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smelt strongly of onions: it seemed an odd way of
demonstrating one's affection and I was glad that
the dead had lost their sense of smell.
My Grandfather was a remarkable man and if he
had only lived—he died in 1893—we would all not
have got into so much trouble. Any artistic talent
that I have I inherited from him. He was a naval
officer and did all the surveying in the 'seven-
ties of Heligoland, Western Wales, and Western
Australia. He drew all the maps himself with
beautiful drawings of islands and little landscapes.
I believe that they are still in use at the Admiralty.
In those days naval officers took their wives and
families with them when they went abroad. They
sailed to Australia in a sailing ship with two masts;
this took three months. Perth was then a convict
settlement and all the servants were convicts. My
Grandfather bought for a few hundred pounds land
that is now the main street of Perth; he sold it for
a few thousand pounds. When they sailed back
there was a terrible storm and one mast was washed
overboard and they knelt down and said their
prayers; a shark followed the ship and the second
mate went mad and jumped overboard. They got
home safely, however. My Grandmother was a
Canadian and was one of three very beautiful
sisters; she met my Grandfather when he was in
Canada with his ship and married him. One of her
ancestors was Joseph Howe, who federated the
Canadian States and had a dispute with Mr.
Gladstone, who was forced to apologise (Dictionary
of National Biography}. She had many ancestors: in