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in Montparnasse and we went to the Rue Boissy
d'Anglas about eleven o'clock. We found there
Marie Beerbohm, Picasso, Madame Picasso, Marie
Laurencin, Cocteau, Moise, Radiguet and Brancusi.
They were drinking champagne and we joined
them. In front of the entrance was a wooden
screen, one of the kind that will roll up, and everyone
was much intrigued with, and decided to experi-
ment with it. The Spaniard put it on the floor and
rolled himself up in it, much to the delight of the
company. He rolled and rolled on the floor. Some-
times we caught glimpses of him and sometimes he
was entirely entwined with the screen. The evening
was an enormous success and I left for Montparnasse
with Brancusi and Radiguet, who had on a dinner-
jacket. Brancusi lived near Montparnasse and said
that he would see me home. We arrived at the
Dome at five minutes to two, just in time to buy
some cigarettes. Brancusi had an inspiration. He
said to Radiguet and me, " Let us go to Marseilles
now." I, being very stupid, said that I must go
home. I did not really think that he meant it and
went home to my Pole. Brancusi and Radiguet, the
latter still in his dinner-jacket, took a train for
Marseilles a few hours later, without baggage, just
as they were. On the way to Marseilles they decided
that, being once started, they might as well go on to
Corsica. When they arrived at Marseilles Radiguet
bought some clothes from a sailor's shop and they
took the boat for Corsica. They remained there for
two weeks. I have never regretted anything so much
in my life as not having gone with them. The only