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On Sundays, Foujita, Edgar, and I, went home
to my parents for lunch; this was frequently the
only decent meal we had during the week. My
Father became quite human, and in the afternoons
we all played " heads, bodies, and legs." That is the
game where everyone draws a head and leaves two
lines indicating where the next person should begin
the body. The pieces of paper were then passed to
the next person and then again until the legs were
done. The drawings were very funny and some of
them very good.
Foujita was a charming character and had the
most terrible struggles before he became famous.
I last saw him when I stepped off a boat on the
He de Brehat, in Brittany. I had not seen him for
three or four years. He was sitting on the terrasse
of a cafe. His hair had turned very grey. He had
large gold earrings on and wore red horn-rimmed
spectacles. He was with his wife, who was very
chic and beautifully made up. There was another
Japanese with them. I waved to him and he said
" Bonjourninahamnett" as if he had only seen me the
day before. We sat down and talked about the old
days. I was sorry that I had to go back to Paimpol
that day, where I was staying opposite, as I believe
they had wonderful parties every day with bathing,
singing, and drinking.
One day I went to dinner with a woman friend
of mine in Clifford's Inn. We had dinner and some
wine, and suddenly there was a strange whizzing
sound and she said, rather nervously, fe What is
that? " I said, " That is only a motor-'bus/3 She
''           '                  '