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windows and aimed at her with the contents of
their pots de chambre.
The grapes were now ripe and the time had come
for the wine to be made. In the street in front of
our door a wine-press was put up. One had to step
over a part of it in order to get out. This continued
for about a week and the wine-press was removed.
One morning I went out with my string bag to buy
the lunch and was hailed by our landlady. She
asked me to come and taste the newly-made wine.
I went into her cellar where she packed the fish. I
met her beautiful sister coming up the stairs smelling
very strongly of sardines. It seemed to me odd to
find a woman, who looked so like the Virgin Mary,
smelling of fish. I went into the cellar, where I
found my landlady, who had lost another tooth,
surrounded by all her relatives, tasting the new
wine. I joined them. It was rather raw, but gave
one a pleasant feeling of amiability. When I left
I met, in the street, another neighbour, who also
invited me to taste her wine. I could not possibly
refuse and had some white wine. On emerging |I
found still another neighbour and had to repeat the
process. I then arrived home without any lunch at
all and fell sound asleep. My Pole was very kind
and sympathetic and forgave my abominable be-
The patron of the cafe we frequented was a
charming man and now and then bought us drinks.
(Madame R. had already left for Paris.) When
he heard we were leaving he asked us to have
a Catalan breakfast. He said that we must arrive