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hansom cabs. I said to him, " My dear Arthur,
what are you going to do with these? " He said,
" You see, dear, I think they will be so useful to
paint on."
He was reputed to have been found in the cellar,
in which he lived, in bed with a policewoman; and
her helmet and baton were hanging by a nail on
the wall as a souvenir.
I saw him last in the Fitzroy Tavern. He came
in looking just the same—this was about ten years
later—his beard had grown nearly white; he had
a sack on his back, and his coat was still fastened
with safety pins. He bought a large jug of beer and
filled everyone's glass. I hear that he is now respect-
ably married.
One day someone took me to the studio of Lady
Constance Stuart Richardson, She lived in an old
Criminal Law Court near Sloane Square. There
was a party and everyone brought bottles.
It was a huge place with many rooms. I stayed
the night there in a large Greek bedstead. Several
other people stayed in different places and we had
breakfast in the morning. The others had to go to
work at various offices, and Constance and I sat in
front of the fire and talked and got on very well
indeed. I had known a cousin of hers who had been
killed. She was a most charming and interesting
woman and my dreary existence was cheered up by
her company. As Edgar neglected me a good deal
I spent most of my time with her. She had a
marvellous figure and danced with not much more
on than a tiger skin before the War> and even then