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CHAPTER X                                  THE SOUTH OF FRANCE
THE Pole asked me if I would go to the South of
France, but, he said, " We must get married first,55
I had to confess that I already had a husband.
After thinking for a time he decided that it really did
not matter very much. It had never occurred to me
that it did.   I had to pretend that it was a sacrifice
on my part.    The same dealer, who had been in-
duced to give Modigliani money, bought my Pole's
pictures from time to time.   We went to see him and
his wife.    I felt like a jeune fille with her fianci.
They were pleased and congratulated us both.   The
dealer bought some of his pictures and gave him
some money.    I  sold some drawings for a few
hundred francs, very much less than the money that
he had and we took a third-class train for the South.
I did not ask where, we were going to, as I was so
thrilled with the idea of going South that I did not
mind.    Two South Americans came with us, too.
One of them was going to Gollioure to stay with
Foujita and his wife.   The train was very uncom-
fortable.    The seats were made of strips of wood
which, when one tried to lie on them, made holes
in one's body. We slept uncomfortably and I leant
against my Pole, who put his arm affectionately
round my waist.   When we started from Paris it was
cold and pouring -with  rain; as we got further
South it got warmer and warmer.    The South
Americans and the Pole spoke Spanish. My Pole had
lived for five years in Spain and spoke Spanish like
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