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chose different coloured glass eyes to suit her
clients. She made two of Evan Morgan in evening
dress, with a white shirt and every detail of his
clothes, cuff links, buttons, shoes, all imitated in
an extraordinarily ingenious way. She also some-
times did naked portraits-poupees of people who
rather admired themselves with nothing on. She
painted the kid to match their skins. Sometimes
she would use smooth white kid and sometimes
chamois leather. She did a wonderful head of
Paul Poiret, the dressmaker, and made his beard
of orange wool, as he had red hair. One day
at the Rotonde I saw a young man with long fair
hair; he was badly dressed. I was with Beatrice
Hastings at the time. She had been sensible enough
to stay in Paris during the War. It was a repetition
of Edgar. She said, " He is a very talented Polish
artist; would you like to meet him? " I rashly said,
" Yes." After the Rotonde closed we all went to
someone's studio in the Rue de la Grande Ghau-
miere. He was then very drunk. I had an awful
presentiment that at any minute I should fall in love
with him. He had a guitar with him and sang
Polish songs. He was so unlike any of the people in
England and reminded me so much of Paris before
the War, that I asked him to come to my studio.
He brought some of his paintings with him, which
were mostly of flowers and of a very beautiful colour.
I was delighted with him and we sang to his guitar
and drank white wine all the afternoon. He told
me that he had had a dreadful love tragedy the year
before, that he had loved a beautiful girl, who was