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they should have a musical performance of De-
bussy's " Boite a Joujoux" and that he should make
and work the marionettes for it. This he did. We
all worked the marionettes. We lay on our stomachs
and pulled the wires. He cut them out of card-
board with a knife. We had a fine orchestra of
Belgians and a good audience and they made some
After the arrival of the Belgians, Charlotte Street
became very gay. There were Bal Musettes all up
the street. A big Belgian played an accordion and
everyone danced and a hat was taken round after
for halfpennies, as they do in France and Belgium
in workpeople's dances. We worked at the Omega
for so many hours a day and often had lunch with
Roger Fry, who had a room in Fitzroy Street, where
he painted. He did several paintings of me, one of
which was at his last show in Bond Street. Vanessa
Bell and Duncan Grant worked sometimes at the
Omega Workshops. She was very beautiful and had
a wonderful deep voice. I used to go home and
attempt to lower my voice too. I think I succeeded
to a certain extent after some practice. They
painted batiks and boxes and turned out some fine
work. I was never very good at decorative work.
I met Edward Carpenter one day at lunch at Mr.
Fry's. He was a saintly old gentleman with a grey
beard and a grey shirt. Walter, now Richard,
Sickert lived in Fitzroy Street also, in fact he had
a number of mysterious rooms for miles around as
far as Camden Town. Edgar and I sat for him
together, on an iron bedstead, with a tea-pot and a
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