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whole bookcase. Further on I found an obelisk,
about twenty feet high. This is in memory of the
Admiral Dumont d'Urville who discovered the
Venus de Milo. Encircling it are his three tours
du monde. In the last one you can see the Admiral
in full uniform in a small boat, lifting from the ocean
the nude and stony corpse of the Venus de Milo.
By this time I had arrived at the part of the cemetery
which is near the Avenue du Maine. I found the
tomb of the Famille Guillotine and further on an
enormous and important-looking tomb. On each
side sat two lions, rather like those in Trafalgar
Square. On the "tombstone, in the middle, are the
names of a Greek prince and a French countess,
with no explanation. I thought that this was very
romantic. I hoped that they had loved one another,
but thought afterwards that, perhaps, they had only
had business relations. I have never discovered
the truth about them. After this I returned to the
Cafe Parnasse where I had found that some English
friends had arrived. They asked me out to dinner,
I had known them slightly before the War. We ate
oysters and dined at Baty's, did all the cafes, found
some pre-war friends, and ended up in the markets,
Les Halles, amongst the cabbages. When one visited
the markets one always arrived back at the Dome or
the Parnasse laden with flowers and cabbages, which
were very cheap. One day someone arrived back
with a sack of potatoes !
The English, at this time, were going very strong
indeed, they all had raoney and had not been back
to Paris since the War. My Pole did not really ap-
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