enemy appeared unexpectedly. My noble army all
ran away and left me. They tied my hands behind
my back with rope and marched me back triumph-
antly through the streets where I met my Grand-
We had a charming milkman who had a milk cart
with big cans which I could hide behind when I did
the rounds with him and saw any undesirables
My Brother's school had just started a girls' class,