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ever heard of. Allais was the first man to start the
fun and nonsense school of French literature and
was the man who said that " Mont Blanc a I'air ires
vieuxpour son age" He also visited a French landlady
with a view of hiring a room. The landlady showed
him over her hotel, and, after having visited all the
rooms he said, " Madame est-ce que ily a despunaises? "
The landlady was horrified and said, " Mais non,
Monsieur, mon hotel est tout a fait propre!" And
Allais said, " Madame, queldommage, autrement f aurais
pris une chambre toute de suite" Satie always carried
an umbrella, it was known as Le parapluie celebre.
I never saw him open it, but he always carried it.
After his funeral, to which I went and which I will
describe later, there was a sale of his possessions, and
I met Sauguet, the composer of the Russian ballet,
The Cat, in London. He told me that he had been
to the sale and I asked him who bought the um-
brella. He said that there were twenty umbrellas
and that he had bought fifteen.
Moise and Cocteau told me that they had ar-
ranged the date for the opening of their new cafe
and restaurant, which was to be called, " Le Boeuf
sur le Toit" Marie Beerbohm saw Cocteau and
Radiguet quite often, and I was generally there too.
Radiguet adored Marie. Cocteau made us laugh
the whole time. We were talking of ghosts one
evening and Cocteau told us a beautiful ghost
story/There was a man one day waiting at the
Gare du Nord for a train and a man walked past
him whom he had not seen for years. He said
"Hullo, M,, I thought you were