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children spoke French better than they spoke
English, and Ford's child did not speak English at
all. Gertrude Stein nearly always came. These
occasions were the only ones when I ever had a
chance of talking to her; she was very interesting
to listen to, but I always ended by getting into an
awful state of nerves. She wore in the winter thick
grey woollen stockings and Greek sandals. The
stockings had a separate place for the big toe, as the
sandals had a piece of leather which went between
the big toe and the other four toes. She sat with
her legs crossed, and the sandal on the crossed leg
dangled and swung from her big toe, to and fro;
it never stopped swinging for an instant and ended
by nearly driving me mad. The grown-up people
drank punch and vermouth, and played snapdragon
with the children. I did not like children very
much, so sat by the punch-bowl and talked to
Gertrude Stein. She used to drive about Paris in a
very small and old-fashioned motor-car with a
woman friend of hers. Ford gave me a copy of his
book, S0772*? Do Not, with an inscription inside, on
Christmas Day in 1925. Stella painted very well in
a very precise and accomplished manner. She did
an excellent portrait of Ford asleep. Ford was not
too pleased, because she caught him when he had
fallen asleep and was snoring with his mouth open.
She said that he posed much better when he was
One day Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell came
to see me. I asked them if they would like to
come to Brancusi's studio. We went in the after-