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bowler. It was almost flat and looked very like the
one worn by the statue. I had a great success at the
ball, especially when I explained whom I repre-
My friend, with whom I had gone to Russia in
1909, returned to Paris with her husband.    They
were both very bright and cheerful and had met
Ferdinand Tuohy.   Tuohy was a large, good-looking
and cheerful Irishman, who laughed perpetually and
wrote the most beautiful English.   B., my friend's
husband, was a very amusing man and did extremely
funny  caricatures.     One  day  Tuohy  had   been
celebrating.    I forget whether it was the finish
of a love affair, or the beginning of another, as
he was generally in love with someone.   He arrived
at the Dome about breakfast time.    I was with
B. and his wife.   Tuohy ordered what he described
as  "Turk's blood55;  this was  stout and  cham-
pagne mixed.   We realized that any idea of spend-
ing a serious day was out of the question.   About
12 a.m. several other people had joined us and
there were a considerable number of stout and
champagne bottles.   It suddenly occurred to Tuohy
and B. that they looked like soldiers and they pro-
ceeded to divide them into regiments, the cham-
pagne bottles representing officers, large and small,
and the stout bottles ordinary soldiers.   This kept
them occupied for hours.   Finally they took them
out on the terrasse and were joined by some workmen
and taxi-drivers who were much entertained and
described Tuohy and B.  as "fr& rigolo" which
indeed, they were. The English were still in search