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for them, but was so sad when he found one dead
that he made no further attempt to kill them but
fed them instead. He said he always regretted the
days when he was a tramp as> in New York, there
were three or four of them who worked together
every day, and in the morning they went out one by
one. No one could come home until he had col-
lected four dollars. He said that sometimes they
would all be back by one o'clock. I asked what they
did when they got home and he said," We smoked
cigars and drank, and went to a music-hall."
Augustus John did a very fine painting of him.
Mine was a good likeness but not a very good paint-
ing. John and I both concentrated on his eye-
lashes. This amused me when I saw John's painting,
which I had not seen before I started mine. One
evening, Roger Fry asked me to come to his studio
to have some coffee. I went and found there
Robert Ross and Walter Sickert. We drank wine,
and I think this was one of the most amusing even-
ings I have ever had. Sickert did his famous turn of
reciting ** Hamlet/5 imitating the voides of each char-
acter, Hamlet, the King, the Queen, etc. Robbie
Ross told stories of Mr. Gladstone and Queen
Victoria; I can only remember one. I think now
how stupid I was not to have written down an
account of that evening, but I was then too modest
and self-conscious to do such a thing. The story I
remember was of the funeral of Queen Victoria at
Frogmorewith Princess Louise and Princess Victoria.
With Constance Stuart Richardson I had met the
** Kim,35 the Duke of Manchester. He said that he