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the British Consul. I told him that this was my
fiance and I was taking him to England to marry
him and he passed us through. I took him home
to my parents, who were not at all pleased that I
was going to marry a foreigner, especially as he was
completely penniless and knew no English. After
three weeks we got married. My Father paid the
wedding licence. Everyone was very gloomy, in-
cluding myself. We took two attics in Camden
Town. The rent was seven-and-sixpence a week.
We had very little furniture. I took Edgar to the
Omega Workshops and Mr. Fry gave us both some
Henri had already gone to France and Basil was
trying to get into the Army. He finally persuaded
a grand relation to use her influence and he got a
commission in a Scottish regiment and appeared
looking very magnificent in a kilt. He was very
sorry that I had got married, and so was I. We
went out and drank some drinks together and talked
about the hopelessness of the future. He went to the
War a few days later and was killed in Mesopotamia
in 1915.
Edgar and I met many interesting people at the
Omega. There were many Belgian refugees, musi-
cians, and actors, and Madame Vandervelde, who
was very good to them all and acted and recited in
order to raise funds to help them. She also bought
some of our pictures. Edgar decorated her flat for
her and so we managed to live. She was a very
brilliant and amusing woman and had extremely
good taste in Art. Edgar suggested to Mr. Fry that
''''            ' ' '                  '''