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and very amusing. I was very pleased that a man
whose works I admired so much should spend the
afternoon listening to my silly songs and enjoy
I found a girl whom I had known in London, in
fact she had been at Brangwyns with me and had
married a very .nice man who was in some govern-
ment service in Paris.   I had known him in London
slightly.   She did coloured dry points of people and
made a lot of money.    She had to go to England
for a few days to see her children who were at
school.   She said, " Take my husband out and keep
him from being bored/'   This, I think, was the time
of Mardi Gras, and there were several holidays.
We spent Sunday at the Rotonde drinking Vouvray
with some friends, and he asked me to meet him
there again on Monday and we would go to Font-
ainebleau,  have  lunch   there,   and  then walk to
Moret, where there was a little inn where Arnold
Bennett had lived for some years.   We decided that
we would drink to his health when we got there and
have dinner.    I had never been to Fontainebleau
before and we went to a very nice restaurant and
had lunch and some white wine and started out to
walk through the forest.   It was a very hot day and
there was nothing but four or five miles of forest.
We rested by the road-side from time to time and
about six o'clock we got to the inn, very hot and
thirsty.   It was about half a mile from Moret itself
and a most charming looking little place.   The cafe
had a garden in front of it with some tables and we
sat down and ordered bottles of beer.   We were so