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anything. He used to stay with his friends in
Chelsea for nights at a time. I never went to their
house except once to a party. One day the police
came there and arrested him in the kitchen for
being an unregistered alien. My reputation amongst
these friends of his was that I was a wicked woman
who was ruining his bright young life and cramp-
ing his brilliant career. He did not come home
that night. I did not worry as he never told me
when he was returning.
Early in the morning the police came and told
me that he was in a Police Court at Marylebone.
I went to see him and the trial came on later. I
did not go to it but his friends did. Later that
morning when I was working at the Omega two
young women came there, and with tears in their
eyes told me that he had got three months' hard
labour for not registering. I said " Oh! " and felt a
sense of freedom at last. This sentence was passed
under the Aliens5 Act, which was enforced during
the War.
I went to my attic and wondered how Edgar was
feeling. I went to see him once; that was the only
time I could. I think he rather enjoyed prison
life. He had books to read and as he was of a
ruminative disposition he was quite happy.
I was now able toigo out and see my old friends.
I sold drawings and paintings and was able to work
in peace and began to be very bored with the attics
in Camden Town. I made friends with a charming
girl, Marie Beerbohm. She had been a friend of
Edgar's and for that reason I hardly knew her.