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on the house for me or will they put up one for
Verlaine and Rimbaud? " and Walter said, " My
dear, they will put up one on the front for you and
one on the back for them." My beautiful admirer
tired of me very soon. I discovered afterwards that
he liked only pure young girls who very quickly
bored him. We went to Paris and I stayed at the
same hotel with a Russian woman who was a friend
of his, and who came over with us. I did not see
much of him. We stayed there for five days.
Epstein and his wife were there and I met Brancusi
the sculptor. At this time Epstein's Memorial to
Oscar Wilde was put up in Pere Lachaise. For some
reason it was considered indecent and covered up
with a tarpaulin, so every afternoon Epstein, his
wife, Brancusi, a Spanish painter, his wife and I,
would go to Pere Lachaise and snatch the tarpaulin
off. Eventually the French police were told about
it, and, when we next arrived, hiding behind the
tombstones were policemen who rushed at us and
covered the statue up again.
I liked Paris and determined to return there as
soon as I could collect sufficient money. Mont-
parnasse was cheap and everyone worked all day
and came to the Rotonde in the evening. I was still
rather in love. After five days my money gave out
and I came back to London with the Russian woman.
I have always regretted not having stayed another
night as I could have seen Isadora Duncan dance,
and at that time she was in her prime. When I got
back to Grafton Street I burst into tears. I cried
every day for four days.