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half wide, and nine inches high, of a man on a white
horse chasing a lion. It was very interesting, a
little like the Douanier Rousseau; it had a great
deal of life and action. I would have liked to have
bought it, but I was very broke, and he wanted a
high price for it. He gave me a painting, on a
mahogany panel, of a purple negress, with a yellow
and red spotted handkerchief round her head, and
a purple rhinoceros surrounded by oriental vegeta-
tion. The rhinoceros had got rather mixed up with
the vegetation, and it was rather difficult to distin-
guish between the trunks of the trees and the
animaPs anatomy; it was quite a beautiful colour
however. His wife arrived from Gefalu. She was a
tall, gaunt Jewess, very thin and bony, with a
strangely-attractive face and wild eyes. She had
been a schoolmistress in New York. She had had a
child by Crowley which had died, and Crowley was
very much upset about it. He showed me a photo-
graph of himself and her and some children standing
up to their knees in the sea, with no clothes on. I got
on very well with them. They were very anxious for
me to go to Gefalu. I did not care for the type of
person who clung round Crowley. They seemed so
very inferior to him and so dull and boring that I
could never understand how he could put up with
Betty May, whom I had known in London in
1914, with Basil, arrived in Paris one day. She
had been one of Epstein's models and one of the
principal supports, with Lilian Shelley, of the Grab
Tree Glub, which was started in 1913, I only went