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I    GOME    OF    AGE

with long red hair. She was a friend of Gertler's
and was an actress. She was acting at the St.
James's Theatre, where a Shakespeare season was
being given by Granville Barker. I met Cathleen
Nesbitt with her, too, and one day Dennis Neilson
Terry came to her flat. He had to give a recitation
and chose one from the Bible. He recited it to us.
In the middle was an awful shriek and he shrieked
so loudly that the people upstairs came down think-
ing someone was being murdered.
I met a woman who took me to one of Walter
Sickert's Saturday afternoons. I thought him a
wonderful person and he seemed to like me. He
came to my room in Grafton Street and liked my
work. I used to go to see him nearly every Saturday.
I met Lucien Pissarro, who also came to my room
and liked my work. I met Wyndham Lewis, T. E.
Hulme, and Epsteins-: At this time a society was
started called the /" Independants," which was
founded on the principle of the Salon des Indepen-
dants in Paris. Anyone could send five pictures on
the payment of a small fefe. The Albert Hall was
hired for the occasion and I sent five pictures, in-
cluding the " Dead Soul/9 my portrait of " Dilys,"
and two others, and it was a most interesting ex-
hibition. The sculpture was downstairs and many
famous foreign artists showed there. My pictures
were hung upstairs in a group and I thought they
looked very nice. All my friends from Brangwyns
showed there. I had two press cuttings, one in the
Times, of which I was very proud. Glutton Brock
was then the art critic. I met him some years after-