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I     GOME     OF    AGE

One day I sold six of Henri's drawings to a friend
of mine for 1 each. He said, " Don't tell my sister
you sold six, say it was only five and we will go to
the e Swiss ' in Soho and have some drinks," I dined
with him and his sister in their rooms in Putney.
There was a row during dinner and they threw some
beefsteaks at each other. After dinner she said to
Henri, ee You bore me, take Nina away and give
her something to drink/' so we went to the cc Swiss."
After we had had some beer Henri said, cc She is not
my sister, she is my mistress/' and I choked down
some sobs. She did not seem to mind my going out
with Henri and in fact rather encouraged it, so I
thought that it didn't matter. Henri bought a large
knife with a curved blade. He had met W. B.
Yeats who told him about the ghosts of his ancestors.
Henri said, cc I have never met a ghost and if I did
I should take this bloody great knife and kill him."
Henri never met a ghost, but I did later on, and I
didn't have a knife.
Henri knew Ezra Pound very well and liked him.
Ezra said, " You must sculpt me/* and bought him
a block of marble. He said, " You must make me
look like a sexual organ." So Henri got to work
with a piece of charcoal and drew on the stone. He
chipped and chipped and it was magnificent and it
has been offered to and refused by many museums.
It is now in a front garden in Kensington, sur-
rounded by geraniums. Henri slept generally under
the arch on an iron bed, one of the kind that ser-
vants used to sleep on and could be folded up. It
looked very uncomfortable. He disapproved of