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and higher than it looked. I was determined
to do some mountaineering, so we found a nearer
mountain that was only seven hundred metres
high and from the top of which one could see
Spain. We started one afternoon. The first part
was easy, but as we got higher up we had to climb
over rocks, sometimes having to cling on to the
grass and shrubs. We got hot and thirsty and
found a spring. We wished that we had brought
some beer with us. When we reached the top the
view was wonderful. Spain was so entirely different
from France. The whole character of the landscape
was different. On the horizon was a small black
cloud. My Pole said that we must descend as
quickly as possible as, in a very short time, there
would be a terrific storm. Just as we reached the
foot of the mountain the storm broke. I had never
seen such lightning before and we had to take re-
fuge in a shop. It was like a large cellar and the
whole floor was stacked with melons. We sat on
the melons, which were very uncomfortable, and
the old lady gave us some wine. The storm went on
for so long that we got bored with waiting and went
home. We had to take the path at the foot of the
fortress, where we had walked on the day we
arrived. The rain came down in torrents and within
a lew seconds we were all dripping. The lightning
struck the sea a few feet from us and I never expected
to get home alive. Our street was a pool of water.
We lit the charcoal fire and were not dry till the
next day.
At least every two weeks there was a fete, when