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I    BEGIN    TO    BE    AN    ARTIST
were the professors. Nicholson always wore a white
duck suit, with a spotted tie and socks to match, and
came on a push bike.
As we decorated the walls with palette scrapings I
am afraid he never left as spotless as he arrived. He
taught still life. We began with a white plate and a
stout bottle with some white drapery against a grey
wall. Nicholson always said when he saw a some-
what shaky plate, cc Draw the plate round, it looks
more professional," so he got a pair of compasses.
He was an excellent teacher.
George Lambert was the best professor I have
ever had. He drew beautifully and took endless
pains over anyone whom he thought had talent.
Lambert took a whole morning painting a leg for
Everyone was terrified of Swan and we all ran like
rabbits when we saw him coming. One bold
student wrote on the door of his Life Class, " Aban-
don hope all ye who enter here," but as it was high
up I don't think he ever saw it.
A girl who was with me at Brangwyns had a room
in Chelsea and we shared models. She and her
brother Henry Savage knew Richard Middleton, the
poet, very well. I found her extremely interesting.
She was very well read and talked a great deal about
people like Frank Harris and Edward Thoiims and
we wallowed in the " Shropshire Lad " and the
poems of John Davidson.
Wilenski, the critic, was a student there too. He
wore a large sombrero and a black cloak and carried
a silver-headed stick. He had studied abroad and
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