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Full text of "Laughing Torso"

dead/* and M. said, " Do you believe in ghosts? "
And the man who was waiting for the train said,
" Of course not." And M. said, " Well, I do,35 and
vanished into space! Some years afterwards I met
a ghost at Juan les Pins, and a very unpleasant one
too. I will describe this later.
I made friends with a young French lawyer. He
did not speak any English and as a result of talking
to him my French improved. I introduced him to
Raymond Radiguet and he asked us both to dine
with him. The lawyer was only twenty-two and
quite amusing to talk to. At the age of fifteen he
had apparently become a cocaine fiend, but had
broken himself of the habit. We had a long and
complicated dinner, cocktails, red and white wine,
and ended by each smoking a very large cigar, to
the astonishment of the other diners, who looked at
us as if they thought we might all suddenly be sick,
A friend of mine, a very nice Spaniard, came to
Paris. He had been at Oxford and spoke perfect
English. He took me out to dinner at the Ritz,
and we told each other our adventures during
the past two or three years. He was one of those
very pleasant people who take the trouble to
entertain their guests. So many people expect
to be entertained the whole time. We both had
a great deal to talk about and had a very amusing
evening. I asked him if he would care to come
with itie one evening to the Boeuf, Cocteau had
':tbld;\/m€i-.';tbat;.one. evening, some days before tite
official opening he and some friends would be there.
I dined with the Spaniard at the Swedish Restaurant
195                  ':'"..-..'v';;.