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the sale bourgeois at once by their faces and took
a dislike to them. We got out at another station and
sat on the platform. One sat on either side of me.
They talked about religion, and the efficacy of
prayer. I said I didn't think so highly of it and they
said I was an atheist and left me. A train came in
carrying more soldiers who had come from another
battle. I found them more sympathetic. The train
went on and we got to Paris.
I met Edgar at the Rotonde. He seemed pleased
to see me. I had one hundred francs in five franc
pieces, which I had tied up in a stocking. I took a
room in the hotel where I had first stayed in Paris.
Every afternoon the Germans came in Taubes and
dropped bombs. We all thought this very exciting
and would lean out of the window of the hotel to
watch the bombs dropping. The bombs did not kill
people, but the shells that the French shot at them
did. I was watching the fun one afternoon and
something whizzed past my head. It was a bullet,
and went through the hotel window downstairs.
We found it on the floor with the end of it bent. As
I only had a hundred francs Edgar said that I had
better come and live in La Ruche, near the Porte de
Versailles, his mysterious residence. I moved in.
La Ruche was a large garden and in the middle was
a circular building filled with studios. The studios
were triangular and it was like a cake cut in pieces.
His studio was in the garden and living there was
a Russian admiral's daughter. There was a gallery
which one had to climb a ladder to reach. Several
rungs were missing from it. The Russian admiral's