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disturbing it. This was the last time that I saw him
as, soon afterwards, he went to Nice.
I was still sitting for the American sculptress and
so we had enough money to live on.
The German guns were getting nearer and nearer
and the Government had gone to Bordeaux. Out-
side the Gare Montparnasse were long queues of
people going to Bordeaux with all their belongings.
We went to see Brancusi, the sculptor, every after-
noon. He lived in the Rue Montparnasse. He had
two workshops and lived in a little room. He was
very like a saint and played a guitar and sang
Rumanian songs. He talked to us about life and
cheered us up. Basil was in Paris again. He could
not join the Army as he had a bad knee. He asked
me what I was going to do. I said that I had better
go back to England. I should, of course, have gone
to Nice where many artists went and lived very
One day Edgar and I went to the Cimeti&re
Montparnasse. We used to go there sometimes and
sit under the trees and read. It was very quiet.
We would bring a bottle of cheap wine with us.
One afternoon Edgar said, " How much does it
cost to get married in England? " and I said, " I
think about seven-and-sixpence," and he said, " Let
us get married! " I said that I didn't mind if I did.
We had no money to get to England however, and
I had been in Paris about six weeks. Basil lent or
rather gave me some money and we took a train to
Le Havre. Edgar had no papers except the birth
certificate and when I got to Le Havre I had to see
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