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I met, about this time. Ford Madox Ford.    I
had read his books and admired them very much.
He talked a great deal and so well that nobody else
wanted to, or felt that they could, say anything
interesting.   He told stories very well indeed.   He
had most amusing stories about the time that he was
in the Welsh Regiment.   He learnt to speak Welsh,
as many of the soldiers could not speak English.
He and Stella bought some of my drawings and
were very kind to me.   I met Gertrude Stein at his
house.   I had been taken to her studio once in 1914
by Charles Winzer to see her pictures.   She was one
of the first people to discover Picasso and had a fine
collection of his early blue-and-pink pictures.   She
had a magnificent portrait of herself by him.   She
was, when I met her again, writing her book, the
Making of Americans.   I never read the whole of it,
but read parts of it in the Transatlantic Review > which
Ford published later in Paris.   I read one chapter
on marriage, which I thought a very remarkable
piece of writing, and hope to read the whole book
one day.   I spent in Paris, afterwards, every Christ-
mas Day, with Ford and Stella.   We had Christmas
lunch in the Boulevard Montparnasse, at a restaurant
called, "Le Megre de Toulouse"   Ford had a small
daughter, and in the afternoon there was a children's
tea-party, with a Christmas tree and a real Father
Christmas.   Ford dressed up as le pere Noel.   He
looked magnificent as he was very tall.   He wore a
red cloak with cotton wool representing fur, and a
red hood, and large white beard.   He appeared
with a large sack and spoke French, as nearly all the
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