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ground and the Arab tower with the sea behind and
a few fishing-boats with white sails, and^in'fthe
background a green hill with white^waves washing
against the rocks.    I saw the painting again the
other day.    It is in the collection of Mary Anders.
The white waves were very well painted and so
was the Arab tower.   The roofs and the sea I did
not think so highly of, and thought how much
better I could have painted them now.   The Pole
was very sweet and encouraging.     The Foujitas
suggested that we should take our supper and some
wine to the Arab castle that we had seen on our way
to Collioure.    We started off about four p.m. and
climbed the hill.    There had been a drawbridge,
with quite a narrow and small drop, only about two
yards wide and six feet deep.   It was quite easy to
jump across it, which I and the Pole did at once,
without a thought.   When it came to Mrs. Foujita
she screamed with terror.   The Pole and I jumped
back and made her jump, she was in a fainting con-
dition by the time she got to the other side.   I made
a few sinister remarks in bad taste about education
at the Royal School of Officers5 Daughters of the
Army, the British Empire, cricket, sport, courage,
etc., which I don't think the poor creature was in
a condition to hear.   We revived her with some wine
and walked up the steps inside the castle.    The
castle was square outside, but inside there was a
round hole, surrounded by a path.    On the stone
floor, at intervals of a few yards, were holesy and
underneath was water, into which Demies were
pushed.   We got on to the rooŁ which was large