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who had come to study the abstract. They were
very rich and the elder one kept a monkey and took
a large studio. She drank ether and once went out
for the evening leaving the bottle of ether by the
stove. When she came home later she found one
of the walls of the studio had been blown out.
I had sent the money that I had to a bank in
England and received a money order once a fort-
night. One day I went to the Post Office and found
that the duplicate of the money order had not arrived
and that I was penniless till Monday. A girl whom I
knew said that she posed for an elderly American and
would I take her job on for two days as she had to go
to the country. He lived in the Boulevard Arago.
He had a studio flat there. I was shown into the
studio and the door was shut. I could hear the voices
of rich-sounding women and felt like a housemaid
who was looking for a situation. He put his head
through the door and told me to undress. I took my
clothes off and he eventually appeared. He grum-
bled at my figure and said there was not enough of it.
I was furious and took a violent dislike to him. He
made me sit in a most impossible pose which nearly
broke my back, and did some dreadful drawings. He
quite obviously disliked me as much as I disliked him.
He then returned to his rich ladies and I dressed
myself. He came back and gave me two francs-fifty.
Two francs-fifty was half-a-crown in those days, and
the usual fee. I sat for him the next day and then
fortunately my money came. This was my first
experience as a professional model. I had others
later5 but they were more agreeable.