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stood up on seats as the floor was entirely occupied.
At twelve, the lights were turned off for a second and
one kissed or was kissed by one's neighbour. In
order to avoid disturbance it was better to be found
at twelve p.m. sitting next to the person that one was
supposed to be kissing. I was sitting in the wrong
place and got into trouble because I was embraced
by quite the wrong person.
I had met once in London, at the Eiffel Tower, a
few months before, a very good-looking young man,
who had been at Oxford. He had told me that he
was coming to Paris, and hoped to get into the
Diplomatic Service. He spoke French, German,
and Italian extremely well, and suddenly arrived in
Paris from Italy. He had a charming voice and sang
in all three languages. He visited exhibitions with
me, and took to wearing a large black hat, corduroy
trousers, and black sand shoes. This I strongly dis-
approved of, as they did not suit him at all, and
finally induced him to abandon them and wear his
ordinary clothes. By this time I had had quite
enough of artistic-looking people, long hair and
shabby clothes, and was only too thankful to be seen
about with a presentable person. Evan Morgan
was still in Paris and knew him well. Aleister
Crowley was there and they were very anxious to
be introduced to him, having heard the most dread-
ful stories of his wickedness. Growley had a temple
in Gefalu in Sicily. He was supposed to practise
Black Magic there, and one day a baby was said to
have disappeared mysteriously. There was also a
goat there. This aU pointed to Black Magic, so