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been able to discover. Basil was not at all pleased
about it and it disturbed him a good deal.
Edgar stayed at my place sometimes and some-
times went to his mysterious residence. This was
about the twenty-fifth of July 1914. One day I went
to eat by myself in a small workmen's restaurant, op-
posite WassiliefFs studio., in the Avenue du Maine. I
was suddenly seized with an indescribable feeling of
horror. I turned cold and sick and laid down my
knife and fork to stare at the blank wall opposite,
unable to eat. I thought that something terrible
was about to happen and imagined that it would
take the form of a punishment for me for having had
such a good time.
Little did I think that that punishment would
wreck not only my life but the lives of millions of
Dthers during the four bitter years ahead.