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people said, and the inhabitants of the village were
frightened of him. When he came to Paris he
stayed in the Rue Vavin at the Hotel de Blois. I
asked him if I could bring some friends to see him
and he asked us to come in one day before dinner
and have some cocktails. He said that he had in-
vented a beautiful cocktail called Kubla Khan
No. 2. He would not say what it was made of. I
told Evan and he, I, and two young men went to
try it out one evening. Crowley had only a small
bedroom with a large cupboard. He opened the
cupboard and took out a bottle of gin, a bottle of
vermouth, and two other bottles. The last one
was a small black bottle with an orange label on it,
on which was written " POISON." He poured
some liquid from the large bottles, and then from
the black bottle he poured a few drops and shook
the mixture up. The "POISON" I found out
afterwards, was laudanum. I believe that it is
supposed to be an aphrodisiac but it had no effect
at all on any of us except Cecil Maitland, who was
there also. After we left he rushed into the street,
and in and out of all the cafes behaving in a most
strange manner, accosting everyone he came into
contact with. I introduced J. W. N. Sullivan to
Crowley. They got on very well together, as they
both were very good chess-players and very good
mathematicians as well. I don't think that Sullivan
was much interested in magic, but they found
plenty to talk about. Crowley had taken to painting,
and painted the most fantastic pictures in very bright
colcmrs* He painted a picture about a foot and a