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daughter drank wine during the daytime and
methylated spirits all night at my expense. She
also stole my only night-dress, which was a calico
relic and had originally belonged to my Grand-
mother. In the mornings we sent her to the soup
kitchen to buy some stew, which we lived on. In
the studio opposite lived an artist's model who
brought us lobsters. She had been to the Bal des
Qjiatz Arts and had brought a souvenir home. It
was a model of the guillotine and we sat and admired
it. There were no newspapers in Paris and every
day we heard the German guns getting nearer and
Edgar found a large spider in the garden and did
drawings of it every morning.
Wassilieff had her dinner parties every evening
and her place was filled. A tall Russian from the
Volga played the lute and sang to us and we tried
to be as cheerful as possible.
Modigliani was living in the Rue St. Gothard and
Edgar and I went to see him. He had a large studio
which was very untidy and round the wall there
were gouache drawings of caryatids. They were
very beautiful and he said, " Ghoose one for your-
self." The bed was unmade and had a copy of
Les Liaisons Dangereuses and Les Chants de Maldoror
upon it. Modigliani said that this book was the one
that had ruined or made his life. Attached to the
end of the bed was an enormous spider-web and in
the middle an enormous spider. He explained that
he could not make the bed as he had grown very
much attached to the spider and was afraid of
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