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We became great friends and I had a very good
Towards the end of Edgar's three months I
wondered what would happen as I was very happy
by myself and was very much disinclined to have
him back. I knew I would have to. I asked the
police and they said that he would not be allowed
to stay in England but would be sent to France in
the Belgian Army. I went to fetch him from the
prison and, accompanied by detectives, took him to
a camp, where he remained till he was taken to
France. He seemed pleased to see me and sorry
to go. I felt sentimental about the past and we
both wept as we said good-bye at Waterloo. I have
never seen him since. He wrote to me from France,
and the last letter I had was just after the Armistice,
when he asked me to send him five pounds, saying
that he loved me as much as ever. I did not reply.
Having made a little money and still having work
at the Omega I decided to look for a studio in the
neighbourhood of Fitzroy Square. I found one on
a top floor in Fitzroy Street. It was quite large
and had a bedroom and kitchen. I believe that
at one time Augustus John had lived there, and later
on Percy Wyndham Lewis. Walter Sickert lived
opposite, that is to say he had a studio there, but he
actually lived in Gamden Town. I was happier
there than I had been for three years. I Heard that
Sophie Gaudier Brzeska was living in Fulham and
went to see her. She showed me a photograph of
Henri at the Front. She was taking a cottage in
Gloucestershire and asked me to stay with her.