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We then walked across some fields, took the tram,
and came back to the cafe to find the Arab's mis-
tress, not looking too pleased, and the Pole who
lived in Modigliani's studio.
Underneath the Hotel de la Haute Loire, which
was the hotel I stayed at in 1914, was the Restaurant
Baty. Outside were baskets of oysters stacked up.
Inside, the floor was tiled and covered in sawdust.
Rosalie was still in the Rue Gampagne Premiere, in
her restaurant, and wept when Modigliani's name
was mentioned, although, when he was alive, she
threw him out several times a week. This was not
really surprising as he caused a dreadful disturbance
at times. One day I met Blaise Gendras at the
Parnasse. He had only one arm, the other he had
lost in the War. I had read his poetry and admired
his work very much. He was a great friend of
Ferdinand Leger, and they and many more amusing
people ate every day at Baty's. Sometimes they
would sing whilst they ate. They sang snatches
from the Russian Ballets. They were particularly
fond of snatches from "Scheherazade - and ce Pe-
trouska." One day, after lunch, an elderly Baroness
came to the restaurant and they decided to go and
see Brancusi, bringing some wine with them. They
took the Baroness with them. She must have been
very beautiful when she was young. She wore a
yellow wig, which she twined round her head. She
still had a fine figure. She asked me to dinner at her
flat. She had several pictures of Henri Rousseau,
the Douanier. She had the ". Wedding," a large
picture with the bride in white in the middle and
'                       '         '