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anything quite like it and although Sonia Delaunay
was already designing scarves, this was more start-
ling. It was made and designed for the Omega
Workshops by Roger Fry. I have it on in the
photograph of the dance in the Avenue du Maine,
where Modigliani is standing in the background.
In the Rue de la Gaite is the Gaite Montparnasse, a
music hall rather like the " Old Bedford." At the
back of the stalls are boxes. We used to go once a
week. The gallery cost fifty centimes. Modigliani
came with us, too. About twelve of us went one
night and sat in a row on a very narrow and hard
plank in the gallery. Modigliani sat on the end and
pushed and pushed. We all pushed together and he
fell off the end, so in disgust he left us and went to
the bar. There were very funny and very vulgar
revues with the usual bedroom scenes and simple-
minded jokes that made the French workpeople roar
with laughter. The last time I was in Paris I went
there, but it had all been redecorated in horrible
colours in an attempt to be very modern. One day
I met Archipenko, the sculptor. He sculpted
statues in tin and wood and exhibited at the Salon
des Independants. He painted his statues in bright
colours and had a very fine sense of colour. He was
a tall man with a reddish beard and deep set eyes.
I went to his studio with a sculptor whom I knew.
He had a wonderful musical instrument with about
twenty strings that looked like a harp. It was in-
vented and made by a sailor and he had bought it
and could play Russian tunes on it. Archipenko had
pupils. There were two very beautiful German girls
''                     '