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one to talk to at all for two weeks, but I could work
and was quite happy. About this time my Grand-
mother died. Nobody was at all sorry. She had to
be taken back to Tenby to be buried with my Grand-
father. The family went to Paddington to see her
off. I found my friend the " Genius" and we ate
ham and drank coffee in the Fulham Road. He
took a room in Charlotte Street and we became
friendly again; the great passion had vanished and
he rather bored me. He talked very much about a
woman older than himself whom he had met in
Cornwall He had a little picture of hers that I
thought very good. He said that she had a wonder-
ful voice and was also very musical. I felt quite
jealous. One day I met her and we became great
friends. The " Genius" has long since vanished,
but often I see his friend. I am afraid we are un-
kind enough to make fun of him.
One day I visited the Chelsea Palace and saw
Fred Karno's Mumming Birds. Then there was a man
who just walked up and down the stage. He did not
speak but he was so funny that the whole house
roared. This man, I found out afterwards, was
Charlie Chaplin, who must have already done a
good many films. At this time two aunts of mine
took pity on me to the extent of providing me with
2^. 6rf. a week each to help my artistic career. Also
a girl whom I had met at Brangwyns had a maiden
aunt who suffered from suicidal mania and was certi-
fied insane. I taught her painting and cheered her
up considerably; she paid me 5$. a lesson, so I was
quite well off. This poor woman's life had been
33                              D